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April 17, 2013



March 25, 2013

Start your engines! Our friends at 4WheelParts are giving 1 lucky Ebates fan a $100 gift card!


Tires? Tools? 

Entry is simple: Leave us a comment letting us know how your would spend your $100 4WheelParts gift card!

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January 22, 2013



November 20, 2012


With the holiday season upon us we kicked of a fabulous set of new Amazon categories. Earn 4.0% Cash Back on Toys, Jewelry, Watches, Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing, Outerwear, Personal Care Appliances, and at MYHABIT!


October 12, 2012

I know I have blogged about them before, but that is just how much I love them. The hilariously named athletic brand, Sweaty Betty, is having a great little offer: free shipping on $100+orders. Get ahead of the upcoming holiday feasts and get headed towards the gym now :) plus you will earn 5.0% Cash Back!



September 4, 2012

When the leaves and temperatures start falling, we at Angie's List are making our homes cozy and comfortable for the months ahead. Make sure your fall is fantastic too by letting Angie's List help you find the best professionals to give your home the seasonal care it needs.


1. Clean those gutters. Those leaves sure are beautiful, but if you let them collect in your gutters, you risk serious water damage to your house when the gutters overflow. Give yourself with peace of mind by hiring a professional to do a complete cleaning.

2. Love your lawn. Besides spring, fall is the best time to show your lawn a little TLC. With weed control and reseeding, a fully fertilized and aerated lawn will reward you in warmer weather with lush landscaping.

3. Seal the leaks. Be green--and save yourself hundreds of dollars in utilities--by insulating your home and applying weather stripping along any air gaps. A professional home energy auditor will help you save even more money by finding areas of energy loss you may have missed.

4. Service your furnace. An annual inspection will make sure your heat is running efficiently and will warn you of any potential carbon monoxide leaks in the gas line before the furnace kicks into high gear for winter.

5. Check the chimney.  Dreaming of evenings around the fireplace? A good, professional chimney sweep will ensure that your fireplace is fire-worthy and free of any hazards or defects. Then, sign up for local firewood delivery so the fire never dies!


You can rest easy this fall when you hire the right professionals to do the job and save yourself the time and trouble. With Angie's List, you can find local, quality service providers quickly and easily, along with exclusive, members-only service discounts from a wide range of professionals.

Join Angie's List now, and for a limited time receive 30% off your membership with promo code Ebates30.  Act now, this special discount is only available until Sept 11th.  


January 30, 2012

The big day is right around the corner. You can earn Cash Back on everything you need to make Superbowl Sunday the absolute best.superbowl.jpg

1. Grab a new TV - Target is having great deals!

2. Commemorate the game with festive apparel

3. Don't miss a moment of action with a new Tivo

4. Keep cleanup simple with durable plastic plates

5. Pickup some fun mugs to keep all your beverages cool


December 14, 2011

There will be snow. Trust us! And, when there is, make sure you and your loved ones are ready!

Right now Eastern Mountain Sports is offering up to 30% off EMS Brand clothing, gear and more in time for Christmas! Save even more when you shop through Ebates when you get 6.0% cash back!

No code needed at check out, but this offer only lasts until December 20th.

1. EMS Merino Wool Ski Socks 2-pack - normally only $22.00
2. Men's EMS Divergence Fleece Jacket - normally only $129.00
3. Women's EMS Microfleece 1/2 Zip - normally only $39.00
4. Women's EMS Crest Gore-Tex Mittens - normally only $69.00
5. Men's EMS Field Gloves - normally only $50.00

While supplies last, so don't wait long!


September 19, 2011

2011 Model Year Close Out Sale at Bobby Jones

Named for the only Grand Slam Winner in golf, Bobby Jones is the sought after brand for men's and women's golf apparel and golf equipment. Now save up to 50% off all golf equipment during our 2011 Model Year Close Out Sale. Our golf clubs include Hybrids, Wedges, Workshop Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and the Gold Medal Winner on Golf Digest's Hot List, Workshop Hybrids, all designed by master craftsman Jesse Ortiz.


Check out our new low prices, including:

Classic Hybrids are now $64.99 from $149.95

Wedges are now $74.99 from $119.95

Workshop Hybrids are now $84.99 from $199.95

Fairway Woods are now $99.95 from $199.95

Workshop Drivers are now $199.99 from $299.95


Starting September 21st, we will be running special golf club giveaway. Submit your favorite golf tip to be automatically entered for a chance to win a Wedge! Winners will be randomly selected every week day, until October 6th. Each winner will be able to select a Wedge of their choice, that's 10 winners! Good luck!


September 5, 2011

As the Summer is coming to a close, we hope everyone is enjoying the outdoors in any way that makes them happy and snagging some great deals+Cash Back when you need a break!


Here are a few of our favorite Outdoor and Athletic shops for your perusing :)

Athleta - great and attractive athletic apperal

Cabela's - offers all things fishing, boating, camping, and even more!

Gaiam - wonderful, eco friendly Yoga-centric shop

Golf Outlets USA - golf, golf, and more golf!

Baseball Savings - great for players or those of us that enjoy watching

Camping World - anything and everything to stay comfortable and safe 


July 15, 2010

For a lot of women (me included) the letter "B" takes on a sinister meaning when summer rolls around. Beach, bathing suit, and bikini...well you get the picture! If you're not in tiptop shape before your foot hits the water, then your plans for fun in the sun could be a wash out.

How do you make sure you're ready for the swimsuit season? For starters, a healthy diet plan is a must. has a downloadable FREE High Protein Meal Plan Manual that guides you in customizing a routine for your individual weight loss goals. Not only is a great source for weight loss food and tips for success, they're offering either $10 OFF orders of $50+ (through July 31st) with promo code LS10OFF50 or FREE SHIPPING on orders of $75+ until the end of the year.

