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March 5, 2013

If you're a music lover and haven't heard of Sonos, listen up. Sonos is a leader in wireless, multi-room audio systems and their products allow you to wirelessly stream all the music on Earth from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you're a fan of streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and Rhapsody, or have a collection of songs through iTunes, their medley of products will bring those songs to life. Sonos products are easy to set up, easy to control, and easy to bring from room to room since there are no wires involved. Most importantly, the sound quality will knock your socks off!


For the Sonos beginner, you can start with one music player (a PLAY:3 or PLAY:5, for example) or BRIDGE connected to your router, and start to expand the system wirelessly from there. Keep multiple players in multiple rooms and control them all individually from one device, or place them in the same room and play them together in stereo. When you're really ready to get rockin', add a SUB for soul-shaking sound anywhere in a room. 
Sonos has now released their PLAYBAR, the TV soundbar for music lovers. The PLAYBAR complements HD television screens with richly-textured HiFi sound and works in conjunction with the rest of your Sonos collection. It connects to your TV using a single optical cable and plays everything connected to the TV, including cable boxes and game consoles. Experience a complete 5.1 home theater system with the PLAYBAR, SUB, and 2 PLAY:3 speakers to make an epic movie viewing experience. Even if you've never set up a complete home theater system before, setup is easy; the Sonos app on your smartphone, tablet or computer will walk you through which components go where with interactive diagrams.

P.C. Richard & Son is giving away a full Sonos 5.1 home theater bundle on their Facebook page, consisting of 2 PLAY:3 speakers, a SUB, and the all-new PLAYBAR; a $1999 value. Enter now for a chance to win! They will also be holding demos at several of their Superstores in the NY, NJ and CT areas on March 8-10, with Sonos experts on-hand to answer all of your questions. See details about the Sonos demo days at P.C. Richard & Son here.


February 18, 2013


The appliance, electronics and TV giant, P.C. Richard & Son, is offering fantastic savings during their Presidents' Week Long Sale. 
Now is the time to buy appliances. Looking to upgrade your kitchen? Save 10% on ALL 4 piece appliance packages, including a Frigidaire stainless steel package for just $1646 (see the cover of the circular here for details). You can save 20% on all Bosch dishwashers, receive up to a $1000 prepaid MasterCard after rebate on select KitchenAid appliance packages, or get a variety of washer/dryer pairs on sale. 
We also can't forget about TVs! You can get a FREE Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet with the purchase of select Samsung Smart TVs, and control your TV right from the tablet. They have giant TV savings all week long, and are offering up to 44% off some televisions advertised in their flyer.
Also advertised are some spectacular camera, computer, tablet, home office, and car audio deals you have to check out. No matter what you purchase, their low prices are guaranteed. Whether you buy in-store at any of their 66 showrooms, or online at, you won't be disappointed!


January 24, 2013

Making the decision of which game-worthy TV to buy is important. Whether you're watching the Big Game or the Puppy Bowl, you'll want to see every detail, in crystal-clear HD, for a great price. P.C. Richard & Son is offering some super-low prices on some super-big screens, so if you were thinking about picking up a new set, now is the perfect time.


Go Big: Deals on TVs 50"+ 

Upgrade your TV with the Sharp 60" Class Aquos Slim LED HDTV. Regularly $1399.97, you can now snag this baby for the super-low price of $897.91. That leaves you over $500 for the game pool.
If a slightly smaller screen is more your style, check out the LG 55" Class Slim LED HDTV. Regularly $1299.97, you'll be cheering on your favorite team for just $848.91.
Go bigger for less with the Samsung 51" Class Plasma TV, at a price we can't even tell you about until you click here!
Where else can you pick up a brand name 50" LED 1080p HDTV for just $499.91. 
Smaller Budget? Get Hot Deals on TVs for Less Than $400
The Samsung 43" Class Plasma TV is also keeping its amazingly-low prices secret! Click here and add the TV to your cart to see.
Regularly $379.97, at $269.97 you can put a Coby 39" Class LCD HDTV in every room of your home and never miss a moment of the game.
A great TV for the kids at $238.91, they can watch the game in 720p HD with the Toshiba 32" Class LCD HDTV. With the $60 you saved, they can play Madden NFL 13 on their favorite game console and keep the football going.
Want even more choices? P.C. Richard & Son is the Big Screen Giant and offers the largest display and selection of TVs around. You can find all of their online selections here. Plus, now for a limited time, P.C. Richard & Son is offering free delivery and installation of your new TV  if you're in their local service area.


January 14, 2013

Too good to be true? We think not! We have a great giveaway for all those looking to have a more tech-savvy 2013. Check out the amazing features on this Stealth Tablet with Android 4.0, nearly 10 inch screen, 2 webcams, and more!

Entry is simple: Leave a comment right here letting us know how you would use your new device!

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December 19, 2012

The folks at Best Buy are ready and waiting to make sure that you get all the fabulous tech gifts on your list. From TVs to cameras, and phones to tablets, Best Buy has the tech items and accessories to finish up your shopping. And if you are concerned your items won't arrive on time, no need to worry because they offer in store pickup in addition to 2.5% Cash Back!



June 4, 2012

The awesome team at Ebates recently released the results of a Father's Day survey and found that Dads are crossing their fingers for a tablet, smartphone, or other tech gear. Luckily you can get a variety of tablets with Cash Back!TabletsforDad

2. MID 702 running Android

3. Cool Kindle

4. Nice little Nook


May 24, 2012

A few days ago I was juggling several bags of groceries and dropped my cell phone on the concrete. After a momentary panic, I was comforted to find my case shattered and my phone perfectly fine. This incident reminded me how important cases are for phones. Luckily I was able to snag a new one with Cash Back through Ebates.phonecases

2. Floral-eqsque feminine case

4. Classic and adorable Kate Spade case

5. Geometric hard case


March 26, 2012

If you are getting one of the new iPads be sure to order through Ebates so you can get Cash Back!ipad.jpg


November 16, 2011

CowBoom-Thanksgiveaway.jpgCowBoom has teamed up with our friends at Ebates to offer an exciting new promotion. With Thanksgiving around the corner and the holidays quick to follow we couldn't help but think that one lucky CowBoomer deserves a head start on their holiday shopping. That's why we're giving away a $500 Visa Shopping Spree. From 11-16 through 11-28 you can enter by "Liking" CowBoom on Facebook or following CowBoom on Twitter and Re-Tweeting our ThanksGiveaway tweet. It's that simple! What would you do with a $500 Visa Gift Card?


September 28, 2011



June 13, 2010

Buying something for Dad is always a tough one.  I did the ugly tie thing for a couple years and even though it always put a smile on his face, I knew I needed to step it up this year. I wanted something that he could show off to his friends and make them all jealous.  With his summer golf trips and the family vacation around the corner, I decided to get him a Flip video camera, which PC World just named one of the top "cool gadgets for a hot summer."

I checked out some of the Flip models and saw some cool designs, but I still wasn't sure which model would be the best fit for him. I wanted HD video, something easy for him to use and a present that was unique.  I ended up getting the new SlideHD camera, which shoots in HD 720p video, holds up to 12 hrs of video and has a 3" touch-screen. It also comes with built in Flipshare software, which is a super easy way to organize and upload your videos to YouTube, Facebook and MySpace. But the cool thing was that I uploaded my favorite photo of us on a fishing trip and Flip printed it on the front of the camera for free!  I can't wait to see his face when he realizes he didn't get a tie this year!

Plus, shop through Ebates and earn 5% Cash Back on your purchase, and enter coupon code FLIP10 at checkout to save an additional $10 on your order. The $10 off coupon is good until 6/30.


May 27, 2010

Get all the details here


May 19, 2010

I love it when we add new stores to the Ebates family. I especially love it when those new stores happen to feed directly into my geeky interests. That is exactly why I'm so thrilled to have the EA Store on board here at Ebates, offering 4.5% Cash Back. This means that all of my video game needs will be taken care of, whether I want to find the latest edition of John Madden Football, pick up the newly-released 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup game, if I want to shoot up zombie hordes with either of the Left 4 Dead titles, or if I have a taste for the classics and want to play The Sims.

EA StoreThere's another reason to love EA games: the storied gaming company is reviving/revamping one of the great titles that has been untouched for almost fifteen years: NBA Jam. Yep, you read it here first (or, you know, for the twentieth time) -- if you own a Wii, you will be able to pick up a copy of this iconic game direct from EA when it debuts in Fall of 2010. There hasn't been a price level set, but I can tell you this much - whatever the cost, I'd probably consider buying it just for my friends who have a Wii so that I could play it.

So no matter what your video game taste, you can find great deals with great cash back at the EA Store. Keep up to date on their new releases, find great discounted prices on older games, and get 4.5% Cash Back on the whole lot of them. No matter what your preferred platform - PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, even mobile devices, EA has a great selection of their titles.

How will you spend your free time? Find great titles in our Video Game category!


May 11, 2010

The long-awaited update to the Adobe Creative Suite, CS5, is finally out after months of speculation. Chances are, if you are interested in this news, you probably already knew that, but what you might not know is that you can currently get 6.0% Cash Back on any of the new Adobe products or upgrades when you shop through Ebates?

Some of you may have seen the teaser video that Adobe released back in March regarding the new content-aware fill, which is a standard feature in CS5. Also worth mentioning are the improved edge selection and new Mixer Brush and Bristle Tips integration which finally allow Photoshop to integrate a paint-like look, thanks to the ability to custom blend your colors, as other programs have allowed in the past.

Adobe CS5Personally speaking, as much as I am blown away at the content-aware fill in particular, I don't know that I can justify the $500 price tag just for the upgrade, considering how little I use the delightful program. But, if you do a decent amount of photo manipulation, and especially if you have any means of making money as a graphic designer, this new round of features could really save you a world of time, which I imagine would definitely make the cost worthwhile. Just seeing the various teasers and tutorials online, I'm impressed at how quickly and easily these people, and granted they are experts, are able to completely change an image to their desires in a matter of minutes. I encourage you to click around YouTube to find out more about some of the new features, and if you decide to pull the trigger, make sure you go through Ebates, where you'll get 6.0% Cash Back on all your purchases from Adobe. Plus, take advantage of free shipping on CS5 and all of its components through May 31st!

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April 28, 2010

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few months, chances are you've heard a thing or two about the iPad, the latest Apple device to send shock waves through the tech community (other than the 4G iPhone, but that's a matter for the courts right now). It seems like the reception is still generally split at the moment: some people think that the new gizmo is going to change the face of how we as a culture view computing and doodad toting, while the opposing camp says "it's just another pretty apple product for people to spend money on." Only time will tell who is correct. 

Now, you may have noticed that at the moment, we are unable to offer cash back on the iPad. Unfortunately, when Apple has a hot new product like this, they don't need any help in moving them, so they aren't likely to offer any incentives (like cash back). So in the interest of you wonderful cash back lovers, I spent a little time over at Newegg finding a pair of tablet PC options that you could get 1.5% Cash Back on to sweeten the deal. I'm not saying that any of them has the sexy Apple interface or the ever-powerful app store behind them, but still, if you're hankering to start poking at your computer's screen, these won't poke at your wallet quite as much.

ASUS tabletFirst is the ASUS Eee PC T101MT-EU17-BK 10.1" Tablet. I went with this one rather than it's "little brother" 8.9 inch version for the fact that a lot of people seemed to have issues with the smaller keyboard, and I have giant monkey hands that would make maneuvering a small keyboard near impossible. It seems like the only drawbacks of this machine is that it runs at best with Windows 7 Premium and an extra 1gb of RAM. Other than that, it's a sleek convertible netbook/tablet with a built in camera that so many people seem to be clamoring for. Plus, it's just $489.99 with free shipping at Newegg.

The other is the lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t. Lenovo Ideapad S10 3t
Interestingly, many of the reviews for this say many of the same things that reviewers said about the ASUS - the main gripe was with the lack of out-of-the-box RAM and the fact that it is bundled with Windows 7 Starter rather than Premium. Other than that, it is another smooth running tablet-functional option with a full keyboard and a camera allowing for video chat. Plus, with a 250gb hard drive, you've got a whole lot more storage space than some of the competitors at a competitive price of $489.99.

I'm not trying to dissuade you from an iPad, I personally am not a tablet guy one way or the other, so I bring this from a completely unbiased angle. I just wanted some of you folks out there to know that there are other options that you can earn cash back on when you shop with us here at Ebates.

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April 19, 2010

I'm notoriously bad at not watching TV shows when they air. It's kind of silly, since I only religiously watch like four shows, but still, no matter how I try, I can't seem to keep up on them, so I always have to find new ways to catch up on the shows I missed. Back in the good ol' days it was reruns, and I'd wait weeks at a time to catch the episode I missed. Then I finally ponied up and got a VCR and dealt with stacks upon stacks of tapes, all labeled with post-it notes. I still have yet to jump on the DVR bandwagon, mainly because I really prefer the chance to catch up on TV while on the go.

Apple iTunes CouponsThis means my new best friend is iTunes, who has entire libraries of shows, most of which are either $1.99 or $2.99 an episode, with entire seasons available as well. That means even if you can't find a re-run of your favorite show on any of the network websites or any of the most popular video hosting sites, you can still get them online without any hassle. Best of all, you can get 3.0% Cash Back on all your iTunes purchases, so you can get a little extra cash in your pocket just by watching your favorite TV shows and using Ebates!

After spending a little time searching around the store, I am really impressed with some of the more obscure shows that they offer; there are some choice anime titles that really appeal to the geek in me, the entire first season of the A-Team for when I'm feeling nostalgic, and favorites like Deadliest Catch for pretty much any other time I ever want to watch an TV episode and be completely hooked.

Find your favorite shows on iTunes!


April 12, 2010

With the advent of 3D televisions starting to hit the market and technology being pushed that much more, there is one fantastic byproduct that is a huge help to those of us who are just behind the curve a little bit: prices have begun falling drastically on HDTVs that as recently as a few months ago were the absolute cutting edge of technology.

As I've been in the market for an HDTV for almost a year, I figured now was the best time to pull the trigger. My CRT television is starting a speedy slide into outdatedness, and after getting almost fifteen years of use out of it, it's just time to say goodbye. So I started researching; I knew I wanted at least a forty inch screen, 1080p, and a solid refresh rate. I looked around most of the major retailers, compared brands, prices, features, and compatibility. In the end, I found what I think should hopefully be the TV that will get me through the next fifteen years: the Samsung 46" Series 6 Black Flat Panel LCD HDTV. It pairs a giant screen (bordering on too big for my humble little abode) with a super-thin form factor, has 1080p, a 120Hz refresh rate, and is energy star compliant, which means it will continue to save me money over comparable TVs. It also has a feature called "BD Wise" which automatically adjust all the components for the optimal sound and picture quality. The menus are easy to navigate, and setup was a breeze - you don't have to be an engineer to be able to get up and running in no time, and once you are set up, the picture quality is like a dream come true.

Samsung HDTVAt the moment, Abt Electronics has the best deal I could find on this model, with a retail price of $999.00, which is $100 less than the list price. On top of that you get free shipping and also no sales tax, and I tell you, when you get to purchases of this magnitude, especially for an over-sized package, that can make a huge difference. Plus, with 2.0% Cash Back, you stand to make about twenty bucks in cash back through Ebates.

Can you find a better deal on an HDTV? Start in our Televisions category.


April 1, 2010

Snapfish Celebrates its 10th Anniversary with Great Deals

Wow - just 10 years ago, most of us were using film cameras. Remember taking your film to the drug store, dropping off the canister, and returning a week later to pick up your prints? Remember standing in line and getting annoyed because the person in front of you had to rip open her package and start looking at her photos right then and there? And then peeking over her shoulder to see if you could catch a glimpse?

In 10 years, so much has changed. Now we take thousands and thousands of photos, all without using a single reel of film. We take photos with our mobile phones. We post photos online and share them with our friends and family around the world. And in addition to prints, we can make beautiful products--like custom photo books--to preserve our memories.

At Snapfish, a website where you can store and share your photos for free, you can make stunning photo books with your images. And from today through April 10th, Snapfish is celebrating its 10th anniversary with thousands of giveaways--including 10,000 (yes, 10,000) FREE 5"x7" photo books.

Every day from today through April 10th, visit Snapfish to see the Deal of the Day. And spin the fish for your chance at once of these amazing prizes:

  • One of 10 HP 311 Mini Laptop Computers
  • One of 10 HP Photosmart Premium Web All-in-One Printers
  • One of 10 $50 gift certificates for photo frames
  • One of 10,000 5" x 7" paperback custom cover photo books
  • One of 10,000 16" x 20" collage photo posters
  • One of 10,000 photo notebooks Up 1 million free prints will be given away, too.

Come join the party!


March 8, 2010

eForCity Anniversary SaleHey all, I don't have a clever or punny intro for this blog, I don't really have a personal story to lead you in to the deal. Instead, I was contacted the other day by our friends over at eForCity, informing me that not only are they in the midst of a tenth anniversary sale, they have also tripled their cash back throughout the month of March to 7.5% Cash Back. I have always appreciated the affordable prices at eForCity whenever I am looking for tech accessories. Whether you're looking for a screen protector for your iPhone, a cooling lapdesk for your laptop, or new HDMI cables for your home theater setup, eForCity has quality products at competitive prices.

Another benefit of their current tenth anniversary sale is the variety of coupon codes they're currently offering to help you save even more. Just visit the eForCity Coupons Page at Ebates and you will see just what I'm talking about. Not only are they offering a sitewide savings of 10% through April 1st with code EF10YEAR, they also offer free shipping on $25 or more with code SHIP25, they also have a whole slew of coupon codes for anywhere from ten to twenty percent off specific accessory categories. There are almost too many to list in this one location, so I urge you to check out eForCity and see all the wonderful deals and discounts they are offering us.

Plus, one other feature that they offer, which I tend to be a huge sucker for, is a page dedicated to Daily and Weekly Deals. I don't know what it is about finding a price cut for a limited time, but I find myself buying things I'd never consider otherwise; but man, it's such a great deal!

Also, check out the eForCity Twitter Competition for your chance to win an Apple iPad!


March 3, 2010

When I saw this site name, I was hoping that it would be an entire site dedicated to products for people who adore mathematics. Being a geek who at one time knew Pi to twenty-five places, I was excited. When I visited the site, I was intrigued.

HeartMath emwaveThese days, we all need to take some time here and there to take a breath, relax, and de-stress. As we all lead increasingly stressful lives, it is important to take a little time for yourself. This philosophy is what drives HeartMath; with their system, they have developed new and different ways to help recognize the onset of stress and deal with it in a healthy way. Their equipment and methods differ from the standard heart monitors and deep breathing in that it bases its readings and soothing techniques on coherence in heart rhythms, rather than mere heart rate.

Moreover, you can analyze the data collected to determine if there are specific triggers for your stress, or certain periods of time that cause you more stress than others. In addition to these systems, there are books and music available to help you understand and combat the stress in your life, to help create a life that's a bit more comfortable and relaxed.

With the stress reliever averaging about $199, or the desktop program system starting at $299, these are not cheap solutions or quick fixes, but eventually you have to ask yourself how much you are willing to spend for your well-being and peace of mind. Plus, with 7.5% Cash Back when you shop through Ebates, you can help relieve a little bit of the stress of spending a lot of money on these products!

So check them out and see if there is something there that might help you sleep a little better and get through your day with a little less stress.

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February 15, 2010

It's Presidents Day Weekend, a time where we all celebrate some of our country's greatest leaders by no going in to work. While you're spending some quality time in your pajamas, make sure you set aside a little time to check out some of the great deals at Dell - currently they're offering 4.0% Cash Back as part of our Presidents Day Sale. This makes a great opportunity to take advantage of a holiday weekend's worth of sales in addition to increased cash back, and that's a winning combo if I ever heard one!

dell small business coupons and cash backI've said it before, I'm sure, but it bears mention again: when most people hear the name Dell, all they think of is PCs, but Dell offers competitive prices on items including TVs, software, video games, printers, and much more. This is, of course, in addition to the great deals on PCs, laptops, netbooks, and all other forms of computer goodness that you know and love from Dell. There are desktop and monitor deals starting from $399 in their Presidents Day Sale, or even a free Motorola Droid if you activate a new cell phone plan. Also be sure to check out our Dell Coupons page for a quick rundown of all the featured deals this Presidents Day.

Keeping in the government theme, it also bears mention that Dell offers various installments of Tax Software too, so as the clock ticks down towards that fateful day in April, this can be an excellent chance for you to pick up your latest copy of whichever tax software you prefer, and earn 4.0% Cash Back at the same time.

Find all sorts of great cash back increases during our Presidents Day Sale!


February 10, 2010

Han Solo CarboniteUnfortunately, this site doesn't offer a chance to buy Han Solo merchandise, or the harder-than-steel metal used to lock up everyone's favorite intergalactic renegade. Still, as the company's CEO explains in their blog, the name is derived directly from the Star Wars universe.

Rather, what offers is an online backup service for all your valuable files. Let's face it: most of us don't back up our files nearly as diligently as we should. Personally speaking, I am obsessive about file retention, so I do a pretty good, but not everyone has multiple 1TB hard drives sitting around with an entire computer's worth of documents, music, and photos on them. Still, even my seemingly-foolproof system is subject to failures or forgetfulness. For instance, it has been probably two months since my last system backup on one of my external drives, so if my computer were stolen, or spilt upon, or otherwise corrupted, I'd be completely without my last month's worth of music purchases and photos taken.

That's the beauty of Carbonite - they automatically run backup software, which will scan your system for newly added or modified files to backup in a simple background program that doesn't interfere with your computer's functionality. Then, whenever your computer is idle, it will begin to upload that data to their online backup. If you suddenly log back on, Carbonite pauses the upload. It's really that simple: you'd never even know it was there. At just over $30 a year with a three year subscription, that's a small price to pay for such ease and peace of mind. Moreover, with 15.0% Cash Back when you shop through Ebates, you have even less reason not to use this handy service.

Plus, when you back up files you never have to define to yourself just how much you're willing to pay to recover your data. I have friends who have been wrestling with just that question for over a year now: are their pictures (some of which are definitely "priceless") worth the drive recovery cost, which might run up to $2000? With a subscription to Carbonite, you'll never have to answer that question yourself!

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January 30, 2010 DealsYou may recall last Saturday, when I wrote about how I finally got on the Xbox 360 bandwagon. I was so excited about getting the new console that I overlooked one major fact: a video game console doesn't do you much good if you don't have any games to play on it. Being the dutiful Ebates employee that I am, I did a little research; I went to our Video Games page, checked most of the major big-box retailers we have, and I realized one obvious fact: most stores have pretty standard prices when it comes to video games.

madden-10-coverThen I stumbled upon It's a bit dramatic to say I now have an idea what Columbus felt like when he first set foot on the shores of "The New World" but I'll say least say that I had one of those "woo hoo" moments the like of when you find your car keys in the least likely of places after hours of searching. Using perhaps the most necessary game for your average video gaming male (Madden 10) as a yardstick, I was thrilled to see how much I was going to save. Most stores offer the always-popular football title for somewhere in the $55 to $60 range. At GoGamer I found it for a mere $42.90 with a tasty 3.0% Cash Back. But the savings weren't limited to that one title - I was able to save an average of about fifteen percent on most of the titles I picked up.

I will give you one caveat about GoGamer: they won't necessarily have every title you want in stock. But then again, with prices like that, it's not surprising that they have trouble keeping things in stock.

With that out of the way - perhaps what impressed me more than the 3.0% Cash Back or the low prices was how fast they ship. I placed my order at about one o'clock on Tuesday the 26th, and chose their cheapest shipping method (alas, no free shipping... at least not at the moment) which means I expected to see it anywhere up to two weeks after I'd placed the order. I was shocked that when I returned home from work Thursday evening, what did I spy in the entryway to my place, but a box from GoGamer containing all the games I ordered! I knew they shipped from various warehouses in order to get the fastest time, and living in San Francisco, we have a pretty snappy postal system, but that is under 48 hours from the time I placed the order to the time the package arrived. My results may not be typical, but man was I thrilled!

Check out all the deals and price compare for yourself in our Video Game category.


January 23, 2010

I've always been a few steps behind the trends when it comes to video games. They've never been a major priority, as I usually prefer to spend my time playing music, reading, writing, or pursuing any of the other hobbies I love during the few hours I'm actually home. Still, in the last few months, almost all of my friends have purchased an Xbox 360. They talk about how fun it is to play games via the Xbox Live network because, let's be honest here, playing games by yourself against a computer isn't always the most fun or constructive way to play video games.

Xbox EliteSo I set out in search of a good deal. I have to, right? I mean, I'm an Ebates blogger. So I combed the internet for that perfect blend of cash back, affordable prices, and because I'm Bill, free shipping. I wound up at Abt Electronics, which is not necessarily somewhere I'd expect to find great deals on video game systems, but hey, it worked. They had the Xbox Elite edition, which comes with a headset, 120 GB Hard Drive, HDMI cable, and everything I could possibly need for fun video gaming, for $319 thanks to no tax and free shipping. Toss in 2.0% Cash Back through Ebates, and I just couldn't turn the offer down. So now I can connect to Xbox Live to play my friends, play solo games when the time allows, and even stream Netflix straight to my TV with the simple touch of a controller button.

Find your perfect system with the help of our Video Game page!


January 7, 2010

I'll admit it, I've become a bit swayed in the past year. After years upon years of being a PC faithful, I am favoring my Mac more and more. I have gone on about the MacBook at length on a few different occasions, so I'll spare you all another round of that gushing. I will, however, subject you to some high praise for a few great accessories that I recently picked up. All purchases were made through the Apple Store where I got 1.0% Cash Back.

Apple Magic MouseFirst off, the Magic Mouse. You've all heard about it, some of you have seen it, maybe some of you even own one. At $69.00 they're kind of pricey, I'll admit it, but man, I'll be damned if I've ever found a more comfortable mouse to use. As with all mice, I encourage you to go to the settings menu and make sure the touch is set to your specifications - that is usually one of the biggest difference makers from my experience. Still, the touch scrolling and multi-finger gestures make this a very comfortable switch from the multi-touch pad that I love so dearly on the MacBook. Also, since it's bluetooth connected, its range goes on far past when I can no longer see what's on my screen.

Apple Wireless KeyboardIf you have a wireless mouse for your laptop, what good is it to you if you don't have a wireless keyboard? I bit the bullet and paired my wireless mouse with the Apple Wireless Keyboard. It's also bluetooth connected, and while it doesn't have a numerical pad at the far right, it does have the wonderful touch of apple keyboards and a form factor that's so skinny I sometimes forget it's there. Also at $69, you're paying $20 for the wireless convenience, but again, if you have one great bluetooth accessory, you might as well pair it well.

Rain Design mStandThe final piece of the puzzle is the Rain Design mStand. If you spend long bouts of time on your laptop like I do, surely you notice the strain it can put on your neck and shoulders. Being six foot one with relatively poor eyesight, I noticed myself hunching down more and more as I used my MacBook. The mStand helps by lifting the laptop to a much more natural eye level when I'm seated. This stand is sleek; it's in the same silver anodized brushed aluminum that Apple uses to make its laptops from, so it matches perfectly, and it's sturdy as all hell. The rubber grip system keeps the laptop in place perfectly whether it's holding my thirteen inch MacBook or my friend's behemoth seventeen inch MacBook Pro. Plus, if you have one of those ovens we affectionately call a MacBook Pro, the metal design of this stand also acts as a heat sink. For $50 it's a visually appealing and sturdy as anyone could ask for.

Put all three of these things together, sprinkle in some Ebates cash back, and  you've got yourself a great desktop station for your Mac laptop plus a few extra bucks in your pocket.


January 4, 2010

When I first set up a wireless network in my house three or four years ago, I didn't give a single thought to what kind of router I bought. I just clicked the simple option for whatever router was packaged together with the laptop I'd bought. I will also say that is has served me faithfully and tirelessly for the entire four years I've had it. However, I've recently noticed things are slowing down a bit more, and my signal strength seems to be dwindling. I actually saw the other day that I got a stronger wireless signal from my neighbor's house than I did from my own router, which was about forty feet from my couch. So I decided as a present to myself, I would spring for a new wireless router.

Linksys wireless routerI have the benefit of being friends with a number of engineers and general tech geeks, so after a consultation with some of my technological gurus, I have settled on a winner, and boy am I ever happy with it: the Linksys WRT610N dual-band router. I won't bore you with the specs behind a simultaneous dual band router other than to say I can connect multiple computers via my wifi network, and not sacrifice connection speed. As someone who has a habit of watching streaming video on one computer while running multiple web applications on another, this little magic box has already proven itself invaluable.

As always, cost and cash back are both factors in my decision, so I was able to find mine at Office Depot for about the going rate: $169.99 with free shipping and 2.0% Cash Back. It may seem a little pricey, and I'll admit that it was more than I had initially planned on spending, but as soon as I consider how many hours in any given month it will save me, it could well be the best money I've spent in the last few months.

Fill all your tech needs in our Computers category.


December 13, 2009

buy dot com dealsIf there's one thing about holiday shopping I hate, it's finding out that some other store somewhere has what I bought for a better price. I'd imagine some of you can relate; we're all savvy shoppers here, we know how to find a bargain, and so you can't help but feel a little defeated when you find you could have saved a few bucks.

Today I was searching around for a coupon code on a purchase, and wanted to check a few merchants that I thought might have what I was looking for. One of those merchants was They didn't necessarily have what I was looking for, but what they did have was a jaw-droppingly long list of specials, deals, promos, and price lists that can help with all of your holiday shopping needs. I'm not kidding - go check it out, I'll wait....



