November 26, 2012

Win an HP Laptop!

Tech gifts are on the tip of everyone's tongue this holiday season. It can be tricky finding deals on such powerful, new machines. Luckily our friends at HP are here to save the day! They are giving one lucky Ebates fan a brand new laptop!


Entry is simple: Just leave us a comment letting us know the first thing you would do with your brand new machine!

Want an extra entry? 'Like' and then answer on our Facebook as well!

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Entrants must be over 18 years of age, reside in the United States, and abide by complete giveaway rules.


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The first thing I would do with a new Lap Top is work from the Deck!

Get on Ebates and put it on my favorites page and then start shopping

I would give it as a gift for my fiance's birthday/anniversary/christmas present & probably vlog about it. :)

Give it as a gift!!

I would immediately thank ebates on facebook and twitter from my new computer!

...and then I would hole up in my apartment shopping online through ebates.

I would use it to help my kids with homework!

I would toss my piece of junk laptop in the back of the closet and hug, squeeze, and kiss my new laptop! I soooo need one!

If I won this laptop, I wouldn't be tied to my desk anymore. I'd probably search while I watch TV.

I would use it to help my kids with homework.... then I'm going shopping!

This would be the first laptop I ever owned.

What I would do with a new laptop. I would be able to shop more because it would be faster than my old one that Im on.

First I would get on it, power it up and go right back to Ebates for more of their amazing deals!! Then refer even more friends.

The first thing I would do with my new HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook is to learn the new windows 8 operating system

I would start by working on my Tell-a-Friend Bonus. That way I can do my shopping right here @ Ebates and at the same time make more money with my cash-back! Then of course I would spread the word how Ebates made it possible with my friends at HP. Thank You HP and Ebates for a wonderful prize like the HP Envy TouchSmart Ultrabook. Good Luck everyone!

First thing I would do would be find a picture of my beautiful nieces to use as my background.

Gift wrap it! I have a son who needs one for college so I would wrap it up for Christmas or his birthday!

I would shop with my ebates moolah.

First thing I would do would be to write my school paper!

I would love to give this to my daughter. She's in college and working a part time job. She's a very hard worker and this would be a great gift to help her with school.

I would get rid of my dinosaur computer that is over 10 years old.

The first thing I would do is check my email! Then my 4 yr old son and my husband would probably take over and play games on it!

I would unload my camera! I have no available room left on my hard drive!

I would turn it on------ and be ecstatic that I will now have longer than 18 minutes before it overheats and turns off----Oh how I want to WIN!!!!

I would give it to my Mom for Christmas...

I would give to my son.

I would give the computer to my daughter to help her with her schooling.

I'd start Shopping at Ebates!

The first thing I would do with a new laptop is to find a legit work from home job. Taking are of an disabled husband and 5 kids is hard and stressful, and this way I could be home full time.

I would be able to work longer with this new laptop. My old laptop needs to be restarted every hour or so....

Log onto and invite all of my friends to join the Ebates community!

If I won this laptop I would use it wisely. I would take it where ever I go. I would not let nobody use it because of viruses.

I would wrap it up and give it to my daughter for Christmas!

give it to my daughter mom of 3 living with me so she could use with her kids to find ways to relax and sleep at nite and i could get more time on my home hp pc

I would use it to surf the net while my husband played video games!

I would work on my online schooling....and then maybe take a break and do some online shopping ;)

would give to my son for school

I would give it to my Husband because his computer just died.. :)

Would gift it to my daughter

I would gift it to my 18 yr old daughter! :)

First thing I would do is shop online.

I'd put all my music on it then shop like crazy because mine is so old it keeps freezing and throwing me offline and I miss so many bargains

I would revel in the speed, size and coolness of this new machine while continuing to work on all my projects.

The ONLY thing on my daughter's santa lista and christmas list is a new computer. "Santa" just can not afford one this year...So I would give this to her from Santa

I would go hide in my closet and cry softly into the new keyboard (without tears of course, that would ruin it) and caress the screen, then I would madly work on writing my memoirs.

I would return my husband's computer to him.

I would use it to surf the web.

The first thing I would do is smash my old desktop and start fresh on the new laptop!

i would probably give it to my son to keep him off the desktop!

it would be a gift to my daughter :)

Give it to my husband as a holiday gift, he needs something like this for work :)

I Would give it to my handsome husband for Christmas ♥

I would remove any bloatware ;)

The first thing I would do with a new laptop is use to enter more Ebates contests! :p

First thing I would do is tell all my FB friends to "like" HP & ebates

"i'll hug him and squeeze him and call him George" Then I would log into ebates and order accessories! How great would it be to have a new computer and not see the blue screen of death upon turning it on!

I would electronically scrapbook all my kids' pictures.

log onto Facebook and let everyone know that I won

My wife would love to have that as her Christmas gift.

First thing I would do is give it to my Husband, and then teach him how to use Ebates! ;)

The first think I would do is get in Ebates and check out how much cash back is pending!