As all of us diehard diet divas know, eating nutritious, healthy food is only part of the battle. Exercise plays a big part and the warm weather give you the chance to chill out while eliminating unwanted calories. Since it's not healthy to run in high temperatures, take the plunge in the nearest pool for some water walking and aerobics's fun (a whole lot cooler) and you could be burning 400-800 calories! Here are some tips on how to get started:

  • Warm up by walking the perimeter of the pool, then jogging in it.
  • In the shallow end, do 60 seconds each of walking lunges, squats, and leg lifts to the front side and back, holding on to the edge.
  • If you use an aqua free weight or flow tie it increase the feeling of resistance & will add the perfect intensity to your workout.
  • Finish working the lower body with flutter kicks holding the edge or using a kickboard.
  • Finally, submerge to the neck and do chest presses, reverse flies, bicep curls, and arm circles to work the upper body.

Hey guys - this work out is good for you too and your own personal meal plan will help you get buff for your romps on the beach.

As you can tell, I have lots (and I mean LOTS) of personal experience in the world of diet dining. That's why I'm glad there are now so many great choices for healthy, high protein foods that actually taste good and are good for you. What's your "red light" food(s)? Check out these awesome shakes, smoothies and puddings that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without packing on the pounds. And if your downfall is the in between meal munchies, I've found a great selection of healthy snacks.

Don't let rainy days get your down. Just follow the Iso-Towel 5-minute workout will speed up your metabolism by combining fat burning, strength and stretch and can be done anytime or anywhere with just a towel!

Good luck...keep cool and stay slim this summer with!


June 14, 2010

FIFA World CupSoccer fans everywhere have been preparing for the FIFA World Cup, which opened Friday with a thrilling game between South Africa and Mexico. Soccer (or football as the world calls it) is special in my family, not because I follow it - to be honest I haven't got a clue about soccer - but because my little sister kicks major butt on the field. With that being said, the buzz around our house is where to get the gear. Well turns out I do know something about soccer, like where to get fan gear with 4.0% Cash Back. During the next month of soccer madness, I'll be sure to brush up of my knowledge with the 2010 FIFA World Cup Official Guide Book.

For the largest selection in World Cup gear head over to for savings of 25% on FIFA outerwear, plus shop items for the kids, babies, collectibles, and more. Fans will love shopping for their team while getting 4.0% Cash Back, not to mention plenty of interactive games from EA Sports. Which speaking of, did you know EA predicts Spain will win? Think that's crazy? Well check out the discussion here.

Soccer not your sport? Shop your favorite sport in our Sports and Outdoor Category.


June 10, 2010

Fitness trends come and go almost as swiftly as fashion trends. Tae-Bo replaced kick boxing, pilates replaced yoga, and so on and so forth. Staying in shape is hard enough with poor diet choices around every corner and the cost of gym memberships, yet a new trend is swiftly changing all that. Barefoot running. Yes I know it sounds crazy not to mention dangerous, but barefoot running has backing from the scientific community which shows it's better than shoes. It's also being said that barefoot running may prevent common injuries. So maybe your runner's knee isn't your knee at all, maybe it's your shoes.

Nike FreeThis is interesting to me due to my revolving commitment to running. I wouldn't go as far as calling myself a runner, but I can definitely be classified as a person who likes to run. Recently I've noticed the ol' knee twinging during my 5 mile runs, and having heard so much about barefoot running and reduced injuries, I'm thinking of trying this trend.

But with all this being said I refuse to run barefoot. Correction, I refuse to run barefoot in San Francisco. Should I find myself at the beach or in the deep woods, than yes, I'll give it a shot. But in a major city; broken bottles, needles, and filth are best left off my naked skin. In steps Nike and Vibram with two unique solutions. For those who want to ease into the world of barefoot running, Nike offers the Nike Free, a low absorption shoe that you can customize to your own tastes. Priced at $85 you'll receive 6.0% Cash Back, plus a middle ground between heavy trainers and bare feet.

Vibram Five FingersNext up is the Vibram Five Fingers shoe. Honestly it's the freakiest and most bizarre thing I've seen - I mean it really belongs on the Sci-Fi channel rather than on my feet, but in the interest of saving the cartilage in my knee I can't rule out giving these a try. Available at REI, there are five styles for women, and six styles for men. All with instructions on what sports they're meant for. This Vibram FiveFingers Sprint Multisport Shoe (say that five times fast) is just $80 and by shopping at REI you'll receive 3.0% Cash Back. Designed to replicate barefoot running, this shoe gives it's user the closest experience other than going sans shoes. Blisters, calluses, and sore feet can be common while you're body adjusts to this new technique, but without the support of a shoe your legs and feet do more work thus creating stronger muscles along the way.

Isn't that why we run?


April 29, 2010

Tebow JerseyIt's now exactly one week after the opening round of the NFL draft, and despite the fact that training camp is still about two months away, from a sales standpoint, there is one clear winner this season: the Denver Broncos and their rookie quarterback, Tim Tebow.

Without having thrown a pass, or even wearing the jersey in practice, Tebow's jersey has set a record for the hottest selling rookie jersey in history, topping Mark Sanchez's sales from last year when he was the fifth overall pick. The New York Daily News reports that the jersey has been "flying off the shelves" over the past week, and as the article sites, NFL Shop is the spot to pick up this gem. Luckily for you, NFL Shop is an Ebates merchant, and they currently offer 6.0% Cash Back on all purchases. That means not only can you get your hands on one of these fine Tebow jerseys, you can get about $5 in cash back, which is nothing to scoff at. Not to mention NFL Shop is sweetening the deal with a coupon for free shipping on orders over $75.

Naturally, you can get get a jersey of pretty much any of the new rookie class to come out of the first round, so if you're not a fan of the Broncos or Tebow, and you'd rather have a jersey from your hometown pick, you can still get a great deal with 6.0% Cash Back!

Find your jersey of choice in our Sports Apparel category!


