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May 10, 2013

Decorating your home is no easy feat, but it's very important that you love and feel comfortable in your space. I moved back in October and am still getting my place together while trying to stay within budget. I have found loads of budget friendly resources, however, my favorite might be Target.


Their Threshold line has a variety of great styles - from rustic to modern. They can help you keep within your budget while making your house look designed. Shop their home decor and enjoy 2.0% Cash Back through Ebates!


April 30, 2013

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April 29, 2013

This year, Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May, 12th. Over the years we've heard too many people stressing about what to get mom, so right up front we want to remind you of two things: Being a Mother is hard. Shopping for Mother's Day is easy. If you know how.

The secret lies in simply relaxing, thinking about mom's personal style, and letting someone with a bit of experience (say a 100 years or so) help you along the way.As you may suppose, here at FTD, we've been taking Mother's Day pretty seriously since way back in 1910. In fact, Mother's Day is one of the things we do best, which isn't too surprising when you consider that flowers have always been the most preferred Mother's Day gift. Nothing makes a mom feel so special, so spoiled, and so well taken care of than a beautiful bouquet.  Plus, flowers go great with just about anything else you want to get her, from a side order of gourmet candy to a lavish gift basket to sparkling gemstone jewelry.

But there are so many choices out there...which flowers are the right flowers? Based on our century of talking to customers about their moms, these are who we had in mind as we were designing our offerings for 2013.

First, there's the "Chic Mom". You know her... she's got a style that's refined and sophisticated. She's fashionable, she radiates cool, confident glamour. Think about a bouquet of dramatic Musings™ Luxury Calla Lily' Bouquet by Vera Wang or consider a chic arrangement from the new Impressionism Collection inspired by the French Impressionist masterpieces of Claude Monet, Edouard Manet or Pierre Auguste Renoir.

V11_master.jpg  MDY2_master.jpg

Then there's the "On-the-Go Mom". She's all about casual comfort and pert practicality, but she's never too busy to stop and "smell the roses," or any other beautiful blooms that happen to come her way.  For her, we'd recommend our Rush of Color Tulip Bouquet and sweeten the gift with a beautiful presentation of gourmet treats packed in a colorful tower of miniature decorated hat boxes all tied up with a pretty blue bow. 

FMTP_master.jpg  G278_master.jpg

Now, for the "Classic mom". You know her...the perfect pal, partner, and fun playmate who's able to be everything to everyone and pull it off with sensational taste. She's bound to love the Fabled Beauty Bouquet which is a mix of elegant roses and graceful calla lilies.  And, you know she'll flip over the personalized Mommy & Me frame that you can have customized just for her and is destined to find a  permanent home on her desk or dresser. 

FMCR_master.jpg  K652_master.jpg
Then there's the "Down To Earth Mom"... that do-it-yourself darling who's like a force of nature when it comes to hard-work, sharing good, practical wisdom and nurturing anyone and everyone within arm's reach.  Can't you see her tending a flourishing Dishgarden by Better Homes and Gardens®? And won't she love saving and displaying her favorite photo memories in the Mother's Day Blooming Keepsake photo box?

MG48_master.jpg  P777_master.jpg

And for this Mother's Day, FTD is partnering with Meredith Corporation, publishers of many of America's favorite magazines to support the work of CARE in serving families in some of the poorest communities in the world. 

Order any of the arrangements selected especially for this Mother's Day by the editors of Better Homes and Gardens®, Ladies Home Journal, Family Circle and Parents, and a portion of the proceeds will go to fund a Meredith Corporation $10,000 donation to CARE.* Now we all know, that Mom will already be proud of you for spoiling her with such great gifts, and knowing that your purchase is also doing so much good−that will send her over the moon!

 BG109_master.jpg  BG115_master.jpgBG114_master.jpg  BG111_master.jpgBG110_master.jpg  PG123_master.jpg

What's more, if you order on May 1st, you'll get FREE SHIPPING on select Better Homes and Gardens bouquets for Mother's Day at Let's see...that will make you THOUGHTFUL, SHARING and SMART ABOUT MONEY. At last, the perfect kid!  She knew you had it in you, so give her the pleasure of turning herself inside out with pride when you present her with one of these bouquets. 

One final bit of advice from the FTD flower experts. When you're ordering Mother's Day flowers, request that they be delivered on the Friday before Mother's Day, May 10th. That way your mom will have all weekend to revel in your thoughtfulness, plus some bouquets are typically shipped in the "bud" stage will have just the right amount of time to open up to greet mom first thing on Mother's Day morning. 

* Proceeds from the sale of these select arrangements help fund a $10,000 donation from Meredith Corporation to CARE. CARE focuses on working with mothers and families to create lasting solutions to poverty.


February 6, 2013

I am always looking clever ways to spruce up my place without breaking the budget. Luckily I stumbled upon RoomMates Peel and Stick a couple weeks ago. Their wall decals are varied and fun. Check 'em out now and use code ROOMMATES15 for 15% off PLUS earn 8.0% Cash Back!


1. Bring the outdoors inside with some cloud decals

2. Throw some inspiration up on your walls with the little colorful quote

3. Fun and functional chalkboard and dry erase dots

4. Add a touch of glam with a chandelier

5. Stay in your decor budget and keep your walls in good shape with a cool mirror

6. Mount your memories with these fabulous frames


January 22, 2013

Have you heard of RoomMates Peel & Stick? This awesome store offers a selection of wall decals that can simply spruce up your place without any tools. No holes in your wall and they are simple to move on the whim. Plus you can earn 8.0% Cash Back on your purchase


1. Bring the outdoors inside with these adorable cloud decals

2. Inspirational message and great philosophy

3. Stay organized with chalkboard AND dry erase decals for anywhere in your house

4. Add a bit of glam with a stickable chandalier

5. More versatile then mounting a real mirror, and just as useful ;)

6. Frame and mount your photos with these black and silver frames


January 9, 2013

One of the hardest resolutions to achieve and sustain for a full calendar year is better organization. While I wish I was one of those people that was able to keep their live de-cluttered and organized easily, that is just not reality. Beside miscellaneous papers and mail, keeping my workspace neat can seems like an endless and tiresome process. There are plenty of organizational tools around, however, they rarely meet my aesthetic standards - who wants their home  to look like an office supply store? Luckily I discovered the amazingness that is Poppin (you may recall the amazing giveaway they sponsored over the holidays). Poppin offers a great selection of products to help you stay organized without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Here are a few of the items on my list to make sure 2013 is my most organized year yet.


1. Cable drops: wrangle all your various cables with this great set of cable drops at an amazing price. Get 6 for $10

2. Bit & Bobs tray: sleek little tray to hold miscellaneous items. I think I need one for my office and one for my bedroom

3. Inbox in Pool Blue: keep my mail neat AND organized

4. Never run around looking for a pen again - grab this bright, sleek pen holder

5. Colorblocking is on trend and this cool, collapsible storage box can hold a variety of items to keep your space neat and organized

6. Stacks of papers are never cute. These hanging file folders can keep your drawer functional all year long

Best of all - for a brief time ALL orders ship for FREE!


December 20, 2012

It's not too late - Pfaltzgraff has a great offer for Ebates Customers. Use code EBATESPFZDEC25GC for a $25 gift card with a $100 purchase. Grab a great gift and enjoy the gift card and Cash Back for yourself ;)



December 4, 2012

Here at FTD, "Deck the Halls" is more than just a favorite Christmas carol. As you might imagine, Christmas starts earlier for us than it does for most people. And it's not unusual to hear a chorus of "fa-la-la-la-la..." in July as our team plans, designs and shops the world for new, original and wonderful flowers, plants, and gifts.


Our flowers, tasty treats, gift baskets and fine jewelry make wonderful presents for holiday gifting. And we're hearing that our holiday decor−the wreaths, poinsettias, mini-trees and centerpieces −are among the gifts that people like getting best. 

While our focus is always on bringing our customers a wide choice of terrific design when it comes to gift-able flowers, we still make sure that you'll find a range of exciting décor gift options from the adorably affordable (like our Spread the Joy Mini Rose plant that starts at $19.99) to the lavishly extravagant (like the Midnight's Calling Luxury Calla Lily Bouquet in Baccarat® Crystal Vase that starts at $1,350) and all prices in between.

Our holiday-themed table centerpieces always make a warmly welcomed host gift during this most social of seasons. They can transform simple family meals into holiday feasts and several, like The FTD® Celebrations of the Season™ Centerpiece, come with their own candleholder and candles to make the occasion even more special. The FTD® Norman Rockwell™ Centerpiece incorporates a keepsake Santa sculpture that your lucky recipient is sure to treasure for many years to come.


Since poinsettia plants top our list of the season's favorites, we firmly believe that it's impossible to have too many. You'll find poinsettias in a variety of sizes and in a choice of containers to make an impressive gift and a dramatic display when lined up on a fireplace mantel or even decorating the individual steps of a staircase. 


And take a look at the many wreaths that make superb and imaginative gifts, like the Season's Snowfall Dried and Preserved Holiday Wreath that can be re-used for many more Christmas seasons to come.  There's no nicer way to welcome friends and family this time of year, whether it's dressing up a front door, greeting guests in an entryway or hung over the fireplace.
And if you're looking for a way to decorate a child's room or to cheer up a friend who won't be making it home for the holiday this year, consider ordering the Lights of Love Rosemary or The FTD® Merry Celebrations Holiday Tree by Better Homes and Gardens® Christmas Tree.

This Christmas season is particularly exciting for us, as we open six brand new stores on FTD. People are already talking about the expanded offerings and ease of ordering in our new Sweet Shop, Gift Basket Shop, Luxury Collection, Plant Shop, Jewelry Boutique and College Roses Store. Our goal is to make a one-stop shopping experience for holiday décor and all gifts so you'll find an extraordinary selection of holiday-themed flower arrangements and plants that can deck your halls and all the halls of friends and family with color, fragrance and seasonal spirit. We look forward to your visiting soon. 

Most bouquets, arrangements, mini-trees, wreaths and centerpieces can be delivered the same day or next day. We look forward to your exploring the wider selection of holiday gifts at the new shops of FTD. Put FTD to work on your holiday "to do" list, so you can relax and fully enjoy your most beautiful Christmas ever.


November 15, 2012

Here at FTD, we take the spirit of Thanksgiving very seriously. Each year, our designers create an impressive selection of flower arrangements and thoughtful, original gifts for our customers to share with friends and family who may be far away on the holiday. And this year, I have to say they've truly outdone themselves with original and very stylish bouquets, centerpieces and gifts that beautifully capture the colors and textures of this glorious season and the specialness of this extraordinary holiday.

Of course, FTD makes it fast and easy to buy those "we'll be with you in spirit" gifts and wonderful ways to say "thank you" to any holiday host. And, a number of our customers have come to rely on FTD as the single best resource for decorating their own homes for the holiday.

Imagine a buffet table set with baskets of gorgeous Asiatic lilies that lend a warm, spicy glow to the dining room. Or a candlelit centerpiece that can turn any get-together into a feast. What a wonderful welcome awaits your guests when the front door is decorated with the Jane Seymour Rosehip Wreath! And is there a hostess, anywhere, who wouldn't appreciate a wonderful selection of Godiva chocolates to share with company, or to put aside for private enjoyment after everyone goes home? And because FTD offers spectacular flowers, plants and other terrific gifts in a range of prices, it's simple to control how much you're going to spend. Whether you're shopping for a colorful, floral cornucopia centerpiece for the dining room table or a gift basket full of delicious treats to put the perfect finishing touch on their holiday, you can count on FTD to provide the quality and the convenience you want.

So, when it comes to crafting a terrific Thanksgiving that you, and those you care about, will long remember, trust FTD to help you share the joy of the day. A quick visit to is all it takes to make sure your order will be delivered in time to help make their day extra special, come November 22nd.


November 13, 2012

The weather is chilly, but men everywhere are beginning to sweat.  They have vague memories of Christmas gifts gone bad, but the details are fuzzy.  Does she want practical or fun?  Useful or extravagant? When it comes to gifts, women generally fall into two categories:

"Please don't spend money on anything frivolous.  Give me something I need!"


"How dare you buy me something I need?  Gifts should be things I would never buy for myself!"

If you're not confident into which category your significant other falls, ask yourself these questions:  Does she make snide remarks every time she uses the dish scrubber you put in her stocking last year?  Does she sigh heavily while donning the gorgeous-yet-impractical necklace that she rarely has a reason to wear? I promise if you've been doing it wrong . . . she's given you hints for the past eleven months. 

If you're still not sure, do some sleuthing.  Throw out a few "Joe From Work" stories and pay close attention to her reactions. 

"Joe From Work asked what kind of dishwasher we have.  He's thinking of buying one for his wife for Christmas."

"Joe From Work has been looking at diamond earrings online.  Boy, those things are expensive, but he says his wife likes to get that kind of stuff for Christmas."

Say it...and watch.  A look of horror means you don't want to be Joe From Work.  A nodding head and puppy dog eyes mean Joe is doing things right. If you determine that practical is the way to go, please be warned that the most divisive gift of anything related to cleaning. 

Tread lightly, and follow this rule: Cleaning-related gifts must produce visions of an easier life, not a harder one. 

A mop and bucket? No. 

A steam mop?  Yes! 

Rubber gloves and a ten-pack of dishcloths? No.

A new dishwasher?  Yes! 

Anything that requires muscles or sweat is out.  Choose something that gives her hope. Hope that she'll have time to relax and watch her favorite show because it took no time at all to do that pesky household chore. 


From an informal survey of my blog readers, I learned the number one cleaning-related gift women want is...maid service.  Second was a steam mop (1). After that, they wanted a Dyson vacuum cleaner (3), a neat desk scanner(4), a Roomba robotic vacuum (2), a washer and dryer (6), or a dishwasher (5).

All of these things fall into the I-wouldn't-buy-that-for-myself-on-a-random-trip-to-the-store category.  They're products that women believe will make their lives easier.  They bring about feelings of relief because they promise less work, not more. 

Good luck!  And I hope you experience the warmth of a thankful hug rather than the heat of glaring eyes this Christmas morning!

Dana White blogs daily as Nony (which is short for anonymous) at A Slob Comes Clean.  She shares the completely honest (and never-ending) story of her personal deslobification process.  She's learned how to declutter and tells the truth about cleaning and organizing strategies that work in real life.  And she's funny.  Check out her e-book, 28 Days to Hope for Your Home.


November 2, 2012

November has arrived along with some new Amazon categories. Take advantage of great prices and 3.0% Cash Back!



October 30, 2012

I recently moved and have been faced with the daunting task of decorating on a budget. Labeling this project overwhelming would be an absolute understatement. I was never certain I was getting a good deal or paying too much for shipping.

Enter, also known as Overstock. They have a PHENOMENAL selection of decor at the lowest prices.


While Ikea appears to captivate those looking to spend minimal on furniture, Overstock must be considered: they offer several comfy chairs as low as $150 (the one pictured above is just around $200). Dinnerware? Yup. Flatware? Got a set for just around $50. Not will you find great savings, but you will earn 5.0% Cash Back :) what are your secrets for budget decor?


October 11, 2012

Fall is by far, my favorite time of year. I can cuddle up with my husband and son on the couch, drink pumpkin flavored Starbucks, and listen to the band play at the high school football game all from my house! I love to decorate and take our son to the pumpkin patch, and go on hayrides. So, when I found this adorable craft on Pinterest (somewhere in my thousands of pins) I told my husband this was on his honey-do list for this fall!


This is an extremely simple and CHEAP craft! The only materials we needed were:
  • empty coffee cans
  • black spray paint (You can always use another color. We wanted ours to match our black electric jack-o-lantern).
  • A small drill bit
  • Sand Paper


  1. Use the power drill to create the words using a small bit. I recommend having an extra coffee can to practice on before you begin.  I always try to have a test model of any craft I create.
  2. Decide what words you want on each can. You can do "trick or treat" on one large can, or "trick" on one and "treat" on the other can if you are using two cans.  Hubby decide he wanted "trick" on one and "or treat" on the other, so this is entirely up to you! REMEMBER: You can also do other words like "fall, leaves, wonder, hope, etc."
  3. After created your words, it helps to rough up the outside of the can with some sand paper to help it stick better.
  4. Paint the outside of the can black (or whatever color you choose).
  5. Let them dry, then wait until dark and insert a candle. You now have a SUPER cheap and easy fall decoration.

Stephanie Brandt is the author of where she blogs about frugal living, coupons, crafts, recipes, and more! She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband of fifteen years and her seven-year-old son.  She is a teacher by day and blogger by night. Check her out on Facebook as well!


October 8, 2012

Although I love decorating for Halloween, I like keeping the decorations more whimsical rather than scary. Our street is very popular for Trick-or-Treaters, in fact we usually have around 800 kids. Many of them are little children, keeping that in mind, we put out fun Halloween Decorations like the Crashing Witch.


With just a few simple supplies, you can create your own Crashing Witch!

Crashing Witch Supplies:
  • Cauldron
  • Tights
  • Green Fluorescent Paint {we bought Bright Neon Rust-Oleum}
  • 2 cans Dow Great Stuff Insultaing Foam Sealant {you will use about 1+1/2 cans, depending on the size of your cauldron}
  • Spray bottle with water {not pictured}
  • 2 limbs for the legs {we used about 2 inch in diameter, the more knots on the limbs the better}
  • Plastic bags and filler material
  • Newspapers to wrap Witchy up
  • Shoes or Boots {we found these at Goodwill, last year we used some of my old boots, any will work as long as they fit the limbs}
To learn how to make a Crashing Witch of your own, head on over to Hoosier Homemade for the full instructions.


October 4, 2012

Halloween is a fun and exciting time of the year for both pets and pet parents! At Petco, not only do we like to dress ourselves in costumes, but we love to dress up our furry friends!



From superheroes and pirates to hula girls and mermaids, we have everything to outfit your dog and even your cat! Not into the full costume? No worries, we have cute accessories that can transform your pet into a clown, angel, devil and more! And if your pet simply refuses to dress up, we also carry fun Halloween themed collars, pet tags and harnesses that can be used year round. At 20% off on, you can't go wrong!


Although Halloween is fun and exciting, it can also be a stressful time for your pets with all the noise and commotion. Here are some important things to keep in mind during the Halloween season:

  • Don't share Halloween candy with your pets. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats, and other candy could damage their teeth and overall health. Make sure when the kids come back from trick-or-treating, they put their stash out of paws' reach.
  • Keep your pets at a safe distance from trick-or-treaters. Having a steady stream of strangers on their turf might make pets anxious and unpredictable.
  • As you open and close the door to dish out candy, keep an eye on your dog or cat. Pets can easily slip away in all the commotion and end up lost.
  • If you put a costume on your pet, make sure that nothing about the costume could interfere with his breathing or ability to see. Also, check for and remove      any parts of the costume that could tangle or choke him. And keep on eye on him the whole time - never leave an outfitted pet alone.
  • If you take your dog trick-or-treating with you, make sure that he is on a leash and has the proper ID tags on his collar. You don't want to have to go looking for him, but if he does get lost, tags with your name and phone number make it much more likely that you'll get him back.
  • If you have a black cat, or even a dark gray one, keep close tabs on him during the days and weeks leading up to Halloween. If possible, keep him indoors to prevent him from being the victim of a holiday prank.
superhero-opt.jpg catbowtie-opt.jpg


If you haven't had a chance yet, check out Petco's Howloween Page where you can enter our "Make a Scene Photo Contest" for a chance to win $5,000! Also, learn more about the in-store Howloween Event "Trick & Treat Contest" and try out our new Howloween Ecard maker! It's all at

Shop Petco through Ebates and find coupons + get 6.0% Cash Back! Have a Happy Howloween!


August 31, 2012

Have you heard of C. Wonder? I discovered the amazing store a few weeks ago while I was in New York City. I fell in love with their adorable pieces and great merchandising. You can imagine my glee when I found out that they just launched on Ebates - now I can snag all these great items with 3.0% Cash Back. Here are the items that I am currently lusting after:


1. incredibly adorable pillows for any couch, chair, or bed

2. Nature chic stackable Bamboo ring set

3. Get a pinch of the menswear look with these ballet flats

4. Beautiful bauble for any and every outfit

5. A versatile clutch for day or evening


March 29, 2012


The days are getting longer and warmer, so you know it's time to start thinking about home improvement projects. I can practically smell the saw dust!

If your "honey-do" list is long, there's no better way to motivate yourself or your honey-doer than by buying some new tools. During Ebates Man Week you can find lots of great deals, especially at Sears and Advance Auto Parts, and get double cash back.

Not sure what to buy? For starters, no home should be without a cordless drill, and if you don't have one yet, I recommend getting a combo-kit that comes with a drill and several other tools that all work off the same rechargeable battery.  I've got this 4-piece Craftsman set at home. It includes a powerful drill, portable light, reciprocating saw and a small circular's practically a home-remodeling kit.

If you've already got the basics, but are looking for a gift to impress and inspire, try an impact driver. Over the past year or so, these tools have become all the rage. They're similar to cordless drills in terms of what they do, but pack a lot more muscle because of how they do it. Your home pro will wear out before this 19.2 volt Craftsman Impact Driver will. 

Now, for the motorhead in the family, nothing beats a good jack. It will bring tears and, probably soon thereafter, a tune-up on the family SUV. Try this Torin 3.5 ton garage jack at Advance Auto Parts. 

The approach of spring also means the growth of green, and you'll soon be battling back your lawn and landscaping. Why not trade out your gas-powered weed trimmer for one of the new battery-powered versions? Battery-powered trimmers are convenient, environmentally friendly, and have improved significantly since they first came on the scene a couple years ago, so make sure to check the reviews. Sears is offering a great deal on this Turbo Garden 21.6 volt Lithium Ion model.


March 7, 2012



March 1, 2012

Hey everyone!  It's Melea from Decorating a home can be daunting and can end up costing a lot of money! But just like everything else, there is always a way to save. :)


Here are a few tips to help you save on everything from big furniture purchases to small home accents:

1- Shop on Holidays.  Major furniture stores always do promotions on and around Holidays.  They actually use even the smallest Holidays to their advantage. And we can too.  Watch for their ads in your mailbox and many times you will see coupons to use on top of the sale price. 

2- Shop at Scratch and Dent Sales.  You would be surprised what big box stores consider "scratch and dent", yet what you can barely even notice. We purchased an entertainment stand  from a scratch and dent store for $19 a few years ago.  It was gorgeous, normally a few hundred dollars and no one ever noticed the flaw.  Actually, everyone just commented on how beautiful it was. 

3- Shop Garage Sales.  Oh the wonderful things you can find at Garage Sales!  This will obviously take a little more work and digging on your part.  But there are some definite treasures that people want to get rid of.  Just last week, my mother-in-law (an avid Garage Sale Shopper) picked up numerous bedroom dressers for $5.00!!  They were in good condition and the sellers just needed to move asap and wanted everything gone.  Now, that's a deal.

4- For everything from Furniture to Mirrors and Tabletop Decor, shop the Daily Deal sites.  I have a few personal favorites that have helped me decorate our own home.  One Kings Lane, Rue La La, Zulily and Home Sav.  All of which have been 100% reliable and are what other Freebies2Deals readers are fans of too! 

5- Last of all, don't be afraid of a little email. If you don't want your own inbox full of promotions from companies, create a free email address for just that.  Sign up for your favorite store's email newsletters so you can get the heads up when online discounts and in-store discounts are coming.  Also, "like" those Home Decor companies on Facebook.  Promos are given out all of the time exclusively for their followers.  And, of course, make sure you are watching Ebates for extra cash back on top of their already hot offers!

Head over to for even more money saving tips from the wonderful Melea!
Freebies2Deals Logo 300 HR.JPG


February 15, 2012


Did you forget about Cupid's favorite day? Don't worry. We have flower merchants that can help you smooth things over with your sweetie! Hurry up and buy a bouquet :)


January 25, 2012

As I mentioned before, one of my resolutions is to cook more as eating out tends to be a budget buster. I was recently given a Le Creuset french oven, and this single item has single-handedly elevated my mood while cooking. 

This is amazing piece of kitchen equipment for many reasons. First off - it is pretty. As childish as it may sound, I will be honest and admit that I find myself more motivated to cook when I am using pretty tools. It is easy to clean: the interior enamel makes cleanup shocking quick. Best of all you can get 6.0% Cash Back from Sur La Table when you snag your own!



January 10, 2012


As I plan my budget for this year, I hope to spend less money going out to eat. This means spending more time preparing my meals, and planning grocery shopping in a better way. There are some great fun tools that I plan snagging (and earning Cash Back on!) to help my achieve this goal.

1. A cute new apron

2. A juicer for the freshest juice

3. A waffle maker for sweet, hearty breakfasts

4. A slow cooker for one pot meals


January 4, 2012

One of my personal resolutions for 2012 is to get more organized and stay that way. One of my favorite stores that will surely help achieving this goal is The Container Store. I have found their products to be pretty and functional. Added bonus: I get to earn Cash Back too! Here are a few products that I will be scooping up to help keep myself organized.


1. Display your jewelry in a fun and functional way with this canvas jewelry organizer

2. Track your miscellaneous papers and photos with this cork board (it has that great rustic look to it)

3. Use these nickel hooks to display my scarves and more bold necklaces

4. Clear out some space in my closet by hanging my coats on this adorable over-the-door rack

5. Get some pretty boxes to hold some of my miscellaneous knick knacks


December 19, 2011


If you are shopping for someone with a great eye for design, there are loads of options and Cash Back to be earned. Grab a snazzy mirror or sophisticated throw pillow. If you are feeling bold you can grab them a unique rug or retro-ish lamp. If you want something smaller or more budget friendly, you can always pick up a sleek pen or beautiful design book.


November 30, 2011

I love bundling up in the colder months, and I can't help but love all the rustic+country chic looking pieces that I am seeing. From warm flannel to faux shearling blankets, there are options to fit any budget and earn Cash Back through Ebates.country_decor

1. Heathered Wool Down Vest from Eddie Bauer

2. Pendelton Pillow Cover from Eddie Bauer

3. Lands' End Flannel Shirt

4. Cabela's Faux-Suede Throw

6. Antiqued Tea Light Holder from Lands' End


November 15, 2011

It is the time of year that sequins are not only expected, but nearly required. Since I am part magpie, it is just one of the reasons that I look forward to these colder months. Now I can enjoy my sequins and earn Cash Back!Sequins

2. Deux Lux Sequin Backpack from Urban Outfitters

3. Sequence of Glory Sweater from ModCloth

4. Enzo Angiolini Slingback Pump from Nordstrom

5. Sequin Swirl Pillow from Urban Outfitters


October 28, 2011

When the colder months arrive I really enjoy embracing a more rustic interior feel. There are numerous accents available and loads of Cash Back to be earned. There are so many ways to bring the feel of fall inside your home in really simple ways. Will you be decorating for Autumn?


1. Stay cozy with a Dillard's Dip Dye Throw

2. Store your outerwear in a festive way with Cost Plus' Branch Coat Rack

3. Rudolph inspired Antler Candleholders from Bellacor

4. Take some inspiration from the forest with Linens 'n Things' Birch Candles

5. Rustic picture frames from Macys


October 26, 2011

I will concede that Halloween decor is a serious guilty pleasure of mine. Being able to earn Cash Back through Ebates makes creepy, scary decor much easier to justify. Here's to a spook-tacular Halloween!