Crazy, right? It's almost like someone is there with you, recommending good gift ideas and great prices that you can get them at. Naturally, you will always get your 1.0% Cash Back through Ebates, but the real benefit of using us is having all those wonderful gift recommendations in one place. Rather than walking up and down aisles or clicking through page after page of merchandise, Ebates and have teamed up to put all those great ideas in one place.

Still looking for more gift inspiration? Then go check out our Gift Ideas pages!


November 16, 2009

Apple iTunes CouponsI know we've written about this in the past, but I feel like every now and again it's worth mentioning one more time: you can earn 3.0% Cash Back through Ebates when you purchase items from the iTunes store. This includes everything from music and movies to iPhone apps. Granted, you do have to click through an Ebates link, and use your computer rather than your mobile device, but wouldn't you do that if you knew you'd be getting cash back on everything you buy?

Take it from a guy who has an iPhone, two iPods, and about sixty days worth of music in his iTunes account: you can really rack up some cash on these downloads, especially if you are the type who finds it easier to rent or download a movie or TV episode via iTunes rather than catch it the first time through. Also, don't forget that many popular bands also have iTunes-only releases which are usually both inexpensive and filled with little gems like live performances or B-side recordings.

What makes this almost more impressive of a deal is that Ebates offers 1.0% Cash Back from the Apple Store, but 3.0% Cash Back on iTunes purchases - so despite the fact that you don't have anything physical to show for it, you are getting a better deal on cash back when shopping for music and more at the iTunes Store.

What will you find in the Ebates Music & Movies category?


November 4, 2009

eForCityEbates has recently added a new electronics accessories merchant: eForCity. What's nice about this merchant is that they have all those silly little odds and ends that you hate paying too much money for. Need a protective screen or case for your iPhone or Blackberry? Theirs start at just a few dollars. Did you buy a new gadget, but need the necessary cables to hook it up? I bet you can find it here.

In addition to the great selection of all-too-often-overlooked accessories and add-ons, what I really love about eForCity is the wide range of resources they have to keep you in the know about what discounts and deals they are having, or what the hot products will be coming up from them. One such resource is their newly published Holiday Gift Guide, where they can tell you exactly what the technophile in your life is hoping to find in their stocking. If you want to find some year-round savings, try the Weekly Specials page, where deals are always coming and going, or for the truly frugal, there is the $1 Dollar Deals page, where you can find, well, deals for a dollar.

It's a simple formula: go to Ebates, click our link to eForCity, visit any of their resources, and save money while earning 2.5% Cash Back. So, whether you are looking for some printer ink, a replacement battery for your digital camera, or a nice quality wall mount for your new plasma TV, make sure you start your buying process with Ebates and eForcity!

Find the accessory you've been looking for in our Electronics & Photo category!


October 31, 2009

By now you should all be familiar with the wildly popular Flip Mino camcorders. You've all seen them - they're about the size of a circa-2005 cell phone, shoot in HD, and can store pretty much absurd amounts of video considering the small form factor.

Flip MinoHDI don't know about you, but I personally think these things are the bee's knees. They're small, highly portable, and pretty rugged. It survived a trip to Vegas with my friends and I, which is more than can be said for three pairs of sunglasses and another friend's cell phone. Still, what I think is truly the best about these little gems is their price point. You can get a high quality HD camcorder for under $200 bucks.

As I was searching around a little bit yesterday, I noticed that Newegg, where I almost always go to check out the best and latest in tech, had a great sale going on. Just enter coupon code FLIP161 for $12 off a Flip MinoHD in chrome finish, with a 60 minute storage time. You even get a free tripod while supplies last! But you'd better act quick - the free tripod is while supplies last, and the $12 off code is only good through the end of the day. Still, you can always earn 1.5% Cash Back from Newegg when you shop through Ebates.

Find great prices on great products in our Electronics & Photo category.


October 8, 2009

It's Dell's Days of Deals - a wonderful little span of time from October 5th to the 12th where those of us looking for great deals on a whole range of electronics get to enjoy clearance price savings on more in-demand products. Essentially it's like a deal of the day, but for these eight days, there are eight products available for a two-day limited time discounted price. It's not just Dell Computers either; there are video game consoles, accessories, and much much more.

dell home days of deals coupons and cash backAs always, you need to act quickly on limited time deals like these - due to limited supply and ridiculously low prices, most items seem to be selling out before their 48 hour period expires. Luckily for Ebates shoppers, the Dell Days of Deals promotion happens to coincide perfectly with their participation in our Columbus Day Sale, so not only do you get lowered prices on Dell's end, you get an increase to 3.0% Cash Back on our end. It's the perfect win-win situation! So make sure you check back in each day at Dell Home and find out what great new discounts are being offered every day!

Check out all the great deals in our Computers category.


October 5, 2009

During our Columbus Day Sale, you can score some killer deals on some great tech over at HP Home and Home Office. Naturally, you can find whatever you desire on their site - there is a huge selection of everything from PCs and laptops to monitors, printers, ink, PDAs, and much more. I'm going to give two laptop recommendations, one for ease and portability, one for the sheer coolness of how far tech has developed in the last few years.

hp-mini-1000-roundup.jpgThe first one I'll talk about is the HP Mini 110 XP Edition. Equipped with Windows XP rather than Linux, making it a more familiar operating system, this little beauty is my netbook of choice for one major reason: the keyboard is as close to a real-sized laptop keyboard as I've found in a compact model. As you can see here, my hand is big enough to have trouble navigating a regular desktop keyboard, so you can imagine how twisted around I'd get if they made the keys even smaller. Plus, starting at $329, you've got a small price to accompany this small netbook.

HP TouchSmart tx2zUp next is the HP TouchSmart tx2z, a tablet PC with a sweet touch screen interface. With its diagonal twist screen, included digital pen, and a whole slew of options, this should be more than enough machine for most of us. It's also a dream come true with handwriting-to-text conversion for you note-takers, and a great graphic interface for you photoshoppers! You can even upgrade to Windows 7 for free if you order now, so you won't have any worries about Vista. Depending on your options, this will cost you anywhere from $800 for the base model to over $1500 for the super-fine Cadillac model.

No matter what you get from HP, make sure you place your order during our Columbus Day Sale, while we're still offering double cash back and tons of coupons for all you Ebates shoppers!


September 29, 2009

I'm not usually one to gush, but man oh man; Electronics Expo has really come up with a great coupon.

For the next eight days, you'll get up to 25% off all TVs storewide at Electronics Expo with code LSTVSALE. Naturally, as is often the case, exclusions do apply, but still, you can save a ton of cash on the HDTV of your dreams, whether you're looking for a big whopping fifty-two incher for your living room, or a nice compact twenty two inch set for your kitchen counter.
Electronics Expo HDTV
Or, just think about if you wanted to really go over-the-top and do an MTV Cribs fantasy TV setup, you could get about thirty monstrous plasma screens to mount all over your house (always including the classics above the bed and in the bathroom) and rack up a ton of savings in addition to a ton of cash back. No matter what, when you apply this coupon code, and combine it with 2.5% Cash Back, you know you'll be getting an amazing deal on a great HDTV.

Find more HDTV deals in our Electronics & Photo category!


September 12, 2009

The first game of the NFL season kicked off on Thursday, and as I watched the defending Super Bowl champs edge out the Titans, I couldn't help but think "Man, this would look so much better in high def."

If, like me, you haven't been willing to pull the trigger on an HDTV, I found a deal that might change your mind. Our friends over at Crutchfield have a pretty amazing special on the Sony KDL-40XBR7, a beautiful forty inch, full 1080p LCD HDTV. Rather than going into the precise details and specs (you can find specs and pictures here), I am going to give you a rundown of why this is such a great deal. Starting at the top: $1,000 off the list price. That's right, it's almost half its original price. Next: free shipping. That's right, big box full of big TV, delivered to your door at no extra charge. Also, you can get wireless hi-def with the free Sony Bravia Wireless Link hi-def transmitter. If you were to buy that separately, it would cost you $500.


In addition to the freebies, you get 10% savings on HDMI cables, home theater systems, and furniture as well. But act quickly, there's no telling how long you can earn 1.5% Cash Back from Crutchfield through Ebates.


September 6, 2009

Recent studies show that casual online gaming is going through the roof. For as much as we hear about people spending days in front of their monitor fueled by Mountain Dew and Red Bull while playing World of Warcraft or Halo 3, a surprising amount of bandwidth is being dedicated to simpler, more traditional video games. Even around the office (though never around our office, because we're all hard at work saving you money) you can't help but notice folks playing games like Bejeweled, Talismania, or the latest phenomenon, Peggle.

Why is this?

PopCap GamesWell, unlike much more involved RPGs or (god forbid) MMORPGs, the beauty of more casual online games is that they can be finished relatively quickly and can be stopped and started to your heart's content. Therefore, ADD-stricken co-workers or stay-at-home parents who need to be able to walk away from a game at a moment's notice can do just that.

So if you want to see what all the fuss is about, check out PopCap Games - the original and best site for online games, and earn 10% Cash Back on the official full versions should you get hooked.

Find more great games with cash back through Ebates!


September 1, 2009

panasonic plasma couponsNowadays, it's all LCD this and 120hz that, but what just want a good HDTV that will last you for years to come? Well then, this 42" Panasonic 1080p Plasma HDTV (currently $100 off with 2% Sears cash back) should do you rather nicely.

Instead of worrying about refresh rates and astronomical contrast ratios, a high-end Plasma HDTV does all the work for you. Since plasma HDTVs have none of the motion blurring problems you'll find in most LCDs, all that NFL action will come through loud and clear. Plus, your movies will look darker and more dramatic, and the 1080p Full HD resolution makes every HD channel and Blu-Ray look better than anything you've seen before. Panasonic makes some of the best plasma HDTVs out there, and 42" is a great choice or most mid-sized family rooms.

Now I know I don't extol the virtues of Panasonic Plasma HDTVs very often, but when a good one comes your way at a great price, you have to stop and take notice. If you're ready to bite the bullet, stop by our Sears coupons page and grab $10 off your purchase, too! Don't live in fear of HD -- embrace the future and experience clarity today!


August 31, 2009

newegg printer cash backWhether you're starting up your first semester or heading in for your last, everyone needs a printer for school. But which one to buy? You're gonna need something that can scan, probably print a few photos, and print at least ten pages per minute -- what's an aspiring student to do? While there's a million options out there for you to choose from, the Canon iP3600 printer will do practically anything you need it to for only $65 at Newegg!

The Canon iP3600 prints up to 26 pages per minute, prints your photo-quality pictures at 9600 x 2400 dpi, and even uses individual ink cartridges so you'll never have to spend $50 when you run out of magenta ever again! Its high-quality printer settings will make all your digital look more professional than you ever imagined, and its compact size is perfect for the dorm or the living room.

If you're looking for an awesome printer without all the extra stuff that usually comes with it, snag the Canon iP3600 for only $65 for a limited time. With that 2% Newegg Cash Back, you'll be saving in seconds!


August 28, 2009

snow leopard coupons and cash backHey Mac users! Even though Apple said the newest version of its operating system -- Mac OSX Snow Leopard -- wouldn't be out until September, they went ahead and released it early to a handful of sweet retailers! If you're ready to upgrade to the newest, quickest OSX ever, you don't need to worry about searching around the internet all day for the lowest deal. Why? Because MacMall has it on sale for only $25 with 2.5% Cash Back until September 7th!

Mac OSX Snow Leopard is the newest update of Apple's award-winning OS that takes all the bonuses from last year's update and speeds it up by cutting out the fat. It's a leaner upgrade that's about 7GB smaller than Leopard, features a new way of looking at all your programs in Expose and Stacks, but has a lot of behind-the-scenes trickery (like 64-bit and GPU optimization) that'll make applications more efficient. Feel free to watch Apple's welcome video here to get a better feel for how Snow Leopard will improve your computing as well!

Normally OSX Snow Leopard retails for $29.99, but for a limited time you can get it for $5 off with MacMall coupons. Getting such a useful update for so little is a no-brainer, so save today!


August 26, 2009 coupons and cash back backpackLooking for something to protect that brand new laptop from all the rigors of your daily schedule? Swing by our coupons page and look for our sweet deal on the Targus Sport Notebook Backpack! This sturdy backpack (available in either blue or black) will tote your notebook and some books, a pencil and a few utensils, and maybe even a water bottle strapped to its side as well. In the spirit of back to school season, the Targus Sport Backpack is on sale for 26% off at, which brings various schooltime memories rushing back to me.

My first backpack wasn't the most impressive of satchels, but it was a sturdy, blue bag with two straps that held all my belongings day in and day out. In many ways, it was very similar to the Targus bag you see pictured to the right: dual front pockets, a whole mess of zippers, and a comfy handle that let me quickly snag it without slicing my hand. To this day, I still have my little blue bookbag taking up space in my closet, and given how sturdy the Targus Notebook Backpack looks, I have a feeling this little bag should last you just as long.

At the end of the day, don't forget to save with our coupons and 1% Cash Back!


August 26, 2009

As per the usual, when looking for a merchant for this week's "Did you know?" I just started running up and down our stores page, looking for a name I didn't recognize and that I couldn't automatically ascribe to a specific type of merchant. Sometimes I find duds that are too silly to pass up, but this time around, I stumbled upon a miniature gold mine. That mine goes by the name of and their business is batteries. They have all the obscure batteries and all sorts of other electrical wonders. CouponsNeed a replacement battery for your cell phone? How about your laptop? Maybe your digital camera doesn't have the wonderful life that it once did? Well has you covered. Of course, you can still get multi-packs of your regular alkaline batteries for day-to-day use as well. There is one other product that carries that causes my heart to go all aflutter: space pens. That's right, much like the famed Seinfeld astronaut pen episode, you too can have a pen that writes upside down or under water. Already got one? They sell refills too!

See what you can find and earn 4% Cash Back while you're at it!


August 25, 2009

sixth avenue coupons and cash backIf you've picked up a fancy 7.1 home theater system lately, you're probably in need of some speakers to go along with it. Even if you did pick up some speakers, chances are this Onkyo 7.1 Home Theater Set will blow them away with its high-quality sound. Normally this bundle would set you back $300 for seven speakers and one big ol' woofer. Now, with Sixth Avenue Coupon code AFLONK196, you can save $100 and get 1.5% Cash Back with Ebates!

The Onkyo SKS 7.1 Home Theater Speaker System packs a serious punch with 130 watt speakers and a 230 watt sub that will make the action feel like it's hitting you from all angles at once. Partnered with a good receiver (like the Yamaha one featured a while back), these Onyko speakers will be all you'll need.

If you're not jonesin' for some speakers, obviously this digital deal of the day isn't for you. However, for anyone in need of a great 7.1 setup, these Onkyo speakers on sale with Sixth Avenue Coupons are all most of us will ever need with 1.5% Cash Back, of course!


August 24, 2009

tomtom cash back coupons go740A lot of people ask me about the best GPS for your buck, and I always say "that depends on what you're looking for." Sure, you can get an inexpensive GPS that'll get you from Point A to Point B with no real frills for $100, but if you're the car as much as I am, you'll want something that's a bit more reliable and sleek. Something that won't get in your way; saves you time; and is voice-operated to help keep your eyes on the road. That's why I think today's deal is an especially good one, as the TomTom GO740 LIVE 4.3" GPS navigation system is a great TomTom GPS deal at $299.99 from J&R -- a total savings of $70 plus 3% Cash Back!

And really, why would you skimp on your GPS when you can get it on sale? The TomTom GO740 LIVE 4.3" GPS is likely the last GPS you'll never need. With hands-free calling via BlueTooth, voice address input, and a gorgeous 4.3" LCD touchscreen, you'll never need to tinker around with other TomTom coupons again! You can find your favorite destinations with easy-to-read Point of Interest icons, and even avoid traffic by planning ahead with TomTom Live Services. Everything you'd need from your GPS, with $70 in savings and 3% Cash Back? Now that's a deal!


August 20, 2009

macmall macbook couponsLast week, we covered a slew of great laptops ranging from the HP TouchSmart, to the Dell Inspiron, and finally culminating in a sweet Lenovo deal. But doesn't it seem like there's something missing? Something a little more reliable...a little sweeter...a little more...Apple? If you think you can't afford such nice computer, think again. With MacMall coupons and limited time open box deals, you can get a MacBook for the long haul for only $890 -- that's over $100 off retail before your 2% Cash Back from Ebates!

As anyone who's had a Mac knows, Apple computers tend to "just work" without having to deal with all the hassles that come with a PC. It doesn't come with an obnoxious amount of extra programs or bloatware, require an antivirus/spyware subscription, or have any problems staying on for weeks on end in sleep mode. Even though I've had multiple PCs give out on me after a year or two of regular usage, my MacBook is still going strong after 3 years. Who knew I'd still be using it so much today?

Grab your new, refurbished MacBook on sale with MacMall coupons today. While Apple always demands a premium, it's rare to find such a huge price cut on anything that runs OSX. Get it before it's gone!


August 18, 2009

buydig coupons and cash back hdtvI know there's a handful of you out there who are just biding your time until the perfect HDTV deal comes along. But what would you say if I found it; the perfect HDTV for your budget? Something with rave reviews, a 32" screen, and a price tag that sits comfortably under $500? If that sounds like something you've been waiting for, grab your Buydig coupons and grab the LG 32LG40 32" 720p HDTV right now for only $395.99 with 2% Cash Back from Ebates!.

Whether you need a HDTV for your dorm room or your bedroom, a 32" screen is perfect for most any mid-sized room that needs a TV that doesn't take up the entire wall. It's got rave reviews so far from just about everyone who's reviewed it, with critics noting that its clear 20w speakers, 5ms response time, and vibrant brightness made it stand out among the crowd. And when you remember it's less than $400 and ships for free? Well, that makes it particularly newsworthy.

If you're ready to save, grab your Buydig coupons and snag the LG 32LH20 for only $395 today. When you're getting cash back with every purchase, there's no reason not to save!


August 14, 2009

Meijer coupons and cash backIf you picked up a laptop over the past week, chances are you're in the market for something nice to put it in. After all, why would you spend hundreds of dollars on something just to have it flop around and get damaged in your old crusty backpack? A proper laptop case is not just a good idea -- it's a downright necessity. What better time than now to search through our Meijer coupons and find the perfect protection for your computer, with 1.5% cash back on top?

In addition to all their great furniture, toys, electronics, accessories and more, Meijer has a handful of backpacks, slip cases, briefcases, and sling bags to keep your computer safe. But don't let that discourage you from shopping around and finding other great deals at Meijer. Our Meijer coupons page lists a bunch of other great deals going on right now, and includes a special coupon code for $10 off most any $75 purchase. Sweet beans!

Don't forget to check our other 1100+ merchants with copious coupons and cash back at Ebates!


August 13, 2009

Save With Lenovo CouponsIf you think buying a computer is an expensive decision; you're right, it is. Spending nearly one thousand dollars is a heavy investment, so when trying to decide what's best for you at the best price, head over to Lenovo. There you'll find a plethora of Lenovo coupons, and other great deals. After all, just because buying a computer is a big decision doesn't mean it should take a big chunk out of your wallet. Aside from huge savings, you'll also get 3% Cash Back at Lenovo.

Although I recently purchased a new Lenovo laptop and got cash back (of course!), I wasn't able to find money saving Lenovo coupons like savings of 15% off select Thinkpad series with Lenovo coupon USPNOTEBOOKS. With so many great deals, it's possible to save hundreds (hello new pair of shoes) and get the best PC for your needs. So what are you waiting for? Don't miss out like I did. Use Lenovo coupons and save today!

Save more with Ebates coupons!


August 12, 2009

staples coupons and cash backToday's laptop pick is dedicated to those looking for the best darn bang for the buck on a tight budget. And also for anyone who wouldn't mind a few freebies to go along with it. Because not only is the Compaq Presario CQ60 on sale for only $350 (that's $180 off!) right now, but with Staples Coupons, you can even get a free digital camera and photo tray as well! All that with 2% Cash Back at Ebates? Sign me up!

The Compaq Presario sports impressive specs for its tiny price. With a 2.0ghz dual-core Intel processor, 320GB hard drive, and 3GB of RAM, this computer has as much power under the hood as many computers twice its price. While it won't come with Dell's award winning customer service or a nifty tablet touchscreen, it will do exactly what you want it to do: get you on the internet, run word, and probably even play Bejeweled.

This extra-special pricing is only available until supplies run out, but before you order, don't forget to put in Staples coupon codes "10932" and "12757." They'll net you a free toy digital camera and a wooden photo tray; the latter of which will be just perfect for scoring extra points the next time you need a charming bed-in-breakfast platter. I know, I know. Just get the cash back now and thank me later.


August 11, 2009

dell inspiron coupons and cash backYesterday, I kicked off my discussion about back-to-school laptops with the HP TouchSmart tx2z. As a 12" laptop with an LCD touchscreen, the HP TouchSmart works great as a traditional PC and as a tablet PC, offering you a great combo of features for one low price. But what if you're looking for something that won't break the bank? Something that can easily play movies, take notes, hold all your files; all for under $500? Well, it sounds like the Dell Inspiron 15 is right up your alley!

With our Dell coupons, you can nab a Dell Inspiron 15 on sale right now for just $499, which is $104 off the normal asking price for this souped up edition of Dell's iconic laptop. It comes with an upgraded 320 GB hard drive, 4GB of memory, and a 2.0ghz dual-core processor that should run Vista with ease.

The Inspiron has been the cornerstone of Dell's laptop line for years, and with Dell's award winning customer service, you'll be in good hands should anything happen to your precious computer. Just don't wait to snag this deal! This Dell coupon is only good through the 13th, and if you act now, you'll even get 4% Cash Back at Ebates. That's double cash back! Not a bad way to save for school, eh?


August 10, 2009

hp home coupons and cash back touchsmartAs summer slowly starts to creep to a close, millions of kids worldwide prepare to embark on one of the great journeys in life: college. Heading off to school is never an easy thing for parents or kids, but won't you rest a little easier knowing that they're leaving prepared? The HP TouchSmart tx2z makes the perfect companion for any student heading back to school, and with 6% Cash Back and $30 off with HP Coupons, you'll be saving, too!

Whether you're an aspiring scientist, linguist, or philosopher, the HP TouchSmart is the perfect tool for school. With a 12" LCD touchscreen and full-sized keyboard, you can choose to type your notes or literally write your notes by hand -- the choice is yours! While other tablet PCs skip the keyboard or skimp on performance, the HP TouchSmart packs 3GB RAM, a 320GB hard drive, and an 8X DVD burner, making it a perfect all-in-one dorm companion.

If you need a good laptop for class, the TouchSmart tx2z is an ideal choice for students everywhere. Right now it's on sale for $444 off (including free upgrades and bonuses), but if you enter HP Home coupon code SV2132 at checkout, you'll save an extra $30. What a steal!


August 8, 2009

buydig coupons and cash backHello, friends! Welcome to the very first Digital Deal of the Day! Today, our top pick is the Olympus FE-310; a simple point-and-shoot digital camera that is big on options but extremely low on price. While you could pick it up for $99 elsewhere, Buydig has a like new, factory sealed refurbished unit for only $59! That's a crazy price for a 8-MegaPixel digital camera!

The Olympus FE-310 (search for it!) may not be designed for professional photographers, but if you're looking for an entry-level camera perfect for capturing the day-to-day, the FE-310 works perfectly. It has 8-megapixels -- AKA the "sweet spot" for people who don't want half their hard drive taken up by massive .JPGs --, and packs an impressive 5x optical zoom that is 2x better than most cameras in its price range. At $59, it truly rocks the competition.

Whether you're looking for something to fill an empty spot in your bag, or searching for a camera to foster your little one's interest in photography, the Olympus FE-310 makes an easy pick for the first Digital Deal of the Day. While you're out there shopping, don't forget to check out our Buydig coupons and get excited about your 2% Cash Back!


August 6, 2009

blackberry coupons and cash backIf you are heading back to school in a few weeks, it might be time to start looking at a new phone. While your RAZR makes calls, today's smartphones do much more -- they keep you on top on top of everything in our digital world. With BlackBerry coupons and iPhone Coupons at Ebates, you can two of the hottest smartphones for cheap!

No smartphone discussion is complete without a BlackBerry. has many to choose from, including the Curve, Storm, and Bold -- perfect for mobile professionals who need a good keyboard to keep them going. With coupons, you can get a BlackBerry cheaper than in stores with $45 Cash Back!

Then again, if you're looking at smartphones, you've got to try the iPhone. It checks email, syncs your calendar, plays games, and has everything under the sun in its App store. But it's not just a mobile phone -- it's an iPod Touch too! If you want an all-in-one device, we've got Apple Store coupons to help you find a great deal.

All in all, a smartphone will help any college-bound kid stay on top of their busy schedule. And since they're always an email away, you can send photos & videos to keep in touch like never before!


August 3, 2009

radioshack coupons and cash backWhile Ebates has a store for practically every hobby, there's something I've always loved about RadioShack. Whether it's the customizable RC cars, transistor radio parts, or just good ol' fashioned cables, RadioShack has always been my go-to place to look for any random electrical doodad. That's why when I needed to learn how to solder, I knew I had to head straight to The Shack.

Soldering has never really much appealed to me. That is, until I started getting into guitars. After developing an undying love for my shiny new Telecaster, I started looking towards my busted up Stratocaster to give it a little more edge. "Why not swap out the pickups?" I thought. "It can't be harder than plugging in a few wires, right?"

Wrong. In order to change out guitar pickups, you have to learn how to solder -- a magical art I knew nothing about. Thankfully, RadioShack came through in the clutch with an inexpensive soldering iron kit that included everything I needed to get the job done. Thanks, RadioShack!


August 2, 2009

Finally, something thin around your house that doesn't involve health food or exercise! (not that there's anything wrong with those) But what I'm talking about is the Wafer Thin Stereo from Brookstone.

Wafer Thin Stereo from BrookstoneIf you, like most people, listen to most of your music on an iPod, chances are you have an iPod player that you use. The main issue I've found with many of them is that they are small and thin sounding or else they are bulky and you have no place to put them. This system solves both those problems by pairing a thin design control unit with NTX flat-panel speakers, which are just inches deep. There is also a satellite sub-woofer, and the trio of speakers all connect wirelessly (or so it appears) so you can put the speakers almost anywhere.

The downside? The system costs $349 and makes no promises about working with an iPhone.

The upside? You'll earn almost $21 thanks to 6% Cash Back at Ebates.

Fill your home with music on a stereo from one of our Electronics & Photo merchants!


August 2, 2009

J&R coupons on headphonesOver the past year, I've chronicled my journey for a decent pair of iPhone earbuds. I started out with the pack-in Apple earbuds, which turned out to be a bit too tinny, and eventually moved onto the Maximo iP-2 headphones that did an admirable job at bringing the bump until they broke for the third(!) time.

Thus brings my search to the V-Moda Vibe Neros that many love and loathe. Love, because their sound quality is outstanding. Loathe, because they're $120 and older versions fell apart after a few months of regular usage. However, the Nero are new, and who knows. They just might work!

So how are they so far? Grand! The V-Moda's pack a detailed and deeper sound that is noticeably clearer than any other earbud I've tried. While I'll have to wait a few weeks to comment on the build quality, I will say that they are very comfortable and sport a fancy leather satchel for storage. If you're serious about your earbuds get them (and J&R Coupons) today!


July 31, 2009

hp home coupons ebatesIf you've poked around Ebates a over the last few days, you've probably noticed our new promotion featuring a handful of Back to School sneak peeks from HP. Whether you're in the market for a new PC, laptop, netbook, or printer, we've got a special link that will save you up to $400 if you order before midnight tonight!

For most kids heading off to college or gearing up for their first PC, a simple-yet-sophisticated laptop like the HP DV6T may be in order. It's currently on sale for $630 (that's $150 off the normal price), and will play all your movies, music, and even most games without much fuss at all.

If this ain't your first rodeo, you might want to try wrangling up a HP TouchSmart. It's a light, portable, powerful computer whose screen pivots to be used as a tablet PC -- how cool is that? Better yet, it even comes with a a $200 instant rebate for a limited time!

Ready to bite the bullet? Login to Ebates and use HP Home coupon code SV2132 for an extra $30 off on top of rebates and cash back. Act fast before your time runs out!


July 28, 2009

For those of you basking in sunshine and triple-digit temperatures, the thought of shopping fall clothing might be hard to grasp. As the Ebates bloggers have mentioned, San Francisco generally doesn't get a Summer season, so fall fashion comes as a great relief after months of being taunted by warm weather clothes. When Saks started rolling out their best Fall collections, I started to plan for my next wardrobe additions. Seeing what this Fall has to offer now helps me to budget and to think about what I really need, saving me money and from the dreaded impulse buy. To help save on these smart items, I have a Saks coupon for free shipping (code SFASUM9) and 2% Cash Back from Ebates.

Diane von Furstenberg With Cash Back At SaksThis Diane von Furstenberg Cashmere Jacket is perfect for fall. The classic silhouette and high-quality fabric will last forever. And because I can't afford to waste my money on frivolous purchases, I would rather invest in something that will last.

Get cash back and coupons at 1,000+ online stores!


July 26, 2009

ipod touch coupons and cash backIt's almost back-to-school time, which means it's officially the best time to buy your Apple computer! Today, you won't just be saving with 1% Ebates Cash Back. No siree! For a limited time, Apple's including an iPod Touch with every Mac purchase absolutely free! If you've ever considered making the switch to Mac, do it now and nab yourself an awesome $230 gadget for free!

In case you haven't played around with an iPod Touch (or iPhone) lately, it's not the same iPod that started the digital music revolution almost a decade ago. No, it's much, much better. With an attractive 3.5" glass Multi-Touch display, 8 to 32 GB of storage, and weighing only four ounces, the iPod touch is the ideal pocket multimedia machine. It plays movies, loads up your music library, and even runs Apps from the App store - all for free with the purchase of a Mac with Apple Store coupons today!