April 24, 2010

If you are any kind of sports fan, this weekend has got to be about the busiest weekend of the year. Just look at what you can be watching: The NFL Draft, the NHL Playoffs, the NBA Playoffs, the Aarons 499 Nascar race in the Sprint Cup Series, the PGA Tour's Zurich Classic, and my beloved Red Devils of Manchester United are playing Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday as the Barclay's Premiership is beginning to wind down. Oh, and don't forget that there are about two dozen baseball games going on too. Needless to say, I won't be seeing the sun too much this weekend, and I couldn't be any happier about it.

ESPN ShopSo, whether you are looking to wear your team colors to support them on their run to the playoffs, urge them on to the championships, or if you just want to be the first person on your block with the jersey for your teams #1 pick in the draft, you need to start your search at ESPN Shop. Personally speaking, I am a big fan of the idea that one ESPN writer had regarding those of us who love irony (and apologies to you Detroit fans out there): I want to buy a Jahvid Best jersey because it's probably the only time you'll see any Lions paraphernalia that has the word "Best" written anywhere on it!

But seriously, the ESPN Shop has a wonderful selection of gear, collectibles, even a wide array of ESPN DVD features, all available with 2.5% Cash Back. Just make sure you click through Ebates first, and you'll be right on your way. Here's a handy tip from someone with a ton of experience in both watching sports on TV and shopping online: fire up your game of choice, plop down on the couch with your laptop, and do a little shopping while watching the game! It's the best of both worlds! Plus you'll be getting cash back while watching TV.

Find your team gear in our Sports & Outdoor category!


April 8, 2010

If you watch ESPN, you've probably noticed all the ads running to hype the FIFA World Cup which runs from June 11 - July 11 in South Africa. In case you are unfamiliar with the event, the World Cup, which occurs once every four years, is a soccer tournament comprised of 32 nations and is one of the biggest events in all of sports. In 2006, the World Cup drew 829 million viewers in North America and the Caribbean compared to 141 million viewers the Super Bowl drew that same year.

In one of the most highly anticipated matches in the tournament, the United States will play England in their opening match on June 12th. This is a game that every American should watch (in my humble opinion) to show support for their country against one of the world's best soccer nations. If the USA can find a way to tie or win that match, we should be able to advance to the next round where anything can happen!

If you love soccer or just want to show your support for your country this summer, now is the time to buy your Team USA shirt from World Soccer Shop since supplies are limited worldwide. World Soccer Shop is known as one of the premier destinations for world soccer apparel and we carry dozens of items for all 32 countries participating in the FIFA World Cup. You can buy the officially licensed jersey for nearly every team and we have a wide selection of t-shirts and more at low prices.

Right now get FREE Ground Shipping on all orders of $100 or more with your exclusive Ebates discount code for Ebates members, 7WSS431, in addition to 4% Cash Back from Ebates when you buy now. Bottom line, don't wait to buy your World Cup apparel! Visit today and get your gear so you can be ready to show your colors for the opening match on June 11th!

Remember, use coupon code 7WSS431 at checkout to receive FREE Ground Shipping on all orders of $100 or more plus get 4% Cash Back from Ebates. Buy now to get the best savings.

Find more World Soccer Shop offers and deals at Ebates.


April 6, 2010

Duke NCAA Champs.jpgYou have no idea how much I would have loved, for sheer comic value, to have said "The Butler Did It" in the title line of this blog, but alas, it just wasn't meant to be. Still, give a world of credit to the up-and-coming Bulldogs for giving a longtime powerhouse a really serious run for their money. Personally speaking, I can take some joy in Duke's win because I am a Cal Bears fan, and they are the team that ousted us from the tournament this year, so I can say that we did indeed lose to the best team in the tournament.

If you are a Blue Devil backer who rooted their team on to victory, you can show your excitement about their first title in nine years by heading over to JCPenney, where they have an entire page dedicated to Championship Wear, including hats, tees, sweatshirts, flags, even automotive floormats or throw rugs for the real die-hard fans. In other words, no matter what you might want to show your pride in Duke, you will be able to find it at the Duke Blue Devils store at JCPenney. Plus, when you show your pride for big blue, you can save some green by shipping through Ebates. JCPenney is currently offering 3.0% Cash Back, and you can earn that cash back on all purchases on all sorts of team wear for your favorite college or pro sports team. Or if you hate sports, you will still be earning cash back on any item you find at JCPenney.

Find sports apparel in our Athletic Gear category!


March 30, 2010

roadrunnerball.jpgDuring these nice weather days at the beginning of Spring, we all whip out some clothing items that have been tucked away in the recesses of the closet for Winter. And while bringing out some Spring clothes is exciting for warm-weather lovers, it's also a rude awakening. This is usually a moment when many of us realize that we are a bit out of shape and maybe not as ready for short sleeves and hemlines as we had hoped. But do not despair! It is Sports and Outdoors Week at Ebates and Road Runner Sports has 7.0% Cash Back, coupons and some key items for a home gym that will get you into shape fast.

If you have weights and a mat, you are only missing one item to complete your beginner's home gym. Improve your flexibility, strengthen and tone with this exercise ball at Road Runner Sports for just $29.99 ( plus, spend $75 or more and get $10 off). Need to know how to use it? One of my favorite resources is Women's Health Magazine ( or Men's Health) where you can find workouts ant tips for your body type, fitness goals and much more. You can even download step by step workouts to your ipod for easy and on-the-go access.

Once you have mastered the exercise ball, you will need to incorporate some cardio workouts to really shed the pounds. Pick up shoes, clothing, heart-rate monitors, water bottles and everything you need to optimize your workout at Road Runner Sports and take advantage of increased cash back during Sports and Outdoors week!


March 29, 2010

cutting down netAs the month of March is winding down, so is March Madness. (Don't get me started on how the Final Four and Championship games will be played in April. It's just wrong) This year, even I got swept up in the excitement a little more than usual; my guess is that it had to do with local underdogs St. Mary's (go Gaels!) upsetting the heavily-favored Villanova Wildcats in a game that pitted the number ten seed against the number two seed.

