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September 4, 2012

When the leaves and temperatures start falling, we at Angie's List are making our homes cozy and comfortable for the months ahead. Make sure your fall is fantastic too by letting Angie's List help you find the best professionals to give your home the seasonal care it needs.


1. Clean those gutters. Those leaves sure are beautiful, but if you let them collect in your gutters, you risk serious water damage to your house when the gutters overflow. Give yourself with peace of mind by hiring a professional to do a complete cleaning.

2. Love your lawn. Besides spring, fall is the best time to show your lawn a little TLC. With weed control and reseeding, a fully fertilized and aerated lawn will reward you in warmer weather with lush landscaping.

3. Seal the leaks. Be green--and save yourself hundreds of dollars in utilities--by insulating your home and applying weather stripping along any air gaps. A professional home energy auditor will help you save even more money by finding areas of energy loss you may have missed.

4. Service your furnace. An annual inspection will make sure your heat is running efficiently and will warn you of any potential carbon monoxide leaks in the gas line before the furnace kicks into high gear for winter.

5. Check the chimney.  Dreaming of evenings around the fireplace? A good, professional chimney sweep will ensure that your fireplace is fire-worthy and free of any hazards or defects. Then, sign up for local firewood delivery so the fire never dies!


You can rest easy this fall when you hire the right professionals to do the job and save yourself the time and trouble. With Angie's List, you can find local, quality service providers quickly and easily, along with exclusive, members-only service discounts from a wide range of professionals.

Join Angie's List now, and for a limited time receive 30% off your membership with promo code Ebates30.  Act now, this special discount is only available until Sept 11th.  


September 5, 2011

As the Summer is coming to a close, we hope everyone is enjoying the outdoors in any way that makes them happy and snagging some great deals+Cash Back when you need a break!


Here are a few of our favorite Outdoor and Athletic shops for your perusing :)

Athleta - great and attractive athletic apperal

Cabela's - offers all things fishing, boating, camping, and even more!

Gaiam - wonderful, eco friendly Yoga-centric shop

Golf Outlets USA - golf, golf, and more golf!

Baseball Savings - great for players or those of us that enjoy watching

Camping World - anything and everything to stay comfortable and safe 


October 11, 2010

Today's guest blogger BudgetSavvyDiva has one thing on her mind: green living the frugal way. She shares her tips for green on a budget for all our eco-friendly shoppers. And those just getting started!

We all know that being frugal is important but that doesn't mean we can't be green as well. I've come up with 5 simple ways to live green while saving money.

Grow Your Own!Exercise Your Green Thumb: Growing your own veggies, fruits, and herbs is easy to do. Seriously, some things are so easy to grow, like the herbs in my window. Do a little digging and find out what fruits and veggies grow well in your area. It never hurts to toss a few seeds in the ground, add a little water, and save a little dough here and there. Don't forget to shop stores like Burpee for 5.0% Cash Back and a huge selection of seeds, plants, and more.

RecycleReduce household waste: less garbage means less trash going to the dump. If you have curbside service and reduce your weekly amount of trash, you might even be able to get a smaller can and pay less per month, wazoo! Think before you buy heavily packaged items, and recycle everything you can. You can even use a jar to grow a potato!

eBayTry and Buy Used: I've found so many frugal treasures this way. Great sources to look at are thrift stores, garage sales, and of course eBay. While shopping with 2.0% Cash Back I'm also saving money and sparing already overflowing landfills. Everyone wins!


Green CleanersMake Household Cleaners: You'd be amazed how easy it is to make your own household cleaner! One quick recipe is to add one part vinegar to two parts water. This makes a great all purpose cleaner. Also try green brands like Seventh Generation and Meyers. Both brands are available at


Shop OnlineDrive Less: Driving your car might be convenient; however, your poor wallet pays the price. Even with gas prices back down to affordable, it's a good place to cut back. Carpool and skip the mall by shopping online with Ebates!


May 1, 2010

I always love it when people are given incentives to do things to help the environment. That's why I was especially pleased when I read the other day in USA Today that assorted cities across the country were giving special incentives for people to switch over to electric-powered lawnmowers from the traditional gas ones they have been using. Personally speaking, I'm a San Franciscan, which means I don't really have much of a lawn to speak of, and the old manual push mower I have works just fine for the limited mowing I have to do, even if those blades scare the bejeebus out of me). But if you do have a large and luscious lawn, I encourage you to consider a battery-powered rechargeable mower.