1. Spider Cupcake Holder from Crate and Barrel

2. Happy Halloween Metal Plaque from Bed, Bath and Beyond

3. Skull Stein Glass from Urban Outfitters

4. Skeleton Hands Servers from Cost Plus World Market

5. Black Paper Crow from Cost Plus World Market


October 6, 2011

We are kicking off Autumn in our Savvy Living Community in a BIG way! We have recently welcomed a new crop of Community Leaders: Kasey from Time2Save Workshops, Jennie from Bargain Blessings, Melea from Freebies2Deals, Kristin from BonBon Rose Girls, Kelly from Kansas City Mamas, Melissa from Stockpiling Moms, Angie from Seven Clown Circus, Sami from, Liz from Hoosier Homemade, Arlene from Flour on My Face, Jen from Thrifty Northwest Mom, Corrie from "Cents"able Momma, Dagmar from!

We are getting things started with our Fall Kickoff Live Chat today at 4 PM PST. Please join our discussion on all of our favorite Fall things!



August 17, 2011

I love cooking, so I must admit that occasionally I head over to the Sur la Table webstore and drool over the out-of-my-price-range cooking tools that I hope to someday splurge on (and earn some Cash Back).


1. Le Creuset French Ovens

2. Mauviel M'Heritage Copper Saucepans

3. Mastering the Art of French Cooking 40th Anniversary Edition

4. de Buyer Ultra Dicing Mandoline

6. Miyabi Birchwood Chef's Knives

7. John Boos & Co. Chinese Chopping Block

8. Cuisinart Classic Ice Cream Maker

9. Amber Double Old Fashioned


August 12, 2011

It seems everyone around me has recently moved into a new place, therefore I have become rather adept at moving assistance. While heavy lifting may not be my cup of tea, I am an organizing nerd. There are so many attractive organizing tools around.organizedchic

Little Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Organizer from The Container Store

Tie and Belt Rack from The Container Store

Cutlery Tray from Bed Bath and Beyond

Under Counter Stemware and Wine Rack Holder from Bed Bath and Beyond

Wall Bookshelf from CB2

Slat Rack from CB2


July 27, 2011

Maybe it comes from spending too much time in 20-something's apartments full of Ikea furniture, but I always get excited to see vintage looking decor choices. There are so many ways to earn cash back while getting that antique look!


Chat Noir print from

Rattan chair from Cost Plus

Lamps from Bed, Bath and Beyond

Decorative bottles from Bloomingdales

Coat Rack from CB2

Trunk from The Container Store

Campaign Desk from Cost Plus

Ceramic Canisters from Sur La Table


July 21, 2011

Allie tipped me off to some wonderful, outside decor options that are popping up all over the place. It seems appropriate that a nice yard be adorned with just as nice accessories. Check out some of our favorites (and earn that Cash Back)!


Trina Turk Geometric Pillows

Trina Turk Garden Hose

Burke Decor Metal Chair

Alessi 'Pop' Ice Bucket from Barney's New York


June 16, 2011


It's been awhile since I did a post on Home and Garden, but that's not to say I haven't been thinking about it. With Summer in full swing, there's no better time to think about living the good life, and doing it outside!

Botanical Pillows from Burke Decor.

Glass Vase and Antique Wood Shelf from Urban Outfitters.

Faux Topiary Tree from Ballard Designs.

Bed Frame from Dwell Studio.

Paisley Dinnerware from Horchow.


April 14, 2011

TempaperAs Ebates Spring Fling winds down, our minds are full of how to ideas, whether it's how to renovate your kitchen for less or how to be beautiful for Spring. After spending the day searching my favorite design blogs and soaking up plenty of D.I.Y ideas, I thought I would share one of my favorite D.I.Y's, temporary wallpaper. It's easy, inexpensive, and you'll earn cash back. Tell that to your local flea market!

A few months ago I was searching for temporary wallpaper, and while I found several options, they were either ugly or uglier. That is until I discovered the company Tempaper. Tempaper makes chic, stylish, and affordable removable wallpaper. Before I begin my sale's pitch or explain how you can shop Tempaper at Urban Outfitters with 2.5% Cash Back, I should give a brief description of what I'm talking about. Temporary wallpaper is just like regular wallpaper, yet it doesn't require the sticky paste associated with destroyed walls and lost deposits. Tempaper makes vinyl coated paper complete with it's own adhesive back. Think of it like a giant sticker. The finished look is exactly like the "real" thing and it costs less than it too. Oh, and the real kicker? There's no damage to walls. The paper comes right off, with no peeling, sticking, or residue. Figure the cost of trying to fix walls damaged by standard paste, and temporary wallpaper becomes not just an option for renters, but for home owners too!


April 13, 2011


When it comes to selection, no one offers more murals and unique mural art work than Murals Your Way. With thousands of wall mural images to choose from and custom sizes to fit every need, we make it easy to find the right mural for any decorating occasion, or for that any room!

And, right now, we are offering a $200 e-gift certificate to one Ebates member - just in time for Spring, aka: home improvement season!

To enter, visit and meander through the 1,000's of images, pick your favorite, and then comment on this thread. Let us know about your favorite mural and what room you plan to use it in. You can even create your own room using a mural, with furniture, etc.

It's that simple!

The lucky winner will receive a $200 e-gift certificate from Murals Your Way and Ebates. Entries must be submitted by April 19th and the winner will be chosen on April 20th. Whether you are looking for a mural for your family room, dinning room, kitchen, master bedroom, guest room or child's room, Murals Your Way has the mural for you, and Ebates has 7.0% Cash Back!

Good luck!


April 7, 2011

Gardening is a good way to provide fresh, healthy, vegetables for your family while saving money. Gardening provides plenty of physical activity, not to mention it's fun way to spend time with your family too! Aside from being one of our favorite Summer activities, growing your own vegetables is an easy way to avoid pesticides and insure produce is picked and eaten at peak of quality.

Here are some tips for starting a garden.

1.  Plan your garden on paper before you plant.

2.  Select a gardening site that is in full sun for at least 8 hours a day, that is level, well-drained and close to a water source.

3.  For best results have your soil tested before planting. You can take your soil to a local Cooperative Extension office for free testing in most areas.

4.  Read package instructions before planting and plant according to directions.

5.  Choose crops that grow well in your climate.

6.  Mark your plants/seeds by rows after planting.

GardenShot  <------My little gardener!

We garden organically with no pesticides. The first year of a garden typically costs a bit more out of pocket, yet by our second year we were able to invest in tomato cages. This year we were lucky to borrow a rototiller from our neighbor, so any cost came from buying plants and seeds. We live on a wooded lot with deer and other pesky rodents so we did have to invest in deer and rodent repellent in order to protect our produce.

Think outside of the box when it comes to expenses. There are many natural alternatives to using pesticides that are better for you and frugal too! To rid your plants of unwanted bugs mix together liquid dish soap and water in a bottle and spray it on your plants. Another tip is to use coupons, and shop Garden Stores through Ebates.

Best of all enjoy your garden and the time you spend with your family and all of the produce that you harvest!

Stockpiling Moms is family friendly blog dedicated to helping families save money and stretch their budget.  We feature deals, recipes, menu planning, family fun activities and topics that make household management easier.


April 6, 2011

Nothing is better than the collaboration between fashion and design. When a beloved fashion designer creates a home line as a life style supplement to their fashion endeavors, you know it's going to be good. Since we're in the midst of a Spring Fling, I couldn't think of a better time to dish about my favorite fashion, er, I mean home designers.

Miro FlowersDiane Von Furstenberg
The creator of the wrap dress and all time favorite of mine, Diane Von Furstenberg has been making pretty things since the 1970's. Those who love her bold prints and high brow style will love this Miro Flowers Dinnerware Collection from Bloomingdales. Just like her iconic designs, this dinnerware collection will set a fashionable tone for any get together.

hishersKate Spade
One half preppy princess, one half city slicker, Kate Spade designs clothing, shoes, and accessories that have a classic all American charm. Think Carolyn Bessett Kennedy. Her line of home goods ranges from clean lined bed linens to personalized products like these His and Her glasses. The line is available through Nordstrom, where thanks to our Spring Fling, you'll get 5.0% Cash Back. Perfect for any New York Pied-a-terre, these glasses also make a wonderful addition to any registry.

Trina Turk HomeTrina Turk
Trina Turk loves color, and it shows. Her clothing line is full of bright, 60's inspired prints, and her home is a representation of this. Just like her fashion designs, Trina Turk's home line is a pleasant escape from neutral territory. Available at Burke Decor, you can shop her fabulous pillow collections, rugs, and other kitschy items like embroidered eye glass cases. All with 4.0% Cash Back.


April 5, 2011

Today's guest blogger is Faucet Direct. With home improvements on everybody's mind, we're thrilled to have a professional give advice on how to make the most of your dollar.

Spring Cleaning is practically a homeowner's rite of passage and celebrates the adage, "out with the old and in with the new." Along with getting rid of outdated shirts, skirts, pants and shoes, this is also a chance to give the most used rooms in your home a mini makeover.

4Kitchens and bathrooms are popular rooms to update, but doing so requires upgrading plumbing fixtures and lighting. Luckily and make this easy with a wide range of options.

For kitchen upgrades, you need a faucet that's as durable and hard working as you are. Kohler's single-handle pullout faucet from its Simplice collection simplifies food prep and cleanup. Under-cabinet lighting is the ultimate kitchen task lighting and Sea Gull Lighting's three-light directional track lighting system allows you to be versatile and flexible.

1In your bathroom, Moen's double-handle widespread lavatory faucet and Roman tub filler from its Eva collection help carry out a single coordinated design idea. Add to this a new set of vanity lights, and not only will your bathroom be more visible, but it will show off your new additions.

There's nothing quite like trimming a little fat around the house and making room for the spring, summer and beyond. And a healthy dose of new plumbing and lighting in your kitchen and bathroom is sure to work wonders.


April 4, 2011

Spring has arrived, and in more ways than one. The weather has made an unexpected pleasant turn, Spring Fashion is everywhere, and I just scheduled my first mani-pedi of the season. Spring is here, and to celebrate Ebates is holding a Spring Fling. For the next two weeks (double the time, double the cash back), we're offering double cash back at must-shop stores like Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, Sears, Lands' End, Nordstrom, and more.

What can you do with double cash back? Why you can renovate your kitchen, landscape your backyard, wallpaper your hallway, buy throw pillows, shop for Spring clothes, fix a leaky faucet, paint your living room, start a yoga program, buy those espadrilles you've wanted, re-tile the bathroom, replace the carpet with wood floors, fix drafty windows, start a weight loss program, buy a maxi dress, shop for swimsuits, and so on and so forth. Enjoy!     


January 25, 2011

2011 Calendars
Typically, one does not think of calendars as exciting, or something to look forward to purchasing. But consider this, the right calendar is a cheery pick up, if not a conversation starter. In fact, right here in the Ebates offices, there's known to be a few chuckles at so and so, and their kitten calendar. Very few people actually shop for calendars right after the new year, so for those who procrastinate, here's a handful of what's available for sale at Barnes and Noble. Forget puppies and New England Churches, these are sure to entice you to check the date.

The Foodie
Organic Cook's Kitchen Was 13.99 Now 6.99

The Drama Lover
Metropolitan Opera House Was 13.99 Now 6.99

The Sartorialist
20th Century Fashion Was 15.99 Now 7.99

The Designer
Chairs Was 13.99 Now 6.99

The Humorist
Famous Faces  Was 13.99 Now 6.99

The Artist
Street Art Revolution Was 14.99  Now 7.49.


January 24, 2011

Today's guest blogger shows us how to eat healthier and save money. How? The answer lies in your kitchen gadgets! For more healthy ideas see our New Year New You sale.

If you are trying to watch your weight, portion sizes, or salt intake, you need to have the right tools. Here are 5 gadgets no healthy kitchen should be without.

Kitchen ScaleKitchen Scale
A kitchen scale makes it easy to control your portion sizes. It can be used to weigh out fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, or anything else you like to eat.

Olive Oil SprayOlive Oil Sprayer
An empty spray bottle is a must if you like to cook with oil. It helps to control the amount of oil you use and is much healthier than aerosol cans.

Food SaverFoodSaver
A FoodSaver vacuum kit can be used to make your own low-sodium TV dinners. This handy gadget also works well for preserving fresh fruits and vegetables.

Food SteamerFood Steamer
Food steamers are great for cooking vegetables and fish. They do not require any oil and help food maintain their natural vitamins and minerals throughout the cooking process.

Meat SlicerMeat Slicer
An electric meat slicer is perfect for creating your own low-fat, low-sodium deli meats. You can roast a chicken, turkey, or beef using the healthy cooking methods and cut your creations into smartly-portioned slices.

Guest post from Bailey Harris. Bailey has written for, Frugally, and Alternative


September 30, 2010

I love power couples. Those who work, play, and love with such regalia that they shower the covers of high brow publications such as ARTforum have always peaked my interest. This secret worship could most likely be attributed to my own desire to be a one half of a powerhouse, however until the other half arrives I'll remain true to favorite power couple Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler. Both are larger than life and both sell must have items at Barneys New York.

Taurus PillowJonathan Adler is potter turned design extraordinaire, and his wares include everything from kitschy ceramics to the above retro-fabulous Zodiac Pillow. If I ever needed justification to buy such a crazy item I needn't go any farther than to quote SJP

"If you're a nice person and you work hard, you get to go shopping at Barneys. It's the decadent reward."  

Eccentric GlamourThe slightly more wacky (and hilarious) half is Simon Doonan, Creative Director for Barneys New York. Simon is known for his boldly written books like Eccentric Glamour where he dishes advice on dressing chic through his "Say no to ho" philosophy. For just $24 you get 304 pages of interviews, photographs, and commentary on how not to dress. If you've never seen Simon in his glory, you can catch him on VH1 and let me tell you, he's brilliant.

For more must have items be sure to shop Barneys New York and get 5.0% Cash Back.


September 2, 2010

A bit of this and a bit of that would best describe my approach to design. My apartment is truly a study in high-low as I mix designer pieces with flea market finds to achieve a space that is unique to me. Here are just a few of the several items I am coveting at this very moment. Who knows tomorrow it could change completely. Shop them all in our Home and Garden category.

Thomas Paul Pillows from Burke Decor $100 with 6.0% Cash Back.

Ghost Chair from Barneys New York $133 with 2.5% Cash Back.

Hollywood Regency End Table from eBay $645 with 2.0% Cash Back.

Double Lotus Wardrobe from Horchow $1899 with 3.0% Cash Back.

Jonathan Adler Ceramic Jars from Barneys New York $165 with 2.5% Cash Back.

3-D Chandelier from Urban Outfitters $36 with 2.5% Cash Back.


July 21, 2010

Jenna LyonsThere are few woman I envy, and fewer lives I would swap for my own. Being rich, famous, and the owner of a huge wardrobe means nothing without talent, which is why Jenna Lyons is my inspiration. As Creative Director of J.Crew (soon to be President in September) everything about her life seems charmed; from her fabulous Brooklyn Home to her job as style extraordinaire. It's because of her influence that J.Crew continues to wow me as a relevant fashion retailer. Remember when it was just preppy clothes? Take a look at their Fall Collection and yeah like I said, wow.

J.Crew Fall LookbookSpeaking of Fall, Jenna describes the collection as Edith Beale goes to Summer camp, which is quite appropriate considering the heavy use of 1940's inspired coats, knitwear, and stockings. The addition of military hats makes it all the more nostalgic and for a pop of the unexpected there's Funny Face Lip Color by Nars (available at Sephora). Overall I'm thrilled with The Fall Lookbook- view it here -and although items are pre-order only, by shopping J.Crew you'll get a guaranteed 1.0% Cash Back. Not to mention endless inspiration!

Casa de Jenna Aside from having an eye for fashion, Jenna also has an eye for design. In fact her home is much like a J.Crew outfit; a bit whimsical, a bit funky, and a mismash of opposing styles that somehow all work. I love (like seriously am obsessed with) her mustard yellow couch, and the mission style chandelier adorned with crystals. Other favorites of her home include the bold black and white bathroom, as well as her chalkboard painted bedroom. For the full spread see Livingetc, and to shop her home try Ebates stores like Burke Decor, FCLstyle, and Design Within Reach.


July 19, 2010

Tracy-ReeseFor years I've been in love with Tracy Reese clothes. The bold prints and flattering cuts have the gusto of DVF, yet the line itself is understated. Of-the-moment silhouette's are ignored in lieu of patterns like the A-line dress, and prints are a modernized version of what's been done before whether it's a floral, animal, or other. In other words her pieces just work and they take little creativity or thought on my part which as you can imagine is a huge relief. Much as I want a certain ease in which to dress I also want a certain ease in which to decorate so I was happy to stumble across Tracy Reese Home while shopping at Macys.

Done under the Plenty by Tracy Reese name the collection features bath towels, accessories, and shower curtains all as eclectic as her clothing. These Folk Song Bath TowelsFolk Song Towels have a bohemian vibe similar to her signature chiffon tops, even the skirt pictured above (print look familiar?) and they're surprisingly affordable. Priced between $8 to $50 you'll find many items on sale thanks to Macys Home Sale and of course 3.0% Cash Back. In addition to bath items I also found bedding from Plenty by Tracy Reese, however besides a few random items on eBay, I'm having trouble finding the line sold through an Ebates store. Have any of you had luck?


July 5, 2010

It's been several weeks since I saw SATC 2, yet I can't stop thinking about it - but not for the reasons you might suspect. Overall I was disappointed with the film (my sentiments can be echoed in this review) yet there was something that resonated with me. The decor! Carrie and Big's penthouse apartment offers endless inspiration and is impeccably designed. The perfect blend of feminine and masculine, I could stare at these images from HGTV forever!


Wallpaper has been making a serious comeback, and as shown in Carrie's hallway it can look chic and uber sophisticated. Burke Decor has wallpaper options as fanciful as Carrie's choice, plus you'll get 6.0% Cash Back. Another item I am crushing on is the gilded mirror. From a design movement known as Hollywood Regency, this piece helps to offset the masculinity of their hallway furniture (not shown). eBay carries thousands of Hollywood Regency items such as these Gold Moroccan Side Tables. By shopping home furnishings on eBay you'll get 2.0% Cash Back on top of free shipping!

The dining room is a favorite of mine as I am a sucker for custom built bookcases. Other highlights include a mid century dining table with cream colored chairs, and a chandelier that looks as if it were purchased from MOMA. Had I the space for a dining set as fabulous as this, I would fill it with these Studded Chairs from Horchow. Similar in design to the chairs shown above, these have a deep rich fabric that screams luxury yet their also funky thanks to studded design. Luxury and funk? Definitely sounds like Carrie! Shop at Horchow and receive 3.0% Cash Back.

For more Carrie style check out HGTV, and to shop check out Ebates Home and Garden category.


June 29, 2010

Typically anyone having their profile photographed or their silhouette drawn is being incarcerated (or worse), and my only words would be good luck with all that. Perhaps influenced by naughty individuals or at the very least Law and Order, design companies like Studio 773 and artists such as Mike Miller have taken the silhouette from a legal formality to a design shop near you. What's next? Finger printing as trim?

Silhouette PillowI'm not surprised since it is well known that art imitates life, yet my growing desire to add this element to my home has caught me off guard. There's something chic and minimal about the silhouette; but by no means can it be considered exclusively modern. Depicting the human figure against negative space has been around since the days of cavemen and even pop artists like Andy Warhol have tinkered with it's visual appeal. Personally I prefer a simpler approach like this Dame Silhouette Pillow from Burke Decor. I'll get 6.0% Cash Back and add another quirky pillow to my already eclectic collection. If the silhouette look is something you'd like to try check out other Ebates stores like FCL Style, Horchow,, and Barneys New York

Shop each and every one of your tastes in our Home and Garden.


June 21, 2010

As I have stated many times in the past, I have a slight addiction to Horchow. The super chic and tasteful furniture company has become a favorite of mine since becoming an Ebates member, and when I'm in need of some eye candy (like my beloved Acrylic Table), this site provides plenty. The middle of June marks eight months since my departure from the land of roommates, and during those months I have obtained quite a collection of antiques, furnishings, and other artifacts for my new home. Fun indeed, but there are limits to how many knick knacks one can buy. Here are just a few of my new cravings. 

Tufted-Aubergine-Leather-SofaThe Leather Sofa
The time has come for me to start investing in significant pieces, like a sofa. Seems easy enough, but my mentality is buy it right the first time to save myself money later on. After all, the Ikea loveseat was only a temporary solution, and if I can't stretch out and fully enjoy my sofa, then what's the point of having one? Filled to the brim with tufted leather sofas, lush fabrics, and endless designs, Horchow offers amazing pieces like this Pressley Sofa. At first glance the dark leather may seem overwhelmingly masculine, but after close inspection it's actually very neutral. The deep tufted texture is truly classic, and can be tailored to any taste with the addition of a few throw pillows. If you're still not convinced 3.0% Cash Back may swing your decision.   

Curios-CabinetCurios for the Curious.
There's something romantic about industrial furniture. Perhaps the rust spots, uneven finish, and scratched surfaces beg to tell a hundred stories, or maybe it's the simplicity that draws me in. Either way, a cool steel finish looks charming paired with bright flowers, linens, and other curios. This Metal Cabinet has that same romance with it's dainty legs, and nickel finish. I also love that it keeps the bottom portion hidden under brushed metal, as if valuables or secrets were to be stored underneath linens and/or books. On top of charm, this item ships for just $15! That's such a deal even I was surprised. Had I a bigger bathroom, I would store white towels in the open spaces, and unsightly but necessary items like tp in the bottom units. On top I think old bottles, a shell collection, or a vintage scissor collection would help to add to this item's history.

Wanting more? Check out our Home and Garden category.


June 8, 2010

HoardersHave you seen the show Hoarders on A&E? It's probably one of the most revolting-yet-amazing shows on television and I am hooked. The premise of the show is to document the lives of people with OCD or "hoarders" as they're called, and their attempt to get help and clean up their homes. The show is slightly disturbing I can't lie. The condition of some of these people's houses is enough to make weak stomachs flip but being that 1) I have a strong stomach, and 2) I love to gawk, I usually walk away from such a train wreck patting myself on the back for keeping a tidy home. But that's not to say I live a purely minimal life with no clutter.

Sundance SideboardDespite my frequent house cleaning and getting rid of crap, I too could benefit from increased organization. My collection of records, books, and other items have no choice but to be stored in my closet due to a lack of proper storage furniture. Instead of tossing things all over the place, or avoiding cluttered rooms a la Lindsay Lohan, I choose to take the high road and shop!

After much searching I came across this Vintage Sideboard from Sundance Catalog where I'll receive 2.0% Cash Back. Not only does it come with four shelves large enough to fit my ever growing record collection, but it features four drawers perfect for storing cd's, remotes, and other odds and ends. As for the top, I'd decorate it with some cool design books, and some fresh flowers.

Of course I understand hoarding behavior is beyond the help of a distressed dresser, but for those of us who don't need a hazmat team to organize our homes, you can find a great selection of furniture in the Home and Garden category of Ebates.


June 5, 2010

Start your home improvements with Home DepotLately I've been on a home improvement kick. Adding shelves, hanging photos; I've definitely seen the inside of my local hardware store more times than I can count over the past two weekends. While I love the joy of creating a home that is unique to my tastes, I could use a break from walking past my other neighborhood favorite; the coffee house. You see I am trying to get a grip on my coffee habit -or addiction as some call it- and the sweet smell of french roast is a bit too much.

Another thing I could use a break on is 'local" prices. You know, the more expensive costs that come from supporting your local hardware store. Now don't get me wrong, I am a loyal and repeating customer but there are some things I don't want to pay 20% more for. I'm going to assume that being an Ebates member means you feel the same way, so if you're shopping for Father's Day or for yourself, take a break with 5.0% Cash Back at Home Depot. Think of it as an extra bonus for being such a smart shopper.

Black & DeckerAs a collector of art, books, and other collectibles (which I shop for here), my recent renovations revolve around displaying and storing so it goes without saying that a drill is the key to doing this right. It should also be stated that I have plaster lathe walls and the key to hanging photos without creating a major hole is a stud finder. Luckily Home Depot has countless options and after comparing brands I settled on a Black & Decker Compact Drill. It's perfect for jobs in and around the home, and it comes with two battery packs. There's no direct link to this drill, however Home Depot allows you to shop by price or by brand. As for the stud finder they're priced from $1 to $50 but most go for around $20.Now that I have two crucial items I can stop asking my guy friends to help me and start being self sufficient. A good a feeling as cash back!

Father's Day will be here before you know it so shop now and earn double cash back!


June 1, 2010

Eclectic-DecorQuirky. eclectic, funky. Whatever you call it, my style can be defined by it. My studio apartment is comprised of flea market finds, wall tapestries, and furniture ranging from the 1930's to today. A true hodgepodge of seemingly opposite pieces, each favors the next just like this photo from Desire To Inspire shows. Of course finding unique items means I spend a fair amount of time combing eBay or going to antique fairs, but neither can guarantee success. It's always good to have a backup plan which is why I was so excited to discover Ebates has recently added a slew of great stores including Designer Living. Don't be fooled by the name, Designer Living isn't overpriced or stuffy. But it is well stocked with items to suite every taste, and every budget.

Echo PillowConsidering my taste is so varied I was pleased to find this Decorative Pillow for $49. The bold yellow color will spruce up my otherwise lackluster love seat and because of it's eclectic embellishments it's sure to blend in with the rest of the gang. In addition to some much needed couch love I can also enjoy free shipping on orders over $75 plus 6.0% Cash Back added to my Ebates account. Although payments were just sent out, my cash back total is nearing $35. Imagine what I'll have come August 15th! 

Get creative! Shop our Home and Garden stores.


May 17, 2010

Now that we're in the heart of Spring, it's time for me to find my "Spring project" - and rather than working on my car (though my shocks sure sound like they're in a bad way) or spending more money on some sort of music project, I have decided to spruce up the old homefront. Now, I'll be among the first to admit that I don't exactly have an eye for design, and being the possessor of a whole heck of a lot of "stuff" I don't really need to change or add anything inside my humble little hovel. There is one area, however, that could stand for some fixing: my back yard. Luckily for me, today Home Depot is running their "Spring Cyber Monday Sale" and they are currently offering online only lowered prices on a whole variety of home accessories, garden supplies, and much more.

First let me clarify: when I say "back yard" you have to take into account that I have a San Franciscan back yard, which is more concrete than anything else, and save for a few flowers and shrubs here and there, would be a great added parking area behind my place. Still, as it is the home of many a barbecue, in addition to being conveniently located alongside my driveway, I find that this little patch of concrete, because it's sheltered, is a great spot to sit out and read or socialize on those rare days when it's actually warm enough to sit outside without bundling up. So what can I do to make the area more comfortable and usable? First off: outdoor speakers. Outdoor speakersThis is a necessity so I can stop fooling around with batteries or extension cords so that I can bring a portable stereo outside when I'm washing my car or doing some grilling. With these Leviton Two-Way Outdoor Speakers, not only can I mount them and not worry about them again, I can rest assured that they will actually sound good, unlike many other outdoor-designed speakers I've seen used in the past.

Chat setWhile that improvement may prove more of a gift for me, I can make sure my friends are comfortable by picking up this Pierport Three-Piece Chat Set, where we can sit with a cocktail or cup of coffee and chat it up either on a warm evening or while the grill is going. Either way, for just $349.00 with free shipping, I can know that I'll be sitting pretty, rather than on discarded boxes, a concrete stoop, or worse, on those cheapo folding lawn chairs. Of course, you'll get all these great deals with 3.0% Cash Back and a few handy Home Depot Coupons.

What will you find in the Spring Cyber Monday Sale?