No matter what the state of your bracket at the moment, you can always win when looking for college sports apparel at Champs Sports. They are so excited about the tournament that they created a custom page where you can shop by bracket. It's really a great idea - not only can you track each team's progress as they move throughout the bracket, but with one click you can go directly to a shorted page featuring your favorite team's apparel. Now, there are some shortcomings; most of the smaller schools don't have any apparel, so giantkillers like St. Mary's or Butler, who knocked off both a number one and a number two seed on their way to the Final Four, don't have anything available, though hopefully that will change soon. Of course, not only can you find a one-stop shop for collegiate apparel, but you'll also be earning 2.5% Cash Back on every purchase you make from Champs Sports as long as you remember to go through Ebates first.

In one week, a new team will be cutting down the nets and hoisting the trophy as National Champions, and no matter if it's Duke, Butler, West Virginia, or Michigan State, you will be sitting pretty with collegiate apparel from Champs Sports and cash back from Ebates!


March 29, 2010

Because I work in fashion there are a few stereotypes that could be assumed. Larger than normal selection of clothes? Check. Wide knowledge of trends, designers, and where to get the best for less? Check. City girl who can't handle the great outdoors? Whoa, hold on a second! Under my designer jeans and large sunglasses there lies a girl who is at heart, earthy crunchy. It's for this reason I am thrilled to welcome Ebates Sports and Outdoors Week. Not only does it come at a time when my shopping habits involve comparing packed weight over heel height, but it's also a chance for me to score some serious cash back on items that I intend to buy anyways. After years of procrastinating and wishing I'd do some outdoor activities other than day hikes, you could say Ebates is helping me to establish a can-do attitude.

Rock-TentWhen it comes to being outdoors, I have no problem sacrificing electricity or even plumbing, however I refuse to be cold and wet. This means buying a proper tent is numero uno on my list of gear. With plenty of research under my belt I've settled with this North Face Rock Tent from Cabela's. Priced at $209, I'll get 4.0% Cash Back and enjoy a 3 person, waterproof tent perfect for backpackers. See some reviews here.

Now that I've got my shelter taken care of, it's on to the next item on my list. A sleeping bag! 

Enjoy the great outdoors here.


March 26, 2010

tennis_max I am sure one of the reasons you love Ebates is that a special sale or promotion is pretty commonplace. Whether it be Shoe Week or our Easter Sale, we always have something in the works to give you even more cash back. Ever so often (ok, very often), a sale event comes along and I think, " I better take advantage of this". Sports and Outdoor Week is one of those sales. With Spring in the air, I am ready to enjoy the outdoors and start taking part in some recreational activities beyond my usual running on the treadmill at the gym. Now is my chance to gear up and earn double cash back at the best sports and outdoor stores like: Under Armour, Champion, Cabela's, Athleta, Road Runner and Eddie Bauer. With two out of the six participating stores offering double-digit cash back and the rest at 4.0% or above, it is easy to earn cash back like it was your favorite sport!

Check out all of the Sports and Outdoor Week stores and find special coupons, sales and much more.

And stay tuned to the Ebates blog where we will highlight the best ways to earn on all your favorite outdoor activities.


March 6, 2010

As you probably already know, we are in the midst of our Hobby and Collectible Week, and I got to thinking about what my hobbies are. Some would call me a guitar collector, and I certainly do like spending my spare time working on guitars and amps and just music stuff in general. Others would talk about my comics, but I don't collect comics, or keep track of what is coming out when, I just read them for the stories, usually as a trade paperback, rather than issue-by-issue. Instead of a cool and interesting hobby like, shall we say, Sharpie art on Styrofoam cups, I tend to find my weekends filled with car repair. It may not be glamorous, but it fits the criteria of working with my hands, and it is something that, in a somewhat backwards way, I do take a certain amount of joy in.

I told you some time ago about how you can earn cash back on tires from Sears. Today we're getting a little more complex; see, for some time the rear window on the tailgate of my Rodeo hasn't been staying up. I'll push the window open, and for some reason, before I can even begin to get things in or out, it starts gradually shutting itself again. It seems that after fifteen years, I need new window struts.

JC WhitneyWhen I need auto parts, I tend to start at JC Whitney, where they have a huge range of parts and supplies for everyone from your most experienced grease monkey to someone who barely knows what a socket wrench is. Better still is the fact that they offer 4.0% Cash Back when you do your shopping through Ebates. Another nice feature is that they have a chat option, so if you're not sure of the name of your part (don't worry, I had no idea what to call a window strut until I started looking around), their professionals can help, and you're protected by their compatibility guarantee.

What kind of Ebates employee would I be if I didn't have a coupon code to throw in with this little tale? Not a very good one, I'll tell you that much! So if you want to check out JC Whitney, and get anything from a new turn signal bulb or floor mats to new big-bore pistons, use code AAWBC10 before April 1st, and you'll get 10% off $100 or 15% off $200 or more!

Pamper your car with deals in our Automotive Tools category!


February 23, 2010

NBC Vancouver 2010 Highlights DVDRegardless of if you are an avid Olympics watcher or someone who tunes in from time to time, there is something special about the Olympics. Watching athletes from around the globe come together to display their talents is truly a one-of-a-kind event and worth tuning in to. I love the figure skating although I cringe and look away when a skater slips or falls.

This year seems especially magical, and although there is a really healthy dose of competition, there seems to be a real sense of sportsmanship and community among all the athletes and I am all for that. A way to remember this memorable Olympic Games is by shopping at the NBC Universal Store, where you will get 3.0% Cash Back from Ebates and  good deals on a ton of memorabilia and Olympic swag. One of these can't miss items is the 2010 Vancouver Olympics DVD with highlights of all the events. You can pre-order your copy for just $24.99 and it will be shipped to you when it is released on April 27th.

Also find team U.S.A. tee shirts, pins, hats, flags, athlete video games, and much, much more. Show your support of the games or you favorite athlete and save when you shop at NBC Universal Store though Ebates!