And if a Mac's too rich for your blood, check out our iTunes coupons and earn Cash Back with every download!


July 23, 2009

Sometimes people take the little things in life for granted. The biggest TV and the fastest car might be fun for show, but oftentimes little gadgets have the biggest impact on our lives. Even though these gadgets are simple, two little upgrades to your kitchen could improve your life and earn you cash back in the process!

milk frother coupons!Milk Frother
Who doesn't love a nice cafe latte in the morning? I love my coffee, but it's often hard to get a good froth going for your favorite drink. Now you can warm up the milk, froth it up with a $8 Milk Frother from Overstock, and add your favorite coffee or espresso. How relaxing!

kitchen scale coupons and cash backDigital Weigh Scale
It might not be an essential gadget to everyone, but a proper scale saves you time, money, and tummy-aches by telling you the weight of everything to the nearest gram. A co-worker swears by it for everything from pastries to main courses -- why not spend $25 at Target and improve all your meals too?


July 22, 2009

dell small business coupons and cash backWhile a lot of different laptop manufacturers have been busy creating their own netbooks, mini-notebooks, or ultra-portable personal computers (UMPC's), Dell's been focusing on keeping it classy. After all, who could look at the computer like the Dell Adamo and not notice its sleek lines and super-thin (0.65") sexy styling? Even though it's not the cheapest option out there, with Dell Home coupons and 2% Cash Back from Ebates, this dynamo of a computer can be yours with significant savings!

The Adamo isn't a computer for everyone, but if you're tired of killing your back while lugging around your ten-pound laptop everywhere you go, it could be the lifesaver you never knew existed. The Adamo is a slender four pounds, and features a spacious 13" screen, 128GB SSD, and 2GB of memory -- not bad specs for such a tiny system!

And if you're not in the mood for Dell Home coupons, we've got other great electronics deals as well. Don't forget to save all you can with Ebates!


July 20, 2009

J&R pre-amp coupons and cash backOver the last few months, I've slowly been piecing together my audio setup and trying to create something spectacular in my living room. As an oft-mentioned "aspiring audiophile," I'm constantly in search of that hi-fi sound at a lo-fi price, but many folks overlook an important aspect of any high-quality setup: the turntable. While I could go on and on about some fancy $2000 turntable with a $800 stylus, there's no point dwelling on a system that only a Duke could afford. But there's one little addition you can make to your setup to have it sounding great in no time: a pre-amp!

When searching for your pre-amp, it's important to figure out your budget and what you're looking to accomplish. Most home theater receivers don't include a "phono" input anymore, so the pre-amp takes the sweet, sweet music from your turntable and "pre-amplifies it;" adding a little extra "oomph" to the mix. More specifically, it adds the "RIAA curve" that carefully tweaks the highs and lows to more accurately represent the music as it was originally recorded. The Music Hall PA12 Moving Magnet Moving Coil Preamp on sale at J&R is an easy addition for any aspiring audiophile, as it takes traditional RCA inputs from your turntable and boosts it to levels that will make your records sound brighter, warmer, and absolutely awesome.

But the Music Hall PA12 isn't the only option out there! Checkout the Zphono pre-amp on eBay or peruse our other electronics merchants for great deals if you don't buy into the pre-amp hype. Either way, you'll still be earning your Cash Back with Ebates!


July 19, 2009

ebay cash back and couponsYou know we just love to obsess about eBay -- it's not exactly a secret! When we're not buying sweet amps, saving money with eBay coupons, or searching for antiquated electronics, us Ebates folks love to just poke around eBay and see what kinds of hidden treasures we can find. But our 2% Cash Back isn't the only thing worth talking about around here. After many years of buying and selling myriad things on eBay, there are a few tips I can share with newcomers.

If I could wrap up my two quick tips in five + one words, it would be "Don't forget to check feedback" and "Bid!" eBay's "Feedback" system is one of the easiest ways to tell if you're dealing with a scummy seller. While you're always the ultimate arbiter, a good general rule is to avoid sellers that have zero feedback or any negative comments over the last few months. That's not to say that any of these merchants are bad, but if you're cautious about your first bid, you should always start with a safe bet.

Once you get used to the way eBay works, you can pay attention to listings and check pictures to make sure a seller is legitimate -- generally speaking, a new seller who's using pictures copied from other auctions sets off a red flag, but you can always contact the seller to figure things out for sure. When you're starting out, the proven "Power Sellers" are a great way to test the waters, but always read the feedback first.

Secondly, don't be afraid to bid! One of the fun features of eBay is that it features "proxy bidding" up to your highest bid amount, so you can make sure you never spend more than you want to for your items. Don't want to spend more than $25 for that vintage dress? Then place $25 as your bid, and stick to it!

In the end, there's no reason to fear eBay if you do your homework. I know that I'm not the only eBay-ing Ebater around these parts, so feel free to share your own eBay tips in the comments. With cash back to be earned on every auction, you can save some serious money with eBay and Ebates!


July 15, 2009

tiger direct cash back and couponsIn this day and age of coupons and cash back, my talent for finding hot deals has declined ever so slightly. When I want to find a good deal, I usually just go looking for coupons on Ebates' coupon page, but today, I went off in search of more great TigerDirect coupons to add to the queue. That got me thinking -- what else is good at TigerDirect, aside from the 3% Cash Back at Ebates of course?

Well, for starters, TigerDirect has a whole slew of deals on new hard drives. I know I've waxed and waned about my fair share of drives around these parts, but one of the easiest ways to keep a cool and efficient system is to upgrade your hard drives to "green" drives like the Western Digital Caviar Green Drive. Not only does it have a terabyte of space to store hundreds of thousands of pictures, songs, movies and more, but it spins at a leisurely 5900 RPM (rotations per minute) instead of 7200, saving you energy in the process. In the past this meant sacrificing performance, but with today's hard drive technology, speedy 8MB caches, and a faster SATA interface, that's a thing of the past. You'll be saving money and sleeping better, as your computer will be as green as the cash back you'll be earning on this sweet deal!

In the meanwhile, feel free to peruse our 1100+ other merchants for great coupons and cash back. As for me, it's time to update the old computer again!


July 14, 2009

Sony sales and Cash BackWhen it comes to cutting edge technology with a sleek style, nobody beats Sony. And for good reason! Sony's helped to engineer some of the finest and most advanced gadgets and technologies of the past fifty years, and when you shop Sony, you know you're getting one of the hottest gadgets out there. Of course they've had their hiccups along the way, but there's something to be said for a high-end Bravia and a PS3 - especially when you can save money on Sony sales with 3% Cash Back at Ebates!

Sony sales aren't hard to come by, but Sony coupons can be a whole 'nother story. Thankfully, Ebates has coupons for high tech Sony DSLRs, Bravia HDTVs, VAIO PC's, and more! With free shipping on every $100 order, you can get any hot new electronic on sale and shipped to your house for no extra cost! Not bad when you're in the market for a giant 52" LCD HDTV, eh?

Save money on Sony sales today at Ebates!


July 11, 2009

123inkets coupons and cash backHere's a question you probably don't get asked daily: How are your ink levels doing? If you're like most people, they're either close to being empty, or completely out of a single color -- an annoyance all of us have had to deal with at some time. But before you waste your time (and paper!) printing out your child's face in magenta, you can save money just by using 123inkets! With 123inkets coupons and a whopping 16% Cash Back, you'll be printing out picture-perfect photos in no time!

If you remember from our last discussion about ink, picking up a gallon of your printer's "black gold" would cost you over $8,000 a pop -- no wonder that tiny bit of ink in your cartridge can cost you well over $40 elsewhere! With all the cash back and savings you'll get online, you'd be silly to buy your cartridges anywhere else.

So don't waste another dollar on one of the most valuable liquids in the world! Earn crazy cash back with 123inkets coupons today!


July 8, 2009

urban outfitters coupons and cash backAre you hip? Or do you just want to be? Regardless of your hipster status, Urban Outfitters coupons are sure to save you lots of cash on tight pants, vibrantly colored shirts, and all kinds of neato trinkets you never knew existed! And with 2% Cash Back at Ebates, saving money has never been more fashionable!

While I jest about the hipster cred you might instantly obtain from slipping into a pair of Super Skinny Levi's 510 jeans, everyone should be able to find something both fashionable and functional at Urban Outfitters. But it's not just clothes that Urban Outfitters specializes in. Why, we've even got Urban Outfitters coupons for home dinnerware sets that are as fun and funky as you want to be, and they've got everything from pillows, to sofas, to boomboxes bigger than your torso. Now that's what I call a party starter!

So go! Get hip to Urban Outfitters coupons and save money while earning extra cash back!


June 28, 2009

macmall coupons and cash backWhether you're a fan of Bay Area hip hop, or just like to get the best deal on Apple electronics out there, you just can't beat MacMall. For years, it's been one of the top places to find Apple products on the web, and has almost always beat competitors with low prices and MacMall coupons. Now, with 2% Cash Back on top of their low prices, it's like they're just giving Macs away!

If you're ready to make the big switch to a Mac, consider giving our MacMall coupons a check before you end up spending more than you need to. We've got coupons that will save you $20 on a new printer, and links to summer sales touting savings up to 80% on great Apple products. Why spend more when you can save with coupons, am I right?

Don't forget to save! Make sure to click through Ebates and earn cash back on your next big computer purchase - all for free!


June 26, 2009

best buy cash back and couponsThere's nary a sight as iconic in the electronics world as the bright blue Best Buy store, but did you know you can get even better deals at Best Buy just by shopping online with Ebates? With our bevy of Best Buy coupons and 1% Cash Back, you'll be getting a better deal than ever before on all your favorite electronics!

Now, new shoppers, just remember when shopping at Best Buy that cash back is not available on Notebooks/Laptops or Wii Hardware. But don't worry! There are thousands of other great electronics and appliances (some with Best Buy coupons) that will net you cash back from Ebates, including desktop computers and all video game items that aren't a Nintendo Wii (games are OK!). Just keep that little bit of information in mind, and you'll be in tip-top shape for savings, my friend!

And remember: you don't just get cash back with Best Buy coupons. Earn tons of cash back at any of our 1100+ great merchants with coupons at Ebates!


June 24, 2009

Sams clubWhether you've got a small business, or just like to buy in bulk, Sams Club has always been a great place to get lots of stuff at ridiculously low prices. But for so, so long, you could never find Sams Club coupons or get any sort of break on necessities like gallon jars of mayonnaise, 500-count snack packs, and actual boxes of candy. But no more! With 1% Cash Back at Sams Club, you can save on every purchase, regardless of size!

Even though you still have to be a card-carrying member of Sam's elite Club, the amazing values and deals on practically everything and anything just can't be beat. Plus, with shipping to your local Sam's Club, you can save big bucks on shipping all those massive things!

While we're currently low on Sams Club coupons, there's no reason to worry! You'll always get cash back on the best sales and deals at Ebates.


June 23, 2009 coupons and cash backYou know what's great about You've got all the same great selection and convenience that you'll find at eBay without all the hassle that comes with bidding. Instead of worrying about watching your bids for the next week (or feverishly trying to outbid someone at the last second), you can just poke around and buy whatever your heart desires in seconds! With such a great selection of items with 3% Cash Back at Ebates, you don't even need coupons to save on everything under the sun!

What's good at Family favorites like Wii Fit, bestselling books like Twilight, and deals on everything else your heart could desire. And,'s got great used, open box, and refurbished products that can all be had at a fraction of the cost. With cash back and a wide variety of products to choose from, is your best friend when you're looking for a great deal.

You don't need coupons to save! Start earning today with Ebates cash back!


June 22, 2009

Double Cash Back at HSNWhen I'm up late at night and feel like doing something spontaneous, I always turn on HSN. You never know what kind of exotic jewels, random gadgets, or closeout sales you might find over at HSN, and when I'm in the mood for something new, HSN is just perfect. But with Ebates, you don't have to just wait until your three a.m. delirium kicks in to find your next favorite item - you can save with HSN coupons and, for a limited time, 6% Cash Back!

What's good at HSN? The better question is what isn't good at HSN. With so many different categories, doodads, and great finds, you can get just about anything with HSN coupons. From beauty to kitchen, electronics to home solutions, HSN has it all at a great price. And best of all, HSN's stock is always changing, so check back all the time to find the next best thing sporting Ebates cash back!

So don't wait until you're half awake and looking for deals! Grab those HSN coupons and find those sales!


June 21, 2009

If you're tech savvy enough to be an avid blog reader, then no doubt you are well aware that just a few short days ago, Apple made the newest iPhone available. Dubbed the 3G[S] for it's intense speed upgrade, the rumors and reviews are spreading like wildfire, especially around the Ebates office!

Apple Store CouponsOne thing most people won't mention when they talk about the 3G[S] is that Ebates offers Apple Store Coupons as well as 1% Cash Back on all your Apple Store purchases. Plus, don't forget that with the unveiling of the new 3G[S], anyone who hasn't caved in and bought a new iPhone, you can get an iPhone 3G (which was state-of-the-art until two weeks ago) for just $99! The way I see it, now is the perfect time to do some shopping and save some coin on all the great products at the Apple Store.

Check out all the great deals in our Electronics & Photo category!


June 20, 2009

j&r coupons cash back discount dealsIf you're searching for J&R coupons, you've come to the right place. With a handful of great coupons at Ebates, as well as 3% Cash Back on all your purchases at J&R, there's simply no better place to find your latest gadgets. What kind of gadgets, pray tell? Well great stuff like the sexy new Samsung N120, that's what!

Longtime blog readers no doubt recall my love for J&R coupons and netbooks like the HP Mini (and Mini Note), which are a commuter's favorite thanks to their spacious keyboards and bright screens. The Samsung n120, however, looks to change all that. With a full-sized 12" laptop keyboard, over seven hours of battery life, and a thumpin' 2.1 speaker system, the Samsung 120 fixes all the problems present in netbooks, and even addresses a few you never knew to change. Better yet, it's only $399 at J&R right now - a great deal when compared to its $469 price tag!

Just don't forget your J&R Coupons and cash back when you're out shopping for your new computer!


June 17, 2009

brookstone coupons and cash backDoes your Dad love digital doodads and gadgets? Even the least techno-friendly fathers can get behind the space-age style at Brookstone, whose iDesign speakers range from wafer thin to tower tall to match any room in the house. And instead of costing an arm and a leg like some "designer" speaker systems, the many iDesign sets are available at Brookstone with an amazing 6% Cash Back at Ebates. And to top that off, we've got a great Brookstone coupon, too!

Right now, save on all high-end Brookstone iDesign products by taking $10 off all orders $150 or more from Brookstone! Just enter code AF09EBAT at checkout, and check back for more great Brookstone coupons to save on more high-tech essentials for Dad. The coupon works for anything over $150 at Brookstone, so if he's in need of something else, don't hesitate to look around!

Don't skimp on Dad! Get him something special with Brookstone coupons at Ebates!


June 15, 2009

sears couponsWith Father's Day right around the corner, it's officially time to start racking your brain for the perfect gift for Dad. If you're all out of ideas, there's a good chance that a trip to Sears is in order. On top of those iconic Craftsman tool sets that every Dad desires, Sears has a wide selection of clothes, games, electronics, and other fatherly essentials. And, for this week only, you can even earn extra on great sales with not 2, but 4% Cash Back and Sears coupons for dad!

Sears is a great place to find just about anything under the sun, but when there's double cash back in the equation, you'd be silly to not try and find something great. You can even let Dad do all the work by getting him a Sears gift card - you'll get the cash back, and Dad can get the perfect 9/16" drill bit you would have never known to get him.

So whether you're shopping for deals for Dad or for yourself, start by checking out our Sears coupons. Saving money's infectious, isn't it?


June 14, 2009

dell home systems coupons and cash backGuess what! Father's Day is coming up! Guess what else! Here at Ebates we have double cash back at Dell Home Systems in honor of Father's Day!

Now you all know entirely too well that Dell has a vast array of laptops, desktops, monitors, mice, printers, faxes, and all that other computer-related jazz. The question is: do you realize that Dell also sells digital cameras? How about unlocked cell phones? Video game consoles? They got 'em. Giant TVs, Blu-Ray players, and home theater systems? Oh, you better believe they've got those.

So, you know there is double cash back right now, but did you realize we also have Dell Home coupons? Oh yeah, Ebates is always looking out for you, with great deals, killer sales, and all sorts of other ways to help save you money. So browse around a bit, take advantage of the discounts, and find something for Dad, or just yourself!

Or check out any of our other Electronics merchants for other great sales and products.


June 14, 2009

newegg sales and couponsIt's almost Fathers Day, and just like any other nationally celebrated holiday, there's a whole slew of sales to sift through for great deals. Lucky for you, it's my job to find Newegg sales and bring the best deals to you! Like crazy deals on 1TB Hitachi Terabyte hard drives for $75 - a super low price that only gets better with 2% Cash Back at Ebates!

Why bring up another massive hard drive during a Newegg sale? Well, it's not just about the hard drives this time around - there are all kinds of discounts to be found on computers, power supplies, flash drives, and more! We've even got Newegg coupons to help you find what we think are the best deals on the net. And of course you'll be saving across the board with cash back at all of our 1100+ online merchants, too!

In the end, you'll always get a great deal if you wait for Newegg sales and save with Ebates cash back. It's not just just about saving - it's about shopping smart!


June 12, 2009

dell small business coupons and cash backIf you're running a small business, it's important to take the time and upgrade your computers whenever possible. Nothing slows down your business like a slow computer, and with Dell Small Business coupons, dreading the thought of upgrading your systems will quickly be a thing of the past. With all our savings and 1% Cash Back with Ebates, you'll be able to appreciate all that extra speed without feeling the financial squeeze.

Dell Small Business coupons are vital for any small business looking to get ahead in today's digital world. With discounts up to $500 off certain Dell desktops, mini towers, and laptops, you can stock up on powerful machines that sport new dual- and quad-core processors that handle multiple tasks with the greatest of ease. Such speed is great for productivity, and when your employees realize they can finally open their email before lunchtime, they'll know that you truly care.

Just don't forget your Dell Small Business coupons and cash back!


June 8, 2009

orbitz coupons and cash backWhen I'm a little confused about where to shop for my airline tickets, I always rifle around my pockets and see what names I come up with. Nine times out of ten, that sends me searching for some Orbitz coupons, as any company whose name is so close to delicious gum can't be bad to book flights with, right? Although this logic doesn't quite hold for many other things in life (save for lint traps), with 1% Cash Back on all flights booked through Orbitz, you'll be earning massive cash back in no time!

Don't think you can rack up some serious savings with Orbitz coupons? Au contraire! With coupons to help you save money on hotels, car rentals, flights, and cruises, you can find a little something to help you save on your next destination with ease! And since you'll be receiving 1% Cash Back on your purchases instead of a set dollar amount, you can really rake in the savings.

So fly somewhere, anywhere with our glorious Orbitz coupons.Your pocketbook will thank you for all the cash back!


June 7, 2009 couponsFolks, I had a moment of weakness recently. I went against my knowledge of what is good and beneficial for me, and I visited I found great deals on stuff I had been looking for, and with the help of coupons, I scored some great products for a whole lot less. In one fell swoop I was able to get a new HP netbook for all my "blogging on the go" needs, and the real beauty of it all: this Wacom Intuos3 tablet controller. See, I have aspirations of artistic ability (or at least the ability to manipulate art with my computer) and thanks to some coupons I was able to pick this beauty up and save some serious coin. Plus, since I'm an Ebates fanatic like yourselves, I also got 1% Cash Back on my purchase.

Find something you'll love in our Computers Category and earn cash back today!


June 5, 2009

hp home coupons and cash backWe've been talking about computers a lot lately, but why stop when you've got a good thing going? Or, more specifically, when you've got something great like like HP Home Coupons that come with an outstanding 5% Cash Back during Ebates' Father's Day Promotion? That's 5x more cash back than much of the competition - not a bad way to say "thanks" for all Dad's hard work, right?

But don't just take my word for it - head on over to our Father's Day Promotion page to find out who else is offering increased cash back for Dad's big day. In particular, HP has a wide selection of awesome PCs for all to enjoy. From the HP Mini to the powerful HDX, there's a bunch of great computers that become even better deals when you add in HP Home Coupons to go along with them!

But before you're all done shopping for dad, check out all our other fine online stores to make the most of your Ebates cash back. You'll never want to stop saving!


June 4, 2009

gap coupons and cash back rebatesAs a former Gap employee, I can say with certainty that you should always go shopping with Gap coupons in hand, particularly on a sale day. While the regular prices are always acceptable, you can always save extra with Gap coupons and 1% Cash Back at Ebates. After all, why not get the most for your money?

Right now, you can use our Gap coupon for free shipping off every order of $150 or more - that's like saving at least $10 on every big order. And of course you can add in other things from the likes of Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Piperlime to help bump up that order and get extra cash back, too - at Ebates, you can earn as much as you'd like!

And if you need to earn some more cash back at other online retailers, don't forget to use some Gap coupons (or other name brand coupons for any of our other fine department stores) to save even more!


June 3, 2009

abe's of maine cash back couponsEven though it might not be one of the first stores that crosses your mind, I've always been very impressed with Abe's of Maine's coupons and deals. Not only do they have the best price out there (sometimes as much as $100-$200 less than the competition), but they ship for free, have no tax (outside of NY), include sweet freebies, and even offer 1% Cash Back with Ebates. How much better of a deal can you get than that?

With a selection of some of the best electronics, instruments, appliances, and more, Abe's of Maine is a place you should always check when you're looking for the best deal on the internet. I've found outstanding sales on HDTVs, camcorders, computers, and even drums - you'll never know what you can find on sale. Even better, you can add the Abe's of Maine coupon code "LOYALTY10" to any order of $75 or more to get $10 off your purchase. Why not get discounts with your cash back, right?

Shop our electronics section for other great coupons with cash back at Ebates!


June 1, 2009

Save With Newegg CouponsWhen it comes to buying shoes, I'm nothing less than a master. When it comes to buying laptops, that's a different story. Technology and I go together like oil and water, so imagine my stress when it came time to buy a new computer. Not wanting to overspend, I headed to Newegg for 2% Cash Back, money saving Newegg coupons, and other great deals.

Let me clear the record by saying that I received some much needed help from the Gadget Guru. After a few pointers, I was able to find this Lenovo IdeaPad for just $649.99. Originally priced at $849.99, I saved $200 instantly without using Newegg coupons. Add to this free shipping, and I was convinced I was getting a great deal. With honest customer reviews and a full list of specs, Newegg takes the guesswork out of buying a computer. Considering how pleasant my experience was, I'll be sure to shop Newegg for all my electronic needs. Maybe oil and water do mix after all.

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May 23, 2009

walmart videogame coupons and cash back If you know me, you know I love video games. While I could always search for low prices, sometimes you just want a deal that's simple and unbeatable. For this, nothing's better than Walmart, and with Walmart coupons, a wide variety of video games, and 1% Cash Back on all purchases made through Ebates, there's no better place to pick up your gaming necessities any time of year!

Walmart doesn't just have trademark everyday low prices - they've got discounts that can't be beat anywhere else! Our Walmart coupons offer deals on the Nintendo Wii that include a free game, extra accessories, and even top-notch titles at rock-bottom prices. But of course you don't just have to be a Wii lover to love shopping at Walmart - they've got all the best PS3, PSP, DS, and Xbox 360 goodies your heart desires.

So if you're ready to start saving big on videogames, take some Walmart coupons and start earning your Walmart cash back. Your pocketbook will say "thank you" in no time!


May 21, 2009

itunes coupons and cash backHow about that American Idol? I don't mean to spoil it for anyone with the finale sitting at home on their DVR, but yesterday saw the crowning of America's newest Idol - Kris Allen. Yes, little country boy Kris beat the flashy Adam Lambert in one of the most-watched finales in Idol history. Yet, even if you did miss the big finale (or the entire season), you can go back and watch it on iTunes and get 3% Cash Back with no promotion codes to boot!

Yes, that's right - you can get iTunes Cash Back on all your iTunes purchases. While we don't currently have any iTunes coupons, 3% Cash Back on all your music, movies, movie rentals, TV shows, and App Store purchases is such a good deal, you'd be silly to skip over it! With exclusive American Idol downloads, behind-the-scenes performances, and more, iTunes and Ebates are a perfect fit for one another!

So before you buy another song, start saving with online rebates and cash back on all your iTunes purchases. Don't forget about our Apple Store coupons and other great deals, too!


May 19, 2009

Staples CouponsAs a person who aspires to someday own his own business, I know that whenever I take that plunge into entrepreneurship, I'll be doing it with Ebates. Why? With Staples coupons and 2% Cash Back on all your essential office supplies, you'll always be saving on all the little things your business needs!

Like death and taxes, stationery, computers, and filing cabinets are all essential parts of any businessman (or woman)'s life. So why not get cash back to go along with them? Whether you're buying for yourself or for the big million-dollar company you work for, Ebates is here to help you save as much as possible with our free coupons. With 2% Cash Back in your pocket just for using Ebates and Staples coupons, there's never a bad deal to be had!

If you're ready to save big on all your office essentials, head on over to our online retailers page and snag some Staples Coupons - it's time for some sales!


May 18, 2009

ebay cash back and couponsI don't know if you've noticed, but we love finding deals on eBay. Sure, it's great for finding all kinds of antiquated tech gear or archaic engagement rings - but what about those eBay coupons? We all love finding name brand coupons for online retailers, but the best deal on eBay is undoubtedly the 3% Cash Back from Ebates.

Truth be told, we don't have any special eBay coupons aside from everyday Free Shipping deals. Sorry to break it to you, but they don't currently exist. Even though you can't get a voucher for 10% off or free shipping on any item just yet, the second we do find a coupon you'll be sure to know about it. What does exist, however, are the piles of cash back you'll soon be raking in just by using eBay and Ebates! Ebates cash back is the closest thing you can find to eBay coupons - how else can you earn money with every purchase you make?

So if you've got some purchases to make, do yourself a favor and earn 3% Cash Back. With eBay and Ebates, you'll always be getting the lowest prices you can find online!


May 17, 2009

sixth avenue coupons and cash backAttention Ebates electronics fans! Did you know that we have lots of great Sixth Avenue Electronics coupons - coupons that change almost every week and can save you hundreds of dollars on the latest HDTVs and more? Well, just in case you didn't, head on over to 6ave right now; you can get 1% Cash Back on all your purchases just by going through Ebates!

If you're going to be buying a new TV, make sure you stop by our Sixth Avenue coupons page and check out our current deals. This week we've got a bunch of great coupons including the Yamaha RX-V665 7.2-Channel Digital Home Theater Receiver for only $378 with code AFLYAM378, and the LG Electronics 32" LCD TV for only $509.15 with code AFLTV15. Both are great deals, would make for a perfect home theater in your home, and come with cash back too!

So, if you're ready to try something fun and exciting, head on over to Sixth Avenue Electronics and save on their deep discounts today with Ebates!


May 14, 2009

newegg cash back coupons terabyte dealIf you know me, you know I love storage. Not the 10x10 kind that stores all your old skis, couches, and your great Aunt Melba's pipe organ - real computer storage that saves all your important digital information! Back when computers first came out, a single gigabyte of storage was an unknown, unspeakably large amount of space. Nowadays, you can get 1000 of them in a terabyte for only $75 at Newegg with Newegg coupons and 2% Cash Back at Ebates!

Who needs a terabyte of space? You do! In our Newegg coupons you can find a terabyte for $75 - an incredibly good price - which works out to be less than $0.08 per gigabyte! Wow! You'll never have to to worry about running out of space again. Or, at least not for a real long while!

So, go on! Get to saving and storing your information with cash back at Ebates!


May 13, 2009

sears coupons cash back While we've got a bunch of different great, fleshy merchants to choose from with extra cash back this week, only one of them stands out as the sole place to buy a riding lawnmower, chainsaw, and some lingerie for your little lady: Sears! That's right - with all of Ebates discount coupons and Sears' sexy sales, you can save a ton on practically all your summer needs. And, since it's Ebates we're talking about, you know you'll be getting 4% Cash Back with those Sears Coupons, too!

Even though they might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of swimwear, Sears' wide selection of tops, tanks, 'suits, and trunks is one of the best on Ebates! With 50% off all your summer essentials for the family, you know you'll be ready to hit the beach (or the poolside barbecue) in style. And with the all extra Cash Back you can save at Ebates this week on swimwear and lingerie, you can even get a little something extra for yourself!

Don't forget to grab your Sears coupons and save on all your sexy summer essentials!


May 11, 2009

j&r cash back coupons discounts j and rOver the past few months, I've given aspiring audiophiles myriad suggestions in regards to sweet equipment that will anybody's ears tingle with discount delight. Today, I offer up one of the missing pieces of the puzzle: a nice, entry-level audiophile receiver on sale. If you're looking for a little something to go with your record player, why not give the Harman Kardon HK-3490 a shot? With some J&R coupons to go along with your 3% cash back at Ebates, you'll be getting your pants blown off by quality sound in no time!

The HK-3490 may not be the best choice at J&R for those looking to power a 7.1 sound system, as it's only a simple stereo setup. However, it pushes an impressive 120 watts out of each of its single channels, resulting in a full bodied sound that will floor almost any other multi-channel set under $500. Plus, it has a phono input for all your record playing needs - which have been steadily coming back since CDs bit the dust about two years back. Grab it while it's $200 off with cash back!

With all that said, it doesn't matter if you're not saving money with some coupons, right? Grab those J&R coupons and start earning loads of Cash Back with Ebates - as an aspiring audiophile, you've gotta save money wherever you can!