May 17, 2010

Curtain RodIn the world of Home and Garden, finding a great deal can take a little more work. It seems that crazy markdowns, 4 hour sales, and exclusive coupons only cater to the clothing world. Brylane Home doesn't think it should be this way, which is why they're offering a chance to save 20% off any one item with code BHFRESH. Such a great discount should not be taken lightly, nor should 11.0% Cash Back for Ebates Birthday. Both offers which just so happen to end today.

Recently I've been in the market for curtain rods. I know, it's not as exciting as say chic furniture, but for those with larger than life windows (as the large bay window in my living room is) the proper curtain rod can make or break your decor. I mean think about it, does it really make sense to invest in furniture and decor, only to buy some cheap piece of plastic for your windows? No it doesn't make sense, and if curtains could talk they'd agree.

Classic Ball Curtain RodThat's why I've taken steps to assure I buy a curtain rod worthy of my window and the beautiful park view that it allows me. This Classic Ball Curtain Rod comes in an antique silver finish and is large enough to accomendate my large bay window. With a max reach of 120" inches, this curtain rod is a steal at just $54.99. Take off 20% and the total for this item is $44 with nearly $5 cash back. Such a deal, but if I'm not satisfied and want even more savings, I can use code BHAQ21 to save $20 off orders of $100 or more. This offer lasts until the end of June which is perfect considering it has taken me months to choose the right pillows. But that's another blog!

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May 8, 2010

There is no question the "it" color for interiors is white. Make that bright white. Seen everywhere like Elle Decor and Design Sponge, this neutral color is anything but boring. Recently I decided to make the leap and paint my own house this bold color. Although there were a few moments of "what the heck did I just do", I'm overall thrilled to have such a blank canvas on which to decorate. Now, instead of the paint color dictating the design of a room, my furniture and decor are the ones who tell the story of my personal style.

Of course in the world of paint there are many options, but I settled on a color known Super White. Made by Benjamin Moore, I purchased this paint from Ace Hardware where you can save $20 off orders over $125 through April 30th plus get 5.0% Cash Back. Aside from selling everything a painter would need, Ace Hardware also has online paint tutorials that will solve any issues that may arise.

Embroidered PillowsAs for decor, the above photo from inspired me to shop for fabrics, rugs, and pillows in colorful patterns. While searching for these items on eBay, I came across this set of two Embroidered Pillow Cases. Made from silk suzani fabric and featuring brilliant colors set against a black background, this is just the thing I need to compliment my new wall color. Only $34, these are an affordable way to change my decor, plus I'll get 1.0-3.0% Cash Back to help replenish the cost of paint. As for help with painting, I think I'm on my own.

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May 5, 2010

Well kids, it's Cinco de Mayo. Hopefully your margarita supplies are well stocked and you have plenty of Coronas iced down (assuming you celebrate the holiday like my friends and I do), and if you are going to throw a proper celebration, you really need some over-the-top decorations and, if at all possible, silly hats. Fortunately for you, and for your party, there's Oriental Trading Company. They have everything you could possibly want to transform your back yard from "nondescript patch of grass with some folding tables" to "fun time fiesta" - all for wonderfully inexpensive prices and 2.5% Cash Back.

Cinco de Mayo Party AssortmentTrue, you won't quite have the time to get an order from Oriental Trading Company delivered to your house in time for a party tonight, but if you want to have a fiesta-themed party some time this Summer, or you even just want to have a belated party this weekend, I'd imagine a rush order could make it home by Friday if you were willing to pay for it. Not sure what to focus on if you want to add a little zest to your party? The easiest solution is the Fiesta group pack; it has a dozen sombreros, mini maracas, necklaces, and balloons, in addition to a whole slew of gummy chili pepper candies. All you have to do is add in some cactus-shaped shot glasses, a few mini sombreros to stash limes in, and the doorway banner to make for great photo ops. Mark my words, get these few items and as long as your friends aren't sticks in the mud, you have the formula for a fantastic fiesta that will be talked about for some time to come.

Finally, it wouldn't be a blog post from yours truly if I failed to mention that if you spend $49 or more, you will get free shipping on your order. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Ebates, click through our link for free shipping on orders of at least $49, and earn 2.5% Cash Back on an awesome party. It's a win-win!

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May 1, 2010

I always love it when people are given incentives to do things to help the environment. That's why I was especially pleased when I read the other day in USA Today that assorted cities across the country were giving special incentives for people to switch over to electric-powered lawnmowers from the traditional gas ones they have been using. Personally speaking, I'm a San Franciscan, which means I don't really have much of a lawn to speak of, and the old manual push mower I have works just fine for the limited mowing I have to do, even if those blades scare the bejeebus out of me). But if you do have a large and luscious lawn, I encourage you to consider a battery-powered rechargeable mower.

You can consult with your officials down at City Hall to see if they have such an option available at the moment, or if they don't, see if they'd consider it. It's a movement that will hopefully only gain popularity as more and more people find out about it.

Neuton CE6 Battery Powered MowerIf you are looking for your own battery-powered mower for the coming Summer, here at Ebates, we'll give you an incentive to the tune of 4.0% Cash Back on purchases at Sears, which is where you can pick up this Neuton CE6 Battery-Powered Push Mower. At $499.00, it's not cheap, but when you factor in the fact that you'll never need to put gas in your mower again, and the knowledge that gasoline powered mowers contribute 5% of the total U.S. air pollution (according to the EPA), you can sleep soundly knowing you're doing your part to help make our air a little bit easier to breathe.

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May 1, 2010

You'd have to be living under a rock not to notice the abundance of marine inspired decor. From coral to octopus, turtles and crabs, if it belongs in an aquarium chances are it's in stores. When I first noticed this trend a few months ago I thought nothing of it, but as it grows in popularity and inhabits more and more window displays, I feel as if it's maybe worth giving a try.

The first store that started on this trend was Burke Decor with their Thomas Paul collection. Amongst items such as nautical pillows and Octopus Throw Blankets are quirky dinnerware like these Sea Life Dessert Plates. Coming in a set of four, these plates each feature a different marine animal and are one of the coolest ways to add some funk to your table without expensive designer prices. By now you know from reading my blogs that you'll get 6.0% Cash Back at Burke Decor, but as an added incentive until May10th you'll receive 15% off your total purchase with code LUVMUM.

Coral Reef BowlYou've probably seen red coral designs in magazines, on hip blogs like Design-Milk, and in other Ebates stores like Vivre. These Coral Reef Bowls are the epitome of chic decor and are perfect for the person who wants to channel this trend without the kitchsy feel some other marine/beach items can have. Bloomingdales carries this and other Michael Aram pieces, all with 3.0% Cash Back. Another coral favorite of mine is his Coral Reef Candle Holder. Truly an artistic piece to have in one's home!

Driftwood MirrorLast but least is an item not featured in the animal kingdom but equally reminiscent of the ocean. This Driftwood Mirror from Crate and Barrel reminds me of Summers spent on Martha's Vineyard and has the same weathered shingle look as the quaint cottages that line it's shore. Shopping at Crate and Barrel will put 3.0% Cash Back in your Ebates account, and as for placement of this item my suggestion is to hang it above a dresser lined with other sea worthy items like bottles made from sea glass, and a collection of shells.

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April 20, 2010

Moroccan-DecorFor those of you always on the hunt for inspiration, Flicker is a great source of photos featuring fashion, design, and everything in between. My latest search for the perfect rug lead me to this photo, and like all image related searches, it prompted a surge of ideas. Thank goodness Ebates has online rebates at over 1200 stores, because when I get one of my shopping itches, there's no telling how much I can spend!


Turkish-RugAlways a sucker for ethnic decor such as woven kilims, kalagas, and Moroccan pottery, I knew the perfect rug for my home had to be something with a hint of the middle east. This Turkish Hand Knotted Rug from eBay features an energetic combination of pink, yellow, and red, mixed with a traditional pattern. The contrast between tradition and funky will look great in my living room alongside my vintage wrought iron planter and hand embroidered pillows. Having searched for a rug like this for weeks, I'm well aware of the high cost that can come with buying a unique rug, but this one is just $149.99. I'll receive expedited shipping from Turkey for just $75, but many eBay sellers offer free shipping with purchase. On top of scoring a beautiful rug at an amazing price, I'll also get 2.0% Cash Back by shopping at eBay. Rebates range between 1.0-3.0% Cash Back at eBay.

Salad BowlOf course not everyone is in the market for a new rug, and often it's the smaller objects that really make a room pop. Overstock sells hundreds of Tunisian kitchen goods like this Aqua Fish Salad Bowl, along with water pitchers, dinnerware, and the cutest coffee mugs. Just because these items are labeled as kitchen goods doesn't mean they have to stay hidden in cabinets. With a little creativity they can be used all over your house. A water pitcher makes a great vase, the salad bowl looks chic even when holding keys and mail, and instead of buying small planters for herbs, try the mugs. However way you use these chic items, you'll get 4.0% Cash Back while keeping your home festive. With Summer around the corner, now is the perfect time to lighten up your decor with a few simple pieces. Or many, depending on how much you shop!

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April 17, 2010

Despite sitting at a desk for most of my work day, I still spend a good portion of the day standing: I stand on the bus (and with SF's public transit system, that can mean an hour to an hour and a half straight to get the few miles home), I stand if I go out to bars or concerts, I stand at band practice, and I stand when I am preparing things in the kitchen. I've noticed recently, however, that I'm not quite as young as I once was, and if I spend a reasonable amount of time on my feet preparing food or washing dishes, my back sometimes stiffens up a little bit. It wasn't anything major - just a little fatigue and discomfort from standing in a small area for such a long time, paired with bending over the sink.

This made me think back to my days as a coffee jockey, where I'd be on my feet at the espresso machine or the cash register for hours at a time without any major negative effects. Granted, that was almost ten years ago, but still there was one thing that I clearly remembered from that experience: floor mats. See, we had these industrial black rubber floor mats that helped our shoes to grip, but also cut down on the wear-and-tear of being on our feet for eight hours a day. I quickly realized that I should get something like that for myself, but couldn't see these ugly-as-can-be mats having any place in my kitchen, so I set out for a more sensible solution. I started where anyone who is serious about their kitchen should: Sur La Table.

Let's Gel Floor MatIt was with very little surprise that moments later, I was checking out the specs on this Gel Pro Chef's Mat by Let's Gel. Now my feet and back couldn't be happier! The non-slip bottom holds the mat perfectly in place right where I need it: right in front of the sink and the cutting board, and the synthetic leather top looks ever so much classier than a black rubber mat (I went with Chestnut Brown, but there are five color choices to best fit your kitchen). Granted, the comfort and convenience doesn't come cheap, as each mat is $99.95, but you can ease that sting a bit with 4.0% Cash Back when you shop through Ebates. Let me also just throw in my two cents: it's worth every penny, and after shelling out about a hundred bucks for the mat, my only regret is that I didn't spend more to get the larger size.

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April 12, 2010

This trend isn't exactly new, but my lusting for it is. About a year ago the ikat print started making it's way onto the fashion scene (as confirmed by Fashionista Forward) and later made itself popular as a home design trend. Now I'll be the first one to admit I'm not particularly drawn to "of the moment" fabrics because I feel like a lemming following the pack, but the onset of warm-er weather is making me crave these ethnic prints. As seen everywhere, below are just a few examples of how you can incorporate this trend into your life and rack up some cash back while you're at it. Happy shopping!

ikat chairFurniture
Ikat fabrics are said to have originated from Malaysia, but the technique of dying this fabric comes from Indonesia. Much like tye-dye, achieving the ikat look involves twisting and tying of fabric. The finished product can come out in many shapes and colors, but for furniture I think it's best to stick with something a little more sedate. This Slip Chair from Urban Outfitters comes in blue ikat and features a mid-century modern design. Perfect for an accent chair this item is just $325 with free shipping and 2.5% Cash Back.

If you're not sure about plastering this print all over your body, or if you're more of a classic style, try it as an accessory. This Ikat Boho Sak from Shopbop is currently on sale for $65 and has a Southeast Asian feel thanks to a knotted handle adorned with wood beads. Made from hand woven canvas this bag is as close to an authentic ikat as you can get. As a bonus for shopping at Shopbop, you'll receive free shipping and 6.0% Cash Back. For a boho look (my personal fav) try wearing this with white jeans, moccasins, and your biggest pair of sunglasses.

ikat pillowHome Decor
Another way to add ikat to your home is through pillows, throws, and tapestries. I've always been a fan of using beautifully dyed fabrics like these JAVA Ikat Pillows from Burke Decor. A quick way to spice up your decor, these pillows range in size from 20x20 to 15x27. Available in 6 different prints you can add these to your couch, bed, or bay window for an eclectic touch. Use code HEARTS at checkout to receive 7% off your total, and don't forget all orders over $50 ship for free. Burke decor also sells rugs, table top accessories, shower curtains, design books, and lots of other goodies for the home. All with 6.0% Cash Back.

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April 10, 2010

Mixed-ChairWriting a Home and Garden blog usually takes me hours. Not because I suffer from writer's block, or because there's little to talk about. In fact the opposite is true; there's so much to talk about I easily get lost in the world of design blogs, new links, and new designers like Australian designer Clair Wayman. After spending some time ogling her creative use of textiles, and her simple but innovative design techniques (which cause why-didn't-I-think-of-that syndrome) I started my next task which involved searching for Home and Garden Coupons. Not far into my search I discovered Sears is offering up to 35% off their entire stock of furniture, so I jumped on the sight and wouldn't you know it, found the same exact chair featured on Clair Wayman's blog.

Club ChairPart of the Baxton Studio collection, this chair is just one of many pieces of furniture sold at Sears that is on trend but still manages to be affordable. Called the Club Chair, this first became popular in the 1960's, but has made a strong comeback now that modern furniture is everywhere. The combination of wood and plastic is unpretentious and playful, and I think this piece would make the perfect addition to any playroom, kitchen, or as a mismatched choice for a desk. Priced at $164 for a set of two, this chair is a low cost way to change up decor, and with so many design blogs featuring it, it's also a hot item. You'll get 2.0% Cash Back and own one of the most coveted items in design.

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Photo courtesy of Clair Wayman.


April 7, 2010

With my tax refund just a few weeks away, it's fun to fantasize about all the wonderful things I could buy. Truth be told, I won't be spending much since the bulk of my refund is going toward a trip to Australia (which I'll be sure to book with the Ebates Travel category), however I am alloting myself a bit of cash for fun stuff. If you haven't done your taxes yet, fret not. Just head over to Ebates Tax and Office page, and get up to 35.0% Cash Back.

DecanterThose who know me know I am obsessed with creating the perfect home. One that is superior enough to be photographed and featured in my favorite design blogs like Desire To Inspire, and Design Sponge. This weekend brought me a bit closer with the addition of a beautiful kitchen table, however a nice table topped with not so nice decor is a big no-no. This Recycled Glass Decanter from eBay subcategory World Of Good will look great set against the rich dark tones of my handcrafted farm table. Priced at $38, it fits into my theme of not overspending and I'll get 2.0% Cash Back.

Serving SetEqually important on a table top are proper serving utensils. Although my serving set came with basics like a butter knife, serving spoon, etc; having a pair of sophisticated serving utensils like this Archive Artisan Serving Set puts any meal over the top. Available at Sundance Catalog this set is just $35 with 2.0% Cash Back. Add a few napkins and the right dinnerware, and my home is one step closer to perfection!

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March 13, 2010

Lattice-TableAs stated, hundreds, if not thousands of times before, I love Anthropologie. Recently my adoring aunt presented me with a gift card as a house warming present, and I have been stalking the store/website/catalog ever since. For those who don't know, Anthropologie is the big sister to Urban Outfitters, yet just like big sisters are different, so are these two stores. For me, Urban Outfitters has always been the place to find cute tops at affordable prices, trendy shoes that won't break the bank, and of-the-moment accessories, while Anthropologie has been the place to buy exquisite home goods that make guests jealous of my style. I never bothered to cross shop, because I assumed Urban's home goods were in the same young mindset as the clothing, but a recent trip changed my mind.

A quick peak inside the Urban Outfitters in downtown San Francisco opened my eyes to all sorts of home goodies and changed my perspective entirely. The above Lattice Table is a great way to add Spring decor to your home, and I would stack it with plants and design books, or use it outside for Summer parties. Made from iron, this isn't a cheap piece of plastic, but a legit table. Quirky and cute enough for even the snobbiest of designers. Like myself.

Tye-Dye-BowlsNow I won't say Urban Outfitters has changed completely, because they haven't. Most of their home goods belong in a dorm rather than a boudoir, but there are exceptions for those willing to look. These Tie Dye Bowls are very similar to what Anthropologie sells, yet they're priced significantly less. While big sister sells bowls like this for $16 a piece, you can score four of these at Urban Outfitters for just $20. Add to that 2.5% Cash Back (which is not possible by shopping at Anthro) and you've got a big addition to your Spring kitchen for little sister prices.

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March 6, 2010

Here at Ebates, we're always having some sort of promotion, and with so many under our belt (and many more to come) it's normal that I would be partial to some more than others. My past favorites include Shoe Week, Boots & Bags Week, and Home & Garden Week to name a few. But nothing has enticed me quite like Hobby and Craft Week, and the reason is simple: it marries my love of design and crafts. Also pleasing is the timing of this promotion, and more importantly, the money saving decision I made because of it.

CarmelitaFor months now I've been searching for the perfect pillows to place in my large bay window, yet the task has me feeling like Goldilocks. Any possible contenders are either too shabby chic, too modern, or simply not what I'm looking for. You can imagine how months of let down would affect a girl, yet offers a silver lining and a chance for me to get crafty.

After browsing their extensive fabric selection I came across what is known as silk velvet burnout. During my quest for the perfect pillow I've seen examples using this fabric priced around $350, so imagine my surprise when I discovered sells the same fabric for as low as $7.98 a yard. A resolution to my pillow problem has been achieved. Make them myself and save hundreds. Sounds good enough, but I'll also get 7.0% Cash Back on the entire site including this beautiful silk velvet burnout known as Carmelita. Making my own pillows may take a little more work on my end, but the end result will not only look just how I want, but allow me bragging rights as well. And that is priceless!

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February 22, 2010

One of my secret addictions known as SSB (Secret Single Behavior) is weddings. On any given night I can be found watching Say Yes To The Dress or the hilarious Bridezillas while basking in the glory that is drama, dresses, and a few cat fights. Of course, this isn't to say I applaud such behavior, but nothing satiates my appetite for good TV like an argument between two salespeople vying for the same $6500 gown. When I'm not being a couch potato, I love pretending I'm picking things for my registry, which not only satiates my appetite for shopping, but housewares as well. In this spirit of imagination, below are my top registry picks, and considering June is a few months away, Summer brides should be planning their registry as well. Luckily for the bride (and the guests buying these gifts) Ebates has top stores like Target, Crate and Barrel, and JCPenney all with cash back and loads of gift options. Let the fun begin!

KitchenAid MixerStore: JCPenney 3.0% Cash Back.

Item: KitchenAid Mixer.

Why: Commonly known as the Holy Grail of kitchen appliances, this mixer is currently selling for $299. That's a savings of $100! Not to mention it comes in every color of the rainbow, and can whip up breads, make pasta, grind food, and more.

Wusthof KnivesStore: Crate and Barrel 3.0% Cash Back.

Item: Wusthof 8 Piece Knife Set.

Why: Made in Germany since 1814, this line of handmade knives are popular with chefs worldwide, and this set includes everything a new couple (or singleton) could need. Complete with solid wood knife block and sharpening tool, you'll get years of use from these professional grade knives and impress your friends too.

Corelle DinnerwareStore: Target 4.0% Cash Back.

Item: Corelle Dinnerware Set.

Why: Different seasons and different occasions call for different dinnerware. This sixteen piece set features a summery flower detail, but is by no means too girly. Priced at $59.99 this gift is a great way to add decor to your home while keeping everyone's budget in mind.

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February 22, 2010

Home Office DeskWe all need our own work space when at home. Even those of us who spend very little time at home like yours truly usually spend a little time in front of a computer, whether we are blogging, paying bills, watching videos, or just chatting with friends. This past weekend, I spent some time doing a little photo editing work and I couldn't help but notice that my workspace (pictured at the left), as efficient and laid out as it is, still looks like a desk setup from the fifties that just happens to have a nice Mac and some accessories on it. The desk is older than my dad, the chair would be worlds better if it had actual padding rather than intricate embroidered designs, and though you can't see it from the picture, the file cabinet on the left, despite being a good spot to hang my Kerouac portrait, is missing handles on three of the five drawers. In other words, it's time for a little home office makeover.

Home Office MacysLuckily, and hardly by coincidence, it happens to be the week of the Business and Office Tax Sale at Ebates, where in addition to tax prep software, we are cutting prices on everything a proper home office needs, from tech to furniture. In particular, I've had my eye on some of the offerings over at Macy's, where they are double all the way up to 6.0% Cash Back. Here I can find everything from desks and desk chairs to pieces like this "smart credenza" which will not only allow me to both stash and charge all sorts of those gadgets and gizmos (but somehow I still can't find the right place for my stuffed penguin, and yes, that is my electric toothbrush next to the Wacom stylus, nobody's perfect). But right now, not only is Macy's offering free shipping on furniture purchases over $1999 (yeah, it's steep, but what can you do?), but with 6.0% Cash Back, you'd be earning about $120 in cash back if you were to reach the free shipping limit.

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February 16, 2010

Shop-This-Trend-At-EbayWhen I think of purchasing industrial furnishings my grandfather's voice pops into my head saying "what is this a wood shop, where's the furniture?" It makes me chuckle as I can understand how a man raised in the depression might view buying 70 year old rusted furniture as the act of a crazy lady, but none the less I am all over this design trend. Although many stores have caught onto this trend - thus producing replicas of antique items like stainless steel work tables, rotary phones, and wrought iron light fixtures, I prefer the original. And where else can I shop the rare and unusual but eBay?

Factory-Coffee-CartThe above image (courtesy of Design For Life), shows how a remolded factory can be turned into a swank apartment while keeping authentic details intact. The wrought iron columns feature Corinthian capitols, yet they manage to work perfectly with more modern elements like the chairs. This Factory Cart, also known as a coffee cart, looks fresh from a textile mill, and you'll find several different styles on eBay, ranging from the inexpensive to the oh my. Whatever you decide, shopping at eBay will get you 2.0% Cash Back not to mention free shipping on thousands of items.

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February 11, 2010

I can't lie and say Presidents Day is a time of great importance to me, but I can say my hometown of Quincy, Massachusetts was home to two of our first presidents; John Adams and John Quincy Adams. Growing up in a town surrounded by such historic places as the homestead of John Hancock does instill the revolutionary spirit of wanting to live a prosperous life. So what better way to embrace this ideology then with extra cash back? Thanks to Sears being in our Presidents Day Double Cash Back I'm able to partake in some patriotic indulgence, which, after all, is what stimulates our economy!

Good Design Can Change Your LifeI don't have to tell you Sears offers great savings like an extra 30% off clearance toys, up to 70% savings on fine jewelry, and apparel deals like jeans for the whole family on sale. But what I may have to tell you is how easy and affordable it is to decorate your home with decor by Ty Pennington. Always on the prowl for a new addition to my home, I was pleasantly surprised to find this collection houses a huge selection of bedding, dinnerware, decorative items, and even furniture, all at affordable prices. It should also be stated his book, Good Design Can Change Your Life, is my personal mantra. This decorator's guide to establishing design that's not only functional but enjoyable is a must-have for anyone (myself included) who could use a bit of help. On sale for $22.50, you'll receive 4.0% Cash Back at Sears and begin the process of changing your life, one room at a time.

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February 6, 2010

Every shopper has a distinct and methodical way of selecting merchandise. Some use a system of elimination (I have four pairs of jeans, three pairs of shoes, and one blouse - I need more blouses). Some are erratic and swayed by the direction of the wind, and others are impulsive and buy whatever the eye finds attractive. I shop by need and by store, so my present situation of needing a table lamp and my love for all things Horchow have come together seamlessly thanks to 20% savings and free shipping on all lighting at Horchow. Just use code SHINE at checkout and receive substantial savings. Plus of course 3.0% Cash Back

Coral Lamp From HorchowLiving in an apartment building built in the 1930's means I have unique period details like built-in cabinets, hardwood floors, and original tiling. It also means I am lacking certain luxuries, like say an overhead light. So far I've tried to remedy this situation with a very bright and bold floor lamp, but walking past its glare can make one see double, and as my only source of light, it's not very versatile. What I need is another option, something to balance the bright glare and illuminate my studio, something like a table lamp.

When it comes to marrying my love of the eclectic with affordable price points I'm usually unsuccessful, but this Coral Lamp is a marriage made in heaven. I love the architectural elements this lamp has, although it's representation of coral fits my "au naturale" design theme. At just $200 it's a very reasonable price for what you could call a designer lamp, and more importantly, it will give me what I am currently lacking: light!

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February 2, 2010

Some say obsessions, like habits, are a bad thing. I say pssh! And with that comes another installment of Ebates Obsessions. This week I'm drooling over FCL Style. A new addition to Ebates, FCL Style offers home decor, furniture, and other fabulous items all with 4.5% Cash Back. Even better, they offer shopping by design theme. It's as if they took the guess work out of decorating your home, and instead created a fun way to shop.

Shop Home Decor at FCL StyleThe past few months have seen me designing with natural influences like images of birds, flowers, and even antlers. I've been wanting to add a bit of entomology to the mix, and this Blue Bee Box is just the thing I need. Perfect for storing jewelry, or even q-tips in the bathroom, this tiny bit of decor adds a touch of French country style wherever I place it, and at just $9, it's also a great deal. If eco-themed design isn't your thing, FCL Style carries home decor and furnishings for the bohemian, modern, and even country home. You'll find chrome serveware, organic pillows, great gift ideas, and even quirky items like a chandelier made from wine bottles. So do as the French do, but with 4.5% Cash Back!

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January 21, 2010

Shop Ice Cream Chairs on eBay!When your tastes are as varied as mine; decorating your home can be a tricky endeavor. Recently I found help while reading an interview with Keith Johnson, senior buyer and design guru for Anthropologie. In it he said when it comes to decorating your home, throw away any magazines, photos, or other images, and instead envision your fantasy life. Would it be to own a chateau in the south of France, or to have a modern condo in a metropolitan area? This fantasy is ultimately an extension of yourself, and any shopping should be done accordingly.

Of course reading this was alarming since I've spent the last several months (and spent $$$) on countless decor magazines, and have nearly ruined my eyes searching design blogs. But despite my reservations, I closed my eyes and conjured up my fantasy life. In it I live in a small cottage filled with contrasting items and although nothing matches; everything goes together. After writing down a few more points, I hopped on to eBay, because let's face it, I'll find everything under the sun and get 2.0% Cash Back.

Ice Cream ChairIn need of a kitchen table and chairs appropriate for a cottage kitchen, I came across what are called Ice Cream Chairs. The right amount of scruff and sweet, these chairs look as if they've spent decades on a farm, yet with a few coats of paint and a seat cushion I can transform these into a more modern and girly option. Selling from $30 per chair to $250, you'll find enough options to satisfy your fantasy, no matter what it is. I'm just getting started on mine, but I've already received 2.0% Cash Back from Ebates. Not bad considering I have an entire apartment to furnish!