February 8, 2010

Yesterday the New Orleans Saints wrote the final chapter to their fairy tale season, defeating the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV. After just missing an undefeated season, the Saints rallied in the second half to defy the odds and come away with a hard fought victory. It seems like most everybody I knew was pulling for the Saints (yours truly was as well), so it seems only fitting that I should mention that you can get all your officially-licensed New Orleans Saints Super Bowl gear at the NFL Shop with 6.0% Cash Back.

New Orleans Saints Super Bowl ChampionsWhether you are looking for jerseys, hats, bobbleheads, ceramic gnome banks, collector cases, polos, and so on and so on. What I'm driving at is that if you want anything that says both "Saints" and "Super Bowl Champions", chances are you'll be able to find it at NFL shop. I personally think the best deal on their site at the moment is the "Trophy Collection Bundle" - this collection has the official Saints Super Bowl Champion T-shirt, baseball cap, towel, and Champions DVD, all for $89.96. I know that may still sound a bit steep to some of you, but remember this: not only will you be getting about five bucks in cash back when you use Ebates, you could be spending $24.99 and just have one bobblehead to show for it.

Be sure you hurry, with the phenomenon of Saints mania that's sweeping the country in the wake of this epic Super Bowl win, I don't doubt that a lot of these products will be selling out over the next week or so.

No matter who your favorite team is, you can find great deals on official apparel and customizable gear at NFL!


September 5, 2009

Football FanaticsTo some of you, today is the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, or the first Saturday of September. But some of us who know the importance of this date isn't found in history books. Rather, today is about history that is about to be made. Today is the first Saturday of NCAA football. I'm excited because the Cal Bears open the season with a #12 ranking in the AP and USA Today polls, and could crack the top ten by winning the games they should.

But enough regional bias. We're united by a love of football and a love of saving money. That's why I get my gear from Football Fanatics. They've got products a true fan needs, ranging from clothing to shot glasses, baby clothes to dog shirts.

What if you're not an NCAA fan? What if (like me) you went to a university with no football team? Then, there is an exhaustive NFL section as well so you can support your favorite pro football team.

Don't like football? Football Fanatics also has pages of gear for MLB, the NHL, or the NBA.

Don't like sports? Well then why have you read this far? Oh! Right! To find out that Football Fanatics offers 6% Cash Back through Ebates.

Get ready for the season with deals in our Football Category!


August 11, 2009

This one snuck up on me a bit, folks, but in my relentless pursuit of free shipping deals, I somehow overlooked our Nike coupon for free shipping on orders of $125 or more. Since Back to School is upon us, you can bet that a number of stores are offering special promotions to help ease the strain on the wallet that goes along with getting your kids (or yourself) ready for another year of school. Nike is no exception, as they have items on sale in addition to everyday 6% Cash Back and Nike coupons.

Nike coupons and cash backWhether you are looking for new shoes, athletic apparel, sports gear, or a whole mess of running accessories, you can find it all at Nike, and if you're looking for Nike coupons, look no farther than Ebates. But act quickly -- the free shipping offer from Nike expires today, so time is of the essence!

Find Nike coupons and more in our Sports & Outdoor category!


July 12, 2009

Although I would never describe myself as someone who likes to camp, there are a few occasions throughout the year where the opportunity to embark on a lively camping trip comes my way. And when I go camping, I need gear to make the adventure as comfortable as possible. To prepare for my next trip, I took a trip to L.L. Bean, through Ebates where I could shop with the promise of cash back and L.L. Bean coupons. It did not take me long to find deals on items I would have never known that I needed but so glad I discovered before hand. Like this reusable Java Drip Coffee Maker for $24.95 with 2% Cash Back. L.L. Bean Coupons

Not only does it come with reusable cloth filters but it is also compact and lightweight. Regardless of where I wake up, I need a tasty and incredibly strong cup of coffee to get me going. Shop now and get cash back from Ebates and L.L. Bean coupons to save on your camping and outdoor living essentials from affordable pocket GPS to cots.

Find more coupons and get cash back at Ebates!


July 8, 2009

I know I've said it in the past, but I am moderately in love with Eastbay, one of the best sporting goods suppliers out there. They've got shoes, they've got apparel, they've got equipment; really, they've got it all. Even better, they've got it all at wonderful prices with even better customer service.

Eastbay coupons and cash backSo what makes this great site even better? The fact that you can earn 5% Cash Back on all your purchases from Eastbay, and you can even take advantage of Eastbay coupons to sweeten the deal that much more. Our Eastbay coupons not only keep you up to date when there are specials going on, but you can even get coupon codes to save an average of fifteen dollars on orders of $75 or more. So no matter what your sport, Eastbay has you covered, and if you like to save money when shopping online, Ebates has you covered with cash back and Eastbay coupons.

Find more sporting goods in our Sports & Outdoor category!


July 6, 2009

musicians friend coupons and cash backWhile I'm usually the electronics guru around these parts, Bill and I have a shared love of musical instruments that goes above and beyond the circuitry found in most stomp boxes. That's why it's so great that Ebates has Musicians Friend coupons to get the best deals on all kinds of musical doodads, including cymbals, drum trainers, and all the guitar goodies you could dream of. And the best part? Why that's 3% Cash Back at Ebates, of course!

Many know Musicians Friend for their guitar and bass deals, but they excel in another area as well: drums! As a person who's been banging on things since birth, I recently picked a nice little starter drum set from Abes of Maine and needed cymbals to go along with it. Musicians Friend had a great deal on a nice little cymbal upgrade, and it even came with a free stand! You can't beat that!

Musicians Friend coupons aren't the only way to save at Ebates. Check out our other 1100+ stores for other great musical deals with cash back!


June 7, 2009

Cabela's CouponsLooking for the perfect gift for my active Dad, I found myself on the Cabela's website, and I knew that it would be just the right place to find it. Cabela's carries a complete inventory of outdoor equipment for hunting, archery, shooting gear, fishing, camping, boating and much more.  With 3% Cash Back from Ebates and Cabela's coupons for additional savings, I was sure that the perfect gift would also come at the perfect price.