OMG! I would be doing the Happy dance if I won a new laptop. I need one so bad! I need to download my iphone because its so full.

The first thing I would do is take a picture of myself holding it and post it on Facebook!!!!

I would give it as a gift for christmas to my brother coming home from serving us. God bless!

Would go to Ebates comments page and facebook page and post a Big Thank you saving me money.

First thing i would do is take a photo with it and put it up on facebook :+} and show off my new great HP woot woot....excited thinking about it...then skype with my son at university

the first thing its buy and use Ebates !!! ;)

Catch up on my email and add pictures to my Facebook!

I would use it to enter more contests.


I would give it to my husband.

I would set up files for school then go to

I'd add all my pictures to it!

I would hide in my room so my 6 kids couldnt use it.

Give it to my brother as an xmas gift, his was stolen out of his home along with other belongings.

I would use it to shop on!

Get online and SHOP!

Give it to my son. Our laptop's screen broke a couple weeks ago and he was upset because he thought it was something he did. He is patiently waiting for us to get a new one and going to the library to get on the Internet.

I would upload and start editing pictures!

I would share my win on FB and then promptly sit down on my couch and shop, shop, shop for Christmas gifts!

i would first of all log on to facebook with my new computer.

I would send you guys an email thanking your for the giveaway!

I would replace my laptop since it has fried. I would also keep in touch with my family!

I'd give it to my daughter to use for school work and surfing the net.

Bedbound can't get out!

Finally get to those 3 years of baby pictures we keep meaning to organize.

I would bookmark EBATES!

I would be thrilled to get it because my computer is old and I worry every day it may die.

ooh... i <3 hp. gimme! :D

Give it to my son for college.

The first thing I would do is load it up for my mom- she is computerless since hers died and I miss her being online with me. :)

I would load photoshop and start editing some photos. But seriously my laptop has the white screen of death so this would be amazing to win.. =P

I love ebates and could use the laptop to shop shop shop!

Organize my life and my home-based business.

The first thing I would do is open the box. LOL and then just look at, WOW and then just play around with it and enjoy the wonderful gift that I had won!!

Organize my photos and of course, set Ebates as my homepage to do all my shopping from all year long!

The first thing I would is check out all the new features and then head fro the mountains after saying a BIG Thank you to EBATES and HP on Facebook!

Log into Ebates....then do some more shopping!!!

give it to my hubby since his laptop battery doesn't hold a charge anymore

The first thing I would do with an Envy touch smart ultra book and say thank you to Ebates on their blog. Than I would give it to my daughter for college next year. (ok that's the 2nd thing, or maybe do that first then the whole thank you thing) Oh and wish peace and joy for the world. Wait, that's my "if I was king for a day" speech. Yeah, go with the daughter thing and thanking you. Merry Christmas.

I would breathe a sigh of relief that my days of computer frustration would be over! And then I'd log on to Ebates to shop!

I would replace my laptop I have now, since the whole screen is cracked where it's actually held onto the keyboard part on both sides!! Hahaa

The first thing I would do is get on the internet and bookmark Ebates! And second thing I'd do is send a thank you note expressing my gratitude for your generosity.

Give it to my husband as a gift!

I would LOVE a new HP computer I really need one for school the one I have is 6 years I'm grateful for Ole' Betsy but she sure could use a break

wow what a great prize this would be for someone to win...I, myself would love to give this to my mom who lives far away from me and get her connected to our family since its been along time....she would be over the moon to receive such a gift:)) thanku for offering this contest...good luck to all:)))

Get the new software I've been delaying because my old laptop doesn't have the memory or capacity to run it!!

I'd buy something on e-bay or with e-bates.

The first thing i would do wiuld be edit all my pictures of my wonderful kids. And look uo going back to school online

First thing I would do it Thank you!!!

First thing I would do with a new laptop is use it for grad school (starting in January)!

With my new fabulous HP UltraBook, I would first, jump for joy!! Then log on to Ebates & then make my Christmas Cards on SnapFish and get some awesome cash back :)

Get rid of my very old laptop. It's about 10 years old.

I'd Skype with my family and tell them that I just won an ultrabook!

I would let my husband use in on EBATES since his keyboard is lost in a box since we moved to temporary housing a year ago!

I would make sure it had everything I need installed and then I would have such a great time taking care of business without the frustration of an old computer.

Tell everybody I won! And tell the kids hands off!!

The first thing I would do would be sharing this great laptop among the family.

I would be so excited because the one I have isn't working right and I use it for work. I would praise and tell the world how I won a lap top from HP then get on ebates and shop til I drop. Merry Christmas

I would call my husband and tell him he once again has a laptop.

First thing I would do is throw out my junk one. And then get to work on the new one!

I'd use it to replace my dying laptop. Sounds like a great giveaway! Thank you.

First thing is look at wedding pictures! I bet they'd look even better on that!

I would organize all our family photos and work on our family blog/journal!!