You can consult with your officials down at City Hall to see if they have such an option available at the moment, or if they don't, see if they'd consider it. It's a movement that will hopefully only gain popularity as more and more people find out about it.

Neuton CE6 Battery Powered MowerIf you are looking for your own battery-powered mower for the coming Summer, here at Ebates, we'll give you an incentive to the tune of 4.0% Cash Back on purchases at Sears, which is where you can pick up this Neuton CE6 Battery-Powered Push Mower. At $499.00, it's not cheap, but when you factor in the fact that you'll never need to put gas in your mower again, and the knowledge that gasoline powered mowers contribute 5% of the total U.S. air pollution (according to the EPA), you can sleep soundly knowing you're doing your part to help make our air a little bit easier to breathe.

Find other great products in our Shop Green category!


August 16, 2009

Cast Iron Skillet From Sur La TableChefs know that when it comes to savory meals, their best bet is to use cast iron. Not only does cast iron distribute heat evenly, but it retains flavor and only gets better over time. What you may not know, is that cast iron offers a much safer alternative to traditional non-stick/ teflon pans. Why? Well new research shows the chemicals in teflon known as perfluorochemicals (PFC's for short) can be broken down at temperatures under 400 degrees, emitting toxic gases which goes, you guessed it, into your food. Cast iron pans (like this 15 inch skillet from Sur La Table) are simply the healthier and tastier way to go.

If you've never used a cast iron pan, you may be surprised at how much easier they are to clean. A well seasoned cast iron skillet only takes hot water and a light, non abrasive sponge to get clean. Lodge Logic Cast Iron Cookware comes pre-seasoned and ranges from skillets and griddles, to biscuit pans and dutch ovens. Available at Sur La Table, this green alternative starts at $8.95, and ranges up to a mere $49.95. Add to that 4% Cash Back, and you've got more green in your food, and in your wallet!

Find more green options in our Green category!


July 2, 2009

Double Cash Back at GaiamWith double cash back at Gaiam (now an alluring 10% Cash Back) for Health & Beauty Week, there really is no better time to shop the ultimate online destination for green living necessities including bedding, eco-friendly outdoor products, health and home items, and even yoga apparel. And when you shop at Gaiam through Ebates, not only will you have the best selection of green living products but you will get double cash back and serious money saving Gaiam coupons. Celebrate "freedom from shipping" with a free shipping coupon on any size order with Gaiam coupon code AFREESHP at checkout. And take money off your order with an Ebates exclusive Gaiam coupon where the more you buy the more you save (and the more cash back you earn!). Shop at Gaiam today and enjoy 10% off $75, 15% off $100, 20% off $150 with code EBATESHEALTH. Hurry and take advantage of these great deals on green living!

Shop all of our health & beauty merchants with cash back and coupons!


June 29, 2009

puritan's pride sales and couponsWhile history books might tell you that the Puritans valued things like hard work and religion, in reality they were all about their vitamins. Or at least Purtian's Pride is, as they're one of the best places on Ebates to find all your dietary supplements, natural herbs, and other great holistic cures. Don't believe me? Check out our Puritan's Pride sales yourself, and get an astounding double (that's 10%!) Cash Back to boot!

Many people have heard of Puritan's Pride, as it's been the #1 "Direct-to-You" vitamin manufacturer for over 36 years. And for good reason - it has practically every herbal supplement, vitamin, and natural health aid known to man! With all the Puritan's Pride sales currently going on, you can get all your natural needs at a great price - with double cash back!

Shop Puritans Pride's sales today and earn double cash back. Hurry! Deals end soon!


April 23, 2009

Vitacost CouponsIt seems like the cost of everything these days has skyrocketed, from gas to a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, vitamins and supplements are following a similar trend. With budgets getting smaller and prices going up, it seems that the extra cost is hard to justify. Luckily you do not have to give up the things that keep you healthy when you shop through Ebates with Vitacost Coupons and special deals available with 5% Cash Back.

Find savings and instant coupons on thousands of brands at up to 75% off retail. You can also shop by health concern, so if you are looking for top rated supplements intended for everything from weight management to immune system support, Vitacost makes it easy. So, if you love coupons and you need vitamins, go to Ebates and shop Vitacost where you can live longer and save money!

Shop more discount health and beauty products here.