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January 14, 2010

Get The Look In Our Home and Garden Category!Like all women with a pulse, I love, no make that LOVE Anthropologie. Their bohemian clothing and kitschy home decor make my heart pound each time I step inside one of their stores. Despite my passion, I can't overlook a few simple facts that make shopping elsewhere a smarter decision. Prices at Anthropologie can range on the higher side, and if you're shopping online, there are no free shipping deals. Ever. There's also the issue (read: lack) of cash back. After being an Ebates member for a year and a half, I've become accustomed to getting paid to shop. So accustomed that I've made it my personal mission to get the Anthropologie look through Ebates stores. Below are just a few ways to get this look, and all are $100 or less.

Stromberg Carlson PhoneVintage-themed accessories reign supreme in this store, but I think purchasing the real thing through ebay is a better option. This Stromberg Carlson Telephone features an art deco design and comes with all original parts, even the distinct ring. Unlike expensive replicas, this item is listing for $5.99 and you'll get 2.0% Cash Back by shopping through Ebates. The above table lamp from Ballard Designs features the same antique look, but at $99, it's an affordable version compared to Anthropologie's $400 options. You'll get 3.0% Cash Back at Ballard Designs.

Roses PillowTravel to your local arboretum or menagerie, and you'll often find postcards, posters, and other items featuring vintage reproductions of horticulture, botany, and even entomology. This Roses Pillow from Burke Decor has the same aged feel, and looks great as a centerpiece on any sofa. Priced at $100, you'll get free shipping on orders over $50 and 6.0% Cash Back. The final step is to buy a rug that has the same bazaar/ global market feel as those sold at Anthropologie. Overstock carries thousands of rugs in every shape, size, and color, and you'll get 4.0% Cash Back at Ebates.

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January 9, 2010

The feeling of contentment, excitement, and even euphoria one feels when stepping into a well designed space is not an easy task to achieve, but one that is well worth the effort. Great design, the kind that makes company swoon and declare "I love your place", is all about having the right accessories. Easy to switch in and out, never requiring intense labor like painting, (as I had the unfortunate chore of doing this weekend) accessories like pillows, kitchen goodies, and bathroom items are the home equivalent of playing dress up. Except, of course, your home will never remind you just how bad the holidays have been for your figure.

Lily Bird Soy Sauce ContainerOne store that specializes in accessories and homewares is Alessi (3.5% Cash Back). New to Ebates, Alessi is an Italian homewares company famous for its collaborations with designers and artists like Salvador Dali, Michael Graves, and Philippe Stark to name a few. Of course I don't shop here for the name dropping (although it doesn't hurt), instead I am madly in love with Alessi's quirky designs like this Lily Bird Soy Sauce Container. Just $32, this container is made from bone china and adds a playful touch to your table top. Other fun finds are banana shaped salt and pepper shakers, and tealight holders made from stainless steel and featuring intricate designs. Reasonably priced, Alessi carries kitchen appliances, jewelry, lighting, even children's toys. All with sharp design and 3.5% Cash Back.

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January 3, 2010

There are days when all I manage to accomplish is searching the internet for new home design ideas, and the only thing stopping me from losing myself in imagination land is the reminder that lunch is approaching. Today is one of those days. After a night filled with disappointment (my once fawned over paint color is horrific on wall) I'm back at square one deciding over theme, colors, and of course, direction. This isn't the sort of thing easily worked out, but shopping at Burke Decor has put me on the right path. Until the end of the year, I save 10% off any order with code HOLIDAY. Very nice, considering this site carries all sorts of lovely items for the home, including the following items. You'll get 6.0% Cash Back too.

Matryoska PillowPillows
Burke Decor has hundreds of drool worthy pillows like this Matryoska Pillow. Made from 100% silk, this pillow is a steal at just $70. Other great designs include antique looking birdcages, nautical imagery, and damask prints.

Shop Burke DecorCarry-alls
Totes declaring "Save The Earth" and "Go Green" are so 2009. Yes, saving the environment by eliminating plastic bags is a must, but doing it without the soapbox is a fashion do. Burke Decor carries an assortment of pouches for laptops, eye glasses (shown above) and this Parrot Canvas Tote. I know these look expensive, but prices range from $10 to $50. Thank me later.

Knee Length KimonoLoungewear
What good is lounging in a fab home with less than fab attire? This Knee Length Kimono is not only gorgeous, but it's also just $66. It's the perfect addition to any woman's lounge wardrobe.

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December 31, 2009

Ah, New Year's Eve. Try as I may to overlook the hoopla that is the last night of the year, I always get sucked into it's "do or die" mentality. This year, instead of making absurd resolutions, I'm making realistic ones. For example, my resolution to be healthier doesn't have to involve fad diets, countless hours at the gym, or swearing off cake (like that's possible) for the rest of my life. Instead I'll eat healthier by cooking at home, and live a better life with even more cash in my wallet!

Jamie Oliver at HomeWhen it comes to healthy living, a proper diet is top of the list. I love the satisfaction of cooking a meal filled with ingredients that are both good for me and taste delicious. It's for this reason that I can't wait to buy Jamie Oliver's latest cookbook, Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way To The Good Life. Inspired by the chef's own vegetable patch, this book is filled with mouth-watering recipes like asparagus and potato tart, and winter veggie coleslaw. Selling at Barnes and Noble, you'll get 8.0% Cash Back thanks to Ebates December Double Cash Back. Hurry! Today is the last day for double cash back!

La CreusetWhen it comes to cooking, tools can make or break a meal. Yummy dishes are often the result of proper cookware like this Le Creuset Dutch Oven. Perfect for baking, roasting, broiling, braising, sautéing or marinating, this piece is just $109 at CHEFS. Considering Le Creuset can cost hundreds of dollars per piece, this is a great deal. You'll get 6.0% Cash Back by shopping at CHEFS, and enjoying years of yummy, healthy meals.

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December 23, 2009

Outside of musical instruments, I'm not really prone to flights of fancy when shopping. I don't share my fellow bloggers' "gotta have it" spirit when it comes to looking at new products or fashion. As a matter of fact, outside of a new guitar, amplifier, or anything that can be used to make music that I write and play sound better and louder, there isn't much out there that I swoon over when I see it for sale. That is, except for one glaring exception...


skyline lampI have no idea why this might be. Chances are it has some deep connection to the fact that my ceiling is so low that I hit it every time I take a t-shirt off. Maybe I just have some sort of odd sense of design that comes along with my Scandinavian heritage that only applies to discount furniture and fun, quirky lighting. Maybe it's none of these things. But whatever the reason, I get a little giddy when I see sites like Euro Style Lighting. What I appreciate most about this site is that most everything comes in a decent range of prices, meaning I don't have to sacrifice a down payment on a condo in order to illuminate it. Naturally, this wouldn't be blog worthy if Ebates didn't help you out. We've got you covered to the tune of 6.0% Cash Back on all your purchases from Euro Style Lighting.

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December 17, 2009

After years of living with roommates, I ventured out on my own and into a glorious apartment. Complete with hardwood floors, a giant bay window, and a Bungalow Bathroom, I'm eager to start decorating my dream home. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement that is a new home, but rather than buy mediocre furniture that I'll want to replace, I'm okay living in bare quarters, and putting together the perfect apartment piece-by-piece. As for my style? Well it's as diverse as I am. A bit vintage, a bit modern, and a touch of recycled. Of course when your taste is as varied as mine, there's only one place you're guaranteed to find what you want. eBay.

Vintage Chair From eBayMy dream home is one that is equal parts feminine and masculine. When it comes to furniture though, I usually lean toward masculine pieces (feminine furniture can easily seem childish) and accessorize with femininity. This Industrial Brass Chair dates from the early 1900's, and features sturdy brass construction and a solid walnut seat. As a single chair, this could be a great accent piece in my living room, or if there were more, they would make sleek kitchen chairs. I imagine this chair seated next to a rustic slab table, adorned with gold filigree china, and a lace runner. Very Anthropologie. Until then, I'll shop eBay for more great finds and 2.0% Cash Back.

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December 16, 2009

Shop our Home and Garden CategoryCurling up in bed with a good book, cooking a delicious meal, or knitting yet another scarf. Know anyone like this? If your answer is "yes", then they are a homebody, and you need a gift for them. Below are just a few gift ideas sure to please the homebody in your life, and, like all purchases at Ebates, you'll receive cash back on your purchase. Let the gift giving begin!

Kashmere ThrowIn Winter, every home lover needs a throw blanket. Something cozy, stylish, and, above all, warm. If that blanket just so happens to be 100% cashmere, then it's no longer a need. It's a must have. This Kashmere Throw from Bluefly comes in seven colors and is a steal at $104. As an added bonus you'll receive free shipping on orders over $100 PLUS get 4.0% Cash Back.

UGG Dakota SlippersSpeaking of staying warm, these UGG Dakota Slippers will protect feet from cold floors, and they look cute to boot. Complete with sheepskin lining and rubber soles, these shoes are perfect for those times when the homebody does leave the house, even if it's to grab the morning paper. These are available at Nordstrom where you'll get 5.0% Cash Back.

Diptyque CandleIt's standard practice that homebodies love candles, and my personal favorite are candles by Diptyque. Saks Fifth Avenue carries an extensive collection of candles, including Diptyque, Jo Malone, Kilian and more. This Patchouli Candle sells for $60, which considering it has a burn time of 50-60 hours, is a great deal. Like all purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue, you'll receive 2.5% Cash Back.

Knitting BookChances are the homebody in your life has a hobby. Whether it's cooking, knitting, painting, etc, buying a book all about their favorite hobby is truly a thoughtful (and inexpensive) gift. A few years ago I was bitten by the knitting bug, and a book like this Knitter's Book of Wool is a great addition to my knitting collection. Available at Barnes and Noble, you'll receive 8.0% Cash Back.

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December 1, 2009

Gold Flower LanternsIn life as in home decor, it's either tasteful or tacky. A tasteful home should never house tacky holiday decorations. Just ask West Elm. In fact, they're offering 20% off holiday decor just to prove it. And although you should never procrastinate, this sale does end on Christmas day. So if, like me, you are in complete denial about the holidays being here already, you do have some time.


Honeycomb ThrowInstead of plastic ornaments, fake snow, and other design no-no's, take a hint from David Stark. The above Gold Flower Lanterns are part of his uber chic collection for West Elm and they're just the thing to get your home feeling in the spirit while maintaining a level of sophistication. On sale, they're now $9- $27, plus, like all purchases at West Elm, you'll receive 3.0% Cash Back. The collection also includes ornaments, miniature trees, and lovely garlands. I should also mention that West Elm carries throws and pillows from luxury knitwear line Lutz and Patmos. This Honeycomb Throw performs double duty as a decor item and as a toasty treat on cold nights. Both items also make great gifts (gentlemen take note) so shop now before items sell out. You wouldn't believe how many people have great taste!

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November 24, 2009

Sears-O-Pedic Full MattressMattresses are one of those things you love to have but hate to buy. Granted they are a necessity, but considering you can't take one on the town and show it off, it seems rather silly to spend a fortune. Your typical mattress (box set included) runs between $400-$1500. Of course quality should be top priority since it's estimated that we sleep 1/3 of our lives, and thanks to Sears, you'll save 50% on hundreds of mattresses. Thanks to Ebates November Double Cash Back, you'll receive 4.0% Cash Back

A mattress like this Sears-O-Pedic Plush Top Full Mattress is perfect for singles who need every extra inch of space they can get, or couples who don't mind close sleeping closer together. Regularly priced at $739, this mattress is on sale for $169, which considering I've spent more on a sweater, this is a beyond great deal. The Sears-O-Pedic Foundation is on sale for $180, and if you throw in a Bed Frame for $39.99, you're total is only $389. Compared to a full price of $1138.99 you're saving a whopping $750.

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November 11, 2009

Shop Designer Furniture at Sears!It's been stated before that I am a design nut. A blog reading, window shopping, Google image seeking design nut. It's also been stated that one of my favorite design blogs is Desire To Inspire. During my latest visit to this site I came across a growing trend in design; plastic furniture. Before you think of tacky patio chairs, cafeteria seating, or anything meant for children, take a look at how Kim (one of DTI founders and design extraordinaire) manages to use them in ways that are modern and really fun. Expecting hefty price tags? Not when you shop at Sears. Thanks to Ebates November Double Cash Back you'll get 4.0% Cash Back at Sears and find modern furnishings (like the chair above) by Baxton Studio.

Baxton Studio ChairsThese Accent Chairs feature the same smooth shape and retro design as the above chair,  but this set of two costs under $200 at Sears. One chair alone at an overpriced retailer could cost up to $800, so you know these chairs are not just a funky addition to your home, but a great deal as well. Besides plastic chairs, Baxton Studio also makes acrylic furniture (a favorite of mine) as well as comfy sofas and modern tables. With over two hundred pieces to choose from, it's possible for all design nuts to find something they love while spending less.

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November 5, 2009

Pumpkin BowlsI have a confession to make. Not all stores I shop at are Ebates merchants. Yes I know, I'm missing out on cash back, but there are some stores I love so much I don't care. Crate and Barrel used to be one of those stores, but home junkies like myself will be very excited to hear Crate and Barrel has just joined Ebates. Gone is the guilt of not getting cash back, and instead I shop knowing I'll be stuffing even more cash into my wallet. How much? Well 3.0% Cash Back to be exact.

Speaking of stuffing, for Thanksgiving this year I intend on taking on a more proactive role in the kitchen. While searching for recipes that involve fresh pumpkin, I came across this Curried Coconut Pumpkin Stew. Seemingly easy to make, this meal will look perfect on any Thanksgiving table when served in these Pumpkin Servers. Not only are they charming but the soup size ones are just $11.95 each. Complete with lid, friends and family will be delighted to uncover the savory smells of a festive meal and I'll be delighted to show off my culinary skills. It's a win-win.

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November 3, 2009

Get 3.0% Cash Back at Horchow!
Just as Oprah has the "aha" moment, I have the OMG (oh my god) moment. Tuesday mornings do not usually constitute this type of excitement, but after opening my daily email from Horchow, an OMG moment was had. From now until November 10th, I'll save 25% on furniture and 30% on decor and accessories. As if that wasn't exciting enough, I'll also get 3.0% Cash Back. So like I said, OMG.

Acrylic Side TableJust as I have a wish list for clothing, I have a wish list for furniture. Numero uno on that list is this Acrylic Side Table. A combination of antique and modern, this table is very Parisian chic. The piece de resistance of my boudoir, all this table needs is a small lamp and a porcelain vase filled with fresh cut flowers. Thanks to Horchow's huge sale, I'll save $212. Thanks to Ebates I'll rack up just over $22 cash back. Stylish furniture, huge savings, and lots of cash back is what I call tre chic!  

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October 31, 2009

Watch Top Chef on BravoThere's nothing I love more than window shopping, even if by window, I mean Microsoft. Inspired by my favorite Top Chef contestant Jesse Sandlin (who btw is self taught) I've been shopping for all sorts of kitchen goods in the hopes that the right tools will take me from a mere cook to a bonafide culinary expert. Of course, shopping for quality kitchen items is usually an expensive project, but thanks to Target it's become a money saving adventure. Why? Because Target sells the same top brand items as other retailers, but for much less. In addition to saving upwards of 50% (more in some cases), you'll also get 4.0% Cash Back.

Kitchen Essentials From TargetI use to think that a large chopping block was only sold at expensive specialty shops, but this 20x15 End Grain Chopping Block is just $53.99. That's a savings of 60% from other retailers. This Mortar and Pestle is $20 less than competitors. I bet down to earth chef Jesse owns a few of these.

"Winging it" may work when adding salt and pepper, but not for baking. Properly measuring your ingredients will determine if you're eating banana muffins for breakfast or banana oatmeal. A sturdy measuring cup like this one from Pyrex ($6.74) and Cuisipro Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons ($13.99) are essential to any chef. Both these are listed at well below what other sites would charge. Last but least, Mixing Bowls are an essential tool even when not baking. This set comes with lids (perfect for storing left over batter, etc.) and they also make great salad bowls. Considering stainless steel items cost more, this set is a steal at $26.99. Bon appetit!

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October 26, 2009

I try to be as healthy as possible, I really do. But quite frankly, these days it's nearly impossible. Sure, I quit smoking and I limit my processed foods, but in the age of e.coli spinach and teflon leaking chemicals, eating vegetables isn't enough to save me from the big C. After reading an article regarding how bad Tupperware and other plastic storage containers are, I decided to replace my collection with the big G - glass. Because money doesn't grow on trees, I'm thankful The Container Store is having 20% off site wide when I use coupon code SAVENOW. A healthy wallet is just as important as a healthy body.

Glasslock ContainersThese Glasslock Containers are exactly what I had in mind. Made from tempered glass, they withstand everyday use, and because they're made from glass they won't stain or keep smells from past meals. I should point out the lid is plastic, but there are other all-glass options available as well. Sold individually, these range in price from $2.99 to $14.99. Subtract off 20% and add 4.0% Cash Back, and you've got a greener lifestyle for a lot less money.

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October 22, 2009

Retro Kitchen TableMore than just a place to cook food, kitchens are a meeting ground. A place where friends, family, or just yourself can unwind and enjoy the comforts of food. At this point it's obvious I love a yellow kitchen, but instead of infusing yellow with modern aspects like acrylic chairs or crisp lines, I want to pair this color with country decor. Old bread tins, glass canisters filled with preserves, and a retro kitchen table are essential to getting this look. When it comes to buying antique or vintage items, there's no better place than eBay. Along with 2.0% Cash Back, you'll find thousands of options for the home, regardless of style or budget.

Retro Kitchen Table From eBayKitchen Table
The centerpiece of any retro kitchen, this Retro Kitchen Table really sets the tone with baby blue color and ornate table top design. Although this item is available for pick up only, I am constantly finding many more tables just like this one in all sorts of different colors.

Vintage Bread BoxVintage Bread Boxes and Canning Jars
One of the best ways to get a country look without the use of hens (or other tacky ornamentation) is through old containers like this Vintage Bread Box. Complete with sage green color and worn handles, this is the quintessential item to have in your kitchen. Canning jars like these Ball Mason Jars are not only a healthier way to store spices, preserves, etc, but they also make great vases and terrariums. I prefer to find older versions, but if you want a newer (and rust free) jar, you'll find those too.

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October 14, 2009

I am a man who loves his gadgetry, but from time to time, there is really something to be said for classic design. There's one odd product that this holds incredibly true for: ice cube trays. I realize, it's completely silly that I care this much about ice, but it's true. For all the wonderful advancements in ice making in the last fifty years or so, if you discount the refrigerators that make perfect ice for you, the best ice trays are the old aluminum ones with the pull handle. There's no twisting, you can get as many or as few cubes out as you'd like, and it just looks kind of classy.

ice cube traysLuckily, after developing an obsession with this style of ice cube tray, I stocked up by rooting through every second hand store, Salvation Army, Goodwill, and thrift store in about a twenty mile radius. I kid you not. I was an optimistic nineteen year old with a dream, and I made it a reality. I owned like eight pull-handle ice cube trays. Don't have ten hours to devote to ice cube trays? Do you just want one of these beauties without the hassle? Well, if you haven't clicked one of the links, you can probably imagine where they go: to Easy Comforts, where you can purchase your very own pull-handle ice cube tray for a mere $8.99. I think I spent more than that just on the gas for my adventures.

But I digress, this post is about Easy Comforts, not my love of chromed-out ice cube trays. At East Comforts, you'll find all sorts of various products that will make your life a little bit easier (hence the name!) no matter what your needs are. They've got everything from medical supplies and weight loss aids to easy-to-wear jewelry. All of which comes with 2.5% Cash Back, and Free Shipping on orders $40 and up when you use your Ebates account.

One one final note, they also sell a knife/fork combination called The Knork. I hope this one works better than the one they created on the cartoon "Clone High".


October 9, 2009

Redesign Your Home with Home DepotOften thought of as obnoxious or only suitable for children's rooms, yellow (like all bright colors) is making a strong comeback and can be seen in the latest design blogs, magazines, and even in the kitchen of yours truly. The trick to keeping this bold color from going overboard is to pair it with neutral and less intense colors, such as white. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, or as an accent wall, yellow is a great way to liven up any space. When it comes to buying paint only Home Depot offers top brands like Ralph Lauren, Behr, and Glidden, plus great perks like samples for just $2.49. On top of 3.0% Cash Back, you'll also find great deals on other products for the home.

If you're not sold on yellow (or any color for that matter) why not check out the the latest in paint trends all courtesy of the Home Depot. You'll find tips, ideas, and even inspiration regardless if you want something more traditional, or something with a bit more flair. For those who are faint of color heart, you can still inject this color through the use of pillows, plates, towels, you name it. So go ahead, get creative! 

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October 7, 2009

It's not that I despise vacuuming, but with our yellow lab in the house, we've got furballs rolling around like tumbleweeds if we don't drag the vacuum out twice a day.

So after hearing that iRobot makes a robotic Roomba vacuum especially for pets, we decided to give it a try. It turns out that our Roomba is a tough little machine that cleans our floors better than a human (at least the ones in our household). If iRobot just adds a wagging tail, it might even earn 'favorite pet' status.

iRobot RoombaIf you haven't heard of the Roomba, it's basically a dinner-plate sized disc, a few inches tall, that sounds like a kid's radio-controlled car. It relentlessly scours your floor plan, avoiding stairs and other hazards, and is smart enough to return to its charging station when its battery is low. You can even schedule it to clean when you're not home. The machine's low profile allows it to get under many places you normally never vacuum, and its side brushes allow it to clean tight corners and baseboards. If it ever does get tripped up on something, it stops and gives you a polite beep.

iRobot makes different models for just about every floor type and cleaning chore, including the floor-washing "Scooba" and the industrial-grade "Dirt Dog". We bought one of the new model 562 Pet Series Roombas, which includes a high-capacity debris bin.

Check out their site and you'll get 3.0% Cash Back, a free gift with any Roomba or Scooba Purchase (up to a $130) value, plus free shipping.


October 5, 2009

Cambridge Silversmith 65pc SetYou may be surprised to hear there are some things I think are best left simple. Not everything needs to be over the top and uber stylized, like for instance, flatware and dinnerware. When it comes to serving food I think it's best to keep the utensils clean and minimal. No neon swirled plates or flatware in the shape of twigs. To be brutally honest, both are extremely tacky. I mean who wants to eat with a twig? Isn't that the point of civilization? To get away from such caveman activities? But I digress. In the market for an upgrade in the food serving department, I shopped at SmartBargains where I got 8.0% Cash Back (more than double!) and found a wide selection of dinnerware, flatware, really all kinds of wares.

The above Cambridge Silversmith 65pc Set is a "do" when it comes to flatware. No crazy designs or space age looking forks, just a simple and elegant set. Selling at just $89.99, I saved 33% of the retail and thanks to Ebates Columbus Day Sale I earned 8.0% Cash Back too. That's money that I can use toward something else for my home, like sheets.

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September 30, 2009

Part of me feels like I may have written about this company before, but as I can't seem to find it in our blog archives, I can't resist but to write about them now.

You all remember someone you went to college with who had a beanbag chair. It doesn't matter if you're twenty two or fifty two, no college dorm was complete without "that guy with the beanbag chair".LoveSacWell, just as we have all grown up since then, so has the idea of a beanbag chair. Nowadays, rather than an old relic from the '70s spilling little bits all over your carpet, there is the LoveSac. They provide all sorts of solutions both large and small, with a number of accessories for various uses and room sizes, made of durafoam rather than the pellets of old. LoveSac also makes "Sactionals" which are lounging couches made of LoveSac-styled bases with backs and sides which can all be positioned to best suit the needs of your room. Factor in 5.0% Cash Back, and you can take home a pretty penny, because we all know furniture doesn't come cheap.

Plus, as the mercury continues to drop in your thermometers, there's no better place to cuddle up than on a LoveSac - where do you think they got their name? (wink wink)


September 29, 2009

Embroidered NapkinsBeing a design junkie, I tend to notice interiors before anything else. Take the movie Mamma Mia for example. While some may gush over Pierce Brosnan or Dominic Cooper, I was enraptured with the vibrant set of turquoise walls, hand embroidered sheets, and earthen pottery. Immediately after watching the film I sought the same linens, yet finding hand embroidered linens is no easy task, as I had the misfortune of finding out. About to give up, it dawned on me that in order to find such rarities as handmade items, I'd have to shop a site that specializes in them. Enter World of Good. Not only does this site cater to handmade and free trade items, but by shopping through Ebates, I'll get 2.0% Cash Back.

A side project of eBay, World of Good sells everything from organic beauty products to recycled decanters, all helping the artisans who made them. These Hand Embroidered Napkins from Pakistan are just the thing I was looking for, and the proceeds of my purchase will go to a great cause; helping nomadic herding communities in Pakistan and protecting the environment they live in. It's a win-win.

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September 24, 2009

Find Home Decor at VIVREThe saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is a saying I live by. Whether I'm shopping eBay for vintage clothing or hunting through flea markets, I appreciate what others leave behind. It's not because I love the smell of old stuff or enjoy refurbishing things. I don't prefer second hand goods, it's just that I find it hard to satisfy my eclectic taste by shopping mainstream. While this is all well and good, there does come a time when a girl wants something nice, new, and clean. Thanks to VIVRE, I can satisfy my love of the unconventional and get 2.5% Cash Back from Ebates. Added for free is the enjoyment of not having to steam, dry-clean, or refinish a thing.

VIVRE carries everything from clothing and accessories to shoes, travel books, and even fine jewelry. Their home decor selection ranges from artistic prints by Bengoechea, adirondack chairs made from lucite, and even funky trinkets like candle holders in the shape of sea urchins. Although it's hard to choose what I love the most, I'll never leave this site empty handed - especially with all that cash back!

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September 21, 2009

Wood Table From Acacia CatalogLike clothing, my taste in home design changes as often as the weather. One day I'm searching for an Eames chair to compliment my love of Danish Modern, and the next I'm shopping for a Chaise Lounge to satisfy my obsession with French Country. Deciding what trends to invest in, and which ones to pass over is a dilemma I constantly find myself in, and these photos from Desire To Inspire are not helping the matter. Thanks to Ebates and merchants like Sundance Catalog, I'm able to indulge my passion without shoppers remorse. How? With 2.0% Cash Back of course!

The above photo was taken by Swedish photographer Stellan Herner, and it shows how the meeting of utilitarian minimalism and rugged country can be a refreshing change. The use of mixed materials like wood with steel, and cement with linen, can create a harmonious environment. This Brickmaker's Coffee Table is in the same theme. Made from thick steel frames and azobe wood, this table only gets better over time. No need for coasters, the aged wood can handle whatever I toss on top, and considering its size, it doubles as a dinner table too. All I need are a few seat cushions!

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September 15, 2009

Branch Curtain Tie Back From Urban OutfittersJust the other night a good friend of mine was lamenting on her less-than-thrilling home decor and how she wished for a change. When I asked her why she had never performed a home facelift before, she gave the all too common response "it costs too much". I was quick to point out that when it comes to interior design, small changes such as a fresh coat of paint, a change of the curtains, or a reshuffling of furniture could create an entirely new room with little cost. Of course she was skeptical, but once I reminded her of the cash back she could be getting by shopping through Ebates she agreed.

One of my favorite stores to shop for inexpensive home decor is Urban Outfitters. Not only will I get 2.5% Cash Back, but I'll find loads of options ranging from bedding to funky accessories like this Branch Curtain Tie-Back. Perfect for the upcoming cooler months, this adds a hint of Winter but looks great regardless of the season. At just $14, this is an affordable way to change up any room. Throw in new curtains starting at $14.99 and you're halfway to creating a new look with minimal cost. If only Urban Outfitters sold paint too!