May 9, 2009

j&r coupons cash back discount dealsHave you ever wanted to give drums a try, but can't shake the feeling that you'd be evicted for even setting up a set in your apartment or home?  Me too. Maybe I'm an discount oddball that loves J&R Coupons, but I absolutely cannot stop myself from tapping out a beat on a counter, a wall, with pencils, or just in my head at all times - I just can't stop the beat! For that very reason, you just might want to give a nice little sale drum machine/sampler like the Roland SP-404 a try - on sale right now with 3% Cash Back from Ebates.

For those in the know the Roland SP-404 is much more than a simple drum machine - it's a sampler that lets you create your own music from a variety of sources. Just plug in your favorite record or iPod into the tiny machine, and you can sample your favorite sound and add effects to make an entirely new sound. It may not be as fun as physically pounding on a snare drum, but you can create your own music just the same!

Even if drums and samplers aren't your cup of tea, you can find great stuff with J&R coupons and cash back with Ebates. Check 'em out yourself - you know you just can't stop the beat!


May 8, 2009

office max coupons and cash backWhen you take a gander at Ebates' selection of office supply merchants, one name stands out in particular for its outstanding cash back. While other merchants may just offer you one or two percent depending on the day, you can save huge with 4% Cash Back at Office Max. Toss in a few of our Office Max coupons, and you've got the perfect scene for savings!

Office Max has all the great goodies you'd find at other top-notch stores like Staples and Office Depot, but with a emphasis on technology (and cash back) that simply can't be beat. Why, you can get 25% off digital cameras with our Office Max coupons, and new deals to be found every day!

Go ahead! Get to shopping! Grab your coupons and Ebates cash back and start your office supply savings today.


May 7, 2009

guitar-heroDo you like Guitar Hero? Who doesn't! You might not have noticed, but the makers of Guitar Hero (RedOctane) have a website that's on Ebates. That's right - not only can you save over $40 with Guitar Hero coupons and RedOctane coupons, but you'll get 3% Cash Back from Ebates on all your great Guitar Hero goodies, too!

If you're new to the Guitar Hero scene, RedOctane has the perfect set for you. For a limited time, get Guitar Hero: Metallica, World Tour, and Aerosmith for the Wii, with wireless drums and an XL T-shirt to boot for only $120 with code DRUM3GAME! All you have to do is add a guitar, and you've got an instant rock concert. Who doesn't like instant rock concerts, anyways?

So, as Quiet Riot once would have said: "Cum On Feel The Noize!" Grab your coupons and save on these sweet deals with great cash back with Ebates!


May 5, 2009

abe's of maine cash back couponsFor some reason whenever "Mom" comes to mind, flowers, jewelery, and trinkets seem to be all that people can think of. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Every Mom needs her fair share of roses and anklets, but for some reason, perfectly Mom-friendly electronics get lost in the shuffle. With Abe's of Maine coupons (and 1% Cash Back at Ebates), you can grab Mom a perfect new toy just in time for Mother's day!

Need a new camera for mom? The Pentax K2000 Digital SLR camera is a great choice and is currently $100 off at Abe's of Maine! What could be more perfect than a camera that's an ideal "step up" from the competition, and "light, well balanced and very easy to use" according to its users? Not much, I'd say!

So go grab that new digital camera for mom, or check out our myriad other Abe's of Maine coupons for all kinds of great electronics - all with cash back at Ebates!


April 30, 2009

shopnbc coupons sales dynasty gold chairA little bit ago, I mentioned our Shop NBC coupons as a great way to save on tons of random stuff at Shop NBC, but I didn't take a minute or two to actually find some things that I enjoyed. Aside from electronics, lolcats, and long walks on the beach, I enjoy curling up with some good TV in a nice golden chair. With 3% cash back at ShopNBC, you can save on much, much more than just your favorite TV shows.

Shop NBC's selection of stuff is so random, it's amazing. You've got jewelery coupons for up to 70% off, laptop and MP3 acessories, kitchen gadgets and even...coins? Yeah. Coins. If you're ever in need of some matching bouillon to go with your Dynasty Gold Chair (search for it), Shop NBC has you covered.  And with the 15% off coupon on our ShopNBC coupon page, you can save extra on practically everything!

And at the end of the day: don't forget your cash back with Ebates!


April 29, 2009

newegg coupons and cash backIf you're familiar with one of my favorite online stores, then you know how hard it can be to track down a good coupon for anything on Newegg. Since they have some of the lowest prices on the web, Newegg coupons can be one of the hardest online coupon codes to find on the web. Thankfully, we've finally got some sweet coupons to share with you that come with the added bonus of 2% Cash Back at Newegg with Ebates!

For starters, did you know that you can get $5 off 4GB G.Skill desktop memory right now with coupon code "MEM4215"? Or, you could save $10 on a powerful new processor like the Intel Q9550 for your desktop -  it's a quad-core beast that can process anything you can throw at it. They're all on sale, and come with sweet cash back!

Now that you can save with Newegg coupons, there's no reason not to go crazy saving money all over the place. Be sure to brows our selection of great deals and coupons, only at Ebates!


April 24, 2009

If you like a little bit of alliteration in your daily dose of deep discount deals, look no further! With crazy cash back  and coupons from Crutchfield, you'll be saving tons of money on the hottest electronics, car audio, appliances, and more! And the best part? You'll get all best deals and Crutchfield coupons you can find on the web, with an additional 1% cash back at Ebates!

There are so many electronics retailers out there - how can I possibly know Crutchfield is so great? Well, for starters, they're one of the most respected names in car and home audio out there. Plus, they've even got top-notch service and personal advisers seven days a week. What's not to like about that?

So, go on now! Get to saving! Head on over to our Crutchfield coupons and get your saving underway! You'll be happy you did, once you get all that great cash back from Ebates!


April 23, 2009

lenovo cash back coupons dealsDid you just hear that? It's the sound of wallets opening and cash registers ca-ching-ing all over, as Lenovo has just increased their cash back from 3 to 5%! That's right - just by shopping at Ebates, you can get 5% cash back at Lenovo right now on any purchase, including your new favorite laptop or the desktop of your dreams. Better yet, you can even save an additional 10-15% on your order with our Lenovo coupons - what a steal!

Saving money on technology is never an easy thing to do, but with Lenovo coupons and Ebates cash back, it's never been easier! Just grab one of our coupons for 10% off ThinkPad T Series, R Series, X200, W500, and X301 notebooks, and you're good to go! It's that easy, plus you'll be getting a whopping 5% cash back on everything you buy. Wow!

Don't waste your time shopping at places without cash back or discount savings. Shop smart and save with cash back on electronics at Ebates - with 5% cash back at Lenovo, you'd be crazy not to jump on this deal!


April 21, 2009

You know, people are always afraid of building their own computers, thinking they'll either be too complicated to put together, or not worth it for the money. Well, I'm here to tell you that both those things are absolutely untrue - with 3% Cash Back at TigerDirect you can save big on all your hot new computer's components, and even put it together, too. Why, with TigerDirect coupons and deals, you'll be rocking a powerful computer for just a fraction of the price!

newegg coupons discounts deals savings rebates cash backIf you like to watch TV or music on your HDTV, this Shuttle PC will blow your mind for only $200. Simply pop in your favorite processor, some hard drives, RAM, and a DVD Rom (with all the included cables), and your computer is off to the races! Hook it up to your big screen HDTV via HDMI with a wireless keyboard, and you've got a 1080p capable media center that's extremely powerful to boot!

So now, watch your favorite YouTube videos, iTunes downloads, and more - all from the comfort of your big screen with the added bonus of cash back and online rebates! Don't forget your TigerDirect Coupons at Ebates too!


April 20, 2009

Musician's Friend Cash Back couponsAs an avid guitarsman, I can't help but be attracted to all the Musician's Friend coupons and sweet sales we have going around Ebates. Why, with 3% cash back at Musician's Friend, as well as great sales on practically every amp, guitar, bass, and more, how can any self-respecting amateur musician not be happy with such discounts and rebates?

Regardless of your weapon of choice, anyone looking for awesome promotion codes at Musicians Friend should be sure to check out Musician's Friend coupons to save the most on their next purchase. Not that I can make up my mind about what I'd get anyways - I sure love my Baja Telecaster, but I would gladly take a nice Gibson or a nice Martin DXM any day of the week!

Whether you're here to rock, or just to pick up some picks for your fledgling five-year old, saving money with deals and cash back at online stores is the best thing you can do. Be sure to save at Ebates!


April 18, 2009

shop nbc coupon codesIf you've ever been watching TV and thought to yourself "Wow, where could I get that?", ShopNBC just might be your answer. With our outstanding ShopNBC coupons and 3% cash back at Ebates, you'll be getting great deals on all that stuff you might see on TV too!

All kinds of great Shop NBC coupons, deals, sales, and free coupons can be found at ShopNBC, including sweet watches, jewelery, makeup, electronics, and more! Seeing as I don't need to beautiful my gloriously pale, nerdy skin, I opt to save on the electronics - I need a new compact about as much as any other young electronic-loving man trapped in a discount stores, sale coupons, and online coupon codes online sale blog. Or something like that. In other words: not too much.

Now that you're ready to save, hop on over to Ebates and get cash back on almost every purchase you make online. Now go get those coupons and start saving yourself some money, ya hear!?


April 16, 2009

K-MART Are you in desperate need of some online coupon codes? Well, look no further than the lovely Ebates blog, where we'll give you Kmart coupons and even let you get 2% cash back at Kmart! Sound too good to be true? Well that's the best thing - it's not!

If you're tired of wasting money online, make sure to check out our apparel and electronics sections daily for great coupons and online rebates at thousands of online discount retailers - including Kmart! Why, you can save big on Martha Stewart Essentials and even get 70% off on jewelery, shoes, and more!

Don't be a fool - shop at Ebates and be sure to get cash back on almost every purchase you make online. Now go get those coupons and start saving yourself some money, ya hear!?


April 12, 2009

Now that travel season is upon us, it's time to start looking for a little something to take along with you on the trip. Sandals might be great; some new luggage could be nice, but in today's interconnected world, you need a laptop to take with you. For that very reason, you should grab a Lenovo coupon from Ebates and head on over to start your search right now. Why so? With great deals, deep discounts, and more top-notch laptops than you can shake a stick at, Lenovo coupons and laptops make a perfect choice for anyone on the go!

lenovo couponsWhat Lenovo coupon and laptop are right for you? Well, it all depends. If you're like most people, you don't want too much of your precious bag space taken up by a clunky laptop. For you, the S Series laptop is the perfect netbook to take along. With rugged construction, a powerful processor, and ample room for all your travelin' files and folders, it's a great choice. And once you toss in that sweet 3% cash back at Ebates, you've got a deal for the ages!

So! Grab your credit card and some Lenovo coupons and start picking out your perfect "traveltop" today! You can always opt for something a little more powerful, like the Y series which is perfect for mobile entertainment, or stick with a sweet netbook that you can tote around anywhere. The choice is yours - now you've just got to book that flight. Don't forget to do it with Ebates!


April 10, 2009

tax cut coupons dealsHey everybody! Cole here (not pictured right), with a gentle reminder that imminent doom tax season is no longer right around the corner - it's officially upon us. That's right - April 15th is just a few days away, and you've got to get started on your taxes as soon as possible. Not that "tomorrow or the next day" kind of ASAP, but that literal "drop everything you're doing and find your 1040s now" kind of ASAP. Thankfully, you can do your taxes this very second and get a whopping 12% cash back with Ebates! How? By using H&R Block's online services right now, of course!

With H&R Block, you'll know you're getting the biggest tax return you can possibly get, with the added convenience of being able to crunch numbers in your bathrobe at home. H&R's TaxCut software is superb in itself, but when it gets down to the wire, you've just gotta go with the online services to save some time. With Free Federal E-filing, and all kinds of top-notch help, you'll be getting your massive check back to you in no time! We've even got H&R Block Coupons, too!

Still looking to tempt fate and/or digitally download your favorite tax software? Ebates can help you out with that too! Head on over to our tax software coupons and deals page and find your favorite product and some great deals too - you just can't beat cash back, deep discounts, and getting those taxes out of your way, now can you?


April 9, 2009

ebay coupons discounts rebatesEveryone knows you can find practically anything on eBay, but did you know it's a deal-loving tech geeks virtual haven? Probably not! On eBay, you'll find all kinds of new and "gently used" electronics that you can use for whatever your heart desires, but one of its most overlooked assets is its wealth of old parts you just can't find anywhere else. Looking for a old motherboard for your archaic Compaq Laptop? It's there. Searching for electronics coupons and online rebates at online stores? Well, you can even find those, too! While their deals are never anything to scoff at (especially if you can swoop in at the last minute and snag something awesome), using the power of eBay for all your electronics needs is a no-brainer if you want to get what you need and save big money - 3% cash back at Ebates!

Can't find anything good on eBay? I don't believe you. Everyone can find something on eBay! Just in case you need a refresher of what's out there, though, head on over to our electronics category and see if you can find some eBay coupons to take with you!


April 7, 2009

A nice TV is essential for any room. Of course, that's not to say a nice TV is essential for every room (although I could probably argue for it), but with HDTVs as cheap as they are nowadays, there's never been a better time to ask yourself the timeless tech question: is it time to upgrade? With great HDTVs like this Toshiba 32" LCD on sale for just $500 from Newegg, however, the better question is "Why not?" With free shipping and 2% cash back from Ebates, the choice has never been clearer!

toshi.jpgThis dandy little Toshiba 32" LCD HDTV is not just a great HDTV for your front room, but for just about any room in your house. Quite frankly, wherever you might have an old clunky CRT screen in your house is a great place to have a new LCD. They're much smaller, relatively inexpensive, and a sweet way to save on space while bringing your guest room into the 21st century. Even better, the crystal clear 720p picture and surprisingly awesome speakers are perfect for smaller rooms needing a little bit more pizazz without all the fuss of a 52" monster TV and 7.1 surround sound. For most rooms, 32" is all you'll need for quite some time - and when you add in the HD capabilities with this particular 32" Toshiba HDTV, well, you've got yourself a match made in heaven.

Whether you're looking to upgrade, fill a new room, or just get a new, shiny thing for your front room, this 32" Toshiba LCD HDTV makes a great pick and it's $250 off! For only $499 with free shipping, it's hard to find a better deal on the web; although you could always try and see what you could finagle with a few Toshiba coupons from our electronics category. Great deals are hidden in the darnedest of places!


April 1, 2009

new_apple_ipod_shuffle_4gb_1-382x480.jpgBack in the olden days of fledgling MP3 players and mobile music devices, there was only one option when it came to your MP3 player: Big. From clunky first-generation exteriors,"large" (at the time) hard drives, and, of course, inflated prices, "big" was par for the course, with little respite in the way of the variety of cheap MP3 players we have nowadays. Today, there are cheap MP3 players that fit on your keychain and hold enough songs to keep you entertained for days. My, how things have changed!

While I wouldn't condone a shoddily constructed media player, a good, cheap MP3 player is a necessity for everyone nowadays - from your Great Aunt Gertrude down to your five-year-old little brother. Why? Because of how far we've come with digital media, that's why! Anyone and everyone can pop their old CDs into their computer (or hop onto Rhapsody or the iTunes music store), compile their favorite songs into a larger playlist, and have tens of thousands of songs and albums available to them at the drop of a dime. You just can't beat that kind of convenience!

If you are in the market for a new, cheap MP3 player, Ebates has a wide array of merchants to choose from, each with their own selection of doodads and gizmos. Of course, you could always start with what's new and exciting, and that brings us right to the new 4GB iPod shuffle! It'll hold 4GB (or about 1000) of your favorite songs, and is so tiny you can literally take it with you wherever you go. For only $79, it's a no-brainer - if you want something so tiny you can take it to the ends of the earth, the Shuffle's for you.

On the other end of the cheap MP3 player spectrum comes the Zune: Microsoft's response to Apple's iPod, and a fine player at that! On top of features like Wi-Fi sync, a monthly downloading service, and a gorgeous, full-color screen that holds its ground against the pricey iPod Touch any day, the Zune comes in myriad colors and styles to fit your style. In particular, the Zune comes in two distinct flavors: small (4/8/16GB) and large (80 & 120GB), so pick the one that's right for you! You could use a little originality, couldn't you? Stand out with a Zune!

At the end of the day, what matters is that you have a good little device to take with you to listen to your tunes. Any one of these players will make a fine choice, and with Ebates, you can always be sure you're saving the most on your cheap MP3 player with cash back on all your purchases - all day, every day!


March 29, 2009

Today's an exciting day, for two special reasons. First, the big news:ToshibaDirect is currently offering 2% cash back on all purchases! That's right -  whether you're just grabbing a new hard drive for your home computer, or buying a $3500 tricked-out gaming rig, you'll be recieving 2% cash back with Ebates! More importantly for some, however, there's a special coupon expiring today that you should know about. Today's the last day for the exclusive Ebates Toshiba coupon for $50 off the Satellite L350, and with double cash back, you can seriously save on a great new laptop!

satellite-l350-st3701-laptop.jpgNow before you write this off as every other laptop coupon out there, you should take a peek at the specs on this little bundle of power. While minuscule netbooks may be all the rage nowadays, there's something to be said for working on a full-sized computer. Sure, you won't be able to fit the Toshiba Satellite L350 in your pocket or fit it in your purse, but think of how much more productive you'll be with a 100% full-sized keyboard, 2GB of memory, 160GB of hard drive space, and most importantly, a 17" widescreen monitor with ample workspace for all your programs. Considering how much computer you're getting for just $479, this is a great deal. In an age where computers are getting smaller and smaller, it's hard to get a 17" monitor for an affordable price. Now's your chance!

So, head on over to ToshibaDirect and see if it's up your alley. If so, make sure to grab our Toshiba coupon for $50 off - you just can't beat $100 off and 2% cash back at Ebates!


March 25, 2009

Well, your search is finally over. Not because Ebates currently has any outstanding Dell Outlet coupons for you today. No, for that you'll have to check back later on this week, but for the next few hours, you can save at Dell and get Outlet-like prices on a brand new Dell Inspiron Mini 9! Instead of the normal asking price of $249, you can head on over to Dell right now (until 6am!) and grab a Mini 9 for only $199; with 2% cash back at Ebates! Who needs a Dell Outlet coupon when you have a deal this sweet?

dell-mini-9.gifThe Dell Mini 9 is an adorable little computer that is the perfect compliment for any student, mobile professional, or anyone else who wants to get some serious work done on the go without all the extra baggage of a full-sized laptop. It has a full keyboard that has been masterfully shrunk down to go along with its tiny 8.9" screen that is perfect for viewing e-mails, PowerPoints, Word documents, and, of course, surfing the 'net. If you're afraid of Linux, you'll want to drop the extra money to get Windows XP, as this little netbook comes with Linux standard for extra savings. Even though I'm fine with trying a new operating system, everyone's so comfortable with Windows XP I wouldn't blame you for adding it on for just a few dollars more.

Even if you're holding out for the aforementioned Dell Outlet Coupons, you'll be sure to save tons with electronics procured through Ebates. Who doesn't like a little cash back with their coupons?


March 23, 2009

I don't know if you noticed, but there's some great sales going on at staples! That's right - everyone's favorite office supply superstore has great sales and 2% cash back at Ebates for the rest of Tech Tuesday! Between our Staples coupons, their sweet sales, and their bevy of all things office related (including laptops, printers, and more), you can be sure to nab something great today!

staples.jpgIf you're looking to save on something rather sweet at Staples, you'll definitely want to give their weekly technology deals a peek! Featuring a 15 sheet cross cut shredder for $109, TurboTax Deluxe for only $60, and a , there's some serious tech savings to be had with 2% cash back at Ebates. Of course, since you can likely find whatever you need at staples (including hard drives, tons of toner, and even medical suplies), you might as well just head on over and take a look yourself - there's tons of great stuff with sales that beat anything you'd find in-store!

However you spin it, cash back at Staples is an awesome way to save any Tech Tuesday. Hit up our electronics section for more great deals and Staples coupons - you'll want to make sure you earn as much as possible today with Ebates!


March 19, 2009

Best_Buy_Money.jpgAs one of few "big box" stores left standing, you're probably not too surprised to hear that Best Buy coupons are some of the most in-demand coupons around Ebates. With such a great selection of electronics ranging from washers and dryers and car stereo equipment, to HDTVs and GPS systems, Best Buy has long been the brick-and-mortar leader of all things electronics. Thanks to the 1% cash back at Ebates that you can get just by shopping online at Best Buy through Ebates, you can have all the selection of your local store at your fingertips at any time - with extra Best Buy coupons, to boot!

What kind of Best Buy Coupons do we have up to offer today? Well, for starters, there's a bevy of $4.99 DVDs to choose from (including a $5.99 Disney Animation Sale), and of course their 10% Off Select Major Appliances as well! And, in case you missed it, there's even 5% - 15% Off Select Digital Cameras and 5% - 22% Off Select GPS Receivers too!

Any way you look at it, we've got tons of great Best Buy coupons. And if you don't like Best Buy coupons, well, we've probably got whatever it is you do like. With over 1000+ merchants to choose from, you're bound to find something great at Ebates!


March 18, 2009

If you've been looking for Mac Mini coupons, and let's be honest, who hasn't, you've probably noticed that it's a huge hassle to find a good discount on any Apple product out there. That is, until Apple refreshes their current models with brand new ones, giving you a chance to get a super-sweet deal on the same computer you were going to buy a week before! Now with the brand new Mac Mini's out there, you can save hundreds on the same awesome Mini from a few months ago - and get 2% Ebates cash back at Mac Mall or 1% Ebates cash back at the Apple store! The choice is yours!

mac_mini.jpgJust in case you missed the big news a few weeks back, the Mac Mini was recently refreshed; putting some much-needed power back under its hood. It now features a new NVIDIA graphics processor for up to 5x faster performance, a larger hard drive to hold all your photos and videos, an upgraded Intel dual-core processor, and, last but not least, a lot more green! Seeing as it's just after St. Patricks Day and all that, why not splurge on a computer that's just as green as your dubiously Irish heritage? When the new Mac Mini is idle, it consumes less than 13 watts -- 45 percent less power than the previous generation Mini that sucked up power like a vacuum. Even its highly recyclable aluminum chassis and 31% smaller packaging are eco-friendly! It's a great deal all the way around!

Even if you don't need a new computer this second, you can always look around our electronics section for more sweet deals and Apple coupons. But with the Mac Mini being so cheap, green, and powerful, why would you?


March 17, 2009

At this point in time, most of you have seen the wondrous vacuuming robot called Roomba; whether you have one, know someone who does, or just have seen this video:  While they are a fun-filled means of kitten transportation, I find that they really are at their most effective when performing the duty they were constructed to do: cleaning floors. 

Today only, you don't need the luck of the Irish to save some serious coin. You can save a ton on a new Roomba to sweep your floors (with or without a feline pilot): buy a Roomba Scheduler at $50 off the regular price, you'll get a free Pet Upgrade Kit (a $30 value), and you'll get it all shipped for free! Act quickly - this great deal only lasts through St. Patrick's Day, so before you make your way down to the pub, head over to Ebates to take advantage of this great deal and earn 3% cash back while you're at it.

Find any number of robots to do your bidding at the iRobot store.


March 17, 2009

patricks_day_graphics_02.gifWhen you think of St. Patricks Day, what comes to mind, dear readers? Drunken revelry? Snake clubbing? The overwhelming presence of the color green? If you answered yes to any of these rhetorical questions, then my friend, you are wrong. St. Patricks Day is actually all about electronics sales, as can be clearly seen at a handful of our sweet merchants below! If you're in the mood to save some money, the traditional day of caning has suddenly become a day of savings. And, of course, you'll save 1-3% cash back with Ebates. How lucky for you!

Newegg's St. Patrick's Day Deals are as varied as the reasons to drink to the day itself. Whether you're green with envy, or overflowing with cash, you should be able to find something sweet here. From the Toshiba laptop on a $150-off special, to the myriad mail-in-rebates and price cuts on cameras, GPS systems, and more, Newegg has certainly got it all. Even a coffeemaker!


March 13, 2009

Untitled-1 copy.jpg
Looking for a laptop? There's never been a better time to pick one up than this weekend! Why? Well, for starters, Lenovo is having a huge sale with tons of great coupons to save you loads of money. Almost all of their laptops, ranging from the extra-sweet Thinkpad X, to the ultra-portable IdeaPad S are on sale with coupons, but that's not all! For a limited time only, Lenovo is increasing their cash back from 3 to 6%, meaning you can earn some serious cash back while saving huge on your next computer just by using Ebates!

Many people know Lenovo for their wonderful line of ThinkPads that were once a staple of IBM's computer line back in the nineties. Nowadays, Lenovo has taken their line to a whole new level, with an award winning netbook (IdeaPad S), powerful media laptops (IdeaPad Y), and, of course, myriad unbeatable business steals (the ThinkPad series). Normally, with a cash back percentages hovering around 3%, you'd be lucky to get $15-$60 cash back on your purchase. Now, with their incredible double cash back, you're looking at anywhere from $30-$120+ just by saving money online. That's an incredible amount of savings!


March 12, 2009

I don't know if you've caught the whiff of it 'round these parts, but Shoe Week is upon us. And as our lovable tech blogger, I'm forced to come up with some kind of concept/mash-up that seamlessly blends both the wonderful world of shoes and the mysterious realm of electronics. This, I've found, is far more difficult than it should be. Most "tech shoes" range from "interesting concepts" to "unmitigated failures," with a whole bunch of ugly dispersed in-between. That's why today, I'm going to suggest something a little odd: keep your technology above your ankles. With so many good deals to be had at Ebates during Shoe Week, there's no reason not to splurge on something traditional (and save 8-13% in cash back while doing it!).

diddy.jpgHowever, that doesn't mean I can't talk about what "tech shoe" concepts and ideas are unequivocally awesome. For starters, the monstrosity that was to be the Shaq Shoe Phone. Created with the intention of having a full-featured cell phone on your feet at all times (you know, because that's totally practical), Shaq's failed foot foray serves as a constant reminder of one thing: how astronomically large Shaq's feet truly are. I mean, seriously? You could fit a pair of Diddy heads behind that thing, easy. Considering that today's mantra is almost universally "less is more", a certain part of me wishes that these behemoths were the latest trend. Imagine walking up the street with feet as large as Godzilla, crushing everything in your path while accidentally calling everyone in your address book. If that doesn't sound like fun, I don't know what does!


March 11, 2009

aewdew.jpgNow that the holidays are long over, availability of hot products have finally started to match customer demands. With the exception of sweet sales, crazy deals, and of course, coupons that send items flying off the shelves, you can pretty much get a hold of whatever you need to. For over two years, however, the Nintendo Wii has been the one item bucking the "post-holiday rebound" trend. No matter the weather, month, or time of day, Wiis simply could not be found unless you really put your mind to it; making many wonder if the little console would EVER run out of steam.

Nowadays, though, the Wii can be found with ease - as long as you're looking online. Newegg's got 'em; Best Buy has 'em; but now the focus has shifted to Wii Fit. That's right; last year's favorite workout regime is still impossible to find unless you're ready to put in some work searching for it online. Thankfully, however, you don't have to worry about that at all! I've already found your mythical copy of Wii Fit for you at Target, with 3% cash back at Ebates  naturally, meaning you can end your search early and get back to the finer things in life, like gaming.

Grab Wii Fit for $89 at Target (and don't forget that 3% Ebates cash back!), or feel free to poke around our electronics section or coupons to find your own great deal. There's never a better time to start your workout (and start saving!) than today!


March 10, 2009

timbuk.jpgFor oh so long, the words "technology" and "fashion" have stood at opposite sides of the fashion spectrum. Of course I'm not talking about the big name fashion designers, who have long haphazardly tossed technology into their lines with mixed results. No, I'm talking about the Everyday Man or Woman, who has to carry the burden of their laptop or, heaven forbid, LAN Party PC with them on the go. That's precisely why I was so excited when I saw the Timbuk2 Laptop Messenger you see pictured before you. Not just because it looks good and perfectly fits everything I could ever want in my everyday bag, but because I was able to earn a whopping 6% Ebates cash back getting something that was practically tailor made for laptop commuters everywhere.

It's no secret that Timbuk2 makes a mean messenger bag. As one of the most well-known designers for both commuters and pedestrians alike, Timbuk2 has been churning out quality bags from their San Francisco headquarters since 1989. With space-age materials and superior construction when compared to the competition, these bags will stand the test of time and will even look good while doing it. For these very reasons, I turned straight to Timbuk2 when I decided I needed a travel companion for my 13" MacBook.


March 8, 2009

ihome.jpgToday marks the start of Daylight Savings Time for most folks across the United States, and whether you like it or not, it's officially time to "spring forward." In other words, we're attempting to hit the hay earlier and inevitably wake up groggier - all in the name of sunlight. Pretty valiant, huh? Or course, if you're like most of us you aren't getting up every day with the help of your "internal clock" anyways, so why not upgrade your alarm clock for something truly nice.  Something extra awesome, with outstanding sound and iPod/iPhone connectivity? If so, the iHome is perfect for you - and only $85 with 1% Ebates cash back from!

Even though losing an hour in the name of sunlight may be a great thing on paper, it's not always the easiest thing for me to do. Between remembering to set the darn clock, planning to get up an hour earlier than I'd ever like to, and getting the correct day right, Daylight Savings Time can cause an absolute mess if done wrong. That's why the iHome is such a great little device: it has an easy "DST" setting to "spring" your clock for you. On top of the easy-set nature of the iHome, it also comes with a ton of features to get you up in the morning. With two separate alarms and multiple "source" options to wake to - and snooze to - the iHome is great for almost everyone. 