I would be so excited because the one I use for work doesn't work right. I would tell everyone how great HP is for giving away a lap top then I would go onto ebates and shop til I drop.

I would probably scream for joy

I would first update al the antivirus software, and give it to my parents.

Use it to do homework with my kids!

I would give it to my niece, who is leaving for college this year and can't afford one. Thank you, HP!

I would wrap it up and give it to my son and daughter-in-law since their computer just died.

I would give it to my son.

I would give this laptop as a gift to my 12 year old son who wants to be a computer technician when he grows up.

First thing I would do is give it to my wife, and the first thing she would do is shop.

I would log into facebook and look for new photos of my Grandkids who live 8 hours away.

Job searching first, facebook, twitter, and stay in touch with out of town relatives. Unfortunately, shopping would be last due to joblessness.

I would online shop, shop, shop....using Ebates, of course!

The first thing I would do with my new machine would be to start my own coupon blog for all those super-savers out there. (And I would let my husband have my old laptop so he can keep track of his fantasy football team.)

I would "PARK" this HP. Been looking at getting a new one. Would thank Ebates over & over again and again.

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I would replace my one 1/2 year old HP that just crashed on me and put my kids picture on it as a screensaver.

I would open it up and turn it on :)

(cheeky? Yes! :))

I would look for more deals on ebates!

I would log on to Facebook to tell everyone about my great new HP laptop that I won off of

Start a blog.

I would immediately start shopping for even more great deals from HP and Ebates, of course!! ;)

the first thing i would do is give it to my father

Watch cat videos, what else?

Aaah!! I would start using it for online shopping and catching up on my blogs!

The first thing I will do is load my photos on it!

I would donate or recycle my old laptop, (which was my dads'). He has passed away in 2008, anyway, then I would shop away, being able to go from one store to the next. Saying I love you dad!!!!

1st thing I would do would be so happy to have a computer that is new and works fast.As shop on line more.


I would send a thank you email and then set Ebates as my home page and mark one more thing off my Christmas shopping list.

I would give it to my children, so they can do their homework for school.

I would help my kids Skype with their grandparents who are living in Australia!!!

Start shopping through ebates!

I would do some shopping through Ebates!

I would help my kindergartener and 3rd grader with learning and homework! Then shop with ebates!

The first thing I would do is load some pictures onto it!

Email you a thank you message!

I would SKYPE with my 2 year old granddaughter and daughters that just moved 400 miles away.

I would work from my basement while I watch the kids play

First thing I would do with my new HP ENVY laptop is mess around with the touch enabled display. That sounds wicked!

The first thing I would do is log onto Ebates before some shopping :D

I would gift it to my fiance; he works really hard and deserves a laptop for himself.

First thing? Dump my old computer and play.

I would give to my grandson. Stood in line on Black Friday for 3 1/2 hours only to find out they only had 5 in stock to begin with. :(

Use it to brag about it on Ebate's facebook page and then do more shopping on Ebates!!!!

I would go online to find a charity to donate my old desktop to :)

The first thing I would do with this beautiful machine is make all my office work portable!

first thing i would do...i get internet at my house!!!!!..and get on i can get ebates all the time!!!!

I would say would be my first laptop. :)

I would do more shopping thru Ebates!

I would go online shopping on Ebates, for presents. thank you HP and Ebates for the giveaway.

Hide it from my kids!!! ;-)

On-line Shopping!

I would update all my files because my old computer is getting pretty old.

Surf the 'net, of course!

I'd log onto Ebates and search for cash back on paper & ink.

Would get on facebook and shout out to everyone how great Ebates is................Then shop, shop, shop..

I would organize all of the digital photos I have and finally print them!

I'd find it awesome to have one of my very own ever!!!!!!!! Good luck to this old mother!! ;)

Thank the higher power and Ebates for giving a disabled mom the freedom to explore on my own laptop. Then I'd shop.

I would give it my hubby who recently returned to school after 30 years

I would make all the other teachers ENVY me by creating some awesome lesson plans!

I would give it to my Mom. Then we can video chat and she can see her grandson.

The first thing I would do with it is tell the world that I won it from Ebates! Twitter, facebook, youtube, pinterest - I would tell it anyway I could! I would be so excited!

I could do some work from home!

I could skype my son while he is in Afganistan

I would be on pinterest all day everywhere!

I would make sure it's not a scam. Then I'd tell the world that I won something for the first time ever.

1st I will open the box and see what it can do.

I would give it to my mother, This year we aren't celebrating x-mas but that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve something to make x-mas wonderful.

I would give it to my daughter who needs it for nursing school.

i would thank immediately to ebates

I would give it to a very deserving young man to help him with his schooling!

I would give it to my grandson. Then he'll be more tech savvy with his homework, along with the rest of his class <3

I would like to work on my school work because I dont have a computer at home only at school. And also start a foundation for my cousin who has the Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome. But even if I dont win, I hope someone else is very lucky! :)

The first thing I would do is shop for great cash back deals through ebates!