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September 9, 2009

The Weekender ComboIt used to be that in order to save money, you had to eat at home. Grocery shopping, cooking, and bringing your lunch to work were all necessary steps in the fight to keep extra cash in your pocket. With milk, quality meats, and even produce costing three times more than they did a few years ago, eating in isn't the money saving ritual it used to be. Especially when it comes to meat. Not to fret, though, because Omaha Steaks offers top quality meats, seafood, and even appetizers at prices you can afford. Thanks to Man Week at Ebates, you'll now get 6.0% Cash Back on top of great savings on mouth watering food.

Shop the End of Summer Sale at Omaha Steaks and save 50% on filet mignons, pork chops, boneless chicken breasts, as well as half off yummy sides and dessert. They also have great deals like The Weekender Combo which offers a combination of franks, burgers, and top sirloin for just $44 dollars! That's a discount of $81! Perfect for the game, camping trip, or for later, you'll enjoy top quality meats at prices that make you wonder "Why did I ever go to the grocery store?"

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September 7, 2009

Granite Mortar and PestleI will confess I am a hypocrite when it comes to food. I shun processed food, soda, fast food, and anything that needs a microwave to be heated, but I always find ways to make excuses for other bad behavior. Cookies? Fine if they don't have high fructose corn syrup. Cigarette with a glass of wine? The French do it. Baked mac and cheese with pancetta? Hey, I have a green drink everyday. The list could go on and on, but I will say that when it comes to food, most of what I eat is homemade. This do-it-yourself way of life trickles down into even the most basic things. Like spices.

I tend to buy my spices in bulk, meaning they're usually not ground. Easy as pie to do, grinding spices takes a bit of elbow grease and the proper tools like this Granite Mortar and Pestle from CHEFS. It's my personal belief granite makes for a better surface then glass or ceramic mortars, not to mention it's typically cheaper. The above one is just $39.99 and you'll get 6.0% Cash Back from Ebates. It should also be mentioned that using a mortar and pestle is a great stress reducer, much like a cigarette with a glass of wine. Only without the hypocrisy.

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September 1, 2009

Elfa-Kitchen-ShelvingIf there's one thing I could not live without, it would be a large kitchen. Lots of cabinets and space to move around in is a must-have for someone who cooks on a regular basis, yet I'm aware that not everyone has this luxury. Kitchens that lack cabinet space often lack storage, and as anyone with a kitchen knows, storage is everything. A great way to create storage in a kitchen with little cabinet space is through shelving. Thanks to the elfa sale at The Container Store, I can save 25% on tons of shelving options, and I'll get 4.0% Cash Back while doing so.

The above kitchen shows how elfa can create storage out of thin air. Called the Platinum elfa Kitchen Wall, this system will holds all your kitchen essentials, and can be customized to fit your kitchen's dimensions. Not only does it give you the needed space for dinnerware, cookware, or anything you choose, but it also looks chic and modern. Part of the elfa collection, this unit is 25% off. So whether you need to organize your home office, clean up your kitchen, or de-clutter your closet, you can do it for less at The Container Store.

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August 29, 2009

Find Chalkboard Paint at Target!Unless you were made to wash chalkboards in school as punishment for talking in class (guilty) there should be no aversion to bringing the classroom into your home. Appropriate for those with school aged children or those who simply miss drawing on the sidewalk, chalkboard paint is a fun way to add color and creativity to any home. Whether you use it for notes, shopping lists, or hangman, you'll love it's versatility and playfulness. You'll also love that it costs less than $25 to get this look. Target sells Rustoleum Specialty Chalkboard Paint for just $14.93, and you'll get 4% Cash Back from Ebates. No Target coupons needed, it really is that easy.

Achieving this look can be done in four easy steps.

1. Sand refrigerator with sandpaper. Nothing crazy, but enough so the paint has a pliable surface to adhere to.

2. Paint first coat (will look terrible) and let dry. Follow by second and third coats. The third coat is what creates the chalkboard surface. Think of it as layers on a cake. The more the better!

3. For an aged look rub chalk over the surface. Remove any excess with a damp cloth.

4. Have Fun!

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August 23, 2009

West Elm BeddingBedding is one of the home categories that tends to get overlooked until the sheets are tearing, or the dry cleaner insists the wine stain on your white duvet is there for life. Sheets, duvets, and the like, are easily put into a "I'll get to it someday" box and they often take a back seat to fun items like cashmere sweaters, boots, handbags, things you can show off. Not only does bedding age faster than any item hanging in your closet, it usually costs more too. Although it may seem the only way to find affordable bedding is to settle for cheap, itchy fabrics, this is not the case at West Elm.

With duvets starting at $69 and peaking at $169, finding the affordable bedding is easy. I found three luxurious duvets for just $99, and the above Organic Matelasse Duvet is one of many amazing deals at just $139. Sheets and pillows start at $29.99, and come in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Considering you'll get 3% Cash Back on all your purchases at West Elm, there's no reason not to shop for your bedding here.

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August 22, 2009

The first time my parents visited me in college I thought my mother was going to faint. My dorm room was a bit eclectic: the curtains were plaid, the bedspread floral, and the floors bare. Surely I was brought up better than this, she lamented! Left to my own devices I "borrowed" some old sheets from the family linen closet (the ones where the pillowcases didn't match) and appropriated a long-forgotten comforter hidden on the top shelf. The window coverings...well they were the legacy of the former occupant. Money was tight and there weren't many options for budget-conscious college kids in those days.

Suite 109 SheetsBut like they say - we've come a long way baby! Thanks to Designer Linens Outlet, college-bound kids can go off to school in style at a savings of up to 80% off retail prices. From sheets to towels, bed sets to pillows - their vast selection will fit any style, any wallet.  Not sure where to start - visit their comprehensive Back-to-School section, where they highlight the best brands like Nautica, Croscill and Christy to name a few. Each week there's a different promotion to help you save even more, and until August 31st you can either take $10 OFF orders of $99+ with promo code AFTen99, or select free shipping on orders of $49+ with promo code AFShipFree89.

Bed SetsNow you know where to buy and how to save, but are you still suffering from thread count confusion or cotton vs. percale? Visit Designer Linen Outlet's Sheet Buying Guide to strip down the bedding basics. Haven't decided on duvet cover vs. quilt or how memory foam can relieve those sleepless pre-test nights? DLO's Bedding Guide really simplifies linen lingo. And at last, the ultimate source on how to measure for sheets, shams, and more! Remember; studies have shown that students who get a good night's sleep get better grades. Why tempt fate? Shop for your future college graduate's Back-to-School bedding at Designer Linens Outlet and earn 4% Cash Back while you're at it!

P.S. - In case Mom and Dad are taking their student's departure as a signal to re-decorate, they too can get the best in designer bedding, bath, and home décor at the same great savings up to 80% off retail prices at Designer Linens Outlet. Why should the kids have all the fun!


August 16, 2009

Cast Iron Skillet From Sur La TableChefs know that when it comes to savory meals, their best bet is to use cast iron. Not only does cast iron distribute heat evenly, but it retains flavor and only gets better over time. What you may not know, is that cast iron offers a much safer alternative to traditional non-stick/ teflon pans. Why? Well new research shows the chemicals in teflon known as perfluorochemicals (PFC's for short) can be broken down at temperatures under 400 degrees, emitting toxic gases which goes, you guessed it, into your food. Cast iron pans (like this 15 inch skillet from Sur La Table) are simply the healthier and tastier way to go.

If you've never used a cast iron pan, you may be surprised at how much easier they are to clean. A well seasoned cast iron skillet only takes hot water and a light, non abrasive sponge to get clean. Lodge Logic Cast Iron Cookware comes pre-seasoned and ranges from skillets and griddles, to biscuit pans and dutch ovens. Available at Sur La Table, this green alternative starts at $8.95, and ranges up to a mere $49.95. Add to that 4% Cash Back, and you've got more green in your food, and in your wallet!

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August 16, 2009

Oriental Trading Company CouponsNever one to throw a party on a whim, I thought I would be more adventurous and throw one in my apartment. I am equally motivated by my desire to spice things up and my need to preform revenge on my techno-blasting party animal of a new neighbor. Needless to say, I am seriously lacking in any real party supplies and I knew exactly where to go to get what I needed to throw a wall-rattling rager. Oriental Trading Company is the ultimate destination for party supplies for any occasion. When you shop there, through Ebates, you will get 3% Cash Back and Oriental Trading Company coupons for additional savings, because while you can't put a price on revenge, you can still save money in the process!

Not only does Oriental Trading Company have party supplies for everything from a luau to a baby shower, they have an extensive collection of craft supplies, toys, teaching supplies and crafts. I think I will throw a cowboy themed party in honor of Whiplash the cowboy monkey, a true icon and an Ebates employee favorite.

When I spend $49, I will get free shipping with no special Oriental Trading Company coupon code required.

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August 10, 2009

Bedrest Pillow from JCPenneyJust as a bride should have "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" so should a college student. The borrowing will no doubt come from your wallet, and student loans. As for something new, dorm must-haves like comforters, hampers, and alarm clocks are 30-60% off at JCPenney. Something blue might be this Bedrest Pillow, and for the old? Well let's just say having peace and quite never gets old. Of course helping you earn the most cash back during this time of textbooks, new roommates, and class schedules is Ebates Back to School Special. With 5% Cash Back at JCPenney and 4% Cash Back at Kohls, getting your student ready for the year ahead is a whole lot easier.

Aside from YouTube videos and microwaveable mac and cheese, dorm life is all about learning how to live on your own. Understanding this may not come easily to college students, Kohls offers great deals on essentials like microwaves, can openers, and toasters to name a few. Not only will you save big bucks by shopping both JCPenney and Kohls, but you can rest assured your student is enjoying the comforts of home. Almost.

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August 3, 2009

Hanging Vases From CB2While I can testify it's easier to change your shoes than your interiors, that's not to say the latter isn't just as important for sound mental health. The same as a new wardrobe inspires change, so do new interiors. To most people, this means new throw pillows, curtains, or if they're really crazy, new paint. I say skip that and take a cue from your ceiling. Ceilings are one of the greatest and most untapped resources for decor. They're perfect for hanging planters, vintage chandeliers, and these Hanging Vases from CB2. Don't think so? Check out the many ways to use these in your home here.

At $4.95 a piece, this is an affordable way to change the theme of any room. For an airy vibe, try water and a single stem flower. For a woodsy feeling, the use of sand (particularly black sand) can make a great contrast against birch branches, or fresh picked leaves. Whatever you decide, you'll get 3% Cash Back at CB2, and a fresh new look. Enjoy!

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July 29, 2009

Kotulas CouponsThis is a rarity, folks: to my knowledge, I have neither heard of nor even seen the name of this week's merchant. Generally speaking, I am somewhat familiar with the merchant before I write about them, but I just happened across Kotula's. Now, my life may never be the same. I fear someone's been stalking me for the last year, and has decided to start a website selling all the things I like.

Only at Kotula's can you find a giant 64-ounce flask, a gas-powered margarita mixer, an airgun rifle, and a bench vise all in one place. Plus, as crazy as it may sound - they have off-the-wall products too! I know Kevin, our CEO, was certainly... intrigued by the prospect of the "off-road commode" while I am more partial to the "flair hair". Both are worth finding on the site, trust me.

Plus all these items will earn you 4% Cash Back, and every purchase made at Kotula's is shipped for free!

Want more of a feminine touch around your house? Go to Ebates and check our Home & Garden Category!


July 28, 2009

It's because of color's effect on people that hospitals and DMV's are painted soothing blues, and restaurants are filled with warm earth tones. As for me, I've noticed this effect in my kitchen. It took me a while to understand why I lacked the motivation to cook in my own home, but after a recent visit to my mother's it was all too clear. While her kitchen is filled with the warmth of terracotta walls, hanging herbs, and cast iron pans, mine is bare, white, and sterile. One would be more inclined to get a tooth pulled than cook a meal.

Florence Collection PlatesBefore I lacquer the walls with a color I might regret, starting with eclectic dinnerware is a safer option. This Florence Collection features six plates all hand painted in traditional Majolica style, and at only $29.99, I'll save an average $15 per plate over other retailers. Available at Ginny's Catalog, I'll get 4% Cash Back from Ebates, while adding some much needed life to my kitchen.

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July 23, 2009

Sometimes people take the little things in life for granted. The biggest TV and the fastest car might be fun for show, but oftentimes little gadgets have the biggest impact on our lives. Even though these gadgets are simple, two little upgrades to your kitchen could improve your life and earn you cash back in the process!

milk frother coupons!Milk Frother
Who doesn't love a nice cafe latte in the morning? I love my coffee, but it's often hard to get a good froth going for your favorite drink. Now you can warm up the milk, froth it up with a $8 Milk Frother from Overstock, and add your favorite coffee or espresso. How relaxing!

kitchen scale coupons and cash backDigital Weigh Scale
It might not be an essential gadget to everyone, but a proper scale saves you time, money, and tummy-aches by telling you the weight of everything to the nearest gram. A co-worker swears by it for everything from pastries to main courses -- why not spend $25 at Target and improve all your meals too?


July 21, 2009

Find Toile design with our Home and Garden merchantsYou know it from your grandmother's tea set, but the pattern known as Toile (as seen here in the kitchen of famed Interior Designer Sheila Bridges) has been making a comeback in modern design. Toile refers to a cloth inked with a repeating, usually complex scene, and was originally used in fashion as a way for French pattern makers to perfect a design. The modern approach to Toile pronounced twal, is to couple it with other design movements such as mirrored furniture (also making a comeback) or minimalist decor like that found at CB2, one of Ebates new merchants. Whether you add a few throw pillows, create an accent wall with Toile wallpaper, or opt for new bedding, there are several Ebates merchants that carry Toile, and you'll get cash back with every purchase.

Rouleau Dinnerware SetTighter budgets will love shopping Toile products at Target (4% Cash Back) because their selection ranges from bedding to this Rouleau Dinnerware Set. At just $49.99, these plates make a great addition to any kitchen or dining room, and look kitschy when paired with a modern table. At Ballard Designs you'll get 3% Cash Back on luxurious hand sewn Toile bedding fit for royalty, as well as great deals like fabric starting at just $24. With options for varying budgets and tastes, it's easy to inject Toile into your decor. You'll find plenty of Ebates merchants carrying this trend, and enjoy reaping the rewards of cash back!

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July 19, 2009

Even though I can actually cook with a fair degree of competence, I am a downright menace in the kitchen. Since I moved into my apartment, I have owned five cutting boards: some melted, some caught on fire (it is harder than you think to get an 8x6 Bamboo slab engulfed in flames), others were warped in water. Needless to say, my kitchen curse has been a major strain on my wallet. Just the other day, another cutting board bit the dust and I broke my last intact coffee mug in an early morning catastrophe including a tea kettle, a chair, a bag of green tea, and my bare feet. Once again, I was faced with the prospect of needing to replace kitchen items and I knew just where to go. When I shop at Target, through Ebates, I get 4% Cash Back and coupons for sturdy kitchen gear that will withstand even my abuse.

Orla Kiely Mugs At TargetAlmost instantly, I found great deal on Epicurean Cutting Boards, now on clearance and just $34.99 (prices vary on size). Made of wood fiber composite laminate and heat resistant up to 350 degrees, I knew it was the right choice. And no one loves a designer collaboration more than me, so I was even more excited to find these Orla Kiely mugs, available in several patterns and just $11.99 for two. I got cash back and scored some goods on sale and I earned free shipping with a Target Coupon!

The shopping trip was a major success and I can only hope that my new kitchen wares survive.


July 15, 2009

Country Door CouponsIf you're a fan of the words "rustic", "quaint", or "homey", then you should love Country Door. They have a wide array of items from furniture and rugs to outdoor sets and even clothing, all of which capture that perfect comfortable feeling. What I like best is that they are able to capture vintage styling and lines without the vintage price tag or the vintage wear-and-tear.

Another feature that Country Door offers, besides 4% Cash Back of course, is the option to shop for seasonal finds, so whether you are looking to add a little summertime freshness to your home, or you just want to get a real hum-dinger of a head start on your Christmas decor shopping, you can find it all categorized together at Country Door. And while you might not be able to find any Country Door coupons through Ebates, their reasonable prices paired with their cash back offering make Country Door a great find for folks looking to liven up the old homestead on a bit more of a fixed budget.

If the rustic look isn't quite your cup of tea, be sure to check out all of our Home & Garden merchants for just the look you had in mind!


July 2, 2009

Home Decorators Collection CouponsSometimes known as a credenza, sometimes known as a buffet, this classic piece of furniture has resurfaced as an essential item in modern design. No longer bound to the dining room, the buffet (as I grew up calling it) has ousted bookcases and tables, as the latest in chic storage. If you want to try this look while staying in budget, shop at Home Decorators Collection for 3% Cash Back and money saving Home Decorators Collection coupons.

The above Wuchow Buffet is a great way to spice up any room. With it's traditional-meets-Asian vibe, matte finish and simple lines, this piece has more of a rustic feel than past options. For added pop, try decorating with a few coffee table books or a bright floral arrangement. Even without Home Decorators Collection coupons, you'll save $50 off the original plus pay a low shipping charge of just $40. Great design at great prices? Only at Ebates!

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June 30, 2009

Increased Cash Back at Vitamin World!For years I lived under the impression that all vitamins were created equal. It wasn't until I became interested in organic living that I realized just how unhealthy vitamins, supplements, and even cosmetics could be. From mercury in fish oil to preservatives in multivitamins, separating what's good for you and what claims to be is best left to the professionals at Vitamin World. Thanks to Ebates Health and Beauty Week, you'll get increased Cash Back of 10% for a limited time at Vitamin World.

Aside from vitamins, herbs, and supplements, Vitamin World also carries all natural skincare, beauty products, and even items for your pets. If you've been meaning to get healthy but haven't because of cost, you'll love deals like sitewide savings of 20-50% and daily low prices starting at just $1.99. So what are you waiting for? There's never been a better time to get healthy!

Shop Health and Beauty Week at Ebates and get more cash back!


June 23, 2009

Shop Home Depot CouponsMy search for a new place to call home has come with many ups and downs. As if attending countless open houses wasn't tiring enough, having to contest with attendees who hear open house and think "duel to the death" can make the matter seem almost unbearable. If there's one ray of hope keeping me sane during this time of applications, credit checks, and gladiator house seekers, it's the chance to refresh my interiors. Thanks to Home Depot coupons, and 4% Cash Back at Ebates, decorating my new home will be easy and affordable.

Made with me in mind, Home Depot's decor section is chock full of great deals. There I'll find up to 20% discount on select blinds and shades, plus an extensive selection of wallpaper and decorative accessories. Considering my budget will be next to none, it's nice to know I can shop Home Depot coupons through Ebates, and find exclusive offers like free shipping, and other coupon codes. If only the entire moving process was so easy!

See all Ebates coupon codes.


June 20, 2009

Smart Bargains CouponsOn the growing list of items I want for my "dream apartment" I have joyfully added "outdoor sitting area decorated with the requisite outdoor living furniture."

While I do not yet have an apartment with any kind of outdoor living area (unless you count the street-facing fire escape) it doesn't hurt to shop for furniture in the meantime, especially when there are so many great coupons and deals from Ebates merchants! Shop deals on outdoor living items at Smart Bargains, where you can find furniture (and much more) marked down at least 40% with 4% Cash Back and tons of money saving Smart Bargains Coupons to make even preemptive purchases even more enticing!

Shop for everything from beach towels to lawn chairs, teak patio sets to chic sandals, all at blowout prices. Use this Smart Bargains Coupon to get 10% off site wide and $4.99 flat rate shipping with no coupon code required! Hurry, this offer ends on June 24th!

Shop deals and coupons for all your home and garden needs at Ebates!


June 18, 2009

I keep hearing everyone say that they are taking a "staycation" this year instead of going out of town for a vacation. What a great idea! There are so many things to see in and around your own city that you could discover something new everyday! There are a few ways that Ebates merchants can help you make your stay at home feel like a four-star resort (while earning your valuable cash back).

Target Coupons
Beach resorts always have plenty of torches burning by the patio at night. Try putting a few on your deck or patio to bring that beachy feel right to your own backyard. I love these beautiful LoveBracket Torches from Target. You can just clip them to your deck railing, and earn 4% Cash Back.

Stonewall Kitchen Coupons
Nothing says vacation like good food! Stonewall Kitchen offers up specialty foods and mixes that can turn your kitchen into a gourmet restaurant, and earn you 4% Cash Back on your purchases. Go buy some shrimp from your grocery store and serve it with this Tequila Lime Cocktail Sauce. Instant Caribbean Cuisine! Make sure to whip up some margaritas too.

L.L. Bean Coupons
This Quilted Sunbrella Hammock from LL Bean will really make you feel like you are somewhere special. I love laying under the trees in a Hammock... grab a book (and your margarita) and hop in. Not only is it super cute... it is on sale plus an additional 2% Cash Back through Ebates!!

Dancing Deer Baking Co. Coupons

Surprise your family with treats at bedtime. How surprised would your kids be if they found some yummy Dancing Deer Baking Co. cookies on their bedside table? The Molasses Clove are amazing!

SpaLook Coupons
At the end of your fun filled day at home you should unwind and relax in an extra special way. Soak in the tub, give yourself a facial, or paint your nails a great Summer color. SpaLook has a wide variety of pampering products to choose from, all with a solid 6% Cash Back. Too tired to treat yourself? Try the Aromafloria Inhalation Beads. Just open the cap and take a whiff.... instant relaxation.

Go ahead, create your own staycation memories and traditions. By spending very little money, earning cash back from Ebates, and staying at home you can create a special time for the whole family. Check out more ideas at my blog, Katy Shops...


June 10, 2009

Increased Cash Back at Home Depot

With only eleven days separating you from Father's Day, it's not uncommon for panic to set in. Before poor buying decisions are made, remember that you've got Home Depot and Ebates. From now until Father's Day, you'll earn 5% Cash Back at Home Depot, while saving on countless items with Home Depot coupons. So stop worrying about what to get dad. With Home Depot and Ebates, you'll find the perfect gift at the perfect price.

Home Depot makes it easy to shop for every dad, whether he's a sports enthusiast, a culinary king, or Mr. do-it-yourself. Check out the gift center and shop by price or by personality. Receive up to a 30% discount on select items in the savings center, as well as online rebates. Not only will you find the ideas necessary for acquiring the perfect gift, but you'll also enjoy free shipping on orders over $149. With so many ways to save, you'll never have to shop anywhere else!

Shop Ebates Father's Day Merchants and earn even more cash back!


June 9, 2009

Save with Lands' End CouponsFor many, Lands' End is known as the purveyor of classic American style; but for me it's a designer's paradise. Nowhere else can I find Summer appropriate decor for the home at such great prices. By shopping with Ebates, I'll earn 3% Cash Back at Lands' End, and if I use Lands' End coupons, I'm guaranteed to save even more.

With great deals like a 25% discount on outdoor furniture, even beginner designers will be inspired to try their hand at summer decorating. For picture-perfect summer entertaining, choose from Adirondack chairs, patio tables, or plush teak sofas. If your interiors could use a warm weather lift, you'll find luxurious bedding done in summer neutrals. Regardless of whether you shop Lands' End for their affordable clothing, or their chic furnishings, make sure you do it through Ebates. You'll earn cash back, and find plenty of Lands' End coupons. Let the Summer savings begin!

Shop the Home & Garden category for more ways to earn cash back!


June 2, 2009

Home Depot coupons and cash backYou know, when I think of my Dad, Home Depot is one of the first stores that comes to mind. There's nothing more masculine than an entire store filled with wood, power tools, and extremely large appliances, and that's why I'm personally excited to see so many Home Depot coupons around Ebates for Father's Day. And with 4% Cash Back on everything from Home Depot (including gift cards!), you can earn with Ebates while getting more for Dad!

I don't think I really need to say much about the contents of your local Home Depot, but I will let you know that there are a ton of great coupons and specials going on right now that you'll probably love. With the free stainless steel upgrade for GE appliances, a coupon for $10 off $100, and the tons of great stuff on clearance, you can get great deals on almost anything for Dad!

So head on over to Home Depot and save with Home Depot coupons and cash back - doesn't Dad deserve something special this Father's Day?


May 31, 2009

Get Cash Back at Lenox.comI will expose my naivete here for a moment and tell you, Ebates Blog reader, that until New Merchant Week, I had never heard of Lured by the promise of 8% Cash Back from Ebates during New Merchant Week and coupons, I took a trip to the site and was amazed by the section of tableware and gifts at great prices. They have crystal, table linens, flatware, and much more.

Not really being the type to buy things for the home on a regular basis, I was more inclined to browse the gift section. With weddings, graduations, and baby showers on my calendar, I got great gifts and saved money with cash back from Ebates! My best friend is pregnant and due in July, and instead of a "Made in San Francisco" onesie for the tot, I found this baby feeding set that will be much more celebratory. Plus, it's on sale for $29, marked down from $58. If I spend $75 or more, I can qualify for free shipping too, so I will pick up a few more gifts and get more cash back and save on shipping!


May 19, 2009

Shop Outdoor Sales at Sears!With Memorial Day a mere week away, now is the time to start thinking of what your Summer plans might be like. Regardless if your the king of BBQ or the queen of pool parties, Sears has all the ingredients to make your Summer full on flavor without emptying you wallet. As part of Ebates Memorial Day Savings Event, you'll earn increased Cash Back of 4% at Sears.

As if earning cash back at Sears wasn't enticing enough, shop the Outdoor Living section for great deals on backyard must haves like grills, patio furniture, gazebos, and fire pits. For those who have limited yard space, Sears also carries an extensive selection of portable and small grills like the 14 inch Charcoal Grill pictured above. This urbanite's dream features a removable ash catcher and draft control vent, and is made of chrome-plated steel. On sale for $17.88, it's an affordable way to bring backyard fun to any space.

Earn extra cash back with our Memorial Day merchants!


May 11, 2009

Save with West Elm coupons!As a woman, my bedroom is more of a private sanctuary than a place to lay my head. Recently, however, I've noticed my boudoir is in need of an upgrade. Not wanting to spend my life savings on new decor, I headed over to West Elm for 3% Cash Back and plenty of West Elm coupons. Just in time for my bedroom switch up, from now until May 18th, I'll save 15% on all West Elm bedroom furniture including headboards, frames, armoires, and much much more.

For years I've considered West Elm the place where low prices meets high design. The quintessential site for modernity, you'll never overspend thanks to West Elm coupons like 30% savings on select bedding and lighting, as well as reduced shipping on select furniture. Looking for an even deeper discount? Check out West Elm's extensive sale section where you'll find markdowns on furniture, decor, and more. No matter what you're looking to upgrade, do it for less at West Elm!

Save for your home in our Home & Garden category


May 3, 2009

So you're done with Spring Cleaning and now you're ready to find a few key pieces to help revitalize the old homestead. Since you've already shown your good taste by choosing to read this blog, you no doubt have the good taste to know that Frontgate has all the finest in home decor, accessories, and even kitchen supplies. However, with high quality products often comes larger price tags because, hey, you get what you pay for.

Luckily for you, Ebates offers 1% Cash Back at Frontgate in addition to a trio of Frongate coupons that will help you save a little extra coin on the wide selection of products available from this fine retailer. As a matter of fact, with the right Frontgate coupons, like the ones we have on our site, you can throw a killer pool party just in time for summer. I mean, come on; beverage tubs on sale? Pool floats? Outdoor torches? All for less? That, my friends, is how I say summer. And I say savings with two simple words: Frontgate coupons.