March 4, 2009

hp-mini-1000-roundup.jpgWhen it comes to netbooks, I can't help but preach about how important it is for them to have as big a keyboard as possible. As a person who's tried out multiple netbooks only to be disappointed by their minuscule type areas, I have to say that there are two real choices if you really want to comfortably work on your computer: the HP Mini/Mini Note, and the Sony Vaio P. While the latter may be a little pricier than most might want to pay for a netbook, the HP Mini is currently on sale at OnSale for only $309 with 2% cash back from Ebates. That's a price that's perfect for everyone!

The HP Mini is basically a black version of everyone's favorite HP Mini-Note that saw limited release last year as a clever alternative to its pricey aluminum cousin. Even though it debuted at a price that hovered around $700, there were always a few rebates to be had here and there to bring the price down a little more. However, I've never seen such a great deal on this tiny, refurbished computer - especially when it comes with Windows XP, 1GB RAM, and a spacious 60GB hard drive.


March 3, 2009

sony-vaio-p.jpgNowadays, laptops are getting smaller and smaller - is there really any end in sight? With Netbooks and iPhones, tablet PCs, and UMPCs, it seems like we'll soon be able to have a full-powered computer in our pockets with no noticeable difference between that magical device and an overpowered desktop. While the Sony Vaio P won't completely replace your desktop just yet, it does stand out as a contender for the perfect "pocket" PC. Weighing in at only 1.4 pounds with an 8", 1600x768 widescreen display, the Sony Vaio P just might be the perfect computer for anyone looking to take their notebook with them everywhere.

When I first held the Sony Vaio P in my hands a few days ago, I couldn't help but be impressed by its ridiculously small form-factor. "How do they do it?" I thought, as this tiny PC (which is less than an inch thick) has enough mettle to power Windows Vista off of less than two gigs of ram - a feat in itself! Equally impressive is the Vaio P's sturdy nature. Even though I knew it was thin and packed a 8" mini-widescreen display, it never felt like it was going to buckle under normal usage or pressure. It's a well made, well-oiled machine that has a huge ace up its sleeve: its keyboard. While other Netbooks skimp on the keyboard size in order to save space, all that the Vaio P is made of is keyboard. No touchpad, no gimmick - just a comfortable keyboard that you can actually use for day-to-day tasks. What a novel concept!


February 27, 2009

macbook17.jpgOver the last few days, we've mentioned a few different ways to save big at Ebates and make sure you get the most out of your cash back. While this is a great way to save, you just can't beat shopping around for a great deal on the 'net. Even though everyone has long turned to Apple for all of their iPod and Mac related needs, Ebates is host to a few different Mac merchants that can really stretch your dollar if you look in the right places, and today we're bringing you a sweet sale from one of the best alternatives to Apple out there - MacMall.

Over in our coupons section, you'll find many a grand thing. One such source of sweet savings is this week's MacMall coupon worth over $1194 in combined savings on MacBooks, iMacs, Mac Minis and more! Instead of paying the stock retail price of $1299 for the sleek new aluminum MacBooks over at the Apple store, MacMall has them on special for $1149; saving you $150 in the process. This is only one such example of the sweet deals awaiting you over at Mac Mall - one of the biggest and best Apple specialists out there. so take a peek at their sale section before they expire on March 1st, and enjoy all that cash you'll be saving by shopping around!

And of course, if you're looking for other great deals on PCs, HDTVs, and more, our Electronics Category will get you what you need with all kinds of cash back to keep your wallet happy!


February 25, 2009

keyboard.jpgIt's time for a good old fashioned Daily Deal, and no one does it better than Newegg! For one day only - and only until it's gone, people - you can nab a sleek Logitech Cordless Desktop and Mouse Combo for only $37.99. That's 20% off after $10 mail-in-rebate (along with 2% Ebates cash back), and is one of the best prices for this sleek and sexy keyboard you'll be able to find on the 'net. I've had one of these exact keyboards for almost a year now, and let me tell you that it's just a wonderful thing.

So, how exactly can I call a keyboard "sleek and sexy?" Slightly silly, sure, but the Logitech S520 is one of the cleanest and well-designed keyboards out there today - especially for the price. It's less than an inch thick, features a host of media and internet control buttons on its left and right sides, and even has a connection range over ten feet, which works great for just about anything you can throw at it. At $38, the S520 is a no-brainer for anyone with a gaming console, media center, or laptop/computer that they use to watch videos, play games, or otherwise do functions from afar. It's so thin it will easily fit under your coffee table or beside your couch, and can easily come out to play whenever you need to type away or access a program. It's one of the few keyboards out there that will actually make your front room look nicer, so if you ever need to type anywhere that's not two feet from a computer, the Logitech S520 Cordless Keyboard & Mouse combo is a perfect fit. Get it before it's gone!


February 24, 2009

rs120.jpgWhen you're living with nearby neighbors, children, or a significant other, you can't always count on your schedules syncing together perfectly. Sometimes you just have to stay up late or wake up early - boom goes the dynamite. For those tricky times, we've long been stuck with one of two choices: annoy the neighbors and/or your loved ones, or pretend like you've long been blessed with the hearing of a German Shepard. Thanks to the advances of science and wireless technology, however, you now have a third choice: Sennheiser RS Wireless Headphones!

Instead of being stuck between a rock and a silent place, a nice pair of wireless headphones frees you up to enjoy TV and music at any level, at any time of day, while still keeping your volume private. Longing to listen to your stack of N.W.A. records at your grandmother's house? Pop on a pair of Sennheiser RS130s, and you're soon be cursing to the crystal-clear oldies wirelessly -  over fifty feet away from the included charge station!


February 22, 2009

asussfdf.jpgFriends, I'm going to let you in on a little secret: all similarly-sized monitors are NOT the same, despite what conventional logic might suggest. While you could easily go out there and grab a fine 22" widescreen monitor for around $150, you'd be missing out on a load of sweet features and the outstanding picture found in an exemplary monitor such as the Asus VH226H 22" Widescreen monitor. Why? Well let me fill you in on a few of its sweet, sweet features.

First, this beast of a monitor features an outstanding resolution and response time that makes older monitors cower before it's mighty prowess. With a 3ms response time, and a contrast ratio that ranges between 1000: to 5000:1 (depending on your scale), it's perfect for all your HD video needs. And did I mention it's stylish exterior, and spacious 22" widescreen work space? You can practically do the work of two monitors on your one sceen!


February 20, 2009

Taxes.1.jpgIt's almost March, and do you know what that means? Tax time is almost upon us once again! Beat the April rush now, and make sure you get the most cash back by using Ebates to get your taxes done easily and efficiently! By taking matters into your own hands with tax software from Staples, Newegg, H&R Block, and any of other great electronics retailers, you can make sure your taxes get done just right - without all the hassle and high costs of your own tax representative!


February 17, 2009

When today's Tech Tuesday top pick first debuted at CES a few weeks back, it caught almost everyone off guard. It was just a little too small, a little too portable, and a little too amazing to be true. A paper-thin laptop that you can actually type on, with a remarkably high resolution and Windows Vista? Yeah right! But to the surprise of many, it's both real and available at the Sony store right now. Behold! Sony's new "netbook that's not a netbook," the Vaio P notebook!

sony-vaio-p.jpgWhile we've all seen our share of minuscule laptops around the Ebates blog, the Sony Vaio P takes the cake when it comes to portability and features. Most comparably-sized netbooks fall behind full-sized notebooks in a few recurring areas: keyboard size, screen size, total power available, and their overall weight. Thankfully, the P-Series looks to combat most critics qualms with a spacious keyboard that's almost the exact same size as the laptop itself, and an intelligent design that lets it be as sleek as it is powerful. The massive 1600x768 display (which is wider than most notebooks) is great for displaying multiple pages at once, and even has a "instant-on mode" that lets you magically skirt past all the boot-up mumbo jumbo and head straight to your email, pictures, and more. How convenient!


February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day isn't just around the corner, it's here. Hopefully you've booked your dinner reservations, picked up all your flowers, and found the perfect gift for your special someone. If not, you're in some serious trouble - but there's still hope! Why not get something special for your sweetie that will keep on giving for weeks, nay, years to come? Something special like... a Kodak ZI6 Pocket Video Camera?

kok.jpgYes, that's right, a pocket-sized video camera. While you may scoff initially, this Kodak camera is a little piece of the future, today. Instead of recording all your "home movies" on your digital camera or (!) a camcorder, the Z16 looks to take your amateur videography to a whole new level with their dedicated "pocket video camera" that stores hours worth (up to 32GB with an SD card) of High Definition (720p) video at a fraction of the cost. The videos can be easily uploaded to YouTube with the included USB cable, and it even comes with Kodak's own video editing software to bring out the inner artist in you. It may be simple, sure, but what's not to like about a pocket-sized 720p camera that's so easy even a child (or a grandparent) could use it?

Even though you might not have thought a tiny camcorder like the ZI6 to be the perfect last-minute Valentine's Day gift, it's hard to pass up simple pick that says "I want to make memories together." And, best of all, it's both on sale ($30 off at Abes of Maine) and pink! How can you say no to something like that?


February 12, 2009

fantom.jpgWith hard drive prices sinking to historical lows, there's never been a better time to stretch your legs a little and back up all of your important documents. Nowadays, there's simply no excuse for not having a backup drive of some sort or another. If you are still playing Russian roulette every day with your data, it's time to make a change. After all, why chance losing a single file when you can pick up a 1TB Fantom Hard Drive for only $79 from MacMall? That's less than half of what a similar drive would have cost you almost six months ago!

I know I've mentioned it around here a few times before, but when it comes to the biggest bang for your buck, it's hard to beat the Fantom drive. Normally $120+, this drive currently has a pair of $20 rebates to bring its mildly high price point down to a ridiculously cheap $79 - an outstanding deal. The 1TB Fantom Drive hooks up to your PC or Mac via lightning-fast USB 2.0 or eSATA, and will easily back up most (if not all) of your computer with it's huge capacity. I've only seen an external drive stay at this price for 24 hours before, so hop on this sweet steal before it's gone!


February 10, 2009

A few weeks back, I blogged about the Logitech Harmony 880 and how revolutionary it could be to anyone's home theater setup. Considering that every electronic device that needs a remote generally comes with one, I can understand your trepidation with the product in question. However, after a week or two of using one myself, I can wholeheartedly say that there's no going back once you've experienced the power of an awesome remote.

ss.jpgWhen I first received the Logitech Harmony 880 in the mail, I have to admit that I was a little intimidated. It purported to do practically everything and anything relating to all of my electronics components at once - and wasn't shy about it. With so much power in one tiny, button-laden remote, it had to be a huge mess to setup, right? Wrong. Gone are the days of complicated button combinations and mystery remote codes, as the Logitech Harmony 880 hooks up to your computer via USB and allows you to type in the model numbers of your devices to get your codes right the first time, every time. After typing in model numbers for a handful of my devices, I assigned a few basic functions for my TV and  electronics equipment: "Watch TV" (which turns on the TV & receiver to the right channel), "Play Games" (turns on everything and changes the input to my game system) and "Watch DVD" (turns everything on and to the right input, including my DVD player). Even though I was skeptical about it all at first, having my TV, receiver, and cable box intertwined in one masterful device is a godsend, as all I need to do is navigate to the "activities" to have the remote do exactly what I want it to. What a novel idea!


February 5, 2009

Men are fickle creatures, and I should know. I am one, and readily admit to being both fickle and a creature. Because of this, women often times have the trickiest job of finding something, anything for their loverboys. While very few guys will turn down a bunch of chocolate (after all, who would?), chances are your (literally) sweet gifts are getting a little stale year after year. Why not try and spice things up a little bit and get him something that he won't just masticate? Even though they might not be for every man, one of these electronic gifts are likely to make your special someone smile when V-day finally approaches.

Gift Idea #1: JBL OnStage iPod Portable Loudspeaker

onstage.JPGIt's gratuitous generalization time: All men love music! As such, they probably have some sort of portable doodad to go along with it; likely something from Apple's iPod line (if not, get him one!). Another thing men like to do is rock, and that's exactly what this JBL Loudspeaker Dock is designed to do. It's small in size, but big in power, and lets him hear his tunes loud and proud in any room he takes it to. Better yet, it's $10 off right now at Sears! What's not to like about that?


February 4, 2009

Most everyone who "needs" a bluetooth headset has one already. But recently one headset has set itself apart from the pack, and that is the Jawbone 2 from Aliph. Here's a little investigation into what sets this particular model apart from the rest. If you want, you can find your own at Cell Phone Shop, and you can earn a massive 10% cash back. I know when I was searching for mine, they had the lowest price, and that through the end of today (February fourth), the black Jawbone 2 is on sale for $84.99.

So, as I have pleaded before, don't go bluetooth-crazy like so many people around the country have, but if you want the highest-performing bluetooth headset on the market, make sure and stop by Ebates beforehand to earn up to 10% cash back on your bluetooth purchase.


February 3, 2009

planet-earth-blu-rayIf you heeded my advice from last week, you had a wonderful Super Bowl with an outstanding new HDTV. Congratulations! You're officially the talk of the town, and now able to experience HDTV heaven. However, no HDTV is complete without a high-def video source. That's right; I'm talking Blu-Ray. A Blu-Ray player is absolutely essential to any HDTV  or home theater setup; especially if you'd like to finally see what your TV is truly capable of. Just about any Blu-Ray player will do the trick, but some shows are better than others at putting the "HD" in HDTV.


February 1, 2009

zenith_converter_box.jpgI'm not sure if you missed it last week, but the big Digital Conversion switchover was almost pushed back a few months to help last-minute switchers get government-sponsored converter vouchers. Even though the Senate thought pushing back the deadline would be a good call for the many unprepared people who haven't watched a primetime television show in the last nine months, the House of Representatives shot down the deflection like it was a joke. As such, the deadline still holds, and those of you who still get their daily dose of TV through the literal airwaves are going to need to assimilate. Resistance is futile!

Or fertile! With the impending switchover coming in just a few weeks, there's never been a better time for you to take advantage of all the sales and discounts to get a brand new HDTV. Virtually all HDTVs manufactured nowadays feature digital tuners that will work like magic on February 18th, and your LCD/Plasma picture will undoubtedly be far crisper and clearer than anything you're used to. Because, let's face it, if you don't have cable, an HDTV, or a digital converter box already, there's a 90% chance you're not watching TV on half as good a set as you could (or probably should).

If you're finally ready to take that plunge, head on over to our HDTV page for some blogtastic top picks from myself for the HDTV season. I've even included a few places to nab a digital converter box in case you (or a friend) doesn't need to spend the big bucks today. For any and all Digital Transition questions, head on over to and learn all you need to about the switchover that will be happening all across America February 17th. As for now, go grab a great HDTV and get tons of free cash back with Ebates!


January 29, 2009

cards2.jpgWith the bulk of our HDTV series over, it's time to relax and get ready for the impending awesome that is your amazing new HDTV. If you missed out on our tips in the previous three installments (featuring HDTV info, hands-on research, and the final touches to complete your HDTV heaven), feel free to give them a peek to help you pick out the best HDTV for your last-minute football party, or just to help you choose your new 'tube any time of year. Now that the gruntwork's behind me, how about I let you in on my own experience picking out a great HDTV online?

Much like I recommended earlier, my HDTV quest started with a bit of research. For starters, I had to pick out which kind of a HDTV set I wanted. Would LCD or Plasma be the best for me? After a bit of reading, I opted to go for the LCD since my living space is rather well-lit, and I wanted the vibrant colors of the LCD over the black depth that makes Plasmas shine in dark settings. Also, since I tend to watch/play a lot of things like video games and news stations that have stagnant images that tend to "burn into" screens, I didn't want to take the risk of damaging my TV. The choice was clear; I just needed to figure out what TV was right for me.

Shortly thereafter, I hit the streets to see if the LCDs actually delivered. To my surprise, they did. Set after set, the HDTVs with LCD technology looked generally brighter and clearer than their Plasma counterparts; so much so that I still opted for the LCD after picking out a little "motion blur" on the majority of the sets. With that said, one brand consistently stood out as the cream of the crop (especially when price was considered), and that brand was Samsung. While this may come as a bit of a surprise to some, Samsung has been one of the foremost manufacturers of LCD computer monitors for years now. With years and years of LCD production under their belt, it's obvious that Samsung is doing something right with the technology, as their screens looked great at practically any size.

Samsung_LN52A650.JPGOut of all of the Samsung models, though, the 650 series stood out to me as the TV with the best bang for my buck. While the 750 and 850 models are fine and dandy (and include a few superfluous additions in the way of inputs and features), the overall image quality varies so little, they might as well be overpriced doppelgangers. The 650 series features outstanding 120hz technology that eliminated most motion blur and makes people look "more real than real," and has speakers that outshine the 850 according to many reviewers. The viewing angle was outstanding and the picture was superb; I just had to get it.

After picking out the model of HDTV that impressed me the most, I ran back to my computer to find the best price. After looking around at Best, Newegg, and even WalMart, I opted for Abe's of Maine for a few choice reasons. First, the HDTV was over $400 cheaper than in stores (and approximately $100-200 less than its online competitors) and featured free shipping. In addition to the free shipping, it included a free wall mount ($80+ value) and NO TAX. Toss in the $10 promotional code and 1% cash back, and I just couldn't say no. All in all, my combined savings came out to be somewhere in the $600-700 range just by doing my homework and shopping on the internet. Imagine how much you can save, too!

Within a week of ordering my HDTV, it was at my house. After gently unloading it from the shipping truck, I had a friend of mine lend me a hand with unpacking and setting it up in my house. It only took a few minutes to plug in the TV and unpack the remote, and viola! An HDTV of my dreams, in my very own home, with no dead pixels and no noticeable problems at all (knock on wood!). It's not too late to use in-store pickup and still save hundreds of dollars, so go get your big game HDTV before kickoff to ensure you have the best Super Bowl party yet!


January 27, 2009

Welcome back to our third installment of our four-part HDTV series on buying your perfect Super Bowl HDTV online! We started off the series by telling you some handy tips to know before picking out your high def 'tube last Thursday, and directed you to your local store on Saturday to find the most eye-catchingly beautiful set you could find. Today, we're back to seal the deal by finding the lowest price on your perfect HDTV.

The internet is a place filled with many websites; many of them nefarious, but the majority benign and/or useful. Aside from the wondrous land of Ebates, there exist myriad price comparison websites for you to check out and help you find the lowest prices on the internet.  Whenever you're looking to get any big ticket item over the internet, it's a smart idea to look for the lowest price at a website such as PriceGrabber or Froogle before coming back to Ebates to get your sweet, sweet cash back. Even though it's a few extra clicks you might not have done otherwise, knowing that Newegg has the same HDTV for $100 less than Sears (or vice versa!) makes it all worthwhile.

If you don't want to head out to other non-Ebates sites, there are a few places you should be sure to check for the amazing HDTV you found last weekend. When I discovered my dream HDTV (the Samsung 650 LCD HDTV) when I was looking at Sears, I had to check multiple retailers to find the best deal. Surprisingly, the lowest price on my HDTV wasn't found at the usual Sears, Best Buy, or Wal-Mart, but from internet-only retailers like Newegg and Abe's of Maine. Don't be afraid to try out a new, respectable internet retailer for your big purchase - with a little bit of feedback research at places like Reseller Ratings, you can get a great deal from a great, new place.

While these little tips may aid you in your search, there are a few big issues that everyone should take into account when getting a HDTV off of the internet. Thus begins today's installment of our series:

Ready to Buy? Last-Minute HDTV Preparations!

shipShipping costs
Make sure you're saving every step of the way!

Oh, shipping. The biggest burden facing any prospective big screen HDTV buyer, and rightfully so. Would you believe that some places want to charge you upwards of $150 to $200 just to ship a HDTV to your door? Absurd! Because of such ridiculous costs, it's always good to shop around at multiple retailers to see who has the best deal on shipping. The same HDTVs are sold at multiple retailers, so be sure to type in the model number at various stores until you find one with free/cheap shipping and a good price. Generally speaking, Abe's of Maine has free shipping on all HDTVs, but many other retailers offer similar discounts depending on the week. Abe's usually gives you a "confirmation call" to add on cables and other accessories, but as long as you stay strong and stick to your guns, you should be able to pull through just fine.

There are a few different kinds of shipping options available, and it's important to know what you're getting beforehand. The most basic form of shipping is ground shipping, which takes the HDTV from the seller's warehouse, onto a truck, and to your doorstep. In addition to basic shipping, many retailers offer a "premium" or "upgraded" level of shipping where your precious HDTV is strapped to a palette, placed in one truck, and driven to your door. Whether this actually makes a difference is debatable, as most retailers will replace sets that are damaged in shipping.

At the top of the shipping spectrum sits the mysterious "White Glove"  option; a shipping option so fancy, it's only mentioned in certain locales and offered at a most exorbitant price.  With White Glove shipping, you get the HDTV carefully delivered to your door, taken into the room of your choice, and unpacked before your eyes. The delivery company does almost everything, with one glaring exception: installation. It's still your job to plug things in and set up the surrounding area, but White Glove shipping is another option worth considering if you have the cash and want things done nicely.

A final note on shipping: you can use In-Store Pickup at a handful of retailers to save big on the outlandish shipping costs many of the "big box" stores tend to have. You can save huge at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Home Depot, and a few other stores by having your HDTV shipped to the store, so consider this option if you have a car large enough to shove an HDTV into!

Because that HDTV has to go somewhere!

Great! You've picked out the HDTV of your dreams, found the lowest price by checking a few websites, and even nailed some free shipping. Awesome! Now, where in the heck are you going to put it? That old rusty nail will not cut it, so if you're looking to mount your HDTV make sure to get a mounting kit along with your TV. Some retailers will occasionally have a free mount special included with the TV, but you should make sure it's the mount you want. Do you want it to tilt up and down, or pop out and swivel side to side? The choice is yours. Just make sure you have at least two sturdy studs on your prospective wall (unless you're mounting into concrete), and you should be good to drill in no time!

Another easy option is a nice stand. There's a stand for almost any kind of HDTV setup you can think of, but if you're looking for security as well as style, you might want to opt for a HDTV stand that comes with a mounting pole as well. This allows you to "mount" the TV above the stand, giving it a little extra security in case you're in an earthquake zone (or have children). Whichever way you mount it, make sure it's setup before you get there, and secure once mounted!

You wanted the best, right?

If you went out last week like I instructed, then you're ready to buy the best damn HDTV your eyes have ever seen (in its respective price range). However, you ain't seen nothin' yet. All HDTVs come with a stock picture that is good, but can almost always be made better with the proper tuning tools. Read up on fine-tuning your HDTV here, or pick up an incredibly useful tuning DVD/Blu-Ray such as Digital Video Essentials. It will help you get the most out of your set, and will take your new HDTV viewing experience to a whole 'nother level!

With all the knowledge you've amassed over the last few days, it's officially time to make your Super Bowl purchase of a lifetime! Check back in next week when we recap the wealth of HDTV knowledge, and I share my personal tale of succesfully buying a beautiful HDTV online!


January 25, 2009

Back on Friday, I started a little HDTV series to help you pick out the best HDTV for Super Bowl XLIII. However, it's not as easy as making a single recommendation to everyone who stumbles across this blog. Since we all have different rooms, different lighting, and different things that we want out of our home theater setup, it's important to do your homework before splurging on your big purchase. Because of that, I urge you to head back and find out what size and type of TV is right for you. After you figure out what you're looking for, you're ready for part two of our four part series:

Heading out to the stores!

There are no buts about it - the best prices to be had on a TV are found on the internet. However, with TVs being the fickle electronics that they tend to be, you can't always rely on reviews and manufacturers spec sheets, like you can with other electronic devices. Generally speaking, a DVD player or laptop that is powerful and has good reviews will work great for you, but when it comes down to something as objective as your perception of a "good" or "bad" image, you truly have to see the TVs with your own eyes. And since it's the weekend, why not get out of the house, get on your feet, and stretch your legs a little?

For this reason, I suggest you step away from the computer and do some hands-on research. Head on over to your local Sears, Best Buy, or any other nearby retailer stocking copious amounts of big screen HDTVs and write down whichever ones catch your eye. Of course, it's important to know that the displays on many of the HDTVs are not optimized for the best color or brightness, but there's no better way to gauge an HDTV's strengths and weaknesses than through your own eyes. With that said, there are some particular things you'll want to keep in mind when checking out the various sets, so read up before heading out for your weekend stroll!

ViewingAngle.jpgViewing Angle
Your HDTV should look good, everywhere!

Take a good, hard look at any HDTV in front of you. Now take a few steps to the right. And then a few more. Many HDTVs, especially low-end Plasmas, don't look very good when viewed from the sides. While the sweet spot will always be right in front of the action, you can minimize the distortion by picking out a TV that looks good from all angles.  Be sure to note any sort of color change, brightness decline, or fuzziness that occurs when you move around looking at the TV - if it looks  unwatchable in the store, your buddies will be just as disappointed when you bring it home.

tv_sharp1.jpgImage Quality
Clear! Not dark and blurry!

This one may be the trickiest to discern, but when looking at all the different HDTVs in front of you, which looks the best? Which one "pops" out to you? Do you notice any motion blur when objects move on screen? Is there any burn-in present? Even though the latter only really applies to Plasmas (and the second to LCDs), it's important to give stare long and hard at the HDTVs to get a good idea for which one is right for you. Don't be afraid to talk to the sales people and have them put on a Blu-Ray for you - the best way to tell whether or not a HDTV is worth the money is by pushing it to the limit, and if you're not blown away by the picture quality, you should move on to another TV.

Make that picture pop!

When looking into HDTVs, it's important to take into account the variables that make up the picture that you're seeing. While all of these variables can be tweaked on any TV to get a better picture when you take it home, a TV that looks exceedingly dull on the showroom floor probably won't look much better anywhere else. Talk to a salesperson and see if you can toy with the settings yourself - you don't want to write off a perfectly good HDTV if someone before you just happened to turn the brightness all the way down. As a general rule, plasmas have deeper, darker black levels than LCDs, and make a good purchase for areas with dim lighting. If you've got a bright den, though, the vibrant colors and mid-level blacks of an LCD might look just perfect for you.

samsung_quad_hd.jpgResolution and Features
Get the most out of your investment!

While you can get some great deals on big screen, low-resolution Plasmas, you should really opt to spend a little extra money on something nicer that will last you a while. Don't settle for a puny $500 32" 720p set when you can spend an extra $3-400 and get a nice 42" 1080p HDTV that's truly worthy of your front room! With the big Digital Conversion on February 17th looming right around the corner, you're going to need to upgrade anyway. Why not treat yourself accordingly?

The biggest numbers you're going to want to look into for your TV set are its screen size, and resolution. On most networks, HD TV is transmitted in 720p - the standard resolution that every HDTV can handle. However, there's something better -1080p - which is a resolution "beyond HD" that is exclusive to Blu-Ray movies and other "true HD" video sources. Your cable TV HD is nice, but a Blu-Ray movie on a nice 1080p HDTV should blow you away. If you aren't floored by your HDTV, you're doing it wrong, so make sure to examine all your options!

Remember kids: you can study the LCD vs. Plasma debate until your eyes burn, but the old adage "beauty's in the eye of the beholder" has never been truer than when it comes to HDTVs. For this very reason, the first step in choosing the right gameday 'tube is to do the footwork and get out there and find the perfect TV for you. Only then can you come back home to your computer - and Ebates - and save hundreds of dollars on the TV that makes the whole neighborhood drool on February 1st. Check back on Monday when I help you finally find that earth shattering HDTV deal,  and save you hundreds on the perfect Game Day setup!


January 23, 2009

Whether you're a student, "cube monkey", or rasterbator, printer ink has always been the lifeblood of any computing environment. But have you ever stopped to think how little ink fills those precious little overpriced ink cartridges everyone is wont to purchasing every few months? According to HP patents and a little internet research, picking up a gallon of HP's "black gold" would cost you over $8,000 a pop - shedding some light on why those tablespoons worth of ink in your puny ink cartridge can cost you over $32! Considering you could get almost 4,000 gallons of gas for the same price, there's always something to be thankful for at the pump!

CAN00001.jpgBecause of such exorbitantly high ink costs, few people are surprised to see the bevy of ink websites on, some boasting cash back percentages as large as 16 & 17%. What is surprising, however, is how much you can save by buying compatible, third-party cartridges online. Why spend upwards of $50 for a complete ink set in stores when you can get the whole kit-'n-kaboodle for almost half the price? These replacement ink jet cartridges even contain the all-important "reset chip" that allows your printer to accurately determine the amount of ink present in the cartridges - saving you the time and hassle of turning off your ink warnings in your printer settings!

Since this deal looks to be a bit too awesome, I've just picked up some much needed print cartridges from 4inkjets for my home printer and will report back with the findings. Many of my friends have had success with similar "imitation" brands and refill systems, so why not give it a go online? With such huge rebates to be had (as well as low, low prices), it was a no brainer for me to give it a try. Check back in a week or two when I follow up with my impressions of the ink - and to see if it holds up to the $8,000/gallon standard my printer came with!


January 22, 2009

Super_Bowl_XLIII_Logo.pngWith the AFC and NFC titles officially clenched by the Steelers and Cardinals (respectively), Super Bowl preparation has been officially kicked into overdrive! Sure, you'll need your chips, dips, and possibly some big ol' honkin' steaks to toss on the grill, but when it comes to The Big Game, one thing matters more than anything else: the TV. You can have the most delicious snacks and the comfiest couches in all the land, but if you can't see and feel the hits on the field, what's the point? When it comes to the Super Bowl, you have to go big or go home. And that's exactly why I'm here to talk about getting the biggest bang for your buck - with Ebates of course!