Shop Cabela's during the Ebates Father's Day Promotion and find deals and Cabela's coupons galore. Currently, Cabela's is having their Spring Sale, where over ten thousand overstock, special buys, and clearance items are up to 70% off. With ten thousand items to choose from, surely you can find something just right for your Dad and maybe even yourself too!

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June 3, 2009

Tire Rack Coupons
I like to think of myself as a traditional "manly man". As such, I try to do my own auto repairs if possible. Granted, my skills are limited, but I can at least replace simple stuff like brake pads and oil filters. On days when I want to be in the garage working on my rapidly-deteriorating truck, I am thankful for Tire Rack. I can get all the parts I need for my everyday upkeep and can shop by vehicle make and year, which takes the guesswork out of searching for parts.

Plus, through Ebates you'll get 3% Cash Back at Tire Rack, and get great Tire Rack Coupons. Right now, there is a coupon for 10% all KONI products at Tire Rack, which means even more savings! So if you're an auto tinkerer like me, if you like to keep your car looking its best, or if you're looking for a gift for Dad (hint hint) for Father's Day, you can get all sorts of great automotive deals at Tire Rack. Don't let the name fool you!

Check and see if your favorite automotive tools stores are at Ebates!


May 5, 2009

Save With Cabelas CouponsOutdoor enthusiasts know to shop Cabelas for cash back, and great savings. They also know the best savings can be found with Cabelas coupons. From now until May 12th, save on outdoor essentials like fly fishing gear, casting rods, and even Swarovski Optic Binoculars. No matter what you purchase from America's largest purveyor of sporting goods, you'll earn 2% Cash Back at Cabelas by shopping through Ebates.

With its massive inventory, it's no wonder Cabelas outfits the entire family. You'll find archery supplies, camping equipment, sonars, and other boating electronics, hunting gear, and let's not forget clothing and footwear for every season. So whether you're shopping for yourself, the family, or the household pet, shop Cabelas through Ebates. You'll find plenty of Cabelas coupons, and other great ways to save.

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February 20, 2009

mlb.jpg... That today is the mandatory first day for Spring Training. Pitchers and catchers have been trickling into camp all week, and World Baseball Classic players have been making their flights into Spring Training compounds in Arizona and Florida, but February 22nd is the true "First Day of Spring Training." In honor of this, it is now officially time to stock up on your team's apparel from, your official place for all your official baseball memorabilia and gear
while earning 3% cash back.

I can't say just how excited I am at the prospect of another baseball season starting, especially with my Oakland A's poised to have such a great season (or at least a winning one). If, like me, the soles of your feet tingle at the words "Spring Training" then run out and pick yourself up a jersey, hat, or even underpants of your favorite team so that no matter how little or how much you happen to be wearing at any given time. Also, through the end of February, you can get an extra 10% off official team jackets with this coupon. For someone who has spent quality time in the bleachers here in SF, you know how much it comes in handy to have a warm jacket that also helps support your team.

I always think of it this way: Spring Training lasts just long enough to turn that new team apparel into "perfectly broken in team apparel." 


February 2, 2009

stadium.jpgIt's Monday morning, day after the Super Bowl, and unfortunately that means that today is the beginning of the longest wait you'll have until you see football again. There will be celebrating in Steel-town, free agent rumors, head coach hirings (and firings), and all sorts of other fun that goes along with the off-season. 

Today is also your chance to bid the 2008-2009 season farewell by getting geared up for next year. Whether you want to get the first ever Super Bowl Commemorative Towel to celebrate the Steelers' victory, or if you want an officially-licensed Arizona Cardinals NFC Championship Sweatshirt to remember your team's rise to the top (even if that meant beating the 49ers to a playoff berth).


January 7, 2009

Man, with Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve back-to-back Wednesdays, it feels like it's been forever since I last wrote a "Did you know?" feature, and it feels great to be behind the keyboard again for this perennially fun segment. Considering the time of the year, I consider it apropos that today's featured site is all about personal improvement. has a vast array of personal training and wellness accessories, from exercise equipment to power cleanses, stress erasers to hair growth, even hair removal. Basically, if there is something about your body that you'd like to do a little touching up to, this site has some sort of product that will allow you to do just that.

To be completely honest, I'm fascinated by a number of their products. I would love to try some of their detox patches or even home electrolysis options. There is one item, however, that fascinates me more than most, and that is the Body Burner. I actually think it's a great workout tool. It comes with instructional DVDs that cater to varied skill levels, and it is designed for low-impact workouts, which is great for folks with chronic knee problems (kind of like myself). Plus, it really just looks like it would be fun to work out on. body burner.jpgHowever there is just one issue I take with this product. It's not the price, it's not the space it takes up; it's the "numerical dance platform." I understand the idea behind it, and I think it's great: this way anyone using the Body Burner can know where they should be facing and turning at all times. But look closely. That is not a platform, it's a trampoline. Let's call a spade a spade: this exercise machine is a trampoline. The numerical design is innovative, and I love the idea of a trampoline for low-impact exercise. But don't call it a "dance platform" folks. We're getting a trampoline exercise program, which I'm sure works well. I'd gladly spend the $59.95 for this package, complete with "dance platform", stability bar, DVDs, and even a nutrition guide, especially knowing I'll get 9% cash back on any Verseo purchase. My only hesitation is that nowhere in this whole product description does the word "trampoline" arise.

So, whatever your exercise, fitness, or personal care needs may be, be sure to check out all the innovative products available at Verseo, all of which can be had with 9% cash back by using your Ebates account. They also have an interesting blog called "Beauty Secrets by Mary" where the ladies can get all sorts of tips on looking their best and men can get all sorts of tips on understanding ladies.


December 23, 2008

In our unrelenting efforts to appeal to every sport enthusiast in the market, we are always looking for more new and exciting stores so that you can earn cash back regardless of what sports you are interested in. Our latest addition? Holabird Sports. On the surface, it appears that Holabird is just a tennis-specific site, but after a little clicking around, you'll soon realize there is much more to this store. Aside from a wide selection of racquet-related sporting supplies, which include Tennis, Squash, Racquetball, and Platform Tennis (a new discovery to yours truly), Holabird also stocks a wide variety of running shoes and accessories. They even carry medical supplies including braces, bandages, and anti-friction guard to prevent uncomfortable chafing from athletic activity.