It would be nice to win something. and would give it away as a gift.

My gran daughter, will receive it as a gift for maintaining Honor Roll for the third year in a row..

I would make my home page and start earning for spending!!!!!

The first thing I would do is check out Ebates website!

I would use my new computer to keep up with my online business.

post on fb i won an awesome lap top

I would do some shopping from bed...... Yay !

I would make Ebates my home page! Love Ebates and I tell all my friends....the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!

I'd thanks Ebates soooo very much for my new laptop!! Then, go straight to Ebates to accessorize my new lappy! :)

First thing I'd do is surf the web!

The first thing I would do would be to power it up and start surfing the web!

I would give it to my 20 yr old son, who lives 2500 miles from me, so we can keep in touch, skype, fb, email.....

I would first thank HP for the gift. I love HP

I would use it for myself and my son would use it for school! :)

If I won this beautiful new laptop - I would find some new games and music to download! Thanks ebates!

The first thing I would do after setting everything up is drive to the beach and work on my homework while sitting in the sun! Thank you for this opportunity!

I would give it to my daughter for Christmas.

I'll be honest. I will shop for the best possible online deals with my super fast brand new HP Laptop. And shop and shop and shop....

First thing I would read the instruction manual. :)

The first thing I would do is configure it for my wi-fi!

I would put it to great use at college next year!!

Plug it up...and enjoy discovering all the features it has to offer

I would 100% freak out and post to facebook: "OH MY!! CHECK OUT THIS BEAUTY (insert delivery pic here)! THANKS TO @EBATES FOR BEING OH SO AWESOME AND PAYING ME TO SHOP AHH!!!!!!" Then I would proceed to play with my new laptop :)

first thing i would do is turn it one.

I would love to have this laptop to homeschool our three children.

I would give it to my dad!

I would *kiss* it, I would be so happy! And I would take my current one to the recycle, as its literally falling apart. I would hop on the internet and tell everyone that I won it!

Well I am a 50 yo grandmother of 7 that is going back to school for the first time since high school in the spring so this computer would make my transition from stay at home grandma to full time student (which I am really nervous about anyway).

Working from home would be so much easier!

I would use it.....and get ride of my desktop...;)

I would show all my friends and let them know where I got it!

i would give this wunderful computer to my daughter to replace her old laptop which has finally past away.

I would check my e-mail

As long as I didn't have a homework assignment due in the next few hours, I would probably go on tumblr.

I would use this laptop for school next semester. I need a new computer and one that I can travel with. Hello desktop meet laptop yay!

If I won this new magnificent beast, I'd be in shock! I just might cry a few happy tears! Then, I'd get down to the 'business' of 'playing with it'! That's serious stuff there, you know!

I would take a new lap top and donate it to a local charity, that helps kids and parents battling cancer, I'd donate it to them to let them pick a family that really needs one to help keep family updated regarding the child diagnosis and healing.

probably shop online!

I would let my husband have his laptop back because I have to borrow his all the time because the family laptop is broken beyond repair.

I would use it to complete school and of course shop.

I would surf and shop at home online instead of going to the library all the time.

i would post pictures of my 3 4legged girls evie, tressa and harley---i need a new pc please

I would download all our family photos from Christmas day, create a slide show, and share with all of our family whom we are not able to celebrate with this year!

I would set up my emails first.

I would love to win this!!I am on a fixed budget and can,t afford just to go out and buy one!!

I'd use it to continue my education online!

I would finally be able to kick start my photography career. Be able to process my photos.

The first thing I would do is put a EBATES link right on the desk top and shop, shop shop! I love being paid to SHOP!!!

Id give it to my parents they need one.

I would play computer games with my daughter. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Shout EBATES.COM on facebook and twitter while I select my music to stream through the computer. In a new house without any tunes fun. Thanks for the oppourtinty.

I would immediately move everything from my current Lenovo U450p to this beautiful baby and then give my old Lenovo to my kids to use for homeshooling!

Look for a job!

First thing I would do is Tweet and Facebook how fabulous EBates is <3 it

Liked and commented on your Facebook link


Get rid of my 7 year old desktop then tell all my friends on facebook about my new Ebates laptop!!!

Give it to my niece who is in college and in dire need of a computer.

I would put it to good use buying things through ebates! :)

I would curl up with a blanket, the laptop, and a good movie after telling everyone that I had just receive a new laptop from HP & Ebates!!

come to your faccebook page and let everyone know!!
then skype my family back in India!!

I could shop from any room in the house! (and I would be so excited since I've only ever owned a desk top!)

First, I would totally thank eBates! Then, I would give it to my long-time friend who's learning to use computers. She works so very hard, but can't afford / wouldn't buy one for herself.

First thing I would do is enter contests while watching my HD TV! Can't do that with my desktop!

I would donate it. There are many families in NY who lost everything due to Sandy and I grew up with alot of them.