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May 2, 2009

Forget-Anthropologie-CouponSearching for the elusive Anthropologie coupon? By shopping at Ebates' online stores you'll find the same eclectic furnishings and decor, often times for much less. So forget the Anthropologie coupon, it's time to stop searching and start shopping!

The trick to achieving this look is to combine French Country furnishings with Bohemian decor. At Home Decorators Collection you'll earn cash back on rustic pieces like their Heirloom collection, while saving hundreds of dollars compared to similar styles elsewhere. Looking for funky accessories? Shop Urban Outfitters for 2% Cash Back as well as huge selection of home decor, furnishings, and bedding. With so many stores to choose from, creating the look you want is easy and less expensive. Say goodbye to the Anthropologie coupon and say hello to Ebates

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April 30, 2009

shopnbc coupons sales dynasty gold chairA little bit ago, I mentioned our Shop NBC coupons as a great way to save on tons of random stuff at Shop NBC, but I didn't take a minute or two to actually find some things that I enjoyed. Aside from electronics, lolcats, and long walks on the beach, I enjoy curling up with some good TV in a nice golden chair. With 3% cash back at ShopNBC, you can save on much, much more than just your favorite TV shows.

Shop NBC's selection of stuff is so random, it's amazing. You've got jewelery coupons for up to 70% off, laptop and MP3 acessories, kitchen gadgets and even...coins? Yeah. Coins. If you're ever in need of some matching bouillon to go with your Dynasty Gold Chair (search for it), Shop NBC has you covered.  And with the 15% off coupon on our ShopNBC coupon page, you can save extra on practically everything!

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April 27, 2009

Not to over-share too much here, folks, but this semester I am finally finishing my master's program, and I plan to throw a huge graduation party. However, student loans mean I don't have a lot of money to spend on said party. Naturally, my solution is the Oriental Trading Company, where I can find all sorts of party supplies for a whole lot less.

Oriental Trading CouponLuckily, when I visited the site this afternoon, I was able to find an Oriental Trading Coupon code for Free Shipping! Just enter the code "OTCAPR49" at checkout today through midnight Central time, and your order over $49 will ship for free. Add all these great deals up with 3% Cash Back at Oriental Trading Company, and even a starving student can find enough deals to turn a little get-together into a great summer kick-off event!

If you're looking to find something to bring to your favorite graduate's party (or mine...), stop by the Flowers & Gifts page over at Ebates for all sorts of ideas.


April 27, 2009

Horchow Warehouse SaleShopping for luxurious furniture can easily deplete one's bank account, if you're not careful. Being that carefree shopping is a passion of mine, I'm thrilled to announce the warehouse sale at Horchow. Not only will I save 25% on select furniture and rugs, but by shopping at Horchow I'll get 3% Cash Back.

The beauty of this warehouse sale is there's no need for Horchow coupons, or other tricky maneuvers to save the most cash. It's all done for you with discount prices prominently displayed. For those not in the market for furniture or rugs, there's also select Spring merchandise reduced 35-40%. Choose from bedding, decor, lighting, and even furniture. All at low prices. With so many ways to save, it's quite possible to furnish an entire house, let alone a single room. If you've been meaning to add a little something to your home, shop the Horchow Warehouse Sale and do it for less.

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April 23, 2009

Cash Back On Gaiam CouponsHere at Ebates, going green is rewarding for both the environment, and your wallet. Shop our green merchants like Gaim for 6% Cash Back, coupons, and other special offers. Thanks to Ebates, you can now help save the planet while saving yourself big bucks.

A constant favorite of mine, Gaiam is a one-stop shop for those looking to lessen their carbon footprint. Whether you're looking for personal care, home decor, or clothing, you'll always find plenty of Gaiam coupons to help save you money. In celebration of Earth Day, use coupon code EDEMC for 20% savings on green home products like organic towels and recycled rugs. Or, if you've been wanting to reduce your litter, purchase a stainless steel water canteen. These products are made using sustainable practices that will not have negative effects on the environment. Hurry, because this coupon expires tonight! That water bottle, on the other hand, will last a lifetime.

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April 22, 2009

I don't know what you all must think of me after the running themes of my postings. First it was Bier Boot Haus, then Mr. Beer, now, the final piece of the puzzle is dropping in to place: "What is a kegerator?" you ask? As some of you linguists probably picked up on, it's a keg-refrigerator. You put the keg in the bottom, tap it, and there is a bar-style draft tap on the top of the refrigerator which will almost immediately supply you with cool refreshing beer.

kegerator cash back coupons savingsWhat makes the beer taste even better is the fact that you will be earning 3% Cash Back from this fine purveyor of beverage-chilling technology. Pair that with the infinite possibility of online coupon codes, and you may even save enough money to buy that first keg to fill your kegerator with!

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April 6, 2009

Home_Depot.jpgThere comes a point when talking about Spring sounds more like a sales pitch than a reason to shop. Catch phrases like "Spring Has Sprung" or "New Season, New You" can sound as unappealing as a used car salesman screaming "No money down!" on TV. Rather than use these tired metaphors, I'll just get to the point- save money on home improvements with Home Depot Rebates. There, that was easy. And guess what? Shop Home Depot through Ebates and you'll also receive 3% cash back. Piece of cake.

The savings start by clicking on the Savings Center, where you can choose from reduced items, sales, and enough rebate offers to satisfy even the most frugal shoppers. Looking for new appliances? Shop Maytag appliances and receive a Mastercard valued up to $600. People telling you to lighten up? Do it and save up to 60% on select lighting fixtures. If you're not quite sure where to begin, check out the Spring Projects section for tips and tricks on everything from home decor to the garden. Speaking of gardens, green thumbs can join the Home Depot Garden Club and receive exclusive savings just for being a member. With so many ways to save even novices will feel right at home making home improvements, so if you've got a few projects planned, head over to The Home Depot, and remember...

At The Home Depot, Low Prices Are Just The Beginning


March 30, 2009

Here at Ebates, we welcome Spring with a feverish attitude, and our Spring Promo reflects that. We've teamed up with our top merchants to give you increased cash back, the best free coupons, and great savings to boot. Springtime is all about reanimation, so sit back, relax, and let the transformation begin.

West Elm Cube Sectional.jpgWhen it comes to transforming my home, West Elm is a one stop shop. Nowhere else will I find the latest styles in home design, or amazing coupons like saving $150 on a West Elm storage bed. Aside from the plethora of coupons, this site boasts a sale section so good, it will satisfy even the most frugal of shoppers. The cube sectional pictured at left is now just $199, and if you're looking for pillows with that couch, you'll find them starting at $9.99. During our Spring Promo, shop West Elm and enjoy an increased cash back of 4% at Ebates.

Pomegranate Tea Diffuser.jpg
April showers bring May flowers, but who wants to wait that long for the fresh aroma of new blossoms? Patience has never been one of my virtues, so in order to satiate my senses, I headed over to Kohls. There the collection of Home Scents start at just $4.99, and decorative accents start at $7.49. Other great bargains include saving 15% on purchases over $100 with code EBATESAPRIL. In addition to great prices, enjoy increased cash back to 3% at Ebates during our Spring Promo. Happy shopping and happy Spring from Ebates!

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March 23, 2009

Michelle Obama Garden.jpg
Inspired by the First Lady, I decided to try my hand at planting my own garden. Having never done so, I'm not quite sure what to expect. Starting a garden depends on so many factors, it seems almost magic when things do grow. In a situation filled with the uncertain, there's one thing I know I can depend on, Ebates. Thanks to their online rebates, I'll earn cash back and find some great discounts. If only they gave out green thumbs too.

In my search for garden supplies, I headed over to Gurney's Seed And Nursery. This gardener's paradise is literally a one-stop shop for seeds, grasses, flowers, even common household plants. Their selection of vegetable seeds includes favorites like broccoli, carrots, sweet corn, and peppers. For those with a sweet tooth, you'll also find yummy fruit and berry seeds, perfect for those hot summer days. Can you say a la mode? Thanks to their search friendly site and mini tutorials, even brown thumbs like myself will feel at ease in the land of green. Speaking of green, when I shop Gurney's Seed and Nursery through Ebates, I'll earn 8% cash back. Fresh food and extra cash in my pocket? No wonder I shop Ebates.

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March 21, 2009

At first glance, you may look at this black on white collection of photo frames and think... wow, where's all the color?
REDE wall.jpg
But in the words of rock ancients Def Leppard:

Photograph... I don't want your
Photograph... I don't need your
Photograph... All I've got is a photograph, but its not enough

What am I getting at? I'm not sure. But some color would really help, and with today's technology and discounts on great cameras, you shouldn't have too much trouble there. 

If you still feel like seeing Def Leppard in concert, you are lucky - they are still touring.  And in the meantime, regardless of what photos you want or need, these nifty set of frame will bring your pics to life in a hurry. Only at Red Envelope, where you will earn 6% cash back when you use your Ebates account.


March 19, 2009

Spring cleaning for me used to be a tedious process that was both costly and time consuming. Before I knew about Online Rebates, my plan of attack was to head over to the local supermarket where I would pay top dollar for hazardous chemicals guaranteed to give me a migraine before the day's end. In an effort to make this year a more pleasurable and cost effective affair, I'm buying smarter and greener products.

Dirty carpets are the bane of every homeowner's existence. Carpets are a breeding ground for irritants such as dirt, germs, and allergens. Keeping your carpet clean used to be a time consuming task, however the Kenmore DuraPower Vacuum makes it a breeze. This bagless vacuum features a dirt sensor and HEPA filtration system that traps 99% of dirt and allergens. Your carpets will not only look better, but they'll hold fewer irritants and germs, two factors that make this vacuum a must-have for those with children. I found it at Sears, where'll I'll earn 2% cash back through Ebates. As an added bonus, for a limited time, select Kenmore vacuums are on sale at Sears. The one I mentioned is 20% off, making it smart for your home and wallet.

When it comes to chemicals, those designed for cleaning bathrooms can be the most caustic and dangerous to your health. is a one stop destination for natural cleaning supplies, such as Life Tree household products. Their Tea Tree and Lavender Bathroom Cleaner is made from concentrated plant oils, and is guaranteed to clean and deodorize all household surfaces. Without having to look for Online Coupon Codes, I found this and other Life Tree natural products on sale at Being a member of Ebates, when I shop MotherNature I'll earn 7% cash back. Less headaches and more cash in my pocket? Thanks Ebates!

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March 17, 2009

At this point in time, most of you have seen the wondrous vacuuming robot called Roomba; whether you have one, know someone who does, or just have seen this video:  While they are a fun-filled means of kitten transportation, I find that they really are at their most effective when performing the duty they were constructed to do: cleaning floors. 

Today only, you don't need the luck of the Irish to save some serious coin. You can save a ton on a new Roomba to sweep your floors (with or without a feline pilot): buy a Roomba Scheduler at $50 off the regular price, you'll get a free Pet Upgrade Kit (a $30 value), and you'll get it all shipped for free! Act quickly - this great deal only lasts through St. Patrick's Day, so before you make your way down to the pub, head over to Ebates to take advantage of this great deal and earn 3% cash back while you're at it.

Find any number of robots to do your bidding at the iRobot store.


March 16, 2009

necker island.jpg
I must admit that occasionally I fall off the bandwagon, verbally committing to something (like hitting the gym four days a week) that I fail to physically act on. I am the master of procrastination, and sometimes "getting around to it" can take awhile. Such is the case when it comes to redesigning my apartment. Spending loads of money on furniture and decor is something I simply can't afford, but not doing so means I'm stuck with interiors that bore me to tears. My solution? Head over to Target, where I'll get 4% cash back through Ebates, and save on countless furniture items.

Yoga TV Stand.jpgWhen redecorating, always start with the livingroom, or front quarters of your house. This is the main focal point of your living environment, and the place most frequented by guests. Before you start making irrational and costly purchases, think of factors like space, floor layout, and light. My house doesn't get that much light and dark furniture can make it seem cluttered and heavy. In order to create the illusion of light, I'll need the proper furniture and decor. One of the most beautiful and cheery places on earth is Necker Island (pictured above). The interiors of the main house harness everything that is wonderful about island living. Lots of light, bright colors, and warm breezes. This Yoga TV Stand is earthy and rustic, yet the stain is light and cheery. The design of this piece matches the furniture from the photo, and the 30% off matches my limited cash flow. 


March 8, 2009

ihome.jpgToday marks the start of Daylight Savings Time for most folks across the United States, and whether you like it or not, it's officially time to "spring forward." In other words, we're attempting to hit the hay earlier and inevitably wake up groggier - all in the name of sunlight. Pretty valiant, huh? Or course, if you're like most of us you aren't getting up every day with the help of your "internal clock" anyways, so why not upgrade your alarm clock for something truly nice.  Something extra awesome, with outstanding sound and iPod/iPhone connectivity? If so, the iHome is perfect for you - and only $85 with 1% Ebates cash back from!

Even though losing an hour in the name of sunlight may be a great thing on paper, it's not always the easiest thing for me to do. Between remembering to set the darn clock, planning to get up an hour earlier than I'd ever like to, and getting the correct day right, Daylight Savings Time can cause an absolute mess if done wrong. That's why the iHome is such a great little device: it has an easy "DST" setting to "spring" your clock for you. On top of the easy-set nature of the iHome, it also comes with a ton of features to get you up in the morning. With two separate alarms and multiple "source" options to wake to - and snooze to - the iHome is great for almost everyone. 


March 2, 2009

As the weather continues to warm up, albeit very slowly, my focus has shifted from trying to survive winter to preparing for Spring. Just like a pedicure is essential for warm weather, so is a de-winterized home. When money is tight, redesigning your home can seem like a costly luxury. The trick to designing on a budget is putting your money into things that create the biggest change but for the least amount of money.

Two major trends that are popping up in home design this Spring are the use of bold colors and an emphasis on green living. As the world grows smaller, cultures from around the world are heavily influencing design, especially in regards to color. Home decor magazines often show houses that look as if they've been transformed into a Moroccan bazaar or a Mexican hacienda. The most cost-effective way to channel the vibrancy of these cultures is with a new coat of paint. Like many household products, paint has seen a greening effect. Many companies are now making a conscious effort to reduce toxic ingredients such as Volatile Organic Compounds. The Freshaire Choice is one company that eliminated VOC's from both paint and colorant. Their paint has no odor, and is certified by the GreenGuard Environmental Institute. You'll find this safe alternative at Home Depot where you'll also receive 3% cash back from Ebates. With over sixty colors to choose from, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect shade for your interiors.


February 25, 2009

Fantasizing (prematurely, of course) about what I would buy with my tax refund, I thought of everything: that pair of shoes that I don't need, those jeans that look like everything I have but I swear are different, or the new beauty product that I will cram into my overflowing medicine cabinet. I tried but could think of nothing that stirred the excitement I typically expect from frivolous, guilt-free purchases. Mid-fantasy, whilst waiting for my tarnished dinosaur of a tea kettle to finally whistle, I realized that my answer was staring me right in the face. I was in desperate need for a new kettle. That thing takes forever to boil and with all my french-pressing and tea-making in a hurry, I need something that is much more efficient than what I have. Furthermore, it is crucial that I speed up my morning routine because, quite honestly, I would rather spend time consuming my coffee than preparing it.

CapressoElectricKettle.jpgIf you think finding the right vessel for boiling water is an easy task, think again. I quickly learned that a tea kettle has the amount of options as features on a new car (or strollers, as I am learning from my pregnant friend), and combined with my requirements of the kettle, I needed to put in some serious time finding the right one for me. I have a small San Francisco apartment with a kitchen that is more like a galley on a boat rather than a proper kitchen, so I need something that is both compact and aesthetically pleasing because with a small kitchen, nearly everything is on display all the time. And, as I mentioned before, I need something efficient - I want to decrease the amount of time without coffee in the morning, because quite literally, I cannot function, whatsoever. Capitalizing on an early morning caffeine buzz (that I waited entirely too long for), I found this Capresso Electric Kettle from Sur La Table and knew I had happened upon my kettle match. Available for $59.95 with 4% cash back, this kettle has it all: it is pleasing to the eye and compact enough even for my kitchen. Plus, its safety features like auto-shutoff, heat resistant glass, and cool touch handle all reaffirm that I am a danger and a menace in the morning without caffeine, so those kinds of features are important. Suffice to say, this kettle is a smart choice.


February 24, 2009

Danish Modern Living Set.jpgLike most things these days, furniture seems to be losing it's personality. Over-consumption and mass marketing have done to furniture what fast food did to the waistline. The days of mom and pop furniture design have been replaced with mega warehouses selling build-it-yourself dressers and Swedish meatballs. It used to be the only way to find furniture whose purpose went beyond merely function, was through extensive searching, or random luck. Thanks to eBay (3% cash back), luck has been replaced with a search function, and extensive traveling to antique stores has been replaced with a few clicks. While I would never give up my weekend antiquing, I will say there are some things better done at home.

Credenza.jpgAmerican's today purchase their furniture in the same fashion they purchase milk. Both have an expiration date, and neither is considered especially important. I must admit that I too could once be accused of buying disposable furniture, and I suppose this isn't such a bad thing for those living with roommates who have yet to grasp the concept of cleanliness. No longer being subjected to other people's ideas of design has allowed me to create a home that reflects my personality as much as my clothing.

When it comes to furniture design, I tend to prefer simpler styles such as Mid-Century Modern. The credenza pictured above illustrates the simple lines and organic finish that characterized this movement. Although copies of this style are abundant, the craftsmanship cannot be compared. I've seen pieces from this era selling in antique shops for thousands of dollars, however the current bid on this piece is just $500. While browsing eBay I came across bed frames, chairs, tables, and more, all from this era. While some are on the higher end of the price tag, most are extremely reasonable. Your home is an investment not meant to be filled with less than par furniture. No matter what your taste, the selection of eBay will cater to it, and, chances are, for much less.   


February 22, 2009

oscars2.jpgWhen it comes to entertaining there are two types of people: those who attend parties, and those who throw parties. I'm of the latter crowd, and although planning a party can be rather stressful, it keeps my mind busy, something not easily done. That's why I'm excited to be hosting my first Oscar party. The Oscars are all about elegance, and every Oscar party should make your guests feel like they're a celebrity. With the tube doing all the entertaining, all I need is great atmosphere, good food, and, of course, amazing gift bags.

Candles are a great way to set the mood but a crowded house runs the risk of spilling hot wax, and yikes! Fires. Party Brights (5% cash back) carries everything from LED flameless candles to paper lanterns and string lights. If a chic atmosphere is what you desire, this site has you covered.


February 16, 2009

Laundrymat.jpgLike all things in life, city dwelling has its ups and downs. Although urbanites enjoy conveniences such as easy public transportation, most of us lack the luxury of doing laundry at home. An apartment with a built in washer/dryer is as hard to find in the city as a decent parking space. Laundromats are a commodity here in San Francisco, and they can range from the mundane to the ostentatious. My favorite is located a few miles from my house where there's live music and a full service coffee shop. Just another reminder that laundromats are as much a part of the community as the local dive bar. Coincidentally they're also pick up joints, filled with single people carefully eying each others dirty clothes searching for signs of a significant other.


February 10, 2009

Orange Wall Phone.JPGThe culture of the phone call seems to have all but died, with nothing in it's path but obnoxious ring tones, and people yelling "Can you hear me now?" What once was the center of a household is now an annoying toy that is either beeping or having a seizure. Phones today are a far cry from the wall fixture whose receiver lingered with the scent of my grandfather's aftershave, and whose cord was perfect for twirling while I talked to my crush. 

Ever wonder what happened to the phone?

By the time I was in the midst of teenage angst, there was a cordless phone in just about every household except for my best friend's. Her house hadn't been remodeled since the seventies, and the phone (just like the rest of the kitchen) was avocado green. Made by Stromberg-Carlson, her phone resembled the model above, and it's sturdy weight gave every incoming call a sense of importance. In a family of six, fights would ensue if someone didn't get their turn. My house had an AT&T 5500 cordless phone exactly like the one below. The receiver was wide enough to land a Boeing 787, and the metal antenna (who's range barely made the next room) was almost a foot in length.


February 9, 2009

The world of unmarried people can be split into two groups. Those who co-habitate and those who have their freedom. The number of unmarried people sharing a household is steadily climbing as traditional views of marriage change with the times. Living with a significant other before getting married is a litmus test for whether or not a relationship is meant to be. Regardless of how well two people know each other, co-habitation is like opening the Pandora's Box of single-people issues. He thinks there's only one way to fold a towel, and she never realized this was a 5-star hotel. When it comes to living together, the difference between breaking up, and blowing up can be summed up in one word: space.

elfa storage system.jpgWhen everything is shared, a little selfishness goes a long way. For those who live in already cramped quarters, it's important to make the most out of what little space you do have. After moving in with the bf, I lost a space where I could paint, draw, make jewelry, and be alone. I realize the latter was part of co-habitation, but I desperately wanted to have a spot for the things that mattered to me. I've previously mentioned the elfa storage system as a way to maximize closet space, but did you know that elfa can also help maximize space in the office, kitchen, garage, and laundry room? In fact, there isn't a part of the house (or apartment) that elfa can't organize.


February 5, 2009

Men are fickle creatures, and I should know. I am one, and readily admit to being both fickle and a creature. Because of this, women often times have the trickiest job of finding something, anything for their loverboys. While very few guys will turn down a bunch of chocolate (after all, who would?), chances are your (literally) sweet gifts are getting a little stale year after year. Why not try and spice things up a little bit and get him something that he won't just masticate? Even though they might not be for every man, one of these electronic gifts are likely to make your special someone smile when V-day finally approaches.

Gift Idea #1: JBL OnStage iPod Portable Loudspeaker

onstage.JPGIt's gratuitous generalization time: All men love music! As such, they probably have some sort of portable doodad to go along with it; likely something from Apple's iPod line (if not, get him one!). Another thing men like to do is rock, and that's exactly what this JBL Loudspeaker Dock is designed to do. It's small in size, but big in power, and lets him hear his tunes loud and proud in any room he takes it to. Better yet, it's $10 off right now at Sears! What's not to like about that?


February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day.jpgToday Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, thus predicting another six weeks of winter. As much as I love the movie Groundhog's Day, I don't love having to spend another six weeks feeling trapped in the same routine. When Spring is so close, yet so far away, boredom sets in. Quickly.

Much like winter clothing can seem tiresome at this point, so does a winter household. Coming home day after day to throw blankets, heavy down pillows, and dark colors is making me as depressed and lifeless as Bill Murray's character Phil Connors.


January 26, 2009

Mom Saying.jpgMurphy's Law says whatever can happen, will happen. Such was the case Friday when I seemed to have entered the Bermuda Triangle of stupidity, which, although entirely my fault, wasn't any less annoying. Until I reached my desk, the morning consisted of spilled coffee, an ill-working umbrella, drenched clothing, and wild hair fit for a grizzly bear.

Note To Self: Do Not Forget Where The Car Is Parked
Question To Self: How's Do You Lose A 2000lb Piece Of Metal?
Answer To Self: Listen, Like I Haven't Done Worse

After a rather normal day at work I set off to a very special birthday party for a very special five year old. My gifts were books for the birthday girl, and lots of wine for mom and I. Although I have yet to have children, friends of mine that have taken the leap into diaper land, always seem to be elated whenever I come around. I always thought this was due to my outstanding personality, but apparently it's the alcohol and promise of a "grownup" night. "You have no idea how nice it is to talk to an adult" they always gush. "Really?" I wonder. Because my adult filled day consisted of a rude bus driver, a pissy bf, and a slightly neurotic mom. Right now, your one year old is looking like the coolest human I've been around in weeks.

The one thing I take away from visits with my mommy friends is their need to have a place to unwind. Between the kid's toys and the husband's dirty socks, the moms I know are in desperate need of a little atmosphere. A world in which they can unwind and pretend they're, well, me for an hour. A good friend of mine gave up on having an entire room to herself, so instead she transformed a corner of a room. She hung a shelved mirror adorned with candles, purchased a comfy rocking chair, and added some throw pillows for comfort. She now has "Mommy Time" by turning the chair to face the wall and whipping out a book. Her children think she's giving herself a time-out, but hey, whatever works, works.

An easy way to create atmosphere is through the use of candles. There's somethingMetal Candle Globes.jpg incredibly calming about the glow of a candle, and these Metal Orb Chandeliers are a great way to add charm without worrying junior will burn the house down. I love the modern/romantic look of these wrought-iron chandeliers, and since these are hung from the ceiling, there's zero risk of spilling hot wax. The picture shows these with imitation leaves, but I like the idea of the votives being alone, plus it gives more light. I also like that these are 50% off, for a savings of $64. Placed in a corner, or hung in the bathroom, these modern day chandeliers add warmth and peace to a hectic household.

Another thing I assume will ease mom's mind is having a clutter-free house. I know how easy it is for a house to get cluttered when there's more than one person living there, but more than two? I'd lose my mind. Thankfully there's furniture designed for the storage and hiding of anything you don't need lying around. Nothing does this better than a classic mudroom/entry way bench. This Mission Storage Bench from Target is perfect for hiding shoes, umbrellas, or anything else that can be described as "clutter." It costs just $129.99, and you'll receive 4% cash back, adding some savings to your peace of mind. A great addition to any room, this bench also makes a great storage place for linens, pillows, even toys. It may not be the fanciest piece of furniture, but as my mommy friends know, it's the simple things in life that count. If only they taught this to singles like myself.

For any childless women out there with childful friends - do something nice and offer a free night of babysitting. It will keep your loved ones sane, and will give you a better excuse than PMS to bake yet another batch of cookies. When it's your turn to be the mom, you'll be glad to receive all the helping hands you can get!


January 18, 2009

Jim Mora put it best:

But for a change, I am talking about playoffs. I'm talking about hanging out with my friends on a Sunday afternoon, loosening my belt, stuffing myself with anything that can be dropped into a deep fryer, and slipping into semi-consciousness with visions of two point conversions dancing in my head.

While the four remaining teams in the hunt for the Lombardi Trophy are giving it their all, I will be planting my beer and fried food-inflated butt into a nice comfortable couch. If you are really a football fan, and you really want to do things right (and I mean right) then I have just the chair for you.

I present the Ore International Football Chair & Ottoman from Target. I've seen the football-shaped beanbag chairs, but who wants to spend the duration of a day's worth of football in an amorphous lump of cushioning? This chair and ottoman set provides the comfort you need to make it from mini-camps to the Super Bowl and everything in between. Plus, with your Ebates account, you'll be getting 4% cash back on the $350 you can spend on this chair.

football chair.jpg

$350 may sound like a lot... but can you really put a price on the jaw-dropping awesomeness that is this chair?


January 13, 2009

Bath-Tub-CandlesIt's common knowledge that stress can lead to a number of health problems, and ultimately shorten one's life span. In the past, I managed my stress effectively by simply ignoring it, however doing so hasn't exactly worked toward my benefit. As any adult living on their own, I was soon to realize avoiding certain stresses, such as bills or food shopping, can lead to increased stress levels once I arrived home to darkness and a bare cupboard. Over the years I have found much more enjoyable ways to lower my stress levels while remaining in the light and with a full tummy.