April 22, 2009

GreenDiscounts & CouponsHappy Earth Day Ebates Shoppers! Today is a great time to reflect on the little ways that you can do your part to save the environment while you save some green, earn some cash back through Ebates and save time and energy shopping online. Shop through Ebates, where going green is easy when you shop our Green Category full of hot deals, sales, green discounts & coupons and discount eco-friendly shopping.

I have been making small steps to go green in an effort to do what is best for the environment and my health, and it turns out I actually save more money buying eco-friendly products than I do when I shop for products that are not natural or earth friendly. Shopping with merchants
like Sephora for eco-friendly makeup and cosmetics, for green home products, JCPenny for eco-conscious home furnishings and clothing options for the family makes going green a cinch while I earn mounds of cash back. Shop a comprehensive list of all our Green Merchants with green discounts and coupons.


March 12, 2009

The saying "Actions speak louder than words" happens to be my personal mantra, along with "Do what you say, say what you mean." Both of these statements confirm my believe that talk is cheap, and, when talking, be prepared to back it up. Case in point: the eco-revolution. Catch words like "organic", "sustainability", and "green" have flooded the marketplace, creating awareness (good thing) but deceiving the public (bad thing). Seeing the green to be made in green products, many companies have been pushing everything from organic food to sustainable clothing. While I commend the effort, I have to ask: are they really green?

Unfortunately for consumers, there is no polygraph to detect items masquerading under the green spotlight, and trying to decipher which brands are trustworthy and which are fraud can be a long process. eBay's World of Good takes the guesswork out of green living and provides information, products, and charities that support the place we call home. Shop eBay's World of Good and earn 3% Cash Back through Ebates. Now that's just good for your wallet.


December 8, 2008

Of the many charming qualities I possess (wink wink), gift giving is not one of them. Frankly, I am just not an adept gift giver. Good shopper, yes. Good Samaritan, sometimes. Good at finding the perfect gift for someone, no. This personality defect only becomes a major problem once a year, so I have learned to live with it as I gently glaze over Christmas Gift time quietly and stealthy, with nice (just not perfect) gifts for everyone on my list. This year, I have decided to overcome the "bad gift giver" flaw and make the attempt at the elusive Perfect Gift.

Frankly, the odds are in my favor, and with my Ebates arsenal of over 1,000+ merchants, I really have no excuse. I have done a good job so far. I have my gifts and stocking stuffers picked out. Except for that one person on my list: the one who has everything and therefore is impossible to buy for. This person shall remain nameless, because this person does read my blog and I don't want to spoil the excitement of what might possibly be the best gift for the person who has everything.

GreenDimes.jpgMuch to my excitement, I stumbled upon this Green Dimes Eliminate Home Junk Mail Gift Card, for just $19.99 with 7% cash back at This amazing gem promises to eliminate 90% of your home junk mail and plants up to five trees in your name! So not only do you give the gift of saying goodbye to annoying catalogs for stores where the previous resident shopped, but also the unwanted credit card offers that threaten the safety of your identity. This is a gift of joy and peace of mind - make someone you love the King of their mailbox once again and do something good for the earth in the meantime.

Monopoly.jpgIf the Green Dimes gift card does not seem like it will bring tears of joy to the recipient, the Sephora Brand Monopoly surely will. Sephora has teamed up with Monopoly to create a beauty-full edition of the classic game where you - Go To Jail for bad hair days, Advance To Go for winning a shopping spree, and pay for your products with Beauty Bucks. The special edition game sells $23.50 with 8% cash back, plus this items ships for free with code SHOPNOW (hurry, ends tonight). This is a great gift that will bring a sincere smile to the face of every man woman and child who has dreamed of taking over the world vis-à-vis their beauty product empire.

Shop on and Give!


October 1, 2008

I won't lie, folks, I am not, in any way, a hippie. I will never be a hippie. I may live in San Francisco, which to some of you means I am part hippie whether I like it or not, but I assure you, I am no hippie. My hair is short, I shower regularly, and I've never once even had an inkling to purchase anything tie dyed or made of hemp. I actually dislike the smell of patchouli. So why would I pick these two ostensibly hippie-friendly sites for my recommendations? Simple: the one thing that hippies have brought into my day-to-day existence that I really appreciate is a focus on wellness. Both Gaiam and IsabellaCatalog feature a number of products that make your life a little more peaceful and relaxing, which is something each of us can appreciate, regardless of the length of your hair or whether or not you own a pair of Birkenstocks. is a great site for both peaceful and eco-friendly living; you can find apparel, air treatment technology, decorations, and a whole array of DVDs ranging from yoga and fitness to inspirational. While this may be a bit New Age for some of you, there is a wonderful selection of wellness products including heating or cooling pads and electric automated massage tables that might just loosen up that tight back or help work away that pain in your neck.
might be a harder sell, since it has an entire page devoted to dealing with loss and greiving, but it still has some great deals on a number of health and wellness issues. While you don't need Chinese character wall hangings, you might be interested in some aromatherapy options, insect repellant, or designer soaps. Realy, there are a number of great finds on this site, you just have to wade through some of the more.... eccentric items they offer.