What impresses me most about the selection at Holabird is the sheer variety of sport-specific shoes that they stock. Regardless of whether you prefer baseball, basketball, football, tennis, running, walking, or even lacrosse, they have some sort of footwear to help you perform to the best of your abilities. Or, if (like me) you prefer your sports on TV, they have a wide selection of casual shoes and sandals. Naturally, the best part about Holabird now teaming up with Ebates is that we can now offer 4% cash back on their already-low prices. So not only do you get cash back on your purchases as an added incentive, you don't have to go to Baltimore to take advantage of their great deals!


October 24, 2008

As those of you who follow my "Weekend Idea" have probably noticed, I spend a decent amount of time recommending things that I don't know much about. From fishing or swimming to gardening or camping, I have tried to promote a handful of activities that I always like the idea of but usually lack the gumption to act upon.

This week, I am doing the complete opposite; I'm writing about something I enjoy with a passion. This week, I talk about pool. See, growing up, I was the envy of the kids at my school - I was the kid with a pool table in his garage. Every Friday and Saturday night from 1992 through 1995 from about seven to ten in the evening, my two friends and myself could be found listening to music and playing pool. Looking back, those were some of the happiest times in my life. As I grew older, my family got a new pool table that was closer to regulation size, and I started playing a lot more seriously. I've always found that little else relaxes me like a few games of pool in the cool of that garage. Nowadays, I tend to play the majority of my pool in local bars, and thanks to the years of playing in my youth, I usually can hold my own.

Billiards When I started here, the only places I could purchase any billiard supplies were major sporting goods stores. While I appreciate the fact that they are making pool cues, balls, and racks available to the general public, they don't have supplies that make a poolshark's heart go pitter-pat. It's exactly this reason that I was thrilled when I found out that we had added a new billiard-specific website, Let me tell you, as someone who can actually speak from a voice of experience, this place has it all. I spent about half an hour just clicking around and salivating over all the great products they have for sale at this site. From the high end cues, like Medici and Viking to their own brand one-piece cues or accessory bundles, these guys have everything that a seasoned pool player could want, all at ridiculous prices. Even better, they offer free ground shipping on orders over $75, and if you buy almost any cue on the site, you are pretty much gauranteed a free gift plus your 3% cash back.

I'd better stock up on Ramen, because I could put a major dent in my paycheck with all the great products on this site.
(image from


October 17, 2008

I'm going to be brief yet again, but today was the first time in months that some of us here at Ebates had a "basketball lunch". Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like; instead of going to the lunch room, we go to a local basketball court and squeeze in a few games of hoops instead. Despite the fact that I haven't played in probably a year or two, and despite the fact that I'm sure my knees will hate me tomorrow, I still have to recommend a little excess activity for the weekend. Remember, the weather could go foul any day now (or for some of you, it already has), so if you are able, this is the perfect chance to squeeze in a little extra fun: shoot some hoops, throw around the football, go to the batting cages, or even just hit the golf links. Whatever your sport, go out and have some fun -- you'll feel better for doing it! Luckily for you, here at Ebates, we have a great selection of sports stores, all of which can be found in our Sports & Outdoors category. From the leading names in sports super-stores, to lesser-known specialty merchants, you can find darn near anything you could want to have some fun this weekend and every weekend following.




October 15, 2008

I know it sounds absurd, but I love pinatas more than most people. I suppose it's rational; it combines some of my favorite things: spending time with friends, eating candy, and hitting things with sticks. Plus, you don't usually see a pinata unless it's a party. However, beyond my love for pinatas, I had never given much thought to them. I never thought about the complex thought process that goes into picking out the perfect pinata for the occasion, or even where one is supposed to purchase a pinata. Clown_pinata

Now I finally have an answer, and that answer is

I mean, come on; who wouldn't want to take a broom handle to that delightfully evil looking little clown?

So I have found a mecca for pinatas for all occasions: birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Purim, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, even Mardi Gras!  What's even better is the fact that not only are these pinatas reasonably priced, they also earn you 6% Cash Back on every purchase.

Also, don't let the name fool you, also has a number of other various party supplies, and currently has an entire page dedicated to Halloween. You can get masks and decorations (yes, including Halloween pinatas) at up to 40% with their Halloween Discounts sale.

Now that's more savings than you can shake a stick at!


October 3, 2008

Perfect_campsite Another Friday has come rumbling in, and despite the promise of a torrential downpour throughout most of Northern California I am still going to recommend that we all get out and experience nature a little. Again, being the type who has always kept himself sequestered in the city, I don't really "do" camping. As much as I love the sound of crickets or the view of stars over my head as I peacefully drift off to sleep, I prefer not having to check my shoes when I wake up in the morning to make sure that no creepy-crawlies have taken up residence in my size thirteens.

There are millions of Americans, however, who love sleeping out in the open, exploring new terrains, hitting the trails, and all the other fun-filled activities that fall under the blanket term "roughing it."  For you people, we have a few merchants that you might be interested in. Even if you don't love outdoor adventure, chances are you can find some manner of clever or fun gizmo that will make your life infinitely better.

- Cabela's is pretty much your one-stop location for any and all outdoor needs. Hunting, fishing, camping, ATV, anything really; if you do it outdoors, Cabela's has you covered.

- REI is one of the most widely recognized names in outdoor gear, and while they may not have some of the specialty products that Cabela's has, they do have Expert Advice sections as well as trip recommendations.

- CampingWorld really should just speak for itself.  They specialize more in RVs and their accessories, but chances are that if you own an RV, you probably take it camping. They do have a great selection of supplies like generators and gas grills that can smooth out your "roughing it" just a little.