One of my favorite de-stressers is a long and soothing bath. Not the kind with mountainous piles of bubbles which always de-foam leaving overly soapy water, but the detoxing, mind clearing kind. If you haven't already heard your grandmother raving about the wonders of an epsom salt bath, I suggest you start listening. Traditionally used for muscle aches or bruises, a few cups of epsom salt will do wonders for your energy and mental health. The thick and coarse salt draws excess fluids and toxins out of your body making you feel lighter (not thinner) and more energized. One a mission to use only natural products on my body I was delighted to find these Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts on sale for $24 at Made from organic salts, this bath time ritual is great for achy joints, sore muscles, and even arthritis, as it reduces inflammation. I find it handy to also pour in some baking soda to neutralize any toxins being released. No need to soak in toxin-filled water that will re-absorb into the skin as you soak. If there's no wine handy I like to sip on Green Tea, or water with a lemon wedge.

After quality time spent thinking of nothing, I usually enjoy vegging out to the tube, but havingUrban Outfitter's Quilt.jpg just started a page turning book, I find myself curled up the couch for another reason. Not wanting to hand over my entire paycheck for heating costs, I find a good throw blanket keeps me warm and toasty and also reduces the amount of energy I consume. It's not much, but I like to do my part. A quality throw blanket that is warm and chic is much harder to find than one would think. As much as I love cartoon characters and Hannah Montana, I feel both are a bit too childish, and would not represent me very well to any potential suitors.

Known for their trendy home decor as well as trendy clothing, Urban Outfitter's sells a plethora of throws and quilts, along with everything else a "happening" girl such as myself could need. This Fleur Patchwork Quilt is available in a twin, making it the perfect sized blanket for keeping toasty, or hiding from the mailman when he comes to deliver more bills. Luckily for me this quilt is 60% off, making it just $39.99. I love the vintage "my-grandmother-made-it" feel to this quilt, and it's a must-have for not just drafty houses, but drafty dorm rooms as well. Shop at Urban Outfitter's and receive 2% cash back.

While there are many ways to manage stress, most cost an arm and a leg, and never truly do the trick. Why not keep those limbs warm with a hot bath and a warm quilt? In fact, you can shop for these items while under the sorry excuse for a blanket currently being used. All thanks to Ebates!


January 12, 2009

gnome.jpgSometimes, when times are tough, the little things are all you really have to hold on to. With a tumultuous stock market, creeping unemployment rate, and the usual hum-drumming of life, it's important to have something to turn to for guidance and support. For some, family members and friends help fill that need for a confidant in times of strife. For others, it's all about the Solar-Powered Mystic Gnomes.

Solar-powered mystic gnomes? Yes, solar powered mystic gnomes. When the streets are hardly safe from both police and villains alike, there's something to be said about a gnomish creature that is both "darling during the day,[and] enchanting [during the] night." In these times, you need the kind of support that only an enchanting, darling gnome can give you - without any of those looming fears of rejection, injury, and possibly theft.

Amelie_MomentumR2_02.jpgNow this solar-powered gnome is not unlike every other gnome out there on the market, save for one specific caveat: it's a *mystic* little beast. Deep inside it's furrowed brow is a mind steadily at work solving all the world's problems from biggies like global hunger, down to the little things like an ill-lit corner of your garden. With this mysterious little halfling afoot, you'll never have to worry about creatures scurrying about your foliage in the night. Its all-seeing solar orb will both figurative and literally light your path and allow you to see the way; far more than can be said of other porcelain creatures that purport to have mystical properties.

At the end of the day, this little $40 solar-powered mystic gnome may not seem quite as spellbinding as other creatures that lurk about the Housewarming section of Target. But to this I ask, truly, what house is complete without a gnome of some sort? Take it for adventures, prop it atop a stone altar, or just toss it haphazardly into your garden - the choice is up to you. The mystic gnome will always be there for you, through good times and bad alike. And in the end, that's really what matters, isn't it?


January 11, 2009

Let me tell you a story.

A not-too-long time ago in a kingdom resembling a major California city famous for being located on a Bay, a dashing young prince bought a cheap-as-can be DVD player. See, back at the castle, the prince's enchanted TV was not really all that enchanted, so it didn't make sense for the prince to spend his already meager finances on a high-end DVD player, so he got the most basic "all I can do is play movies" kind of DVD player he could find. This DVD player also came with a cursed remote. Apparently the dark wizard who assembled this remote was evil and sadistic, so he possessed it with an evil demon. In the first six months in which the dashing prince owned this DVD player, the cursed remote began acting funny.

Unfortunately, since this was a bottom-of-line DVD player, it did not come with Ye Olde Factory Warranty.

Alarmed at the prospect of facing a future where all he could do was turn the machine on or off, eject discs, and hit either play or stop, the dashing prince decided to take matters into his own hands. He suited up in his armor, opened up the cursed remote, and prepared to do battle. Apparently the evil demon which possessed the remote had caused the battery to leak, which lead to a breakage in the battery tab on the circuit board of the remote. Upon even further inspection, the evil demon had also detached an enchanted capacitor from it's spot on the motherboard. 

Undeterred, the dashing prince took up his trusty soldering gun and tried to repair the evils done upon the poor land of RemoteControlia. Some time later, the prince emerged victorious. The bewitched remote control had been restored, the dark wizard had been thwarted, and the demon from inside the remote had been exorcised. He went to celebrate with a tall glass of mead, a leg of mutton, and the boxed set of The Simpsons - Season Nine.

Long story short: soldering irons are fantastic if you have a general concept of circuitry and electronics, but should only be used by those who know how. Remember that opening up consumer electronics will void warranties, and you also have that nagging ever-present threat of electrocution which has a nasty side effect known as death.

soldering gun.jpgStill, if you know what you're doing and have the space to work, a soldering iron will pay dividends. For just $30, you can be repairing all your electronics with minor issues, mending broken wires, and wreaking general havoc. While there are very high end soldering sets out there, I have always been most comfortable with the traditional soldering gun, and recommend it as a safe and controlled starting point. Not only will you save money on electronics you can repair instead of replace (the green choice as well, might I add) you will also get 2% cash back when you use your Ebates account (the choice to save some green).


January 10, 2009

Hydrangea's.jpgIt's common knowledge that color affects the human psyche, yet not many people understand how deeply color moves us as individuals. Bold, bright, neon colors can make one excited, or even insane. Colors which have been grayed down can be calming, and are commonly used in hospitals, which is why there always seems to be blue walls. Green triggers the brain to think of health (green vegetables) and many food companies use this psychology to sell their goods as healthy for you, yet I recommend reading the label as the safest bet. A burgundy red is warming, yet a cherry red can be cooling due to the presence of white. Once the language and psychology of color is understood, it makes designing your home (or wardrobe) much easier.

If, like me, you tend to get into a funk during winter (or fail to remember you're human and not a bear who hibernates) it may be due to the absence of color. For most of the country, the Winter months mean a complete lack of such a significant stimulus, unless of course you count the grey/black and utterly disgusting color of week old snow. Assuming that's not something you take into consideration when decorating, let's move on. In regards to the home, there are many easy and inexpensive ways to trick yourself into thinking it's not really eight degrees and snowing. Developing another personality named Rita who lives in Miami is one way, yet there is a risk of being hospitalized, in which case you'd be stuck staring at the awful blue walls.

A much more cost-effective way to put the Spring back in your step is by adding flowers to the home, Silk to be exact. Silk flowers not only add a splash of lively color, but they are extremely cost-effective as well. There's no messy clean-up or constant purchasing needed, and being that these are made from silk, they look just like the real thing. The selection on this site ranges from roses to snapdragons, as well as wreaths, centerpieces, and even silk trees. You'll receive a whopping 10% cash back when shopping this site, which is just as beautiful as the flowers are.

Wine Bottle.jpg Home and Garden Tip: Instead of common glass or ceramic vases, try an old wine bottle. The look is very rustic country, and therefore summery. I love finding old wine bottles, or jugs for that matter at scrap yards or thrift stores. If you don't happen to live near any of these places, ebay is an amazing source for vintage goods. The upside to shopping for your every need at home? Besides staying out of the cold you'll also receive 3% cash back.


January 2, 2009

Boston-CommonIt's no surprise that what defines Winter varies as much as the temperature does. In San Francisco, Winter means rain and a low of about 45 degrees. In Boston, yesterday to be exact, Winter meant 14 degrees with a new blanket of snow. It was so cold that no matter how bundled in multiple layers I was, my feet froze inside my shoes, my legs hurt under my jeans, and the skin on my face (the only exposed part of me) was burning from the air, otherwise known as the first stage of frostbite. It may seem like I a dreadful situation, however I welcomed the piercing cold and the mounds of snow I trudged through. I used to hibernate during these cold, harsh months, but after a long hatred with December through March, I have come to embrace the Winter and all that it brings. While some may only experience disgruntled people or bitter cold, there's much beauty to be seen such as snow covered branches, a winter sunset filled with pale blues and yellows, or the look of icicles hanging from gas-lit lamp posts.

Mirrored Vanity.jpgIt's with this new resolve of embracing the season that I see the importance of embracing it in the home as well. Instead of wishing for Spring, why not celebrate the beauty of Winter, by creating your own Winter Wonderland? The right furniture and decor can instantly add charm and enhance this most hated season.

While browsing the winter clearance sale at Horchow, I came across this Mirrored Vanity. The mirrored finish pays homage to an ice covered world, and will look equally chic adorned with bright flowers (Summer) or a tray of fresh picked pinecones (fall). If the chic and feminine look doesn't pull you in, perhaps saving $200 while recieving 4% cash back will help seal the deal. Instead of rushing through Winter mornings half asleep and freezing, why not enjoy a cup of coffee next to the warm glow of a lamp and this beautiful piece? I can't think of a more lovely or tranquil place to do one's make-up and get ready for the day ahead, and it is common knowledge that starting your morning off on a good foot leads to a good day. When the temperature won't hit double digits, good days may seem hard to come by. 


December 11, 2008

Boot Barn Blue Low Boot.jpgWhile I shun away from buying fur, crocodile, snakeskin, or any other animal for that matter, I do have an affinity for all things leather. I realize this makes me a walking contradiction and a hypocrite to boot, but in my mind leather is the lesser of these many evils. After all, leather comes from the same cow being used for food, so to me the whole process is resourceful, and not wasteful like fur. No one eats minks, or foxes (for the most part) and wearing them is well, let's just say it's not for me. I don't need to offend anyone, which is very easy being as "opinionated" as I am.

My love for leather spans from apparel to home goods. My leather boot collection ranges from classic black riding to rustic cowboy. As for my favorite leather bags, there's the vintage oversized saddle bag courtesy of my mother, and the slouchy "biker mama" bag courtesy of leather label Mike and Chris. Both are timeless and get me stares of envy (which I gladly accept). As with all obsessions/addictions this one takes commitment and constant searching to maintain. As I was browsing through Boot Barn, I came across this pair of Motorcycle Boots by Boulet. Not only is the dark slate grey "Mercedes Black" color a refreshing change from black or tan, but they also have a nine inch height, making them the perfect (and comfortable) ankle boot. The studded ankle strap dresses these boots up, and when paired with a super dainty top and some tight black jeans, dare I say they're club appropriate? In fact, any club that doesn't allow this killer boot is not a place I'll be spending my money.

As for home goods, there's nothing more appealing to me than a big leather chair. SomethingHorchow Antique Leather Chair.jpg rustic that beckons me to sit and stay a while. This Antiqued Leather Chair From Horchow is a hybrid of old meets new. The tufted cushions remind me of an old Mae West movie, while the antique inspired distressed leather is somehow modern looking. Large enough for two people (wink wink) this chair demands nothing less than cashmere thermals and a handsome man to cuddle up with. (Preferably one who doesn't have a "time limit" on cuddling, and who isn't concerned with personal space.) I'd be lying if I said this chair was inexpensive, but craftsmanship like this doesn't come cheap these days. Just as a pair of Christian Louboutin heels are an investment in your wardrobe, this chair is an investment in your home. Less is more, and having such a grandiose piece like this chair eliminates the need for "room fillers," i.e., lots of cheap looking furniture.

Shopping through Ebates will earn you 3% cash back or a whopping $75! Think of it as a reward for shopping with taste.


November 20, 2008

In a previous blog, I talked about my disgust for tacky holiday decorations such as plastic wreaths, or for that matter anything plastic. It is my personal belief that the holidays shouldn't include plastic trees, fake snow, or any other tacky items. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: the holiday season is amateur hour in terms of decorating. The holidays to me are less about any religious beliefs, and more about the celebration of friends, family, and Winter. Having grown up in Boston, I have always had a love/hate relationship with Winter, and after years of dreading the cold months that followed Fall, I have finally accepted (and even look forward to) this peaceful season. Something about the crisp cold air, and the silence that comes in the night is very relaxing. While the Mercury doesn't drop below 45 in San Francisco, the ocean air will chill even the toughest East Coaster, making a heavy winter coat a necessity. Despite what some may think about California, it's not all palm trees and blonde babes running down a beach. San Francisco has a Winter that resembles any other city (minus the snow), and one can see trees lose their leaves and smell fireplaces roaring.

In celebration of this most hated season, I find myself drawn to home decor that pays homage to the essence of Winter, and the quiet hibernation that it brings. This Manzanita Candelabra is sculpted from a real Manzanita branch and features nickel plated aluminum. The bare branches adorned with candles is a festive yet elegant sight, and truly envokes the spirit of the season. While most retailers would sell a piece like this for upwards of $300, West Elm is selling it for just $99. If a candelabra isn't on your list, West Elm's collection of home decor, furniture, and everything in between will have you covered. The home decor section is enough to make the worst scrooge throw the best and most chic holiday party. If shopping for inexpensive home goods wasn't reason enough to pay a visit, enjoy 3% cash back and free shipping on a vast selection of products. It's West Elm's way of saying Happy Holidays!


November 13, 2008

Mother_earthRegardless of if you're a gun touting conservative, or a celery swinging hippie, everyone can agree that Global Warming cannot be ignored anymore. What was once thought to be the crazy rantings of environmentalists is now recognized as a global crisis that is impacting the entire planet. Rising sea levels are threatening coastal communities, warm seas are causing deadlier hurricanes, and in some parts of the world (like Australia) droughts are ravaging crops.

The phrase "Going Green" has long been plagued with negative connotations or images of dirty (and usually stoned) hippies, but nothing could be further from the truth. Going green simply put means to lesson one's Carbon Footprint. Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is the main culprit of global warming, so before you go out and spend thousands on solar panels, find out just how much of an impact you're making. Calculating your Carbon Footprint will give you a better idea, and it's also a great way to get tips on what you can do to help. The average American has a Carbon Footprint of 9.44, or in layman's terms, the average American produces 9.44 tons of carbon a year. My Carbon Footprint is 5.3, so although I am wreaking just a tad less havoc on the environment, there's always plenty more to do.

The first step to offsetting my footprint is to shop for energy efficient everything at From energy efficient light bulbs to water saving shower heads, Change For Green has everything you need to save the environment and save money on energy costs. Below is a list of four things every household in the world can use to save energy and reduce greenhouse emissions. By shopping at Change For Green, you'll receive 10% cash back.

1. Save water with an AM Chrome Hand Held Showerhead 

2. Keep warm air from escaping into your attic with this Attic Tent

3. Protect your energy efficient floodlights from the elements with Par-38 Shields

4. Stop drafts from entering the house with an Air Conditioner Cover

Be good to Mother Earth and she will be good to you!


November 6, 2008

Top_design_pic_four If last night's finale of Top Design has you bummed and yearning for more, fret not and continue reading. While countless design blogs are ranting or raving about who should have won, I'll spare you the talk and get down to what's really important. Shopping the look.

My personal favorite was this living room done by Ondine. It's so quirky with a vintage feel that it balances off my love of minimal modern. I love how this room blends several design movements in a cohesive way, and it's got everything from bright color to retro wall paper, and enough zebra prints to fill the Serengeti. While it may seem a little overwhelming and (let's be honest) crazy, there's an order to achieving this clash of design worlds. The first step is to pick the room apart piece by piece. There are three major looks  going on in this room ranging from retro 80's to Post Mod 60's, but Ondine used small elements of each to keep things evenly balanced. The overall look is vintage, eclectic, and lots of fun.Zebra_chair

Besides the bold wallpaper, the main focal point of the room is the brightly upholstered love seats. Think of a swinging 60's movie with go-go dancers, and that's the vibe you'll get from this post modern piece. Not only do they look fun, but they add a pop of color in a room filled with black, white, and metallics. A close comparison is the Passion Love Seat from Done in candy apple red leather with high shine metal feet this love seat is an instant "pop" piece. Selling at $300 off the original, you'll receive 3% cash back as well, making for extra savings.

The next step to getting this look entails getting in touch with your wild side, and by that I mean Zebra prints. In the above photo, Ondine used pillows and an area rug to show off this fabric, but during my hunting I spotted a Zebra Accent Chair from Macy's that was too good to pass up. While some retailer's sell this style of chair for upwards of $1000, Macy's has it on sale for $399. By shopping at this 150 year old landmark, you'll earn a whopping 8% cash back plus get it all shipped for free; a savings that can be used toward accent pieces such as pillows or quirky a Flower Vase from Target. As if Target couldn't get any better, these vases sell as a set of three for just $29.99, and by shopping with Ebates you'll get 4% cash back.Flower_vases                                                                                                                           

Now that you have the basics, go to American Blinds, Wallpaper, and More and choose from hundreds of wall paper options ranging from traditional to modern. Any design is easy to achieve, but it takes patience, a clever eye, and Ebates to make it a whole lot cheaper.


November 2, 2008

Sweaterslippers As Bill mentioned in his post on Friday, the cash back checks are in the mail. In the spirit of the holidays, I would like to encourage you to take that money you have earned and do the right thing: stimulate the economy. Spoil yourself on a modest extravagance before the holidays go into full swing and you have to put yourself last on the list. That is why I am picking up a pair of these ridiculously cute or, cute and ridiculous fleece-lined sweater slippers from the Gap. They are only $29.50 with 6% cash back and they are available in an array of colors to match any pajama or lounge wear you may have. Go festive with red or winter white, winter-chic with oatmeal or tap into your teenage side and choose hot pink. Pick up a pair for someone on your list. You can erase the guilt you may suffer about buying for yourself this close to the holidays; and you can use the rest of your cash back towards gifts. It's the perfect compromise, because, really, you earned it.

I personally envision myself in a pair, wrapping Christmas gifts and listening to holiday music. It sounds like an advertisement for the Gap, but really, it's true. Then I will tempted to wear on a quick errand and ending up in an episode of What Not To Wear, as the hosts are shocked and appalled that as a professional woman who writes about fashion, I could commit such an error of judgment. But really, what's fashion sense without a faux pas or two? I promise, I will not let you down, and will wear these only within the comfort of my home. But it will be tempting.....


October 30, 2008

Audra_living_room_setIn the world of design there are two main categories: furniture and clothing. While "clothing people" can like furniture, and "furniture people" can like clothing, everyone fits into just one category. For me, that category is clothing, for several reasons. The main reason being the visibility factor. The ADAM sweater I purchased at Shopbop can be worn for the world to see as often as I like, however the vintage dresser from my local thrift store is only seen by myself unless I have company over. Suffice it to say, that rarely happens as I don't enjoy cooking for myself and would rather enjoy a meal with friends which I paid someone $14.99 to cook.

Having concentrated on my personal exterior for so long, the interior of my apartment went neglected, with mismatched furniture, bizarre junkyard finds, and a plethora of Ikea chatchke's. For those of you not familiar with Yiddish, chatchke means "miscellaneous crap", and my house was full of it.
Just as changing your wardrobe can change your life, so can changing the interiors of your house. A cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind, so it's with this mentality that I focused on making my house as exciting as the Michael Kors boots I want to purchase. After all, both furniture and clothing are about creating a fantasy through the use of objects, so I racked my brain to think of what it is I want to come home to. I quickly realized that I just want a home in which I can relax and be content (besides a home with George Clooney). Ideally, this would be a home filled with nature such as plants, wood, even metal. Although it may sound like I am describing the interiors of an Indiana Jones movie, I'm actually talking about Danish Modern, a design movement that originated in the 60's and is famous for it's modernity and rustic appeal. The above bedroom set is from, and is named the Audra Collection. 18 pieces in all, the Audra Collection has everything from office furniture to armoires, coffee tables, even mirrors. The beauty and convenience of is the ability to buy not just individual items, but entire sets at a discounted price. This bedroom set includes 6 pieces and is only $2499! Consider the fact that most retailers sell a single bed for that price, and your savings add up.
Besides modern furniture, Home Decorators has furniture to suit anyone's taste whether you like Shabby Chic, Classic American, French Country, or Asian inspired. By shopping with Ebates, you'll receive 3% cash back, which adds up quickly when buying furniture. If home is where the heart is, then cohesive design is like chicken soup for the soul. Of course with Ebates, chicken soup gives you cash in your pocket.


October 29, 2008

Tacky_wreathAs wonderful as the holiday season is, it's also a time of amateur decorating and tacky ornamentation... everywhere. The picture to my left is a great example of someone who had too much time on their hands, and clearly an abundance of toys. While I'm all for crafting, there should be a tasteful limit; once plastic has been involved, said wreath maker has crossed a point of no return. Wreaths, after all, are about nature and beauty. They should be adorned with things found in nature, such as acorns, leaves, pine needles, or flowers. A plastic airplane is the farthest thing from "natural" and should not be stuck to a wreath, much less next to a Pez dispenser. Sadly, most wreaths fall into this "tacky" group, and they seem to be everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except Organic Style.

While browsing through the Home And Garden category, I came across this site that features everything and anything organic. They boast an enticing selection of organic food such as wines, ciders, chocolates, and nuts. You'll also find products for bed and bath such as organic sheets and robes. Products for home and garden such as cookware, and gardening tools, and my6herbwreathv2 favorite, wreaths.

The wreath selection spans two pages and is filled with dried flowers, burnt leaves, and even spices all intertwined and tastefully done. There is nothing mass produced or kitschy, just natural and simple. I imagine a grandmother carefully making each wreath in her country house filled with dried flowers, and the wreath to the right, aptly named the 6 Herb Wreath, is a great example of that. Made of Lavender, Oregano, and Roses, this wreath also features Lamb's Ear, and Sweet Annie for those of us nature illiterate. It's warm, inviting, and has just enough color to be festive. As part of Organic Style's commitment to the environment, this wreath has been certified by Veriflora to be 100% organic. You'll also receive 75 Eco-Points good toward your next purchase. For every dollar you spend at Organic Style, you in turn get 1 Eco-Point, and enough point earned gets you a free item. Add 5% cash back to that, and you're saving a boatload. So whether you're looking to decorate your own home or give a thoughtful gift to a loved one, go to Organic Style and do it with taste.


October 20, 2008

Kitchenaid_mixerWhen it comes to cooking and the culinary arts, I am more of a catcher than a pitcher. I would much rather drink my wine and eat off the cheese plate, than be the person responsible for cooking.

Can I cook? Yes. Do I cook? No.

While some may be able to concoct three course meals out of peanut butter and cayenne pepper, I lack the imagination needed to turn several ingredients into one meal. As for cookbooks? Forget it, I would have a better grasp at reading quantum physics.

With the holidays approaching, I'm feeling rather festive and envision myself showing up to many a party holding some scrumptious (and edible) pie, or other dessert. Of course, one cannot do this without the proper tools, and I can't think of a more important tool than the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. The famous five quart stainless steel mixer features a power hub for additional attachments, and a handy pouring shield perfect for those of us who aren't so natural in the kitchen. At 15% off, it's also perfect for those of us looking to save a buck. Known for it's famous retro design and mixing magic, this chef's must-have is also part of Cook For The Cure.

Cook For The Cure is a comprehensive line of appliances and other culinary must-haves that all benefit a great cause. At least 10% of the profits from every item in the Cook For The Cure line goes directly to the Susan G. Komen foundation, helping women with breast cancer all over the world. So before you purchase a new kitchen appliance, visit Not only will you have access to the world's top-rated appliances, you'll be donating to a worthy cause, and you'll even be earning a whopping 6% Cash Back!

Remember, all Cook For the Cure items must be registered at CookForTheCure.


October 16, 2008

Cleaning_agents Since 1999, Design Within Reach has been a destination for those seeking more than just furniture, lighting, or home decor. More of an art dealer than a furniture store, Design Within Reach is the number one place to buy a "fully licensed classic". In layman's terms that means the ability to purchase an item from the company who holds the original patent, thus eliminating shoddy replicas or bad knockoffs.

A walk through the store is like taking a class on design history, and their website has the biographies of over 100 designers, some classic, some contemporary. Looking for the infamous Eames chair? They've got it.Salt_book Wondering where to get the Tolomeo lamp? They've got that as well. In fact, Design Within Reach has just about everything including biodegradable household cleaners.

Solay Simple Cleaning Products are a great example of green cleaning. Solay Simple combines natural ingredients with 100% Himalayan salt for a product that is non-toxic, yet just as effective as the other more caustic cleaners. Priced between $5-24, Solay Simple is an inexpensive way to free your household of cancer causing chemicals. Salt has been used as a cleaning agent for thousands of years. More modern uses include getting stains out of clothing and de-greasing cast iron pots and pans. Although salt may seem like just a flavor enhancer, it has a very long and complicated history. Want to know more? This book, aptly named Salt, can be found at Barnes & Noble, where 4% Cash Back is the name of the game. Add 3% Cash Back at Design Within Reach, and watch the savings grow.

For more info on living green go to


October 14, 2008

Stag_horn_mirror_2The worldwide web is quite an interesting place full of wonderful and sometimes bizarre things. Ebates is like this as well, and with over 1000 merchants, the things you can find are unbelievable. I have come across so many amazing things that I thought I should dedicate one blog per store. Huge feat? Yes. Huge pay(cash)back? You bet. I spend a good portion of my day stumbling upon jaw-dropping items such as this Stag Horn Mirror which, strangely enough, I found at American This rustic mirror features a natural ivory and brown finish with silver leaf detailing. The horns look as though they have been welded together by some medieval knight, which I surprisingly love. What's even more surprising is that my original search started with wallpaper (probably why the name is American Blinds, Wallpaper, and More).
Once on the site, it didn't take long for me to realize just how extensive and varied the site actually was despite it's homepage being filled with, well, blinds. Not only does feature hundreds of wallpaper options, but they also stock draperies, rugs, sconces, and a huge selection of wall art. The inventory is so extensive that it's sure to appeal to any taste, no matter how unique. Stop by and take a look, and while you're at it, enjoy getting 3% Cash Back!


October 9, 2008

Perfect_closetThe picture to the right is my idea of a perfect closet. Everything has a nice home, and nothing is out of place. The sweaters are all tucked away, safe from moth balls, and the shoes are placed neatly on the shelving. In other words, this photo represents the opposite of my closet.

Aside from owning hangers and a very dilapidated shoe rack, my closet is a black hole in which things are lost forever. Great for the next renter of my apartment, not so great for me. If your closet is like that as well, fear not; there is a glimmer of hope, and that glimmer is The Container Store.

Not only do they stock storage solutions for every room in the house, but they also carry the amazing (and life saving) elfa Premier Shelving and Drawer System. This organizer's dream-come-true is made from walnut shelving and durable epoxy bonded steel. Even better than the chic look is the versatility. The entire system is able to be customized to your needs, thus making life much easier. For a limited time only, this shelving system is 25% off. Add that to 4% Cash Back, and you've got yourself a room full of savings.Free_standing_closet_2

For those of you who reside in studios (like half of San Francisco's population) then this Free Standing Reach-In Closet (also by elfa) is the perfect solution to all your storage problems. The beauty of this shelving system is that it is totally free standing, which means that it does not need to be mounted to a wall. This is perfect for renters with picky landlords, or those of us who are "installation challenged". This one is 25% off as well, or a savings of over $250. Don't waste money paying someone to organize for you, when you can do it alone, and for way less!