HDTV prices have been falling steadily over the past year, and there's never been a better time to splurge on the TV of the dreams. With the impending Digital Conversion coming on February 17th, you're going to need to upgrade or buy a conversion box anyways - so why not just sieze this opportunity for all it's worth?  By purchasing your TV over the internet (and through Ebates) you can save literally HUNDREDS of dollars on the exact same TV that you would find in stores - the only difference being that a truck brings the TV straight to your door instead of the store's! Many of us are a little reluctant to buy something so large and expensive over the internet, but I'm here to tell you that it's really not that scary at all! If I can do it, you can do it too, and there's no better time than now to cash in on all those pre-Super Bowl sales!

If you're looking for the ultimate gameday TV, it's obviously going to need to be something big and clear. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as opting for the "Awesome" model, so if you really want the best TV your money can buy, you're going to have to do a little research. Before you go and stare blankly at the hundreds of sets that litter your nearest big box store, find out which HDTV is right for you!

LCD vs. Plasma
The Big Decision

plasvslcd.jpgThe debate for the ages; which type of HDTV is perfect for you? While there may be no one right answer for everyone, there are some clear-cut advantages, and disadvantages to each that might help you pick out the right type of HDTV for your home. First, Plasma HDTVs have been around longer, and rely on a completely different technology to product their images than an LCD screen. You can read about the science of it, but the biggest differences most can tell between the two types of screens are their black levels. Since Plasma pixels have the ability to effectively "turn off" black pixels, while LCD pixels use the most power "emitting" black, a comparatively-priced Plasma almost always has a darker image. While this is a definite plus in dimly-lit rooms, LCD HDTVs generally stand out in brighter rooms because of their slightly more vivid image that stands out when compared side-by-side.

Personally, I prefer LCD HDTVs because of their ease of use with computers (and ability to be used as a completely competent and massive computer monitor), straightforward 1080p output, and lack of any image retention whatsoever. It's very hard to get a "burnt in" image on any TV nowadays, but LCD HDTVs are almost guaranteed to never suffer from any gaming or news-related image retention. Of course they do still have a little bit of image "trailing," or "motion blur," but the newer 120 hz models do a pretty decent job of mellowing it out.
There is a whole slew of other features to take into account, but figuring out what's best for your setup is what's most important. Do your research before leaving to check them out for yourself!

How big is too big?

sizechart.jpgChances are you'll want a big TV for the game. But how big is too big? Believe it or not, there really is such a thing. If you're less than eight feet away from your screen, a 52" monster in your living room will likely leave you with a headache after a short while. This handy chart will give you an idea of the ideal size for your living room, and allows you to better "guesstimate" the amount of funding you'll need for the the TV of your dreams. So break out that measuring tape and figure out the exact size of TV that is perfect for your digital den!

Price Range
Be thrifty, but be happy!

sagind.jpgLike it or not, the biggest determining factor in your HDTV purchase is price. Think about how much money you can put into your gameday account - in my opinion, you'll likely want to set aside at least $1000 for a quality HDTV over 40". You could get something as large as 46" for under $800 - but you certainly get what you pay for.  Remember: price points are only suggestive marks of quality, and there are multiple model numbers made by each manufacturer for you to take into account. Check out your finances and pick out a number, you'll already be saving hundreds off of comparative retail prices, so why not get something truly great instead of just "okay"?

By knowing how much you're looking to spend on the right size and style of HDTV ahead of time, you can make a much more educated decision when you finally go to look for the perfect display for Super Bowl XLIII. Check back Saturday morning when we return with the second part of our HDTV series, which will get you out of the house and (eventually) back onto the computer to find the best deal on the HDTV of your dreams!


January 20, 2009

Well blog, it's confession time! After last night's marathon gaming session, I believe that I can officially say that I'm addicted once again. But not just to any video game, mind you; this time, I'm addicted to Rock Band.

I'm no stranger to rhythm-based video games. In fact, I've long been a fan of the genre, dabbling in a few different styles on a handful of different systems. For the Nintendo DS, there's nary much better than the stellar import-only Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!! (or its English counterpart - Elite Beat Agents), and I've enjoyed BeatMania and Guitar Hero as much as everyone else. However, it's always been a bit of a solo affair - aside from the few Guitar Hero parties I've been to, it's hard to really get the "full experience" of rocking out with some friends.

Enter Rock Band 2.

While Rock Band 2 isn't anything new (in fact, it's been around for a year and recently ripped off by Guitar Hero as well), it is still new to me. I recently received my Rock Band box for Christmas, and let me tell you, it is a wonderful thing. As a person who has been banging on objects since I was able to use my hands, Rock Band's drums have finally given me the chance to become a drummer without waking up everyone within a five-mile radius. Likewise, the microphone and guitar are also godsends; even though I personally prefer the superior strum bar of the Guitar Hero controller, Rock Band 2's improved guitar controller just about levels out the playing field, and the microphone turns anyone into a karaoke master. In short, the entire set is great for anyone who has been playing Guitar Hero or other rhythm-based games, but wants to take the action to the next level by adding extra instruments and taking it to the "band" level.

As I mentioned last week, Rock Band 2 makes a wonderful party game for anyone - even beginners who have never picked up a plastic instrument before. My girlfriend, who enjoys playing the occasional game of Mario or other puzzle-based games, has been caught up in the Rock Band whirlwind as well. We've started up our own band, blown away leagues of skeptics, and earned hundreds of thousands of fans just by wailing away - what's not to like about that? It's even a game that the entire family can play, as was evident by our raucous late-night rock out with our cousins and friends who came by. While video games have long received a bum rap thanks to their solitary nature, Rock Band 2 brings everyone together in the name of rock - and there's absolutely nothing more fun than that.

If you have a video game system and want to bring your family or friends together, there's really nothing better than Rock Band for some good ol' karaoke gaming fun. It's sleek and simple design is a relief from Guitar Hero's gaudy interface, and the toned-down difficulty (which naturally ramps up once you get the swing of things) is suitable for even the most tempo-challenged of your friends. While everyone credits the Wii with bringing everyone back to video games, I feel that Rock Band can be just as immersive if done right; especially in the right settings. So go, grab some friends, and have yourselves a Rock Band party - I can't think of anything more fun on a chilly Tuesday night!


January 15, 2009

It's January, and do you know what that means? It's officially time for the majority of aspiring Americans to make complete fools of themselves, as American Idol has just snuck back onto the air! After a six-month hiatus, the star-studded cast of judges has finally resumed their search for America's eighth "secret superstar," and everyone wants in on the action. Even if you missed the auditions in your nearby hometown, you shouldn't let that hold you back from having the hottest set of pipes on the block. It's never too early to practice for next year's auditions, or to host your own American Idol themed party, so grab some Karaoke and get going!

Traditional Karaoke:

karaoke2.jpgLet's face it - few things go together like alcohol and karaoke. Unfortunately, heading out to your favorite karaoke bar will run you up a miraculous tab in no time - after a raucous night with the buddies, you're likely to have spent a good chunk of change on an intangible experience that only leaves you with a headache and embarrassment the morning after. Why not bring that enchanting experience home at a fraction of the price? Karaoke machines have been widely available for quite some time, but only in the last couple of years have they really become something that every party host should have at their immediate disposal. Nothing brings out the inner pop sensation in everyone like American Idol, but why should you limit yourself to a tiny little karaoke machine from the 80's? Upgrade to a real party-starter like this Singing Machine Karaoke Tower from Target - only  $259 for the ultimate karaoke experience!

Karaoke Video Games:

rb.jpgWhile traditional karaoke can be a total blast for some, in my opinion it's not quite for everyone. Unless there are copious amounts of alcohol involved (or, you know, you can actually sing...), standing up and making a fool out of yourself behind awful MIDI's of popular songs isn't exactly my cup of tea. Now playing fake instruments and sitting in front of a television all day? That's something I can get behind!  If you want to take your fake-singing experience to the next level, there's nothing better than a solid game of Rock Band or Guitar Hero to get the ol' juices going. Both Rock Band (1 or 2) and Guitar Hero World Tour are available for around $180 at myriad retailers across Ebates, but if you're looking for a "pure karaoke" gaming experience, why not give Lips or SingStar a go? Any of these games will get the party started, and are the perfect way to wind down after a heated American Idol viewing session.

With a bevvy of entertaining choices at your disposal, it's ultimately up to you to plan your next American Idol get-together. Will you turn it into a Rock Band night, with a full band cranking out chart-topping hits while living vicariously through your digital doppelgangers? Or will you opt for something a little more traditional, like a Karaoke machine and your own homemade Beer keg from Mr. Beer? Either way, your party is sure to be a hit if you put a little planning into it, and invest in something awesome. Now get to it!


January 13, 2009

If you're on the internet, there's a darn good chance you've got a router hooked up somewhere. Believe it or not, those little mysterious internet dispensers actually have a lot of things going on inside them - from minuscule amounts of RAM, to a little CPU, routers are basically toned-down versions of your big, bad PC. To further prove this point, a handful of people have even hacked their routers in order to run custom firmare and do all kinds of electronic trickery - the least of which expands your $60 netbox into a super fast, $600 routing machine.

But I digress.

Today is Tech Tuesday, and I can't help but share my amazement in the efficiency and power that is packed into the mundane little boxes that every household has nowadays. However, not all routers are created equal. There are multiple different signal strengths, bands (A, B, G & N; not to be confused with OBGYN), and models, so how are you ever going to figure out which little magic box will do the trick for you? Thankfully, sales come along, which always prompts a pinch of internet research, and it looks like this D Link DIR-625 router (currently $60 off at would pump up almost anyone's internet setup. With its innovative RangeBooster technology, the mysterious power of the "N" wireless band (which reaches farther and stronger than A, B, or G, and works with older networking cards as well), you'll be internetting faster and farther than ever before. Seriously.

Many of us got our routers in a bundle pack with our DSL or Cable modems, which are usually bottom-barrel products shoveled out to the big companies hoping you'll be none the wiser. Take this opportunity to upgrade your setup and pump up your internet - for only $60 shipped, can you really afford to keep using your shoddy connection? Maybe it's just me, but far too many routers out there constantly drop connections, need to be restarted, and don't reach as far as they should. This D-Link DIR-625 looks to change all that, and is a super steal for $59.99 this Tech Tuesday!


January 11, 2009

Let me tell you a story.

A not-too-long time ago in a kingdom resembling a major California city famous for being located on a Bay, a dashing young prince bought a cheap-as-can be DVD player. See, back at the castle, the prince's enchanted TV was not really all that enchanted, so it didn't make sense for the prince to spend his already meager finances on a high-end DVD player, so he got the most basic "all I can do is play movies" kind of DVD player he could find. This DVD player also came with a cursed remote. Apparently the dark wizard who assembled this remote was evil and sadistic, so he possessed it with an evil demon. In the first six months in which the dashing prince owned this DVD player, the cursed remote began acting funny.

Unfortunately, since this was a bottom-of-line DVD player, it did not come with Ye Olde Factory Warranty.

Alarmed at the prospect of facing a future where all he could do was turn the machine on or off, eject discs, and hit either play or stop, the dashing prince decided to take matters into his own hands. He suited up in his armor, opened up the cursed remote, and prepared to do battle. Apparently the evil demon which possessed the remote had caused the battery to leak, which lead to a breakage in the battery tab on the circuit board of the remote. Upon even further inspection, the evil demon had also detached an enchanted capacitor from it's spot on the motherboard. 

Undeterred, the dashing prince took up his trusty soldering gun and tried to repair the evils done upon the poor land of RemoteControlia. Some time later, the prince emerged victorious. The bewitched remote control had been restored, the dark wizard had been thwarted, and the demon from inside the remote had been exorcised. He went to celebrate with a tall glass of mead, a leg of mutton, and the boxed set of The Simpsons - Season Nine.

Long story short: soldering irons are fantastic if you have a general concept of circuitry and electronics, but should only be used by those who know how. Remember that opening up consumer electronics will void warranties, and you also have that nagging ever-present threat of electrocution which has a nasty side effect known as death.

soldering gun.jpgStill, if you know what you're doing and have the space to work, a soldering iron will pay dividends. For just $30, you can be repairing all your electronics with minor issues, mending broken wires, and wreaking general havoc. While there are very high end soldering sets out there, I have always been most comfortable with the traditional soldering gun, and recommend it as a safe and controlled starting point. Not only will you save money on electronics you can repair instead of replace (the green choice as well, might I add) you will also get 2% cash back when you use your Ebates account (the choice to save some green).


January 8, 2009

val0.jpgAs a general rule, I try not to use this blog as a soapbox to reach out for video game convertees. Sure, I'll toss the idea out every once in a while, keep you informed about a great title that could make your weekend, or just point our a few hot titles for the season, but I've yet to truly emphasize a game as much as Valkyria Chronicles. Not only is the one of the best games of 2008 (universally heralded by the pitifully few who played it), but it's a completely refreshing, unique take on a genre that I think too many have skipped over for all the wrong reasons.

For those who've yet to hear about this curious little title, Valkyria Chronicles is an anime-inspired Strategy Role-Playing Game (RPG) for the PlayStation 3. It tells the tale of Welkin Gunther, a 22-year-old university student-turned-tank commander who must lead his militia against the invading evil East European Imperial Alliance. It's 1935, and just as any historian would likely let you know, the Eastern European Imperial Alliance has been encroaching upon the peaceful Atlantic Alliance for years now. What began as a small group of soldiers making their way throughout the Eastern Bloc in the later 1920's steadily grew into a great hulking behemoth of an army that takes every city and country along their path, obviously hearkening back to the way Hitler came to power around the same time in our own worldview.

val1.jpg Valkyria Chronicles is a "Strategy RPG", meaning that you control multiple characters one by one against opposing forces. Usually this is done on a grid of some sort (restricting your movement to a set amount of squares), but instead things are handled a bit differently. Each character has a motion gauge that corresponds to their class, meaning that the weaker Scouts can move the farthest to examine their surroundings, while the trigger-happy Shocktroopers have a much more limited range to use to eliminate foes. Battle takes place whenever your unit is in range of the enemy: you simply press R1 to go into combat mode, "Square" to cycle through your weapons, aim, and fire. You control each character separately, yet each of their action follows one another seamlessly; miraculously invoking the feeling of what it would really be like to control an entire army advancing troop-by-troop through enemy lines.

val2.jpg Equally refreshing is the game's story, as it's surprisingly not something that's pulled out of the aether and tacked onto some haphazard anime characters - it actually feels like a living story you create and interact with on a constant basis. Instead of "feeling" like a normal video game with incessant battles and generic story lines, Valkyria Chronicles tells its tale through a virtual "storybook" that you progress through chapter-by-chapter, with events, dialog, and battles that flesh out the story that take place in bite-sized increments along the way. The artistic design is breathtaking from top to bottom, with luscious watercolor landscapes belying the gritty reality of wartime atrocities. After all, war is real. Battles are real. And when you launch headfirst into battles with the team you personally assembled from scratch, you feel it too.

Unfortunately, too many factors have played into Valkyria Chronicles selling less than 100,000 copies in the US since its release - a fate worse than death for any multi-million dollar video game company. Even though it's doing a pinch better overseas, the sad fact is that too many people are skipping over this original, beautiful title in favor of other holiday plunder, or putting it onto their "to buy" list in case there's ever a sale. To this I must cry: Don't! It's a shame when such an original game comes out and doesn't receive the recognition it truly deserves, as the video game industry needs much more games that take risks and innovate like this one. Give the free demo a try on the PlayStation Network, or pick it up from any one of our wonderful retailers (might I suggest for $56.99 with 2% cash back?). It's a stellar game that's worth even the tiniest bit of time, even if you don't think you'll care for it much. I know that I hardly care for Strategy RPGs myself, yet this game has me gushing more than a steamrolled pack of Gushers. Try it; you'll like it!


January 7, 2009

The Ebates blog prides itself on being able to offer both great products and great deals all week long, but occasionally we have to step outside of the box a little. As the resident Techmaster, it's my executive duty to stay abreast of all the goings-on in the electronics world. With the MacWorld Expo & Conference a few blocks down the road from our San Francisco offices, I couldn't help but pop in and see what kinds of Apple-related wonder the Moscone Center had in store. Even though some of these products can't be had on Ebates just yet, be sure to keep an eye on the Apple Store and iTunes for these neat new products from Apple!

First up: The 17" MacBook Pro!

macbook17.jpgAs the sole hardware upgrade to be unveiled at the MacWorld show, I couldn't help but feel like this was initially a bit of a dissapointment. With all the rumors of iPhone Nanos and shuffles, as well as a whisper or two about upgraded Mac Minis, we had hoped for something a little more innovative from the company that has prided itself on innovation since practically day one. With that said, it's important not to underscore just how great this 17" MacBook Pro is, especially when you consider that it's even more impressive than the nouveau MacBooks that we oooh'd and aaah'd over late last year.

The new heavyweight champion brings even more power, substance, and style to the MacBook family, while still retaining its established pricepoint of $2799. In addition to upgraded innards, aluminum unibody casing, and a larger screen (which includes a matte option for an extra $50), the 17" MacBook truly sets itself apart with its phenomenal battery life that sports up to eight hours on a single charge. If you're in need of a new, top-of-the-line computer, the MacBook Pro is certainly the best you can get from Apple.

Secondly: The Software.

ilife.jpgWhile the new product load at MacWorld may have been a little lighter than we expected, Apple's creative spark came through with major revisions to both their flagship creative suites, iWork and iLife. The feature-by-feature breakdown of all updates can be found here, but a few of the enhancements in particular caught my eye in the keynote. Firstly, the facial recognition in iPhoto. With hundreds of thousands of personal pictures to thumb through, who really has time to search through each one when looking for a specific event? Now you can have iPhoto scan your library for the same person based on what they look like - and then geotag the pictures to a specific location. It's a small, but wonderful, enhancement that will likely be emulated by other companies in the not-so-distant future.

Equally awesome are the little touches added to GarageBand, iMovie and Keynote, which all feature more interactivity than ever before. Now you can take music lessons with multiple popular artists, use your iPhone/iPod touch as a keynote remote, and easily create the perfect home movie with iMovie's Precision Editor and animations. Even though it's not as cool as a new iPhone, the upgrades are great improvements to Apple's prorgams, and should be a no-brainer when it comes to updating. Best of all, you can even order both at the Apple Store today!

Well, that about wraps it up! As you can see, there's a lot of exciting new products coming our way from Apple, as well as myriad gadgets, add-ons, games, and gizmos that are sure to come in the future. Don't forget to check out the Apple Store for pre-orders now, and check back later on this week for any other tasty tidbits of information we come across!


January 3, 2009

When constructing a gaming PC, a solid monitor is an integral piece of the proverbial puzzle that is often overlooked. Of course you'll need a great CPU, a powerful graphics card, and more RAM than wise men, but all your bits and bytes won't be worth a damn if you're stuck with some clunky CRT circa 1996. Why not bring your HD gaming upgrade full circle with something a little more...high tech like this outstanding 22" Asus LCD Monitor?

asus1.jpgWhile some folks might argue that all monitors are all the same, those poor souls would be hopelessly wrong. If you don't believe me, hop in your time machines and travel back to the year 2000 and give your old 16ms Dell monitor a go. Between the blurry images, the awful refresh rates, and the subpar contrast, most monitors nowadays blow your dusty old relics away. Aside from this Asus's impressive 22" widescreen display, it practically blinds the competition with its 1000:1 contrast ratio, beautiful color, and astonishingly fast 2ms refresh rate that's better than many pricier monitors out there.

When playing games or watching HD movies, you have to have a screen that can handle the action. From accurately presenting colors, to keeping a smooth and steady picture throughout the heaviest action, this Asus monitor will perform with the best of them. It also sports a DVI input for HD devices like Blu-Ray players, video game systems, and cable boxes; meaning you can eliminate some serious clutter in a small area. Heck, it even includes tiny, built-in speakers for those who don't care about audio quality whatsoever. What doesn't this thing have?

In the end, it's hard to pass up a solid monitor. It's even more difficult when that said solid monitor is $30 off with an *additional* $20 rebate; bringing it's once-lofty price of $219 down to a manageable $169. If you're ready to bring your game to the next level, there's hardly anything better than a spacious 22" monitor. Pop on over to Newegg and take a peek for yourself - a new monitor can make much more of a difference than you might think.


December 28, 2008

Many aspiring audiophiles undersell the importance of a quality set of computer speakers. After all, how much time do you spend plopped in front of your monitor a day? Why rob yourself of quality music-listening time with an inferior set of speakers that either overcompensate through obtrustive, muddy bass, or have highs that sound like they were hand crafted out of flotsam? Even though these Creative T20 speakers may be unimpressive when compared to some of the hulking 5.1 space stations you can get elsewhere, they pack a powerful punch in a small package that simply cannot be understated.

creative.jpg A month or two ago, I decided to look around for a nice set of 2.0 speakers. Having had 2.1 and 5.1 speaker sets in the past (that's [# of speakers].[number of subwoofers]), I knew what I didn't want. Namely, bass that shook my walls at the lowest settings, unwieldy amounts of speaker wire strewn across my room, and the hassle of mounting countless speakers in a small space. While both 2.1 and 5.1 speakers suffer from these problems, a nice 2.0 set is an all-encompassing set of speakers that pack both clear highs and thumping bass in one small package, and is perfect for the minimalist desktop I've always striven to have.

I looked into a few different sets of speakers before siding with the T20s. Even though the mid-range Bose counterparts looked nice, their sound didn't quite justify their extra $50. Likewise, the comparable Altec Lansings left me wanting a little more "oomph" than I expected. It was the T20s that packed the best overall sound for under $100, with an attractive exterior and small form-factor that I knew would perfectly match the rest of my desktop setup.

creative2.jpgThe beauty, and simplicity that comes with a nice set of speakers cannot be understated. Even though these speakers couldn't fill my entire living room with enough sound, they're perfect for a desktop/small room setup. The  BassXport sound hole provides enough air for the low-end thump, while the separate tweeters help to let the highs breathe without any interference from the more-than-adequate mids. While you could easily find a pair of far more expensive audiophile-grade speakers to beat these with ease, for a $90 pair of computer speakers, they perform admirably well.

If you're in the market for a nice set of desktop  speakers, I'd have little to no problem recommending these fully. For only $90 from BestBuy, these speakers would make a great last-minute gift (or after Christmas steal) for anyone. Consider it a Christmas gift to your ears!


December 24, 2008

While it used to be considered rather insensitive to give money for the holidays, retailers have taken the taboo out of not knowing what to get someone and turned it into something desirable. Thanks to the rise of the gift card, anyone can purchase them for any person, from any store, and for any reason. Beyond the holiday season, gift cards are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, you name it. Being that it's Christmas Eve and the frantic search for the perfect gift is over, now is the time to relax and enjoy the presents coming. In celebration of the receiving of gifts, here is a list of my most wanted Gift Cards, and the things I would buy with them.

Sephora Gift Card.jpg1. Number one on my list would be a gift card to beauty heaven, also know as Sephora. Although my attempts at make-up application have sometimes been frightening, I still enjoy the task of picking out the perfect shades of eye shadow, finding the best blush, and the greatest task of all, matching my skin tone to a new foundation. In a perfect world, I would receive a gift card in the amount of $500, but I'll happily settle for $75.

2. My second choice for must have Gift Cards is none else but Those of youMalababa Bag.jpg who have been faithfully reading my blog (bless you) will know all about my obsessive tendencies to hunt through this site on a daily basis. Top on my list of items from this mega cool website is the Filomena Bag by Malababa. Also known as the chicest of briefcases, this bag will be complimenting my outfits for decades to come.

Best Buy Zune.jpg3. The next give-it-to-me Gift Card is none other than electronics central; Best Buy. Before I go and state my case, let me preface by saying that when it comes to electronics, I don't see what the big deal is. Blue-Ray, HD, blah blah blah. A TV is a TV, and if you want to be "in the movie", then I suggest an acting coach and a ticket to LA. It's because of this attitude that I rarely step inside a mega-chain store such as this, but for the few times that I have needed an electro-improvement, Best Buy offers the biggest selection and the best prices. Topping my list is a Zune 120gb MP3 Player. Alas after five years, the iPod Mini is dying a very slow death, and needs some serious upgrading such as more music space and the ability to watch videos.


December 18, 2008

Your computer's mouse is often overlooked. I know mine is. In fact, the only time most of us even think about the mouse is when it isn't working properly.

slimblade.jpgHowever, today has changed the whole way I think about that silly little device that I spend half the day with my hand on. Today I found a killer deal at on the Kensington 72282 SlimBlade Media Mouse. It's a one day only sale, so I will be brief. Basically, this is a sleek wireless mouse with a trackball in place of the roller wheel between the two buttons as well as a built-in media controller on the bottom of the mouse itself. This means it doubles both as a mouse and a remote control for your computer if you play a lot of music or movies on it. Plus, this mouse which usually retails for $59.99 is on sale today for $20.99 plus 1% Cash Back from Ebates. There is another additional discount listed on's site for use with Paypal, but let me be perfectly clear on this:

If you make your payment through Paypal, we cannot gaurantee that you will get Ebates cash back for the purchase.

What makes it better is no matter how you decide to pay, you get it all shipped for free! So, act fast. I won't lie - I just bought one for myself. It's a great deal on a highly rated mouse that should last you for years to come!


December 17, 2008

Let's take a few minutes and analyze our home theater setups, shall we? Just how many electronic devices do you have hooked up to your TV at the moment? If you're like most people, you're probably looking at a TV, a cable box, a DVD player of some sort, possibly a receiver, and maybe even a videogame console or two if you're so inclined. As the number of electronics devices that populate our living areas increase from year to year, the amount of control juggling that goes into relaxing in front of the tube grows exponentially. For me, it takes three remotes,  four clicks, and two spilled drinks to even start my evening wind down, and that's not even counting the videogame controllers! Things are just getting absurd around my place, which leads me to believe that the Logitech 880 Universal Remote just might be my only hope for sanity.

logitech.jpgWhile any Tom and Dick Harrison can go out and grab an obnoxiously large and clunky universal remote from the corner store for $10, the Logitech 880 sets itself apart through its easy-to-navigate color LCD screen and intelligent PC setup, features that make it one of the best remotes out there. It's incredibly easy to use, remembers any and all necessary commands for a particular input, and even stores "favorite" settings to make your life that much easier. Want to push one button and listen to the CD in your CD player? Done. How about booting up your Xbox after an all-night DVD marathon? Even easier. Even though it may seem a little silly at first, the sheer convenience of having one remote to perfectly handle the handful of remotes you have strewn across your coffee table cannot be understated.

If you're ready to save some time, and give your fingers (and arms) a break from all the reaching and juggling, the Logitech 880 Infared Remote Control can be had from Newegg for $150; a small price to pay for a lifetime of convenience. This is $50 less than you can find it anywhere else, and includes free shipping, so hop on this offer before the free shipping won't make it to your doorstep by the 24th! It's the perfect gift for the gadget-laden guy/gal who has everything!


December 17, 2008

I'll come right out and say it at the top: I am obsessed with messenger bags. It's hard to say exactly why that is, but truer words have never been spoken. It could be the versatility, it could be the reminiscence of those few years of adolescence when all the cool kids wore their backpacks on one shoulder, much to the detriment of their posture and spinal alignment, or it could be the insinuation of a messenger bag that I actually use my bicycle much more than I actually do.

So here's my issue: I already own a messenger bag that I am completely happy with. At this rate, it should last me another ten years since there is hardly a sign of wear on it after three years of ownership and daily use. It has traveled with me to and from work every day. It has gone to Europe and back with me. It stands up to the rain better than I do these days. If nothing else, I suffer from complete and total product satisfaction, which means I don't need to shop for a new messenger bag... forever.

Now, if there is no reason to buy a new bag, or even shop for one, I will have to do the next best thing: I will blog about how great the bag I am interested in is.

Ever since I purchased my new MacBook, I have been seeking out a more intelligent way to transport it. I have a laptop sleeve which is a perfect fit for my much larger and much bulkier Dell laptop, but just doesn't seem like that great of a fit for the MacBook. That's why I have recently been eyeing Timbuk2's line of laptop messenger bags. I'm fond of them for a number of reasons, really. First, they are a San Francisco company. They started here almost twenty years ago, and even to this day, every bag is manufactured right here in the City by the Bay. They also offer both a number of pre-fabricated designs in addition to the option to design most every bag for your very own custom order.

Timbuk2 v1.JPGTimbuk2 v2.JPGThat means I can create something as simple and subdued as this black and grey bag (at left) or something as bold and eye-aching as this "interesting" creation I made (at right). Either way, check out all the great bag-designing options as well as the pre-made bags at Timbuk2, and save 6% on whatever you decide to design when you shop through Ebates.


December 16, 2008

As yet another Tech Tuesday dawns upon us here at Ebates, I started thinking to myself: what is something we don't talk about that much?  As I ran down the list of popular tech items in my head, I began to realize that we have done a pretty admirable job of talking about a lot of the in-demand products like GPS systems, computers, iPods and their countless accessories, and my personal fetish: headphones. However, there was one item that we have been rather remiss in our coverage of: cell phones.

See, here is the issue: most everyone out there these days either already has or doesn't want a cell phone. If you already have one, you are either content with what you have or you have just gone with the "free with the plan" phone. If you don't want one, you just don't want one. But with the latest round of SmartPhone releases, that is all changing. However, there are still two major issues that go along with that.

First: I don't know the first thing about BlackBerry phones. I don't know the models, I don't know the features, I don't know much beyond the fact that I see them everywhere on the bus, and people obsess over them constantly.