I would be so happy the first thing I would do is jump for joy and send my first email to HP & Ebates saying thank you for an awesome new machine. The second thing I would do is give my fater-in-law my old Dell laptop so he doesn't have to buy a new one.

I would give it to my daughter for Christmas, she has been wanting her on laptop.

Charge it up, power it on and check out all the awesome features before cruising the net.

I would sell it and donate the money to the ASPCA.

Thank You - and jump for joy because I have been wanting a laptop for a long time.

Donate it to Camp Jabberwocky for the special needs students

Oh what a prize to win!! My own lap top and with the newest features. I would find favorites and Ebates would be my first entry.
The new windows 8 and a new HP Touch Smart system would keep me busy learning, but then I would fly into action and

I would give my little sister the touch screen laptop she likes so she can attend college and use it for class.

I would check out all the cool features on the HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook and then I would go shopping online!

First thing I would do is put up a picture of my daughter then open Ebates and shop!

The first thing I would do is post my gratitude! Thanks for the giveaway!

After fainting from actually winning something, get on facebook and tell the world I WONNNNN!!!!!

Transfer info and so goodbye to dinosaur! Don't know what you're referring to - haven't left ANY comments!!!!!

It's not "dee bey tuh buhl" *grin*! I'd thank Ebates and HP ASAP! Merry Christmas!

The first thing I would do with this new laptop is explore windows 8 because I never had it before.

Take a picture of it, go on Facebook, and put a big smiley face on my status with "Loooookey what I wooooon!".

BTW - I have a big fat check coming to me in a few months thanks to you. I just joined a month ago and I'm racking up the money! Maybe that's a bad thing. *innocent look!*

I would give it to my Husband.He really could use a new one!!

I would log on, go to ebates and do more shopping!!! I love getting my "Big Fat Checks"

can't wait to use my new laptop!

I would post a pic of me with it on facebook!

Shop on ebates of course!!

I would give it to my daughter so she do her school work.

The first thing I would do with this new laptop is explore windows 8 and setup the ebates browser toolbar on all the browsers installed on it.

I would give the laptop I am on now back to my fiance, so he can actually use his own computer.

Having free Envy would make people envy heavily, yippee! : )

I'd check out all of the features it has to offer, the first probably being listening to music with the HP Beats audio!!!

love to win it..never have owned a laptop...I would love to check out the new windows 8..

I'm going to transfer my files into this new laptop

I would give it to my daughter for college so she doesn't have to take a dinosaur desk top with her.

I would use it for Facebook and checking my email. Also, to enter more giveaways.

I would definitely give it to my Mommy! She truly needs a new laptop but will not buy one for herself!

Go shopping with ebates!

The first thing I would do if I win the HP TouchSmart would be to start planning for my new business. Of course, while I do that, I could shop for office supply and furniture through ebates ;).

The first thing I'd do with it is write ebates a sweet facebook message on their wall to thank them for the wonderful new HP Laptop!!!

After giving it to my mother and step father, [who don't own a computer] is load pictures of my grandparents onto it, for my mother.

The first thing I would it (after its charged) would be EXPLORE all the possibilities :)

Give it a nice big hug! Then I'd probably go shopping... but make sure to click through ebates first!!

Use it for a new work laptop...which we will be ordering soon if I don't win this! :)

First thing I would do is download iTunes! Then load Adobe Photoshop. :)

Go to ebates for more deals, or go to Facebook!

the first thing I would do with this laptop is shop through my Ebates to get the best cash back :)

I would do my homework. I hate going to the library to do my college work. It's too loud.

I would charge it up and make some purchases! Using Ebates, of course :) It doesn't make sense to shop online if you're NOT earning cash back!

I would finish my thesis.

Run my new etsy shop more efficiently!

I would coupon, coupon and more coupon! I was waiting on Black Friday in line with my 1 year old daughter for the cheap laptop at Walmart just to find out that they were sold out hours before we even got there... :( So I am stay at home mom that coupon pretty much hours a day and could really use a laptop.

I would enroll for my Master's degree and teaching my kids how to use it!

Log in to Ebates & shop!

I would transfer my ebates account ASAP!! Best way to shop! Current laptop is awful!!
Good luck everyone!

I would get on facebook and brag that I won one!

Check Ebates for coupon codes then go shoipping

The first thing i would do is some online Christmas shopping through Ebates!!! I just broke my laptop, so this would be AWESOME!

I'd use it for crafts!

If I won I would give it to my kids to use for school and shop through ebates!

I would wrap it up for Christmas to give to my son!

Upload a pic of it and show EVERYONE!!!!...Yea...

I would hug it and then log online and thank you guys for it and then I'd get to work on menus for my small cupcake/pastry business I am starting.

First order of business would be to send EBATES an awesome Thank You note!!! What a great machine. Thanks for the chance to win one! Good luck to all! :)

I am a single mom just started going to college and with a laptop well that would be a dream come true. I would finish researching and writing my psy 101 research paper.