So, get in touch with your inner chakras, center your chi, and find some fascinating products at these two great sites!


August 6, 2008

Greetings Ebates shoppers, have I got a find for you today! I don't know if it's the six cups of coffee I've had so far today, or the sheer happenstance of my discovery of this merchant, but I am deliriously excited about this website. The better part is that you'll be deliriously happy to find out that you will get a six percent rebate on anything that you buy from these folks.

Why (besides the coffee) am I excited about a site that has such a nondescript name? Simple: they have all sorts of fascinating, unique, and clever products; most of which are made of recycled material. I've given a little listing of some of my favorite items either for him, for her, or for the house. While I'm providing links directly to their products, do yourself a favor and check out the whole site at your leisure since they really do have a number of fascinating products that make great gifts for yourself or for someone else.

In my humble opinion, nothing starts a conversation quite like an interesting or eye-catching item in your home. Whether new or not, if you can connect an interesting story to anything around the house, it automatically makes that item more special in both your eyes and the eyes of your guests. Imagine a guest's reaction when they realize that the drink you offer them is being served in a pilsner glass made from recycled windshield glass.These pilsners are not only good looking, they are also nearly indestructible, as they are made of safety glass. You may want to reassure your guests, however, that all effort was taken by the manufacturer to make sure no bugs were left on the windshields before they became glasses.
These glasses aren't the only item that celebrate the union of beverages and the open road; you need something to open the bottles before you can pour beer into the pilsner glasses. What better to do that with than with the bike chain bottle opener? Rugged construction is equally at home in the garage as in the kitchen, but you don't want to keep this beauty hidden in the garage - show it with pride. If you're going to drink from a windshield, then you'd better put your old bottles to use too, and how better to do that than with these recycled wine bottle platters? They say wine and cheese go together perfectly, so why not show how perfectly by serving cheese on a recycled wine bottle? Finally, for the serious snacker, imagine eating your next handful of popcorn out of these LP bowls. Perfect for any musician or music enthusiast, not to mention anyone who owns a jukebox, these high-capacity bowls come in a variety of record labels, which only gives you and your guests that much more reason to finish all your snacks.

There are a number of interesting products for  the man who has everything, as well. Having been called one of those men before, I know that I found a number of products that I will be spending my next paycheck on. The first item at the top of my list is a pair of typewriter key cuff links. I know that this is influenced in part by the fact that I was a literature student in college, but still, these possess both vintage flair as well as a unique take on the idea of monogrammed cuff links. For the hobbyist or tinkerer who wishes he had an extra pair of hands, check out the magnetic wristband. It holds anything from nails to screws to nuts and bolts. While this might not be ideal for a night out on the town, it sure is ideal for work around the house. The last item I found fascinating is a rubber belt made from recycled truck tires. Not only is it a fashion statement, it's nearly indestructible, and will never fade or crack like it's leather counterparts.

Ladies, don't think that I've forgotten about you! Rather, I've saved the best for last. First, for the fashionable female who just wants a little clutch bag that will draw a lot of attention, try out the recycled subway map clutch. Hold all your necessary belongings, add a little flair, and even help figure out where you are if you happen to visit the Big Apple. Who could ask for more? For those with a bit more sedate taste, feast your eyes on this gorgeous silver and sea glass necklace. The varied colors of the pieces of sea glass, which have been polished through years of being tossed around the surf, make this piece of jewelry a great accessory to wear with almost any color, and will be sure to catch almost anyone's eye. But if you prefer function over fashion, then you'll love this last recommendation: the wet bikini bag. If you love going for a swim or to the beach, but hate trying to transport your wet swim suit back home, this bag is like a dream come true. There are a number of different colors, and despite the fact that it says "bikini" on the outside, I'm sure it won't discriminate if you want to put any type of suit in it. Just toss this bag into a backpack or your car and don't worry about keeping everything around it dry.