Second: I own an iPhone. A lot of people do, now that the prices have come down. I am completely enamored with it and think that it has revitalized the way I perceive the idea of a phone. But there's one big issue: you can't get them through an Ebates merchant. Yes, you can get them at Apple Stores and Best Buy, but both have to be purchased in-store so we can't issue cash back on them. So really it would just be taunting for me to write up how amazing and great they are if Ebates can't help you get one for less. (even if they are totally worth every penny)

g1 closed.jpgLuckily for everyone, I made a wonderful discovery today: Abt Electronics is now selling the Android G1 Smartphone online. This is that great Google-equipped phone that T-Mobile users can now purchase to make all their friends who got iPhones jealous. This phone is sleek, it's powerful, it has a touch screen (like the iPhone), and a QWERTY keyboard plus a trackball (like the BlackBerry), and it uses MicroSD memory, so its memory can be upgraded easily. I have to say, even among the "techiest" of people, this phone will turn heads. There are a few downsides including an inability to record video despite a 3.2 megapixel camera and the glaring lack of an input jack for standard headphones (you need to get a converter from the mini-USB jack so you can plug headphones in that way. But still, for $180, this first attempt is pretty sweet.

g1 open.jpgWhat's sweeter is that those of you who are devoted to T Mobile now have a phone that can stack up pretty respectably to the iPhone without having to give up your service provider loyalty, and unlike us iPhone devotees, you can actually score 2% cash back from Ebates by shopping at Abt, where as we are stuck without cash back in our accounts after buying our phones. Plus, it's got Google backing it up, so you know it will be inherently "smarter" than most "SmartPhones".


December 15, 2008

With yesterday's Cyber Monday 2.0 double cash back savings, many users saved big with increased cash back and the tons of sales. However, there are still great savings to be had! With just 24 hours left, TigerDirect's big Laptop Liquidation is perfect for anyone in the market for a great, affordable laptop before the holidays.

mini.jpgFrom a slew of netbooks and notebooks, to a handful of useful laptop accessories ranging from mice to cases, everything can be had with discounts ranging from $10 to $400! Most notable, however, are their highlighted HP Mini-Note's and Acer laptops. For only $299, you can pick up a brand new HP Mini-Note laptop, with a 92% full sized keyboard, SUSE Linux Enterprise, and included webcam - a $200 value! Admittedly, there are many a netbook on sale (including the spacious 120GB Acer One), but many of the competitors suffer from poor construction and/or a minuscule keyboard. The HP Mini-Note stands out on its own with it's flashy aluminum exterior, spacious keyboard, and Linux-based OS that is designed to run quickly and efficiently for all your mobile computing needs. Afraid of that infernal "Linux?" Don't worry! TigerDirect actually has a better deal on their super-equipped Mini-Note with more power, more ram, and Windows Vista for only $399 ($400 off!).

gate.jpgOn top of the netbooks, TigerDirect is featuring a handful of full-sized notebooks to fit whatever computing needs you may have. Check out the $499 Gateway laptop with a Digital HDMI out, the powerful 17" HP Intel Core Duo laptop with 4GB Ram and an XP Pro downgrade, and the surprisingly cheap $399 14" Dell laptop that would make a great starter computer for anyone on the go. Any way you look at it, TigerDirect's laptop prices are certainly affordable for all, so grab whichever one suits your fancy before they're gone!


December 12, 2008

With so many sales going on all over the Internets, how can you, dear reader, be expected to keep up with all of the madness? I spend the entire day looking for deals, and sometimes I can't even keep up with it all! But that's not to say I won't do my best to find the craziest holiday deals out there. Even though I'm completely inundated with all of the special sales and promotional deals to keep you spending throughout the weekend, in particular has a few fantastic gift ideas (bundled with fantastically low prices) that should fit the bill for some of your trickiest giftees. Take a peek at four of my personal favorite tech gifts, and be sure to check back next week for more great last-minute gift ideas!

Gift #1: Samsung S860Z Digital Camera
For?: Your favorite emerging, or exceedingly clumsy, photographer.

zcam.jpgDo you have a son, daughter, or especially clumsy friend that should never really have any portable electronic device costing more than $50? Then this particular Samsung Camera was MADE for you. Featuring 8.1MP of generous picture-taking power, 9x total zoom (3x optical and 3x digital), and a small form factor, the Samsung S860Z is an outright steal at $50. It takes clear, 640x480 video that's perfect for recording YouTube videos, home movies, and capturing even the most random and inane happenings on digital "film." Of course, you'll need a SD card to go along with it, but for only $50, this Samsung is a no-brainer for anyone asking for a simple digital camera. It's small, it's sturdy, and takes clearer pictures than some cameras twice it's price. What's more can you want than that? Search for it at and save!

Gift #2: Western Digital My Passport 2.5" 320GB External Hard Drive
For?: The adorable, tech-starved special someone in your life

wd passport.jpgWhile I'm not quite sure where external hard drives fit into the traditional gift-giving continuum (It's neither blue, nor new...), I can safely say that this is the best deal on a portable hard drive I have seen yet. If you need a little something that really says "I know you have a whole lot of (essential) crap that you like to take with you everywhere," nothing is better than this 320GB Western Digital 2.5" external hard drive at it's bottom-barrel price of $79. It's so small it will fit in your pocket, and so spacious that it will hold over fifty seasons of your favorite TV shows, 70,000+ songs, and close to three hundred movies in it's 2.5" chassis. Wow! Recently, I purchased a near-identical drive at a special "deal" site for $85, thinking it would never get much better than that. Now, comes along and offers up a superior model for $5 less. Amazing! Search for it at and save!

Gift #3: Westinghouse Digital Photo Frame
For?: The person who literally has everything.

zframe.jpgHello, friend! Are you tired of the hum-drumming of life? Have you given, and possibly received, practically everything under the sun for the last few holiday seasons? There's a slim chance you (or your giftee) may have one of these little unique desktoppers, but if not, the Westinghouse 10" Digital Photo Frame is the perfectly thoughtful gift that screams "I have no clue what to get you, but chances are there are some people you'd like to look at on your desktop." In case you haven't seen one before, a digital photo frame is like a little high-definition computer monitor for your pictures. You simply load up a folder of your favorite images, pop it into the digital frame, and choose to display one image, multiple images, or view a slideshow of your favorites with just a few button clicks. Thats it! No more annoying opening or closing frames or cropping images!

While it may seem slightly random at first, a digital photo frame is an easy gift to make "personal" by adding sentimental pictures, music, and movies before wrapping it. Best of all, this Westinghouse 10" digital frame will be sure to turn heads with its crystal-clear, high resolution display and stunning ebony finish. Show that you care, and save $30 while doing it with's rebate that makes this pricy frame an affordable $83 with free shipping. Search for it at and save!

Gift #4: Maximo iMetal HS2 Stereo Earset

For?: The musically minded iPhone or Blackberry owner.

imetal.jpgA product so nice, I'll blog it twice! The Maximo iMetal HS2 Earset is a godsend for thrifty iPhone (and Blackberry!) owners, as it's one of the few earsets out there that actually packs some thump for the buck. Sure, you could go ahead and drop $100 on a set of slightly nicer headphones, but, man! That's an extra $70! As an owner of multiple headphones, I can honestly say that this earset (or "canalbuds", as they are sometimes called) are a great deal for their price - which has just been knocked down 48% to only $36! These are ideal for iPhone-rs who like to listen to music and chat on the go, as the little "play" button is invaluable for switching/pausing songs, and managing phone calls without ever taking your phone out of your pocket. Additionally, the unique design of the canalbuds (which take a day or two to get used to) effectively cancel out almost all background noise, including obnoxiously loud bus chatter and subway traffic. For only $40, they're practically an impulse buy for anyone who needs a headphone upgrade.

In the end, these few holiday picks were just a handful of things I highlighted from the sales over at Poke around the website and see what you can find! Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to the holidays, so leave some comments and let me know what sweet deals you can find!


December 10, 2008

If you have an iPod, chances are you need somewhere to put it at night. Whether it's haphazardly tossed atop your nightstand, dutifully plugged into it's USB charger, or snuggled up alongside you as you drift off into dreamland, your favorite mobile music device needs a home. Unfortunately, most bedside charging devices are either A) relatively lame or B) ridiculously expensive, leaving many loved iPods to wander at night instead of getting the proper rest they deserve. Even though this LG Tabletop iPod Docking System usually fits into the latter category with it's normally hefty price tag, today Newegg has it on their Shell Shocker special for only $69; a cool $100 off its normal asking price!

football.jpgThe LG iPod Docking system (occasionally hilariously misspelled as the iPod Rocking System), packs a surprising amount of features in its tiny football-shaped footprint. Behind its mysterious black front, the Docking System houses a fully functional alarm clock, equipped with a red LED display, snooze button, and sleep timer with multiple options to wake from it's multitude of sources. I say "multitude of sources," because this little alarm clock has a hidden top-loading CD slot, an HD radio tuner for crystal clear (and free) HD radio, and even sports a USB port compatible with USB Media Host that gives you easy access your entire digital music library. Oh, and of course, it plays your iPod like it's going out of style.

Considering all the silly markup on iPod-compatible items, you'd normally have to pay twice as much for a clock that does half the things that the LG Docking System does. It's a solid deal at $169, and is downright unmissable for $70; especially when you factor in Newegg's free shipping on this slightly hefty item. It's a one-day, "Shell Shock"-ing deal, so don't wait until tomorrow to pick up this perfect Christmas gift - I guarantee it will be gone (or at least $100 more).


December 9, 2008

I'm an interesting anomaly: as a normal red-blooded teenage male, I was never much of a speeder. Even throughout my twenties, there were few instances in which I really opened things up and dropped the hammer on my accelerator. Perhaps it had more to do that all the cars I've ever owned started to shudder and feel like they might fall apart if I get much over 75 mph.  My two best friends growing up, however, had lead feet and the cars to satisfy their need for speed. In the years since our reckless youth, they have gone in different directions, though; one has continued his adrenaline quest and has broken two work cars in the process. The other wised up and purchased a radar detector so that he can safely pick and choose when to put the pedal to the metal.

It is in the spirit of the second friend (since we here at Ebates never recommend putting company property in risk) that I bring this little beauty to your attention: radar detector.jpgthe Whistler XTR-105 Laser-Radar Detector.  This little beauty comes highly recommended at picking up pesky police cruisers from great distances, so you have ample time to safely apply your brakes and return to the speed designated by the law of your state. The best part is, Newegg is practically giving these away: they are selling for just $34.99, marked down from $79.99 with free shipping. That's a savings of over 55%, plus the 2% cash back you get from Ebates.

Now, remember folks, that posted speed limits are the law, and I do not in any way, shape, or form endorse exceeding the speed limit or driving erratically. If you drive above the speed limit, radar detector or not, you run a high risk of getting pulled over and ticketed. And you should, because you're breaking the law. So, speed at your own risk, but if you're trying to stack the deck a little, this gizmo could be just what you're looking for.


December 8, 2008

Readers, I've voiced my love for all things related to extreme storage here on this blog more times than I can count. Whether it's related to my clinical download-itis, which leads to me hoarding everything I've obtained since second grade, or simply about my desire to never run out of space during a 2 AM downloading binge, nothing makes me as warm and fuzzy inside as a downright steal on a spacious hard drive. But today, the unthinkable has happened: my never-ending desire for all things spacious has finally been satiated. For today, Seagate has officially blown my mind with their massive, hulking 1.5TB Barracuda Hard Drive.

TSD-1500AS-Main01-JH.jpgWhen this 1.5TB drive hit the market a few months back, I was taken aback at it's ridiculous size, as well as Seagate's ability to create a drive that was so cost-effective for its size. Considering that most large-capacity drives tend to be more expensive than they need to at launch, Seagate bucked the trend by pricing it at an affordable $159 or so at a handful of retailers. Unfortunately, many of these early drives suffered from some bizarre errors, including freezing computers, refusing to format, and just generally not being recognized by the operating system. Thankfully, Seagate resolved the problems in the latest batch of hard drives, and even put out a firmware patch for old drives that ran into any problems. Thankfully, Seagate's drives come with one an unparalleled five-year warranty, so if anything does come up down the line, you can rest assured knowing that things will be taken care of.

I know what some of you may be thinking: What in the name of all things holy will I ever do with 1.5TB of disk space? The better question is: what can't I do with 1.5 TB of extra disk space? Toss it into your computer, grab an external enclosure, or just snatch it up for the next time you need it, because you can never have too much disk space on your computer, especially when it's only $139.99 with free shipping from TigerDirect. Considering that comes out to just about $0.09 per gigabyte, there's truly no better deal out there. Grab it with free shipping today!


December 5, 2008

Ah, the first weekend of December. The cool, crisp wintry air, the fallen leaves, and the first real glimpse of the holiday season. It was exactly one week ago that we had the huge, crazy rush of Black Friday (along with its equally busy sibling, Cyber Monday), and it seems to me this weekend is going to be one of two things:

  1. jr.jpgA continuation of last weekend's madness, as all the rational people who weren't crazy enough to get up at 4 a.m. for sales head out to the malls and shopping centers.
  2. The final relatively mellow weekend before last-minute shoppers trample over one another for the last Elmo Live to be had before Christmas.

Either way, the beauty of Ebates is that you don't have to wade through the lines and play the guessing game of what's going to sell out first. With our (literally) virtual bevy of stores and items, you can always find a great sale almost any day of the week. This weekend, J & R is having a superb sale on all things electronics. Whether you're looking for a new, portable hard drive to take all your movies and music on the go, or picking up a travel mouse and a Wusthof 8418 8 Piece Knife Block Set, J & R surprisingly has it all on sale!

hdd.jpgPoking around the five pages of deals, a few things jump out to me as a great deal. Firstly, the Buffalo Technology 300GB 2.5" hard drive. Just a few weeks back, I picked up a similar 320GB drive from another website for over $85, and I haven't seen anything come close since. This is simply a great deal on such a small, spacious drive, and is a perfect companion for anyone on the go. With it you can take all your movies and music with you, making updating your iPod, watch movies, and show off family pictures on the go easier than ever before. It's small enough to fit in any purse or briefcase, and at just $69.99, is a great deal considering the instant rebate, no tax, and free shipping.

camera.jpgEqually impressive is the Olympus Stylus 12-megapixel digital camera, on sale for $149 (down from $349.99).  Many photographers have said that 12-megapixels is right about where there's almost no discernible difference between physical film and a digital pictures, meaning your pictures will come out just as good (if not better) than your old point-and-shoot ever did. Better yet, the Stylus 1200 includes Olympus's TruePic III Image Processor, found in many of their expensive top-of-the-line SLR cameras for a fraction of the price. It's a great holiday bargain for anyone looking for an upgrade/replacement for their camera, so give it a peek!

Whatever you're looking for, there's a ton of good stuff on sale over at J&R this weekend. Most importantly, with under 20 days left until Christmas, everything you order on sale should be able to make it to your house before the 25th with their Free Shipping! So act now, before prices go up and shipping gets more pricey as the shopping days dwindle down! Oh, and don't forget that with Ebates you'll get 3% cash back on all those great sale items!


December 2, 2008

With the holidays just a few weeks away, the crunch time is approaching faster than a snowball tossed off a mountaintop. Given the economic crunch so many are feeling, some people are thinking twice about spending big cash on the newest electronics out there, and videogame systems are no exception. While I personally vouch for the utter awesomeness of the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, it's important to know your roots too! That's why a great system like the PlayStation 2 shouldn't go unnoticed - especially with a great bundle for only $139, and it's vast catalog of over 1400 titles.

Over at, they have a special "Cyber Week" black PS2 bundle with the excellent Lego Batman videogame that's fun for the whole family, and a special Justice lego.jpgLeague: The New Frontier featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more! Best of all, it even comes with a $30 Wal-Mart gift card that you can use to buy another controller, some more videogames, or even a new set of slotted spoons for your kitchen! Considering that a PS2 generally goes for $129 without any games, and the bundled games and card would cost you over $60 purchased separately, this deal is sure to go fast. And thanks to Ebates' Holiday Double Cash Back, you'll even receive 2% cash back! Not a bad way to kick off (or wrap up) your holiday grabs! Just head on over to Wal-Mart and search for "PlayStation 2 $30 bundle" and pick yours up before it's gone.

After all, who doesn't like videogames, Legos, or Batman? You just can't lose with so much awesome bundled with so much savings!


December 2, 2008

Greetings readers! Today we embark on a new adventure in Ebates Blogland: video blogs! That's right, instead of having to wade through everything that I write, you get to sit there and listen to me talk (if you so choose) instead. So sit back, enjoy, and let me know what you think. We are hoping to make this a regular feature here on the blog, so I'm curious to hear what you folks have to say. 

If you like what you see (the computer, not Bill), swing by the Apple Store page at Ebates and check out the whole new line of products they have available while getting 1% cash back on all your purchases.


November 20, 2008

This holiday season, it's High Definition or nothing. As I've mentioned a handful of times in the blog, I'm a big fan of advancing technology, but can't always participate thanks to the initially high prices. I doubt I'm alone in feeling that way (especially with today's economy), but there's good news for all of you on the fence about upgrading to Blu-Ray, the (current) future of movies, television, and more. While many thought that the Blu Ray price point wouldn't be falling below $200 this year, one latecomer to the Blu-Ray scene has changed that entirely. Behold, the phenomenally inexpensive Memorex MVBD2510!

MVBD2510.jpgInexpensive you say? Under $200 you question? But how can this be? To be honest, I haven't the foggiest idea how Memorex managed it, but the MVBD2510 Blu Ray Player is on sale at today for just $136.99. That's right - UNDER $150! As a gamer and occasional movie-watcher, I personally couldn't let the value of the PlayStation 3 pass me by a few months back with it's next-gen videogame capabilities and included Blu-Ray player. But now with a perfectly cromulent Blu-Ray player under $150, even the most miserly stickler can finally hop on the High Def bandwagon and enjoy the ride - all for just a fraction of the format's initial cost.

Now, to truly take advantage of all of Blu-Ray's 1080p High Def glory, you're going to need a HDTV with an HDMI port to connect this badboy to. Assuming you already have one, what's stopping you from finally experiencing the Blu-Ray difference now? This inexpensive player has most of the features in players twice its size (save for the [arguably] needless Blu-Ray Live! feature), so if you're looking for the perfect entry-point to Blu Ray, look no further the Memorex MVBD2510. Since the drive is relatively new, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it if you pick one up for the holidays!


November 14, 2008

Everyone who knows Ebates knows that you can earn cash back on practically everything under the sun. From the delightful chaos of AndreasInc, to the blingin' storefront of Zales, we're one of the best ways to get money back from your everyday spending. But what about the more intangible aspects of your digital life? While Bill pointed out the great cash back opportunities to be had in our magazines category, another overlooked top-earner are our various software merchants tucked away in our Computers category!

While what they sell may not always be obvious by their title, buying direct from the software developers is a great way to both save money through Ebates, and make sure that your money goes right to the people that are responsible for making the software you love. Here are a handful of the 10+ software merchants with their sweet, sweet cash back savings!

Quicken (7% cash back) & QuickBooks (3% cash back)
As Benjamin Franklin once famously quipped, "In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes." As April 2009 looms just a few months down the road, it's time to start getting your finances back into check. If you aren't on top of your expenditures all year long, how can you be sure all your precious money is going where it needs to be? And how will you be sure you're getting the most back from the government when tax time comes around? Quicken and Quickbooks make a great combo for anyone looking to get their finances in order, and will also save tons of money in the long run on expensive tax services. Start organizing today!

Adobe (6% cash back)
Many of us take for granted how much Adobe's software helps us every day. From the ubiquitous Adobe Flash and Shockwave multimedia programs that make websites like YouTube run, to the amazingly powerful Creative Suite that includes necessities like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Premier, you simply cannot deny the powerhouse that is Adobe. Considering that nearly every computer in the world runs at least one Adobe program, this is a great way to save on some everyday purchases with 6% cash back.

Nero (5% cash back)
Like burning your favorite CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays? Nero can help you do it better! With software dating back to the very first age of snail-paced CD recorders, Nero has been helping you put your files, movies, music, and more on discs for as long as you've been able to. With their newest Move-It and Liquid TV/TiVo software, they've opened up a whole new world of multimedia potential. Few programs out there match up to their eponymous software bundle, which includes practically every utility you'll ever need for creating disk images, copying discs, rewriting RW discs, and much, much more. Whether you're looking to upgrade to the latest software, or simply make your digital life a little easier, Nero will help you and save you 5% cash back!

Parallels (12% cash back)
Have a mac? Need a PC? Parallels is exactly what you're been waiting for. While Apple's included Boot Camp program is a nifty thing to have to see if you want to dual-boot both Mac and Windows, Parallels is the program that really makes it happen. Allowing you to freely switch between both operating systems at a drop of a hat, instead of having to restart to choose different operating systems and partitions, Parallels actually allows your Apple computer to live up to all of its powerful potential. Try it today; you won't be able to go back to Boot Camp ever again!

Transparent Language (10% cash back)
While there might be myriad language-learning software out there on the market, few match up to the simplicity and effectiveness of Transparent Language. With a wide rage of products ranging from KidSpeak, which lets your child play and learn with fun, native-speaking, foreign characters, to Byki Deluxe 4, which lets you perfect your accent with native speaker sound, test yourself, and take lessons with you on your iPod, Transparent Language is a great way for anyone to pick up over 50 languages. And, with 10% cash back, you'll save a phenomenal amount doing so!

Man! All these great software packages make me wish I had more time to play around with computers! I suppose the eight+ hours I spend poking around the internet would be enough for most, but I just can't get enough. If you can't find the product you're looking for on the list here (or tucked away somewhere else in our Electronics Category), try taking a peek at Nothing but Software; a website that does exactly what it implies. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Install something new for me!


November 7, 2008

Out of curiosity, how many of you out there are reading this post right now on a desktop PC? Now, be sure to raise your hands high so that I can('t) see you. Alright! What does that make, twenty of you? That's more than I expected. As you've probably noticed, desktops aren't really the most in-demand item out there for most, but in my opinion, they're still an important item that everyone should own. Why? Well, in addition to  having a home workstation and backup for all your files, desktop computers make wonderful media centers to store all of your music, movies, and games on. With a little finagling, even the most technologically-challenged can have a tiny little PC discreetly set up in the living room for everything they can imagine.

Even if you do have a bulky old PC set up at home, a mini PC like the ones sold by Shuttle will save you serious amounts of desktop space and work perfectly as inconspicuous media centers. The Shuttle NeweggSG31G2 pictured to the right is sold from Newegg as a "Barebones PC": an incomplete computer waiting for you to put on your finishing touches. While other companies want to sell you a finished product that may not be exactly what you're looking for in a computer, barebones PCs come with a few basic parts and leave the rest up to you. Included is a power supply, case, and a motherboard. Up to your discretion is your optical drive, RAM, hard drives, graphics card (optional) and your computer's processor. This means that you can spend as much, or as little, on your components as you'd like, and end up with a finished product that is exactly what you want. Of course you'll want to make sure you buy compatible parts (which can be found at the Shuttle website), but most newer components will work just fine. If you look around the reviews on Newegg, you'll get an idea for what components have worked well for people in the past.

Sadfasfasf So how does this all translate to a minuscule media center that will suit all of your needs? Simple! After picking out all your components (like a terabyte hard drive, that Blu-Ray drive from yesterday, and an Intel dual core processor), hook the computer up to your HDTV using its VGA port, DVI port, or by buying a DVI to HDMI cable (sold separately). This will display your normal monitor-sized image full screen, allowing you to watch your downloaded movies, TV shows, and more like you would on your regular TV! Toss in a TV tuner card, and you even have a homemade DVR for cheap! Wow! All with impeccable style to boot.

Superstock_1439r143029 Now, I know many of you out there are a little intimidated by the internal thingamajigs lurking under your computer's chassis. I don't blame you! Until you really get your hands in there and tinker around a bit, it's hard to see how simple inside computers really are. Aside from the few slightly fragile components like RAM and video cards (which easily pop in place with a bit of pressure), internal components will easily withstand the bumblings of a novice. Once you get in there, installing components is as simple as putting together legos: you take your part, find the requisite cable, and plug it into place.

Technology is all about trying new things and wandering outside of your comfort zone, so consider building a PC that is perfect for you this weekend. Whether you're building a system for $500 that blows your prior desktop out of the water, or just want a little something to stream media from another computer to your living room TV, these little Shuttle PC's make a wonderful addition to any nerd's home. The fancy SG31G2 pictured above is even $30 off right now from Newegg, so grab yours today and get to building!


November 6, 2008

Who knew that computers would be the easiest way to jump into high-def video? I didn't. In prior generations, the best bang for your buck usually came in the form of dedicated video players. Generally big and bulky, these old-school players have always been around for everyone to use, with few (if any) low-cost options available. With today's technology, however, getting fancy HD Blu-Ray playback is as easy as upgrading your computer's CD drive.

Sadfasfasf Even though it's probably not for those without a smidge of computer know-how, the Lite-On Blu-Ray DVD-ROM drive is a killer steal for only $90 shipped from Newegg. Compared to the cheapest stand-alone drives out there, which will still run you over $200 on special, the Lite-On drive is both a bargain and a no-brainer. You'll have to put it in yourself and need a computer that can handle the software, but that shouldn't stop you! Installation is simple, and most computers created within the last couple of years should be able to handle the drive with only minor changes or additions (double check around the internet to be sure). Even if you do have to bump up your system a little bit, the added bonus would pay off in terms of performance and power, letting you play more games and giving you a crisper image for practically anything you'd want to watch on your computer. Plus, it'll play HD-DVD's, regular DVD's, and burn DVD's & CD's with ease!

Sure, it might be a bit of a specialty item, but for those wanting to turn their computer into a DIY home theater system, this Blu-Ray drive is a great way to save a chunk of cash. You can even hook it up to a compatible LCD HDTV to watch your Blu-Ray movies on a screen that's bigger than your monitor. Just head on over to Newegg and search for "Lite-On Blu-Ray drive" and pick the one with the $10 off coupon. You'll be saving and movie-watching in no time!


November 5, 2008

Considering how much I love video games, it's a shame I haven't taken the time to point out a few choice titles for the holidays yet. Even though there's still a huge handful of games coming out before the holiday season hits in full force, it's important to grab the hot titles and systems months before to make sure they end up under the tree (or in a box, or next to a menorah, or haphazardly gifted to the person next to you). Few products have been hotter than the Wii over the past few years, and the Wii Fit Balance Board is a must-buy add-on for practically anyone with the system.

Wiifit20080415021213133000In case you missed all the hubbub a few months back, Wii Fit is a video game that focuses on getting you in shape and keeping you on top of your exercise regimen. By utilizing the innovative Wii Balance Board (included with the game) to calculate weight, body mass, and body position, Wii Fit is much more than just a video game or workout video. It's an interactive experience that makes sure you're doing your workout correctly while keeping track of your daily progress, giving you that little extra push to reach your goals. If you get tired of all the working out, Wii Fit includes a handful of mini-games ranging from skiing to soccer that utilize the Balance Board in clever ways. More and more games (like We Ski and the newest Rayman Raving Rabbids game) are using it for an extra interactive fun, so think of the extra cost as an investment for extra fun down the line.

Since Wii Fit is still a hot-ticket item that's tricky to find in stores (and will only get more difficult as the Holiday season builds) simply finding it online at regular price is a deal in itself. When you add in Ebates' cash back, however, then you can really get a steal! If you're looking to get a hold of this hot holiday ticket, don't walk, RUN (figuratively, via the internet) over to Best Buy and type in "Wii Fit" to grab it before it's out of stock. Go! Go! Go!


November 3, 2008

Riding in on the wave of Neopets, Tomogatchis, and other inanimate-objects-turned-animals, Tekno the Robotic Puppy has been warming hearts and saving furniture since 2000. With a host of changes, innovations, and a new paint job, Tekno is back and ready to be your favorite canine substitute. Better yet, he's more affordable than ever thanks to, and the magic of Ebates!

202998994 Instead of being another simple remote controlled animal, Tekno actually reacts to sound, sight, touch and even plays with you like a real dog. He'll fetch his magnetic ball, comes when called, and even needs his bone (as well as a few AA batteries) for sustenance. If he's hungry, cranky, tired, or happy, Tekno lets you know by expressing his emotions through his eyes and ears. While being voice controlled and interactive is awesome enough for most, Tekno even communicates with you via his translator and will let you know if he needs his bone, ball, or just some good ol' fashioned TLC. No dog you have to feed, bathe, and clean up after is as easy as Tekno!

With Ebates' holiday special just getting into full swing, it's officially time to start collecting your holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Tekno would likely make any kid squeal with delight, and is currently on sale for 50% off at; making him only $25 with free shipping. Considering his wide range of emotions, actions, and suggested retail price of $50+, Tekno is a great grab for anyone looking for an extra toy, or a little companionship. Get your shopping done early!


November 1, 2008

After a long, hard week at work, there's nary a better way to unwind than with a good video game. Paired with a refreshing beverage, some snacks, and maybe even some friends, video games make the perfect form of escapism that we all need from these trying times. When the economy, unjust propositions, and  generally tumultuous political climates get you down, why not remind yourself that things really aren't that bad yet? After a bit of intensive research, I can qualitatively say that the best game to keep morale going would have to be Fallout 3.