October 7, 2008

Home decorating is much like getting dressed, in that it's all part of creating a fantasy. Home is the Throw_3 most wonderful place in the world, aside from Disney World. To me, home is all about escaping the real world and creating a getaway from everyday worries. Once I get home, it doesn't matter that it's pouring out and I just endured half an hour on a packed and smelly bus full of soaked and miserable people. What matters is that I am home, where it smells pleasant, it's warm, and I don't have to watch someone pick their nose for twenty minutes.

What better way to celebrate the comforts of home than with comfy items such as candles and throw blankets? This cashmere throw blanket is the perfect way to keep toasty, and if I may say so myself, the brown plaid design is ultra chic. Usually priced around $400, I found this at Bluefly for just $170.  At 4' x 6' in size, you'll have enough room to snuggle up with someone other than yourself.


    If aromatherapy is what you crave, then look no further than this 3 piece fragrance travel set from Nordstrom. Priced at less then $50, it features a candle, diffuser, and fragrance, all with girlie and romantic packaging. If business has you traveling all the time, just tuck these into their chic box and bring them along with you. It is far better for your hotel room to smell like the comforts of home, than the remainders of room service. Plus, receiving 3% Cash Back on both these items is very comforting for your wallet.


October 4, 2008

Gentle readers, I won't lie to you: I don't own this product. Chances are I will never own this product. But all of that doesn't matter, because I really, really want this product. With the exception of our vegetarian counterparts, I don't think there is any red-blooded American who doesn't want their own Hot Dog Cart. It may be a little impractical, and unless you or your neighbors entertain outdoors a lot, you probably won't have a ton of opportunity to use it.  But if you do BBQ enough, and have sense enough to realize that the ideal way to cook a hot dog is the "roller method", then this cart could be your own personal Holy Grail.

Hot_dog_cart Made of enameled steel,  this cart hearkens back to the good old days. It's got the works: a bun warmer, a roller-equipped grill, condiment tubs, and even a handy side-mounted compartment to load with ice so you can keep your beverages cool. But what makes this old-timey beauty really stand apart is the fact that it only costs $200. That's one third of the original price. That's 66% off. That's $400 less than what you would have paid for this when it first became available. No matter how you choose to spin it, that is a fantastic deal.

So, if you appreciate style, if you appreciate carts with umbrellas that you can cook on, or if you just appreciate hot dogs, jump on this great deal and before you know it, you can be grilling up your own hot dogs in the comfort of your own back yard. All I ask, is if you end up buying, and you're anywhere near San Francisco, invite me over so I can try it firsthand!


September 29, 2008

As women, there are certain guidelines by which we live our lives. Our mantras, if you will. Just as each woman is different from the rest, so are their mantras. For some women, this means swearing off white after Labor Day, for others it may entail a certain dietary regimen. Personally, the one motto I live by is "a pleasant home equals a pleasant mind."
Over the course of many years and apartments, I've found that a cluttered home often leads to my being lazy or forgetful. I'm sure this is not normal behavior, and could land me on Oprah as the woman who hoards, yet I've taken steps to remedy the problem. I've stopped creating walking paths through mountains of laundry, or allowing junk mail to grow into a massive pile of credit card offers and val-u-packs.

Despite all my efforts, being a jewelry designer means a constant purchasing of gems, chains, and beads, which can send me straight back to clutterville. I usually store these items in plastic containers and call it a day. My problem, however, is storing the finished product. Until recently, I solved this issue with hundreds of Ziploc bags. That all changed when I discovered this Jewelry Armoire at, which I can credit with saving me from trinket overload. This piece features seven drawers and two side compartments, making it perfect for storing my entire collection. Besides free shipping and 3% Cash Back, this item is priced at $100 off the retail price, making it affordable for a struggling artist such as myself.


September 26, 2008

Shopping_avatarsUrbanites, or "city folk" as we have been called, spend a huge part of our lives trying to stand out. We take great care in knowing where to eat, what to wear, and where to find the best scene. Despite our attempts to be different from others who inhabit our zip code, we all share the same habits, one of which is apartment hopping. San Francisco is one big apartment swapping fiesta full of roommates, landlords, and overpriced rentals. The city never sits still, and neither do we.

Such was the case six months ago when I left my beloved neighborhood for a much quieter address. While I enjoy the peace of not being woken up at three in the morning to sirens and the like, I do miss the great restaurants, bars, and vintage stores that were mere blocks from my front stoop. A vintage shopping spree followed by sushi isn't as enjoyable when it entails taking a crowded bus or spending forty five minutes looking for parking.

The end of these excursions always found me plopped on my favorite chair, sipping a margarita and cringing at the financial damage done. Something about that chair, which I nicknamed "boyfriend", gave me peace and relaxation. Maybe it's the oversized wooden arm rests, or the rustic leather cushions that trick me into thinking I'm in a country cabin. Or maybe it's just that I'm lazy and like to sit... a lot.Target_chair Either way, my favorite chair has seen me through ups and downs, and after nearly a decade, it's falling apart. After a very thorough search, I came across this dead ringer at Target, and immediately fell in love. All those mornings spent curled up with "boyfriend" and a cup of joe came rushing back. After seeing the 4% Cash Back and free shipping, I was quick to make a purchase. As if that wasn't enough, I also managed to get this animal-friendly version for just $270! I'll use this Cash Back to soften the blow of those shopping trips that go awry.


September 25, 2008

Most people around my age don't think much about entertaining.  Generally speaking, for myself, "entertaining" consists of making sure there is beer in the refrigerator and double checking that the TV works. I'm a guy, my friends are guys; we don't concern ourselves with throw pillows, area rugs, or place settings.  I'd much rather spend my "home accent" money on wall art, bookshelves and clocks (my two fetishes),  or on upgrading my home entertainment setup.  However, I'm reaching a point in my life where I'm employed, getting older by the day, and beginning to realize that I might have to go somewhere other than the thrift shop to pick up home decor. 

Rather than following the trend of so many of my contemporaries, I am trying to find furniture at places other than a certain Swedish home furnishing store.  I love 'em, and am always glad to support the economy of my homeland, but I think I've seen the same lamp in about twenty different friends' apartments. 
So after a little searching, I stumbled across this beautiful dinette at a price which still allows me to go out this weekend.  This Five Piece Dinette Set from JCPenney is just the right size for an apartment or smaller kitchen space, and at the crazy low price of $159.99, won't break the bank either. Finally, I can put the folding chairs and card tables back in the garage, where they belong, and have people over for dinner that doesn't involve my couch!

With 60% off of this beauty, you'll have saved enough to buy two weeks of groceries to make meals that you and your friends can enjoy on your beautiful new dinette set!


September 16, 2008

I have a sad admission to make: for all the reading I do, I don't have a good lamp to read by. I have overhead lighting, and I have floor lamps, but I have no nightstand or desk lamp to speak of. As a literature student and an avid reader, this is disgraceful. Luckily, I think my problem may have been solved, thanks to this gorgeous piece of work from Target. It seems pretty perfect for me, and I think it just might be perfect for some of you.

LampLooking to make a subtle yet elegant change in your home or office? Have you been using the same lamp that's been sitting there gathering dust or tarnishing for years? Do you love a great deal? If you answered "yes" to any or all of those questions, then have I got the deal for you: the Polished Steel Desk Lamp from Target. This lamp combines the functionality of a three-way lamp with a dimmer, a sleek art-deco design, and the convenience of a touch lamp all in one sturdy package. Add a touch of class to your desk, end table, or nightstand with this great lamp, and get 4% Cash Back in the process. Plus, with free shipping, you can get this lamp on your table without going out of pocket. 

Better still, if you decide you don't like it, you can simply return it to any local Target location in your neighborhood. Go right over to and snatch one of these USA-made beauties up before they're all gone!


September 12, 2008

I'll let you folks in on a little bit of personal information about myself: before I came to be the blogger here at Ebates, I'd spent the prior year and a half working on my Master's degree and doing freelance work out of my home. While most of you probably just think "big deal, he worked and went to school; lots of people do that" and you are correct in that, there are a select few who can see past the stats and realize what that means.

That's right, I spent a year and a half of my adult-ish life as a connoisseur of that beloved commodity we know as sleep. I know myself; I am borderline nocturnal. Given the choice, I will wake up sometime around noon, maybe a little later, and ease through my day until I finally return to my bed sometime usually between three and four in the morning. That was on a good day. If I had the opportunity, I could easily stay in bed twelve, thirteen hours a day. On a really good day, I could even work from bed.  But now that I've joined the working world (while finishing my degree in the evening), sleep is at a premium. The reason I chose this particular weekend idea is that it is what I would love to sleep all the time this weekend, but I have a chapter of my thesis to finish by the end of next week, so I'll be working non-stop much of the weekend. So, instead of just sleeping in using that same old sagging mattress on the threadbare bedding you've been using since I was an undergrad, treat yourself, and Sears is all about trying to help you make that happen this weeked.  Through tomorrow, they have a bedding and housewares sale that will keep you resting easy. All mattresses are 50% off with free national delivery and haul-away of your old mattress, plus, they have a 30 day comfort gaurantee, so if you are in love with your deep pillowy mattress but decide to get one that is firm as a board, you can return it in 30 days free of penalty.

Here are three items that are on sale right now that will help you get a great night's sleep.  First is a four hundred thread count sheet set that's currently on sale, and I tell you, a high thread count like that feels like you're laying on a little piece of heaven. From Land's End, you get brand name you can trust, and a thread count that will make you feel like a king or queen, even if you sleep in a twin bed.

The next is a Serta down comforter that will keep you warm in the soon-to-be-arriving cold months. I personally am always warm, so this has little appeal, but if you want to cozy up with someone, this provides the perfect amount of warmth do to just that. Plus it's half off, and you'll be saving enough to buy all the other products together.

Finally is the Personal Expressions memory foam pillow. I have one of these, and I will say that I never knew I could be so comfortable when I slept. Granted, the pillow I had been using prior to this one was probably about twenty or thirty years old, and I had never had a truly good quality pillow before it. Still, I never knew a pillow could make so much difference. My neck is never stiff anymore, and the custom contours allow for optimum comfort whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side. Get one today and start sawing logs immediately.

There you have it - now treat yourself to a weekend free of alarm clocks. Or, if you have to set an alarm, give yourself a few reasons to hit that snooze bar just one extra time thanks to your friends here at Ebates.


September 12, 2008

Picture this: you've just moved into your own place. No roommates, no scary cats, no significant other who doesn't understand the appeal of a clean sink. It's just you and your belongings. After letting out a deep breath, you realize you've left behind your years of partying until five in the morning, chore lists, and finding out your new roommate is a complete psycho who uses all your shampoo; now it's time to take a look around and leave behind to your crappy furniture too. Tell yourself "No more questionable sofas found on the street." or "No more buying dressers from the sameModern_sofa_2 store you purchased your Halloween costume." Generally, those aren't vintage, they're crap. It's time to move on.

The first task is to determine what room you want to tackle first. For those of you who frequently entertain, a new sofa is a good way to start. This Komfort sofa from is the perfect hybrid of minimalism and modern. The clean lines and earthy color make this piece simple to build around. Plus Free shipping means more money to spend on future purchases. Interior design is exactly like fashion; find a few great basics, and then build around them. Although I love the deep brown of the sofa, I also love bright colors and bold prints. This is where accessorizing comes into play.
Accents such as candles, window treatments, and pillows can be changed as often as you change your shoes, so have fun and experiment. Remember, the investment is in the furniture, not the accents. Keep the pillows and throws cheap. This Frida pillow from Urban Outiftters adds a splash of bold color, and at $32, it won't break the bank. Toss in a throw blanket, some coffee table books, and your ready to impress others with your elite taste.


September 4, 2008

Good morning gentle readers! You all know me as your easily amused and occasionally witty blogger, but when I return home at the end of the work day, I have a whole other life. Don't worry, this isn't some great secret confession or anything like that; rather, when I return home, I pick up my life as a graduate student. Knocking on wood, I should have my Master's in Literature before the end of 2008, so when I go home, I return home to a floor littered with books, notes, articles, and note cards. These are kind of a badge of honor, but they are also an eyesore. Worse, stepping on books is sacrilegious, and I hate scrounging for a piece of paper I've inadvertently kicked under the couch.   

So it was with this unique problem that I decided I'd had enough, and that it was time to find a nice bookshelf that would help me clean up my life  a little bit. What I found was the Delano Large Bookcase. I like the look: it's black, made of sturdy pine, and has those classy-looking cross braces rather than solid planks on the sides. Most importantly for my needs, it has a pull-out drawer in place of the bottom shelf, so all of my note cards and loose leaf sheets of paper are stored securely. Plus, I will say that since this is an Ebates blog, and it focuses on deals, that you can't forget Target's great savings of 15% off any time you purchase anything over $125. On a $200 item like this one, you save $30, which is actually a better bargain than paying full price and getting free shipping. So if, like me, you once had to keep your books in boxes, or have them stacked up all over the place, this is just the thing for you. Or, if you just want to upgrade an old book shelf or finally throw out those shelves you made out of cinder blocks and boards, now is the perfect time to do just that.Bookshelf


August 28, 2008

We're going to start today's blog with a little visualization exercise:

Imagine you're coming home from work, you've had an awful day. Everything took longer than it should have, nobody got any of their work done, and your boss yelled at you for problems that aren't even associated with your job description. If you take the bus, there was a blackout in the transportation system, so the buses stopped running for two hours at the peak of the commute hour, and you ended up shelling out way too much for a cab ride home. If you drive, your car broke down and you got to drive home in a tow truck. Ladies, your heel broke so you're all wobbly. Gents, your zipper got stuck and you had to spend the whole day trying to cover up the fact that your fly was down. You get home to realize that the rest of your family, roommates, or pets have decided to go out to eat, so you have to fend for yourself for dinner after this awful day. The cable is out. The hot water is broken so you can't even take a nice warm bath to soothe your nerves, and that aromatherapy kit just isn't getting it done any more.

What is the one thing that could make this day okay? What is the one last little bastion of comfort and happiness in this otherwise awful day? That's right, gentle readers: the welcoming comfort of your favorite arm chair. I can speak from experience that a comfortable chair can make all the difference on my world view. I'm not talking about your everyday recliner or barcalounger, not that there's anything wrong with any of those chairs. But still, I'm talking about one of those chairs that just seems to welcome you with open arms whenever you see it. A chair that rather than falling into it, you ease yourself into its comfort.  I'm talking about a chair like the Havana Chair from Bellacor.
Just look at it: doesn't it look inviting? Doesn't it look like the kind of chair that is just asking to be sat in? I know that when I so much as look at this chair, my bum feels just a little warmer. If you're not convinced, let me fill you in on a little bit of what makes this chair so exceptional. First and foremost, this chair is made of natural leather stretched over a hardwood frame. It doesn't take a particularly distinguishing person to tell the difference between natural and artificial leather, and you will really appreciate the difference when you sink into this chair. Another aspect of this chair  that I personally like is that it features hand-tied construction, which means no metal rivets. I realize that some people prefer the more classic riveted look, but those same people are always the folks who end up buying a new chair when the rivets start to come loose and fall off. Finally, the chair's cushion is removable. This may sound trivial to many of you, but when you lose something out of your pocket down there, or if you ever need to replace the cushion despite the fact that the chair itself is still in great condition, you'll really appreciate the ease of removal.

Yes, I'll admit, the chair is expensive, but with 13% off the list price, free shipping, and 6% cash back from Ebates, you do end up getting a good deal for an amazing chair that will make you happy to come home for years to come.


August 13, 2008

If you folks are like me, space in your garage is at a premium. I've got boxes of books, a bike, musical gear, assorted tools,  auto parts, and all sorts of bits and pieces of things tucked away into every last corner of my garage. Seeing how I nearly tripped over a misplaced box of junk while exiting my car the other day, I've decided to wage a war on clutter, and I hope to  pass along some of my great discoveries to you, dear readers. 

Number one of my wish list, if I could better utilize it, would be the RacorPro HeavyLift.
Personally speaking, I don't have a lot in the way of vertical clearance in my garage, so this would just be another low-hanging object for me to brain myself on; but if you have a ceiling that is more than about seven feet in your garage, this could be the greatest thing to ever happen to you.  As you can see by the picture, it is simply a four foot by four foot platform on a system of pulleys that allows you to load it at ground level and, by turning a crank, raise it up to the ceiling, creating a lot more floor space in an already-cluttered garage.  In product reviews that I've seen there have been questions about the 250 lb. weight capacity and the quality of the gears used, but most people seem happy overall with their purchase.

The next item that caught my eye was the Master Magnetics 24" Magnetic Tool Holder
It's just as simple as it appears in the picture: you mount it to the wall, and it magnetically holds anything metal.  Keeping tools lying around is a nightmare, hanging them on hooks means they will fall off if not put just right, and making your own custom racks for all of your tools is just a hassle. You've probably seen (or might even have) magnetic knife strips in kitchens, so why not put the same idea to use in your garage? But don't worry about tools slipping off: these strips have a whopping 20lbs of pull per inch!

Finally, if you're anything like me, what you call a "work bench" is more like a "clutter table". I don't know how it happens, but I end up with more stuff scattered all over the work bench than I do anywhere else in my house.  With the fact that I can never see the surface of my work bench in mind, I give you the solution: the Gladiator Fold-Away Workstation.
Glgafs42kdsg This wall-mountable work station has a fold-down work space that is perfect for lighter repairs. Made from easy-to-clean stainless steel, the surface measures 39"x14", and folds up into the unit when not in use.  The rest of the unit includes a shelf for added storage, in addition to the storage provided on top of the organizer itself.  Also, with the provided power-cord access hole, this unit can comfortably house a radio, a lamp, or any tool that needs charging.

All of these storage solutions and a lot more are available at Shop with your Ebates account and get 4% automatically on any purchase.


August 8, 2008

After a discussion with some co-workers over lunch today about the comparative populations of India and of San Francisco, I returned to my computer thinking about the lack of open spaces in the town I call home.

With all of that in mind, I would recommend you take a little time out of your weekend and get in touch a little more with your green thumb. If you have a garden, or at least some planter boxes, go take care of them a little. Science has shown that talking to and playing music for your plants helps them flourish, so if you're protected enough from your neighbors that they won't think you've gone off the deep end, go chat it up with your flowering little friends.

Whether you have a huge back yard or just a small patch of grass to work with, see if you can find some seeds or a plant to make your world a little more beautiful, and a little more oxygenated.  Begin the city slicker that I am, I have no idea about planting times and all that, so I can't say to run out and plant some seeds this weekend, since I can't rightly say that this is the time to plant. However, I am an avid on-line shopper, so I can tell you with all certainty where some of the best places are to get supplies, seeds, plants, and bulbs for all your gardening needs. When it comes to picking out plants, I find that there is a lot more available than can be found in the garden section of Home Depot. (even though that is a great place to start) Three of our Ebates merchants specialize in all things sprouting. There is Park Seed who has not only a vast array of seeds and bulbs, but also sells seed starting kits which are ideal if your climate is rough on young seedlings. Another merchant is Gurney's Seed & Nursery, who offer everything you could dream of: flowers, bulbs, seeds, potted plants, even trees! Finally, there is also BloomingBulb. Not to be confused with Bloomingdale's, this store is focused primarily on plants, though they do have some lovely garden supplies like bird feeders and butterfly houses.

Finally, having a love for all things kitsch, I am a firm believer that no garden is complete without a whimsical garden gnome. Granted, I don't think a bedroom or a cubicle is complete without a gnome either, but that's more my own personal hangup. Still, I know that there are some great gnomes out there looking for homes, so I thought I could send you in their direction. For a full-sized gnome, the twenty-one inch tall Rumple is one of your best bets. He is a European-styled gnome, and brings a classic no-nonsense touch of class to any home or garden. If you don't have space for a full-sized gnome, Home Depot offers a smaller digging gnome. At thirteen inches, he is a better fit in a smaller garden or planter box, or if your desktop looks anything like mine. At under ten dollars, this guy is hard to pass up. However, if you need to go smaller still, and feel that a gnome's place really is among nature, there is the Gnome and Garden kit, which allows you place a miniature gnome on a grassy patch with your choice of backgrounds.

At this point, I'm sure you're asking "What is this guy's problem? Why gnomes?" I wish I had a concrete answer. However, for those of you who feel that these little guys and their pointy hats have no place in civilized society, I have the solution: Mini Gnome-Be-Gones. Less expensive and less space consuming than their full-sized counterparts, these little guys make a silent statement that gnomes have no place around you or your garden.

Either way, gnome or no gnome, take some time and enjoy nature before the Fall hits and we're all stuck indoors, looking through sheets of rain or piles of snow at our gardens.



July 16, 2008

Looking for some great deals on furniture, bedding and home decor? Ebates has the ticket to modern home furnishings at great prices.

Shop west elm for contemporary, yet affordable home furnishings designed for modern living. For a limited time, save up to 50% off select items from furniture and wall decor to lighting and bath accessories! Over 200 items on sale now. Plus, get 2% Cash Back from Ebates.



July 15, 2008

If you are still sleeping on 100 thread count sheets, this is your chance to upgrade to a luxury sheet set and sleep like you've never slept before. Save up to 40% on the Chris Madden 1000 thread-count sheet set at JCPenney. The set includes 100% combed cotton sateen fitted sheets with all-around elastic for a secure fit and two 21" wide pillowcases. Plus for a limited time, get free shipping on your of $99 or more. Just enter coupon code DORMLIFE at checkout. Don't forget! You also get 4% Cash Back from Ebates!



June 6, 2008

$20 off plus a $10 coupon? This is one deal that can't be beat! The Weber Blue One Touch Gold BBQ is hands-down the most popular grill at One hundred percent  of reviewers would recommend it to a friend! Backyard chefs love the One-Touch cleaning system. Simply move a single lever to sift ashes into the removable catch pan- it's completely mess-free! The Weber Blue features crackproof all-weather wheels, so you have the freedom of grilling on the patio, in the garden, on the lawn- wherever the party takes you! Use coupon code C88966 to save $15 on your order!



May 13, 2008

Inspired by the New England coast, the Shutters Dresser at JCPenney features simple, clean lines that compliment a range of decor, whether you prefer completely classic or mid-century modern. This dresser would be a stunning addition to any bedroom, but could also serve as a beautiful accent piece in your living room or study. Finished in a rich cherry hue, this versatile piece has been reduced 63% to only $379.99. This is truly an unbeatable deal for such a durable, attractive dresser.



May 6, 2008

Don't let its soft, squishy appearance fool you. Unlike the lumpy bean bag you had in your college dorm, the Memory Foam Lounge Bag will be the seat your whole family scrambles for on movie night! Toss the extra large version in your living room and seat several kids and adults, use the medium version as seating for two, or keep the small version next to the couch so your littlest family member has their very own chair. Because they allow you to recline easily or sit up completely straight, Memory Foam Lounge Bags are great for those who need extra back support. Get yours today and choose from up to seven colors!



March 31, 2008

Do you ever fantasize about covering your roof in solar panels and leaving your electricity bill in the dust? If you dream in green, the Solar Hurricane Lamp will put you right on track! Get yours at Home Decorators Collection Outlet for only $19.99. Regularly, $44, this handy lamp will make a rustic statement on your patio table, or even placed decoratively in the garden. Featuring twelve super-bright white LEDs, this lamp will provide eight to ten hours of illumination when fully charged- no batteries needed!



March 7, 2008

Why choose stainless steel cookware? It's one of the most hygienic surfaces for food preparation, is extremely easy to clean, and and has a life expectancy of over one hundred years! Plus, the trace amounts of chromium and iron in stainless steel have incredible health benefits.Treat your family to clean, nutrient-enriched meals with the Laurel Creek Professional Cookware Set. For $109.99 you'll get six pieces that will last a lifetime! Oh, and these sturdy pans don't sacrifice style. The sleek mirrored surfaces match any decor- they're favored by chefs in the most trendy European restaurants!



October 29, 2007

As any good gardener knows, one frosty night can put an end to even the hardiest of garden crops. Protect plants like lettuce, broccoli, basil, spinach and strawberries with The Ultimate Cold Frame- a sturdy, polyethylene enclosure that provides an extra 26 inches of growing space for your garden! Recently reduced to only $44.99, this frame will extend your growing season by up to several months. You'll enjoy salad greens almost year-round and ripe, juicy tomatoes for Thanksgiving!



October 16, 2007

101607blogpuroptionsEight glasses of water per day? Are you crazy? For some us, plain old water is, well, a little bit boring. Perk up your palate with new PUR Flavor Options! Starting at just $9.99 for a flavor cartridge, the PUR water filtration system mounts on your faucet and not only eliminates lead and chemicals, but infuses your water with calorie-free, sugarless fruit flavors like raspberry, peach and strawberry Get your faucet-mounted PUR filtration from Drugstore ($49.46, 4% Cash Back) or J& ($44.99, 3% Cash Back).


August 6, 2007

Ecooptions Did you know you can save hundreds of dollars on energy costs by simply switching to energy-efficient appliances? Home Depot makes it easy to go green and save green with Eco Options- a selection of ENERGY STAR rated appliances, lighting, decor and more. Check out these incredible, eco-friendly offers-  this sleek, ENERGY STAR rated Hampton Bay light fixture was just reduced by 60%- now $47.60! You won't believe how your energy costs will drop. Don't miss out on this GE King-Size Capacity washer- only $599! Switching to energy-efficient appliances is the easiest way to cut costs and make a real impact on the environment.


May 2, 2007


We definitely need to purchase some baby gates. We not only have stairs, but also a Bulldog that is very nosey. Is there a particular brand that is better or easier to go from room-to-room with? Is plastic or wood better?

Anna: I've heard that the pressure gates aren’t as safe as the ones you actually drill into the walls. 

Bryan: I don’t like the wood ones I think the plastic ones that screws into the wall and pressure fit into the opening are great they usually come with a swing arm so you don’t have to completely remove the gate (or try to jump over) to get through.

No matter what kind you prefer, there are hundreds of great deals on baby gates through Ebates. This Evenflo Safety Gate is just $79.99 at J.C. Penney. It mounts to the wall and swings open (so you won't have to attempt any gymnastics to pass over it). You can find pressure mounted plastic gates starting at only $12.56.

Readers, what kind of baby gates have you found to be the safest and most convenient for your children (or even pets)?



January 25, 2007

012507blogroombaredIn case you haven't heard, we're officially living in the age of The Jetsons . Though you can't yet hop on a hovercraft on your way to Mooningdale's (Judy Jetson's favorite store) you can buy a robot who cleans your house!

iRobot is a company that manufactures Cleaning Robots: Roomba, Scooba and Dirt Dog. Some vacuum, others mop, and one of them even sucks up nuts and bolts! The iRobot website, is, of course, full of rave reviews, and they even have videos showing just how effectively their robots can clean.  I haven't tried iRobot, but I'm definitely curious. Ebates staffer Ayse had this to say about hers:

The Roomba was purchased more out of curiosity than need... My husband thought it would be a great way to clean the house while having a little fun watching our cat Smokey's  reaction to it....It seems like this machine would be suitable for houses with just hardwood floors, or wall-to-wall carpets...The time I really appreciate it is when we want the sweep the dust bunnies from under low furniture or beds.

The Roomba seems great for picking up hard-to-reach pet hair, and fortunately, iRobot makes a Roomba for pets. There are few things more disgusting than seeing pet hair "tumbleweeds" blowing through your kitchen.

Have you used Roomba, Scooba or Dirt Dog? What did you think?