The first thing I would do with my new computer is give my old one to my niece and nephew who do not own a computer and skype my daughter who is away at college.

I would clean out the old one to let the grandkids use and then I would play on the new one, install programs for design that my old one can't handle.

I would use it for my manuscript, and also for my blog page.

The first thing I'll do is to watch a Netflix movie on this lovely new laptop!

Give it to my mom for a holiday present and show her how to use ebates

I would use it to upload all my pictures of my family and cat :}

Merry Christmas to Me, I never buy myself anything, then shop online for gifts for my family.

Give to to my 15 year old son as a gift.

I would give it to my mother so that we can coupon online together!!

I would give it to my son

I would set it up to be used with my new camera.... Editing pics :)


The first thing I'd do with a new HP laptop is tweet to all my friends that I won it from Ebates.

I would give it to my son so he could have it for college!

I would use it to stay in touch with my daughter away at college.

I would love to finish my Christmas shopping on a new computer!

The first thing I would do with my new laptop is connect to the internet and thank you all over your blog for the amazing giveaway!!

First thing I would do is pack it up for the husband to take on his next deployment so the kids and I could have better contact with him!! :)

I would toss my old laptop out the window and give this to my husband.

The first thing I would do is get on my Facebook and tell everyone to use Ebates because I got a free laptop for using their site!

The first thing I would do is get it out of the box, power it up and get connected to the internet so I could finally be reconnected with the internet at my home so I can allow my daughter to do her homework and me to shop online from home again.

First thing I would do is Log on to Ebates, and Shop!! ;)

The first thing I would do is blog about how I won a new computer from ebates!

I would give this laptop to a charity to auction off. I always brag about ebates and my big fat check arrived a few days ago:)

I would put a picture slide show together and burn CDs of it of my two children from birth til now. Then mail it to my parents who live out of the country in Germany, they have been there since 2006 and I have their only grandchildren. Would be a great gift for them.

I would get on Ebates to look for accessories!

Shop Ebates!

First thing I would do is get a printer and start doing my kids pictures.

Load up on ITunes!

I would add all my pictures on it!

I would shop with ebates!!

I would put all of my sewing patterns on it.

I would give it to my husband because ie needs a computer and he'd use it to watch youtube videos. :)

I NEED THIS, very badly! Last Spring I started a Group on FB, to help people in Oregon, find perfect homes for their pets, and also help to their missing pets. It has grown into a HUGE site, and I am taking it to the web also. I only have an older desk top computer, and spend several hours aday, taking care of these animals, and people. I need to spend even more time helping them out, but my back just can't sit in the hard chair, without killing me. If I were able to sit in comfort, I could help SO MANY other animals, and families. This is something I have dreamed of for so long!!

I would cry and be in disbelief that I won! Then I would be excited to get my new computer so that I could do some online shopping! :)

I would start shopping on the internet and through ebates

Give up my "old" laptop and sleep better at night knowing that I have a new one.

My son would work on his homeschool lessons!

The first thing i would do with a new laptop is get on and finish my xmas shopping. Used it for very first time last night.

The first thing I would do with a new HP laptop is get on and finish my Christmas shopping and tell everyone one on facebook how cool ebates is.

I would use it for work since I can't carry a desktop around my house chasing my 2 year old lol.

I would give it to my daughter for College.

The first thing I would do is donate my older laptop to a charitable organization

The first thing I would do with the laptop is start writing because my 8 year old laptop has been dying on me.

I would use my old laptop as a lapdesk and sit my new hp on it and use it daily,Hope it makes the old one jealous!!!

Shop Ebates.

Shop Ebates.

I would give it to my husband.

I would give it to my son who has duchenne's muscular dystrophy. It will be easy for him to use the touchscreen

Go to ebates to look for a blingy case!

Would give it to my kids to play educational games on it during the day. Then at night, it's mommy's time to have fun playing with it.

The first thing I would do is get on Facebook and brag that I won a new HP Laptop !!!! Then see where Google takes me lol and then of course alot of productive things, like work and school.

I would give it to my wonderful hubby for Christmas!

I would shop through Ebates without having to get out of bed!

Never say again "I never win anything"!

I would gift it to my kids so we could get our laptops back! : )

Probably wrap it up and give it to my college son because his desk top computer is probably on its last leg, lol!

First, I would have to make a list.... I would use the laptop to make a list...that's what I would do!

The first thing I would do with a new laptop is gift to my daughter as she is using an old one that only works when it feels like it! Thanks!

First thing I'd do with a new laptop is say, "thank you!" in a quick email....then I'd start working with less frustration and more flexibility.

The first thing I would do with it is play lots of games on it and it would be my own personal computer! :)

set my daughter up so she will have a new PC an will be able to learn an grow in her school work an play time an later if we decide to let her have a facebook be able to chat with her friends!

I would use it to have a better computer to do my homework and web assignments on.