Dsaadsdsa_2 As a series that has only become more plausible over the years, Fallout 3 is a game that couldn't come out at a better time. Set some 200 years into the future, the Fallout series has been giving us a taste of nuclear ramifications since its PC debut back in 1997. Fallout 3 carries in its predecessors epic footsteps by giving you a massive (and apocalyptic) open world to roam around in and experience firsthand. As a young inhabitant of a fallout shelter, you must set off on a grand adventure to find your father, whose disappearance looks to have something to do with the Enclave; the elitist and genocidal remnant of what used to be the United States Government. Regardless of its somewhat ironic premise, Fallout 3 has garnered rave reviews from publications worldwide thanks to its customizable, open-ended, and deep gameplay experience; all elements are very reminiscent of publisher Bethesda's prior game, Oblivion.

Even though new PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games rarely deviate from their $60 price point, has Fallout 3 on sale for $56.99 ($46.99 for PC) with free shipping and 2% cash back through Ebates. With the weekend in full swing, why not treat yourself to a little apocalyptic R&R? Who knows, it could be helpful research into the near future someday.


October 31, 2008

In today's digital age, there's no such thing as too much portable memory. Whether you're looking to cram every last picture you've taken in the last seven years onto a memory card, or just looking to transport a few movies from place to place, it's always nice to have a good SD card on hand for whatever comes along your way. With today's ridiculously cheap prices on SD cards, there's no reason not to upgrade your camera with more portable memory; making this super sweet free shipping deal from Newegg a snag that none should over look.

2013447403It wasn't long ago that the price of flash media actually dropped below physical film (regardless of whether or not you actually reused the memory cards in question). In their infancy, XD cards, SD cards, Sony MemorySticks, and other memory cards were unspeakably expensive for their size. I remember paying over $40 for my spacious 1GB memory card just a few years ago, and today's deal blows it out of the water faster than a ticked off Killer Whale. Oh, how things have changed! Today you can grab a Kingston 4GB SD Memory card for only $6.99 from Newegg , which includes free shipping and 2% cash back! 4 GB of space will comfortably hold thousands of high-quality digital images, and yet it'll only set you back as much as a couple rolls of film. Why not?

At this price, you can even think of the Kingston 4GB SD Card as a cheap backup alternative to DVDs, CDs, and other removable media that can be scratched or easily broken. Paired up with a cheap SD card reader (or the one included on most laptops), this 4GB works just as great as any other flash drive for transporting documents, music, videos, and just about any other form of data. It'll even makes a speedy hard drive expansion for your solid state-equipped Netbook in a pinch! Even if you just use it for a projectile to be tossed at coworkers, you simply can't beat such a sweet Free Shipping Friday deal.


October 30, 2008

When shopping for a laptop, processor speed, hard drive space, RAM, and graphics cards are all important things that should factor into any purchase. What's often overlooked, however, is style. For instance, how well does your laptop fit into most Star Wars scenes starring C3P0 or set in Lando Calrissian's cloud palace of Bespin? If your answer is "not very well", and you value both performance, price, and kitsch, there should be nothing stopping you from picking up Asus's blingin' new laptop.

Laptop As a computer that stands out for it's distinctive copper and black stylings, some may be surprised to hear how much power is under its futuristic hood. At a special $699 for 4GB ram, a speedy 250GB SATA hard drive, and a dedicated Nvidia 9300 graphics card, this laptop is one of the best bangs for the buck out there. It even includes a HDMI port for high definition gaming and movies, and an eSATA port for super-fast file transfers between your computer and any external hard drive that supports it. All of these little bonuses are usually found in computers with double the price tag found here, so budget-minded gamers, movie watchers, and multitaskers should snag up this snappy deal before Best Buy takes it off its $150 special. A simple search of "Asus Copper Laptop" will net you this penny-colored beauty, but that's not all we have in store for you today. No, today we have a double deal!
Even though I'm the resident tech master, it's always important to toss in a bit of style to counteract all of the circuitry underlying my posts. A well-rounded man must always be dabbling in something new, and that's why I present to you these matching Y-3 Low-Top Boxing Sneakers from eLuxury. Designed with both the ring and the fashion-forward Star Wars fanatic in mind, these shoes feature a timeless Olympian style that has been retrofitted for the everyday denizens of a galaxy far, far away. On top of their impeccable style, these Y-3 sneakers feature padded insoles and a leather/suede lining that are sure to remain comfortable for ages to come. Normally $250, the Y-3's are even on sale for $175 - a small price to pay for a style that is both timeless and out of this world.

Whichever option you choose, know that your great deal is made even sweeter with over $10 in combined cash back savings. Act fast, before these intergalactic specials become grand legends of yore in galaxies far, far away.


October 29, 2008

Wii That's right! Grab your credit card and get your fingers ready, because Best Buy actually has the Nintendo Wii in stock right now for only $249.99! While that's not actually a sale on the stock price of the console, it's extremely difficult to get the system without any $100-300 worth of unwanted games or accessories at any time of the year. On top of the bundle savings, going through Ebates is the only way to get 1% cash back on this perennial blockbuster, so grab it before your neighbor, your grandma, and your grandma's grandma does!

Whether it's a steal for you, or a holiday gift for a friend, head on over to Best Buy and search for "Nintendo Wii" to get your early present before it's gone!


October 28, 2008

With laptop computers being all the rage nowadays, computer monitors have become more of a niche item than a total necessity for basic computing. Even though they can double your laptop's workspace (and allow you to use a desktop computer at all), few really take the time to set up a proper workstation for their laptop. And who can blame them? With most decent monitors running somewhere between $150-$200, it's just not worth the money for those who get along just fine with their single screen or archaic CRT monitor. With that said, I've found that whenever a great tech deal comes along, it's important to always take a few steps back and think about how it might maximize or improve your current setup.

For that reason exactly, you shouldn't think of this refurbished e209963913Machines 17" widescreen LCD monitor as simply another dirt-cheap Tech Tuesday pick. Instead, think of it as a $100 investment into doubling your productivity. Whether you have a laptop or a desktop, adding another monitor onto your existing system gives you twice the space for programs and applications; allowing you to multitask far more efficiently than ever before. Instead of constantly having to dance between applications, you can have two monitors for a desktop instead of one! With one dedicated monitor for work and one for play, you can easily have all your Word documents and Excel spreadsheets running on one monitor, while simultaneously looking at your Instant Messages, music, and games going on the other. It eliminates all the extra clicking, and lets you work without having to worry about hopping between windows every few minutes. I have to personally say that running a second monitor at home is an utter godsend for me, and it'll likely be hard for anyone go back to the all the clutter once you've experienced the magic of a second desktop.

If you're ready to expand your desktop, the refurbished eMachines 17" widescreen monitor is an absolute steal for only $104 shipped from It sports a speedy 8ms response time, 600:1 contrast ratio, and 1440x900 resolution to give you a picture that is crisp, clear, and large. Whether you're looking for your first monitor or your fourth, this 17" widescreen monitor is a great value considering it's over $90 off. This deal is very limited, so run over to and search for "eMachines 17" Monitor" and start boosting your productivity before its gone!


October 27, 2008

For some of us, staying current isn't the biggest priority in our book. No, not everyone needs to have the newest and shiniest doodad out there, and indeed, the newest technology isn't always the absolute best out there. Case in point? The Canon PowerShot A590 8.0 Megapixel digital camera.

Cn_i623558 While seemingly simple in its outward appearance, the PowerShot A590 does exactly what you want a camera to do: take outstanding pictures. Its 8.0 megapixels take pictures that can be printed as large as 20"x24" with great clarity. What makes that even better is that this camera is portable enough to be tossed into your bag for practically any occasion. While it's not as fancy, colored, or streamlined as it's $170 PowerShot SD1100 brethren, it packs a few distinct bonuses aside from it's awesome $115 price tag. First, it's a bit thicker and has a little "nub" that sticks out on the front that gives those of us with butterfingers a little extra to hold onto. Also, it's larger size and sturdy construction will likely hold up to the rigors of everyday usage better than most cameras, making it the perfect purchase if you have kids, pets, or anything else that occasionally cause your electronics to meet their untimely demise.

Considering that the Dell store is practically giving away the A590 for $115, I can't imagine why anyone looking for a great, simple camera wouldn't snag it up in a second. Sure, it might be a little bulkier and won't exactly fit in your pocket, but its pictures are just as crisp and clear as more expensive models, and it should stand the test of time as well (if not better) than most. If you're ready to take the plunge, do it quickly before Dell takes away their $10 instant savings!


October 26, 2008

Applenewlogolg1 That's right kiddies, this is the big day - the one you've been waiting for. For the first time since the latest product rollout, Apple will be our Daily Double merchant. This means you can get the new MacBooks or MacBook Pros at 2% cash back, rather than just one. It may not sound like much, but when you're paying premium amounts for electronics, that can equal a lot more cash back in your account.

Even if you're not looking for anything introduced in the latest product releases, this is also a great chance to get added cash back on refurbs and accessories. Don't miss the boat, since we don't know when Apple will be doubled again...


October 24, 2008

Earlier this week, I highlighted a simple iPod sound solution that was perfect for just about any room - the Sound Master 360. It's small, subtle style fits just about anywhere, and you just can't beat it's low price of $39.99. However, it's not the perfect iPod speaker system, and those looking for a little extra kick in the pants might want to look for a larger alternative. Unfortunately, most of the larger iPod speaker systems run in the range of $200-400, and usually aren't really worth their high purchase price. Thankfully, Creative must have been paying attention to all the crazy prices, as they recently knocked down their Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock's price 50% to $99.99; perfect for those of us needing a little extra power for the holidays.

Creative As a music nerd, I love having the option of listening to music at any time. While some speaker systems offer paltry sound that hardly beats a pair of mediocre earbud headphones, the PlayDock is an all-in-one, high fidelity audio system. It uses high-performance drivers and a 24watt RMS subwoofer to bring the party to you, and even supports various inputs to connect to TV's and your other audio devices. It even directly connects to your TV to play your iPod's movies and pictures on the big screen! Much like the "ghetto blasters" of yesteryear, the PlayDock easily runs off a few handfuls of C batteries (or an AC adapter), meaning you don't have to have an electrical outlet to bring the party with you wherever you go. Since it can be easily used indoors or outdoors, the PlayDock it the perfect hi-fi companion for skateboarders, street artists, and mathletes alike.

Regardless of what you use it for, the Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock is on a sweet $99 special right now for with free shipping from That's a cheap price for so much high quality sound. So if you're looking for a little something to make your budget-minded audiophile happy this holiday, why not save $100 and 1% with Ebates?


October 22, 2008

300Whenever possible, I like to listen to music. Whether I'm walking to the bus station, alone in my room, or  typing away at work, I need to have a little background music to really get stuff done. That's why something simple like this little Sound Master 360 is perfect for people like me. It's small, compact, and even emits music in all directions, allowing mobile music enthusiasts like me to have music in every corner of their room. It even doubles as an iPod dock if you hook it up near your computer, making it an all-in-one iPod music machine.

I won't be the first to let you in on the secret that almost anything iPod related is relatvely overpriced, but the Sound Master 360 is one of the few accessories I've seen that looks like it's actually reasonably priced! At only $39.99 ($20 off!) with 6% cash back from, this simple necessity is on a huge special that definitely won't last through the holidays. If you need a little something to add a little music to your kitchen, bedroom, or cubicle, the Sound Master 360 should work wonders for anyone.


October 21, 2008

Every once in a while, a special deal sneaks across my desk that is just too good for me to keep quiet about. Not all deals are created equal, and this stellar steal exemplifies the fact that if you spend a little bit of time doing your research, checking prices, and going through Ebates, you can get the absolute lowest price on the 'net. Whether you're brand new to our site or a nine-year veteran, there's simply no better way to keep money in your pocket than Ebates, and with that said, if you're in the market for a new HD Camcorder, I have the perfect deal for you.

CaaaaaaaaanonWith a four star CNET rating, the Canon VIXIA HF100 is the most affordable high quality HD camera on the market right now. At its normal MSRP of $899.99, the HF100 isn't normally the most affordable camcorder for many, especially in today's tough economy. But thanks to the wonders of the internet and Ebates' cash back, you can pick up this award-winning camcorder for less than $585 - not including the free monopod, tripod, and $10 gift card / $5 sign up bonus if you're a new customer. Wowza!

As you might have noticed, the Canon VIXIA HF100 is not your average camcorder. Gone are the days of grainy pictures, giant tapes, and annoying discs, as the HF100 saves its crystal clear HD video onto SD cards like most digital cameras. Unlike your digital camera, this workhorse records in true 1920x1080 HD resolution and can be easily synced up to your TV or computer to view and process your home movies in all their high-def glory. It also takes superb still shots, includes a mini-HDMI port to connect to your HDTV, and features Canon's signature image stabilization to make all your high-def hijinx  look like a big budget production.

Cannnnon_2So, how can you get in on such a sweet deal? It's simple! Just head on over to Newegg and scroll down to select the Canon HF-100 combo with the Dolica STC-100 monopod/tripod for just $595. While shipping isn't free, you'll be getting a cool $11 in Cash Back from Ebates that automatically qualifies you for your signup bonus if you haven't earned it already. If you already have a tripod you'd like to use, or can wait to save on shipping, you can head over to Abes of Maine and use the coupon code "LOYALTY10" to get the HF-100 for $585 shipped (before $5 in Cash Back from Ebates), but it might take up to two weeks for shipping. The decision is ultimately yours, but either route makes Ebates the place to be for the hottest deals on the web.

Ready to pick one up? Awesome! You'll probably want to add a large memory card to your list as well, and the $32 16GB A-Data SD card from will work perfectly (just do a search for "A-Data 16GB"). The only difference between the HF100 and it's $700 sibling, the HF10, is 16GB of memory, meaning that smart shoppers that choose the HF100 are actually saving an extra $70 (and movie transfer time) as well. With total savings climbing over $250, you just can't beat this Ebates Tech Tuesday steal!


October 17, 2008

79857 Looking to save a bundle on your next electronics purchase? Then don't wait for this doubly-sweet deal to pass you by. Tech for Less, one of Ebates' leaders in refurbished and open-box items, is our Daily Double for today! Instead of the usual 3% Cash Back you get every other day of the week, today you can save a cool 6% on any and all purchases. Click on over and take a peek at their deep discounts on refurbished TVs, computers, cell phones, and more! If you're worried about getting a factory refubished item that has been looked over twice to ensure it works correctly, Tech for Less also has a wide range of brand new products as well. Quite frankly, no other similarly-stocked merchant's Cash Back even comes close, so lock in those huge savings ASAP!


October 16, 2008

With all the hubbub surrounding Tuesday's Apple notebook event, you may be wondering what's so special about the new MacBooks hitting Apple stores today. In order to truly appreciate the buzz, you have to put the past few years into perspective. Many of the revisions to the MacBooks and MacBook Pros over the last few years have been minor updates to the hardware - new processors, added bonuses like backlit keyboards, and little stability touches that haven't really demanded an upgrade. Tuesday's revelations, however, just might be enough for even the most casual Mac give their checkbook a second glance.

Mb_2So why exactly should you drop the big bucks on a new MacBook? For starters, all three of Apple's laptop models are now greener, meaner, and leaner. Aside from the $999 "budget" MacBook, all three main designs of the MacBook now feature a chassis made of a single piece of high grade aluminum. On top of being both stronger and lighter than anything manufactured in previous generations, the new case designs are also greener and include more "environmentally responsible" components inside and out. When this casing design was first pioneered on the MacBook Air, it surprised everyone with its impressive strength and durability. Now that the technology has made the transition to the MacBook, you can expect your main laptop to almost literally survive everything you can throw at it.

On top of the new case, the new MacBooks feature a glass trackpad with multi-touch support, allowing you to make gestures with multiple fingers to execute certain commands. For example, using four fingers to Mbp_2"push away" the trackpad makes the MacBook show the desktop, while doing the opposite motion towards brings all your open windows back to the desktop. More notably, the new glass trackpad is also one giant button. Instead of constantly going back down to the bottom of the pad to click like a normal mouse, you can simply push anywhere on the pad's surface to click as usual. You can even configure it for easy right-click access, answering the calls of annoyed PC converts who didn't believe in using two-fingered clicks. It also includes a new, extra vibrant glossy LED blacklit display, a faster processor, and an upgraded graphics card that blows the last generation's out of the water. Even the MacBook Air got a subtle update that includes an optional larger solid-state hard drive option, more powerful processor, and graphics card which now come standard in every box.

MacbookairAll in all, the new MacBook is the upgrade many prospective users have been waiting for. Even though the pricing may be a little bit more than some might like to pay, the overall quality of the build not-so-subtly screams "you get what you pay for." And if you think you just might be ready to take the plunge and pick up a new computer, be sure to save money the only way you can - by going through Ebates.

If you've ever looked for Apple products in a store or on the internet, you've probably noticed how their prices rarely fluctuate from one vendor to the next. While the price of a Toshiba or Acer laptop may depend on what website you go to, 90% of Apple products only go on sale when they're refurbished or outdated. Whether you chalk it all up to global price conspiracy or a shrewd marketing scheme, the simple fact is Ebates is one of the only ways to actually save money on the brand new Apple MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and everything else in the Apple store. Don't forget to lock in Apple's student discount if you're a student, or if the Mac you're buying is intended for a student; it can literally save you hundreds of dollars. Regardless, be sure to keep your eyes on the blog for future MacBook hands-on impressions and product reviews, and feel free to let us know your personal impressions in the comments below!


October 14, 2008

Well hello there, fine friends of yore! Today's tech update may be a little old fashioned for some, but with the holiday season slowly creeping up around the corner, there's never a better time to wind down (or wind up?) with some archaic electronics. Now, I'm using the term "electronics" rather loosely here, as there are obviously no electrical components stored inside a music box's kitschy little chassis. However, as an arguable predecessor to programmable electronics, Hammacher Schlemmler's "Santa's Music Box" is a neat way of taking it back to what antebellum hipsters might call "Ye Olde School."

Santa For those of you who haven't spent much time taking apart tiny musical contraptions, music boxes work similarly to the early computers and punch card machines of yesteryear. They produce sound by rotating a metal cylinder with metal pins on it, which strike the tuned "teeth" of a steel comb. Depending on which teeth are struck (and which teeth are omitted), a certain note or sound is played on the steel comb. If you were to look at a diagram of which teeth were ticked or left unticked, you would get a binary diagram very similar to the inner workings of the computers or yesteryear - namely full of ones (ticked) and zeros (unticked). While I'm not going to outlandishly claim that music boxes are the direct ancestors of modern day computers, it's always curious to see similarities in ancient technology.

Enough of the tech talk already! Let's get back to what's truly important here: Santa's adorable cottage. This little scene depicts Santa's workshop as it kicks into high gear for the holidays, complete with music, Santa, and more Elfin tomfoolery than you can shake a candy cane at. As an added bonus afforded by modern technology, the orchestra is powered by two AA batteries - no cumbersome cranking required! Currently on a 50% off early bird special, Santa's Music Box will undoubtedly be one of the cutest centerpieces you'll find this holiday season. For only $25 (with an additional 6% Cash Back from Ebates), it's hard to say no to such a precious reminder of yesterday's musical technology.


October 13, 2008

If you're not currently in the market for a new digital camera, chances are you could use a little storage upgrade. With today's massive 10+ Megapixel pictures and movies clogging up your camera's tubes, sometimes you just need a whole bunch of space to save everything you've ever wanted to. Enter today's cheap and convenient storage solution: the Kingston 8GB SD card!

Buy If your camera is like most peoples, it's full of stuff. Pictures from last month's wedding, shots from your friends party last weekend, and probably a few snapshots from that weekend getaway a few years back. After all, you never know when you'll need to show a complete stranger your slideshow of 400 pictures, so why worry about cleaning it off and starting anew? With the 8GB Kingston SD card, you'll never need to. With enough space to hold around 2500+ full-size pictures, or about an hour of quality video from a 7.1 megapixel camera, you'll have enough space to last you a lifetime. Sure, that may seem a little excessive now, but think about the future. Not only will you be able to feasibly keep every picture you shoot through the end of the year, but this little card will likely be large enough for years to come.

Ready to expand? Head on over to today and pick up one of the best SD deals out there. At only $22 for 8GB of portable space, you simply can't let this one pass by. Grab one before they go out of stock!


October 10, 2008

This week we've been looking at printers big and small, trying to get an idea of what might work best for your personal setup. On Monday we examined a solid, "mini all-in-one" solution that did most anything that a home printer would need to do. Wednesday saw our gentle giant of a "true" all-in-one that prints, faxes, copies, and does practically everything you would want, aside from cooking you breakfast. Today, we focus on the simple home network.

444444If you have a home network that's dying for a little printer action, the HP Deskjet 6940 would love to be your perfect companion. With a simple networking interface, 4800dpi color resolution, and lightning-fast printing speeds of up to 36 pages per minute, the HP Deskjet prints like a champ. Now it isn't quite the Swiss army knife that some all-in-ones might be, but if you're looking for something to print your documents and do it swiftly and clearly, it's hard to go wrong with the 6940. You can easily print brochures, letters, envelopes, and more, as well as getting full-color pictures that look surprisingly clear for the speed. It even has the option to print pictures from its included USB port, giving it more versatility than most printers three times its price.

Normally I would try and look around for different brands of products to showcase in the blog, but I just couldn't help myself when I came across this deal. is currently offering this printer for $79.99 with an additional $50 off coupon at the top of the page, making the printer $29.99 with free shipping! That's right -  a full $70 off the regular retail price! It's hard to look past as great deal as that, so pop on over to Newegg if you're in need of a solid, cheap networking printer.


October 9, 2008

As you might have guessed from my post earlier this week, I take my music seriously. However, as a deal dude, it's hard for me to spend exorbitant amounts of money on products (which is why I'm more of a Koss PortaPro guy than a QuietComfort executive, but that's a blog for another day)  While those Sennheisers I triumphed on Tuesday can give you phenomenal sound anywhere, how about a little something you can slip into your pocket? And what about something for that little smartphone of yours? If you're looking for something that's affordable, portable, and tech savvy, the Maximo iMetal canalbuds just might be the ticket for you!

I2 When I first got my grubby little paws on an iPhone, I knew that I wanted to upgrade from the little tin cans and wire that it originally came with. Sure, those white earbuds might scream "Mug Me!" in ways no other accessory can, but I was in the market for something with a little extra "oomph." I searched and searched all over the internet, but reports (and prices) for microphone-equipped headphones varied in ways I never expected. Some people claimed the V-Moda Vibe Duo's were the best they had ever heard, but many personal reviews noted they fell apart within weeks of normal usage. Others claimed that the Skullcandy earbuds stood the test of time, but didn't quite deliver on the bass end. I figured I'd take a chance on the iMetal Isolation headphones, since they were relatively cheap at $50 and reviewers said that they delivered on the low end. Like I said earlier, I enjoy my "oomph."

I3Although you might have to worry about the V-Moda's breaking down after a week or so of mild use, I can personally say that my pair of iMetal headphones have survived a good month of solid usage, and even a spin through the wash. Whoops! While I wouldn't personally recommend doing the latter to any pair of headphones, the fact that they still sound as good as they did when I first bought them after being partially submerged in water for a half an hour is an impressive feat. Their low end bass response has only gotten better as time has gone on, and the isolation they provide really does a great job at drowning out subway noise and keeping my music clear. Sure, they may leave a little to be desired in the treble range, but their level of isolation, bass response, and quality more than make up for that shortcoming.

If you don't particularly care for "inner-ear monitor" (or "canalbud") headphones, Maximo also makes a traditional earbud headphone for you to enjoy as well. Both varieties are also available in a much cheaper, microphone-less version at, but that's really what makes these little 'phones so special. Considering their rugged durability, modest price, and exceptional bass, the Maximo iMetal Isolation headphones are a great choice for anyone looking for a solid pair of canalbuds for $55 shipped. Head on over to, search for "iMetal", and give them a shot for yourself!


October 8, 2008

Monday marked the beginning of my search for great deals on solid printers that work well for different kinds of people. After all, a small business CEO and a hockey mom probably want two different things from their printers. Thankfully, Canon does a great job at covering every base possible with their Pixma line of printers, and today's item, the Pixma MX850, is no exception.

Pixmamx850_5638 Featuring practically everything you could want from a home office solution, the Canon Pixma MX850 has more options than a Swiss army knife salesman. With a full-featured fax machine, printer, copier, scanner, photo printer, and  memory card reader, the MX850 is one of the few printers out there worthy of the title "all in one."

On top of simply having these functions, the MX850 actually excels at all of them. It copies at a rate of 31 pages per minute, can print photo lab quality pictures in seconds, scans images and documents at an impressive 4800 x 9600 resolution, and even has two separate trays for paper so you don't have to switch things up when printing pictures. It's the perfect printer for your home office, your small business, or just for your home. It's only real drawbacks are it's relatively large size and lack of built-in wireless networking, but even those qualms can hardly stand up to it's wealth of complete awesomeness.

Quite frankly, if you're looking for a printer to do everything you'd ever want it to, the Canon Pixma MX850 is perfect. It's even good enough to be rated Editors' Choice from PC Magazine, so if you're still on the fence when it comes this beautiful behemoth, give their review a look. It's currently on sale at for $40 off, making this feature-packed system only $159 with free shipping! Save time and money, and enjoy one of the best all-in-one solutions out there!


October 7, 2008

It only takes a 0.17 second Google search for "headphones" to realize just how many different personal listening contraptions there are out there. From "canalbuds" to professional DJ monitoring systems, earbuds to traditional on-ear sets, headphones run the gamut of in terms of shapes, sizes, and most noticeably, quality. With that said,  I personally recommend having a variety of different listening solutions at your fingertips whenever possible. After all, you might need something different when listening to music on the go, relaxing in the privacy of your own own home, or when casually strolling through perilous construction sites. While some headsets may only work well in certain circumstances, today's pick will sound phenomenal in any situation.

Senhd280png Amazing headphones are hard to find. Even though I'm no audiophile, I own about four different sets of headphones that each have their own respective pros and cons. When compared to the gentle giant pictured beside me, however, only one or two of them can even hope to come close. The Sennheiser HD 280 Professional Headphones are designed to be one of the last pairs of headphones you'll ever need, and undoubtedly one of the best you'll find anywhere for $99.

The Sennheiser HD 280 Professional Headphones offer a phenomenal range of frequency response, allowing you to hear subtleties in music that you've likely never noticed before. Equally impressive are its earcups with their "over ear," circumaural design that offers impressive amounts of sound isolation to keep your music exactly where it should be: in your ears.

Other headphones, like the $300 Bose QuietComfort, use a battery to power a "noise cancelling circuit" to keep external noise away from your listening. While they may not block out the deafening whirs when sitting atop a jet engine, the Sennheisers work all their magic through crafty design, meaning your music listening will never depend on a AAA battery to making your headphones work. On top of the music, these headphones also work great for immersing yourself in your favorite TV shows or movies, and even crumple down into a ball for compact travel. How clever is that?

Once going for $200 in stores, J&R now has the Sennheiser HD Professional Headphones for only $99 - a cool 50% off of the retail price. Pick up a pair with free shipping today and see what it's like to have crystal clear sound all around you. Once you've immersed yourself in these HD babies, it's doubtful you'll ever want to go back to those little white pack-in earbuds ever again.


October 7, 2008

If you haven't hopped aboard the iPod or Zune bandwagon yet, you probably have a perfectly justified reason for staying out of the digital age for so long. Whether lofty price points have driven you away, or you're just afraid of digitizing your music collection, this little Sansa just may be your answer. For practically the same cost of a new CD, you can take a handful of your favorite albums with you everywhere with the SanDisk 2GB Sansa m250 Digital Audio Player.

204087622_2 Made by one of the leaders in flash drive technology, the SanDisk Sansa m250 has 2GB of space to take about 20+ albums (or around 500 songs) with you wherever you go. Since it's roughly the size of a credit card and about as thick as a stack of Post-It notes, it will easily fit in your purse or pocket for extended traveling. With an additional AM/FM radio player and voice recording capabilities, this $15 piece of technology packs more features than some players ten times its price. Even if you only use it a few times and don't care for it, or are looking for a little something to toss into your bag for special occasions, it's hard to go wrong with such an inexpensive option. Head on over to, search for the "Sansa m250", and pick it up before someone else does for only $14.99 with free shipping!


October 6, 2008

For some, printers may be the bane of your electronic existence. From all the fuss involving print cartridges, to trying to figure out what best fits your needs, picking out the right printer can be just as tricky as finding the perfect laptop. Throughout the week, I'll be picking out a few great deals on printers and letting you know their pros and cons. Additionally, I'll keep you in the know on the best deals I discover through my sleuthing. Today we'll start with a simple steal from Circuit City: the HP Photosmart C4480.

Pchppsc4480cnfmt The HP Photosmart C4480 is a great printer for most people looking for something cheap and simple that will get the job done. It's a relatively compact printing solution, so those who don't have an entire desk to fit a massive all-in-one printer will enjoy its condensed footprint. It scans and copies one sheet at a time, and even has a little 1.5" LCD to make sure you are printing the right image. It also seems to do an admirable job of printing photos considering its cheap price, making it a great way to save money by printing at home. Now, be forewarned: if you're in a life-and-death situation where you need multiple photos printed in under a minute, you might want to look elsewhere. According to PC World, the C4480 prints full-color images at a speed of about 1.8 pages per minute (7.7 ppm black and white), meaning that you'll have to wait a little bit for its surprisingly-clear images to pop out the picture chute. As a person that can wait a few minutes for the few photos that I do print, it's not a deal breaker for me, but you should know about its relatively leisurely pace before taking the plunge.

While it may not offer all the features of a full-fledged all-in-one, the HP Photosmart C4480 costs only $50 (with free shipping) and makes copies, scans, and prints both photos and text like a champ. It's all that most casual printing folk will ever need, and will likely be a significant upgrade from that old Lexmark that's been lying in your closet from 1998. Check back on Wednesday for the second edition of our Printer Picks!