October 13, 2006

101306blogipodnanoredToday is the U.S. launch of (Product) Red, an initiative founded by U2's Bono and Bobby Shriver to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. Several merchants, including Gap, Converse and Apple are introducing new Red products, some of the profits from which will be donated to The Global Fund to fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

These three merchants are on Ebates, so you can get Cash Back! If you want to maximize your charitable contribution, you can visit your Account Profile and have your Cash Back sent to a charity of your choice.

The Global Fund has achieved some incredible goals. By June of 2006, Global Fund financing provided:

  • ·  544,000 people with treatment for HIV and AIDS   
  • ·  5.7 million people with voluntary HIV testing     
  • ·  1.43 million people with treatment for tuberculosis     
  • ·  7.3 million people treated for malaria  
  • ·  11.3 million families with insecticide treated  mosquito nets  

To learn more about (Product) Red, check out this video of Bono on CNN:


Want to earn Cash Back and help support (Product) Red? Click Here to join Ebates!


July 5, 2006

The Body Shop is one of my favorite places to indulge in sumptuous, yummy-smelling bath and beauty products. The coolest part is that they use tons of natural, good-for-you essential oils and (back to that whole green thing!) fair trade ingredients from around the globe. They are having their Semi-Annual Sale and have marked down their items up to 75% off, and Ebates is offering 5% Cash Back!

I don't know about you, but whenever stores have sales that require me to buy eight of something just to save a couple bucks, I'm a little, uh, skeptical. Who the heck needs a dozen pistachio-vanilla scented candles or six bottles of jasmine-rose-palm tree infused foot scrub?! Fortunately, The Body Shop knows what we love; you'll be glad to buy more than one!

Let's start with 5 glycerin soaps for $12. The Body Shop takes the most delicious, rich aromas and magically smooshes them into a regular ol' bar of soap. They've got about ten luscious scents to pick from; I highly recommend the Shea Butter, Nut and Passion Fruit. What I really like about these is that they are super fragrant when you are using them, but they don't linger all day. After bathing with these, you can wear your favorite scented lotion without smelling like a humid day a mall perfume counter!   
Another good thing to buy in multiple is their Eye Color eyeshadow. They've got a huge palette of colors ranging from Pearl Gray to Peacock Green, so whether you're looking for something to wear to the office or out on the town, you'll find a color that suits you. These babies are normally $8.50 each, but right now they're marked down to 3 for $15! These cost less than your average drugstore brand but, unlike that goo from the Piggly Wiggly, they're made from natural moisturizers and essential oils, so stock up.  But remember, make sure you start through Ebates to get your Cash Back!


June 30, 2006

The moment has finally arrived! Welcome to the premier of The  Daily Cash Back, the official blog of Ebates. My name is Rebecca, and I'll be featuring the top  deals and savviest shopping tips on the web offered through Ebates! Be sure to come back often so you  can stay on top of the latest deals we have to offer!

The hottest thing right now is green. No, not the color of  your aunt’s avocado-hued fridge from the ‘60’s, but being a little more aware  of how your purchases impact workers and the environment. You may be thinking,  “Well, I’d sure love to buy those organic, fair-trade, free-range ,  solar-powered coffee beans from the Chilean mountains, but for $25 a pound? NO  THANKS.” Not so fast! You can still do your part to make Earth-friendly  purchases but keep plenty of green in your wallet.

For  instance, check out They’re having a July 4th Sale and  Clearance on clothing, camping gear, footwear and more with markdowns at 25-30% off. If you haven’t gotten a membership to  REI, I recommend that you do so, pronto! Any Joe Schmo can get discounts during  the seasonal sale, but only REI members get hooked up with a nice fat refund  check at the end of the year. The more you spend, the bigger the refund- gotta  love those Bay Area consumer co-ops (businesses that are co-owned by the  customer). Top this off with 3% Cash Back from Ebates and you’ll have two Big  Fat Checks to look forward to! Be sure to take a look at their Organic Cotton  separates for men and women that’ll come in handy for yoga, summertime hikes  through Yosemite, or even just a walk around the block.

And  that fancy coffee I mentioned earlier? Start at Ebates (to get your Cash Back!)  and check out the shipping special for They’ve got several varieties  of fair trade, organic whole bean coffees by Green Mountain that are delicious!  Their Breakfast Blend has been getting great online reviews and would be  perfect for your first cup of the morning. Pick up some of their green-friendly  Divine Dark or Milk Chocolate as well and enjoy free shipping on the whole  order!


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