I probably first enjoy my new HP laptop by shopping online through EBATES!!!

I'd use this gorgeous new piece of tech to get my blog up and running. I'm hoping to become a well-established reviewer, and I would love to have a suitable machine from which to do my research and writing. A shiny new HP Ultrabook would be perfect to get me started! So many great features to make my life easier and - bonus! - it would help me to keep in touch with my boyfriend while he's studying 1500 miles away. The cherry on top would be relaxing in bed every evening with a movie... the sound system and battery life on my current clunker of a machine are woefully inadequate.

The first thing I would do with the new laptop is hand it over to my daughter, hers actually caught fire last week! How do you catch a laptop on fire, too much surfing! Really! She really needs this.

Research, like I do everyday.

I'd give this as a gift to my son! His current just died and he needs a new mother board. So not worth it.

probably get on Facebook, as usual... I'd just be able to do it wirelessly!

When I win the HP laptop from ebates, I will transfer my files to my new laptop and give my husband my old laptop!

Look into all the great things I can do with this laptop!

I would give it to my 16 year old son who is a fulltime college student in the runing start program :)

I would give it to my 16 year old son who is a fulltime college student in the running start program! :)

Load pictures of my family and shop though Ebates!!

The first thing I would do would be to write you a big thank you letter!!!!!!!!!!

So hard to decide! It's a sweet laptop, but my friend is in the market to buy a new laptop. I'd think about giving it to her for Christmas, but it would be so hard to pry it out of my hands, LOL!

I would donate it to Our Happy Place, a dog sanctuary in Sevierville, Tennessee. Sandi Ann, who runs the dog sanctuary, is caring for 30+ dogs on her own. She's working on getting her 501 (c)(3) and would be able to use it to post pics of the available dogs looking for forever homes. She could also keep people updated through Facebook of her struggles and triumphs within her world of rescue!!

Online shopping!

I would shop for after Christmas deals!

First thing I would do would be to check my email!!!

i would download all my baby pictures into the laptop .

Do more shopping on EBates for Christmas!!

I would wrap it up and put it under the Christmas tree!

Help build my new business! I have power point presentations that I can do in front of a prospective client but I need the right tools to make it really "wow" them.

I would give it to my son for Christmas. His laptop died a month ago and I can't afford to buy him another one right now. I'm not capable of working right now because of my back/spine. His dad just lost his job 2 weeks ago also. He's 19 and a junior in college the honors program (psychology major).He's always worked and gone to school but was laid off recently too. He would definitely put it to good use for college...and it would make an awesome birthday present (Dec. 14) / Christmas present for him.

The first thing I'd do is give The HP TouchSmart to my husband, who would then feel forever indebted to his awesome wife.

The first thing I would do is load on some Digital Audio Workstation software and hook up my synthesizer and do some recording.

Shop with ebates!

I would give it to my husband for Christmas.

Would give it as a present to myself

I would download all the music & videos I want & enjoy the good sound of this hp.

Would make a nice Christmas present for my college son. His is getting wore out!

Shop, shop and shop through Ebates of course!!!

I think I would write and listen to beautiful music to inspire me. I am working on a book of photography about the life of dolphins with a photographer and it would be awesome to have a new finely tuned computer to work on. Mine is a refurb and six years old! Thanks for letting me leave a comment.

Shop through Ebates!

Upload pix of our new Granddaughter!

Turn over my old computer to the kids and lt them load all the games they wanted on it, leaving this one to me!

I would give it to my brother and sister-in-law! :)

I would give this to my mother. She will be 89 years old on Christmas Eve. She plays play station, and reads on the Kindle I know she would explore everything and love this! Fingers and toes are crossed!! ;-)

I would hook it up to a printer. We have stuff come to us but have a laptop that does not want to be printer friendly. I would love to have a laptop that we can print stuff out on. A simple thing, but huge to us.

Skype/ w my grandkids:-)

Get ready to go World Wide on the web.

The thing I would do is get rid of my slow computer so my daughter can read her books without it freezing on her.

Shop through ebates of course...

I would give it to my daughter so she can get her homework done, even when her brother is on the computer doing his homework!

I would use it to do some secretarial work for my church.

First thing I would do would be my budget - my old laptop died and I've been budgeting from memory!

I am a teacher and I would use it for my school work and replace my old computer that on a teachers salary I can't really afford to do right now.

Shop shop shop.. All through ebates!

I'd give it to my teenage daughter for her school work and her music library. The latter of course is most important to her!

Print! I can't use my printer with an iPod. But I can if I had a laptop :)

I would love to win this. Been shopping around for my 1st laptop for a while now!

I would basically do everything so I dont have to go to a dirty library full of creepy old men. :)

If I am lucky and blessed enough to win this laptop, I would wrap it up and give it to my granddaughter for Christmas. She is hoping for a laptop for Christmas this year but it looks like that is not possible unless we can win one for her. Crossing our fingers and hoping to win! Thank you for the chance! Merry Christmas!

Get mine back from my daughter..:)

This will be a great gift for my husband since he keeps asking for a laptop, but money is tight so he will just have to wait :(

I would boot it up and then give it to my mother.

First thing I would do is to transfer all my pics to one computer,,,

This would be the first laptop I've ever owned, so I don't really know what I'd do. I would probably get enrolled back in school and do online school.

I would enjoy my Pandora tunes way more on the super sound system included with the new Ultrabook! :)

I'd give it to my husband!!

I would investigate and hopefully sign up for school that i've been procrastinating to finish my BS degree & then i would check my bank acct to pay bills! Lol

Get rid of my old desktop:)

Install all of my programs.

I would love a NEW tech toy! This would mean I could pass one along to my niece that desperately needs a new laptop.

Give it to my husband! His computer is a dinosaur.

I would give it to my son for Christmas.

just enjoy using it

I would write a book.

I would give the laptop as a gift to my daughter.

I would enjoy a quiet kid-free moment with my new laptop, and would hand down the current one to the kids.

I'd gift this to my little brother who's going to need this for college. Thanks!

I would start a novel!

I would give to my daughter for Christmas for school!

The first thing that I would do is thank ebates for winning and then shop, shop, shop!

I would send my current old slow cranky dog of a laptop to "live on a farm "

I'd do all my Christmas shopping online and through Ebates with a huge smile on my face!

Would love to give it to my husband! He is starting school in January to begin a new career.

My family tree research would then be mobile. That is what I would do with a brand new laptop.

give it to my husband who recently sufferd a stroke and could benefit greatly from this

I'd wrap that lap top up - box and eveything - in our Christmas paper - save it in the closet until Christmas Eve - Under the red bow I'd write From:Santa.....yep! I still b e l i e v e !

I would use it at my work...we need a new computer for our hearing impared patients to program hearing aids

I love laptops! You can sit in your recliner and use them. You can travel with them. They are great! And the HP Envy would be really great!! And I would shop even more at Ebates. :)

The first thing I would do is get back into doing customer service from home. I was doing it last year at this time but my computer was too old and slow with not enough RAM to run efficiently, so I had to put my home based business on hold.

Start shopping through Ebates, of course!!!!

I would love to be able to get online, anytime I wanted too. It's a battle when the 6 of us fight over our only desktop :)

Personalize my desktop, with an Ebates background, transfer my files, get ready for my first online learning experience, and add Ebates as my top favorite website, go savings! It will be used to the fullest to continue to create personlized digital memories and learn new skills. It would be a blessing to have such an upgrade! Using it not only for myself, but helping others and staying connected to those far away. As you can see I will be doing a lot. I love HP and learning more about new technology. Thanks for the chance to win!

After winning my first laptop, I would set it up for my daughters, who will be able to do their homework. Thank you for the opportunity!

The first thing I would do is thank EBATES and then go shopping.

I would sit down with my little sisters and watch a movie :)

The first thing I'd do is read the direction for use! :) Then I'd let everyone know how wonderful Ebates & HP really are!

With a new HP laptop I would show my 81 year mother how to surf the web!

The first thing I would do if I won this HP Computer, is go to and thank them for the wonderful prize. It would be perfect timing since I am having problems with my current laptop.

I'd go to ebates and finish my shopping!

The first thing I would do is load it up with Itunes selections of entertainment, music & movies.

I would give it to my daughter who will be going away to college this spring.

I would download some music

The first thing I would do with my new Hp is connect with my family in Mexico through a webchat :-)

I would wake up at sunrise, grab my new laptop, a cup of coffee. Open the drapes so the warm sun can shine in and spend the entire morning exploring through my new laptop and its capabilities. Read some on-line world and local news. Then work on scanning and editing OLD family photos.

video chat with friends and family back home!

Shop of course!

I would give it to my boyfriend for his christmas present =)

I wold love to take classes online!!

The first thing I would do is get it set up in our classroom (homeschool) for my daughter!

It would go directly to my granddaughter who lives in California so she can email grandma all she wants.

Get connected back to the net at home and use it for my business! :)

The first thing I would do is share beautiful photos of my girls.

If I won a new laptop... I would transfer my files and throw my current dinosaur laptop in the nearest lake. Then I'd bask in the glow of a state of the art laptop. Giving me more time for my family and everything else instead of being at the mercy of crashes and crawling response times. What a wonderful thought!!

I just bought an HP for Christmas, so I would give this one to my mother. She needs a computer to help with her business.

I would wrap it up & give it to my daughter & grandsons! She(they) do not have ANY computer & this sure would help the kids with their studies!

More online shopping!!!!

Take it out on the patio and enjoy the day!

Say "Thank You" to Ebates!

I would retire my old laptop plug in my new one and then send Ebates a great big thank you!

Get more Ebates and start shopping

Print coupons!! & Shop through ebates!!

I would give this laptop to my son in college

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