- Patagonia, for all the attention paid to it as being a leader in outdoor wear, has also earned itself a name for comfortable and stylish design, so if you like to look better than the average camper when you hit the trails, this is the place to get all the gear that will keep you fashion-forward while staying warm and comfortable. 


October 1, 2008

Most of you don't need to know much more than you already do about The North Face. You already know that it is the number one destination for technical apparel, equipment, snow gear, and even trekking shoes. Most people don't know, however, that The North Face was started just a few miles from where I currently sit writing this blog. It is with great joy that we announce that The North Face has joined forces with Ebates to bring you the great products you know and love with Cash Back that you also know and love.

So now that they're here, what should you get? Well, everything really.

But if you have to narrow things down, consider the Recon Backpack, a lightweight pack that's a leader among day packs from the slopes to the classroom.  And now that the weather is cooling down, it's time to start thinking about getting a jacket that will keep you comfortable and warm through the coolest winters. There are three jackets available at The North Face that stand out above the competition: Stratosphere, Heathen, and Thunder Jackets. Each of these jackets have a number of different innovative, technical options to choose from so you can find the jacket that's right for your activity.

Heathen Stratosphere Thunder_2

               Heathen                         Stratosphere                           Thunder

Best of all, The North Face is offering free residential ground shipping on all orders over $50 through October 3; just enter code 010304 at checkout, and get it all delivered to your doorstep for no extra charge.


September 5, 2008

... and no, folks, I'm not talking about reading blogs and clicking on words to find great deals. Here in San Francisco, at least, the weather is setting records for heat; so what better way to spend the weekend than going to your local golf course and playing "fetch" for a few hours? It's great; you can dress up in silly trousers or wear plaid shorts and have no one look twice at you. You can let out your frustrations from the week on your ball when you tee off, and you can let out your frustrations at your tee shot by stomping around an letting loose with some choice profanity and next to no one will even bat an eye.

Golf In all seriousness, when the weather is nice, playing golf can be a great way to get some sun, get a little exercise, and have fun with some friends. Until I started doing a little research for this posting, I didn't realize just how many resources we have here at Ebates for all golf enthusiasts, from beginners like myself to the more experienced players. There are, in fact, thirteen different stores that come up when you search for the word "golf" on our site. If you're looking for supplies, clothing, or colored balls (which come in very handy if you're as bad as I am...) we have got you covered. Check out great shops like Callaway Golf, Dick's Sporting Goods, Nike, Edwin Watts Golf, Pinemeadow Golf, ProGolf, Golfsmith, Golf Outlet USA,, and many other great stores bringing you all of your needs from the fairway to the driving range, from the putting green to the club house.

So get out there, dust off the clubs, remember to stretch, enjoy nature and the crisp late Summer/early Fall air, and let loose with everything you have. Just live by my personal golf motto: you're only as good as your opening drive, so make it long and straight.


August 22, 2008

If there is one down side to living in San Francisco, it is the lack of public swimming pools to be had within city limits. Granted, in my neck of the woods there about fifteen days out of the year that one would actually want to go swimming for any reason other than fitness; but still, there's nothing quite like taking a nice swim as the sun is setting to help ease you into the evening time.  While the dearth of swimming pools around me makes for a good excuse for my complete lack of a "swimsuit physique", and while Michael Phelps I may never be, I still wish that I could go swimming more often. True, at this point "more often" would be anything within two calendar years, but that's no excuse. Still, this is yet another great chance to turn my loss into your gain, as you can grab your swimsuit (trunks, board shorts, whatever) and go bid farewell to summer by splashing, swimming, or just relaxing with a nice cool drink while lounging on your favorite floaty.

I won't lie; this idea didn't come to me completely out of the blue. Rather, I was inspired by a Deal of the Week from our homepage.  I know that all too often, we skip over the Ebates homepage and go straight to the coupon or store that you are intending on visiting in the first place. The problem with that is all too often you miss exciting deals like the Daily Double, or the Deals of the Week, which is where you can really start raking in some cash. In this instance, the Deal of the Week was offered by, which specializes in women's swimsuits above a size six. They have some smaller suits, along with both men's and children's suits, but that isn't necessarily their focus.

Despite my natural male interest in getting paid to research women in swimwear, I do have a much less personal reason for directing you to this site: through August 31st, they are offering our customers an extra ten percent off all purchases with the coupon code PRIVATESALE.  Yes, I realize the irony of publicly announcing a sale known as "private" but hey, in the spirit of public pool users, I figured it was a good idea.

One quick word of advice when clicking around their site: they sort their clothes by numeric size, but only offer size-based searches using the S-XL scale. That means that if you search for XL trunks (like me), you won't come up with any results, but you can find that they have them in a 40 or 42; you just can't search for size 40 trunks from the get-go.  It's a little flaw in their web design, but I didn't want it to deter anyone from taking advantage of the extra savings offered on top of the 6% you already save just for shipping with Ebates.


August 15, 2008

Before I even start writing, I will acknowledge that I know next to nothing about fishing. I love to go fishing, but for myself, "going fishing" means gathering some friends, getting a one-day fishing license for each of us, buying some beer, renting a rowboat, and going out on a lake inside of San Francisco city limits. On these trips, I've caught more shoes than I have fish, and the whole trip is an excuse to sit around and crack jokes with friends in a venue that isn't one of our houses. Still, I realize that there are a lot of people all across this fine land who are avid fishermen. To you folks, the people who own boats and think that there is more to bait than finding a worm somewhere, I tip my hat.

Now, whether you are a weekend hack like myself or a devoted fisherman, you can find anything and everything you ever wanted in fishing supplies while getting some great cash back from Ebates. So if you want a new pole or some new lures to bring down to the ol' fishing hole in your town, or if you need a new bilge pump or sonar depth finder for your fishing vessel, I've found the sites that provide everything you could want, big or small.

The first of the two sites I found is more of an all-purpose nautical site, BoatersWorld. Here you can find more of the high-end boating supplies alongside of your standard rods, reels, lures, and sinkers. Devoted fly fishermen, don't worry, just because the website is focused on boaters, they still have all of your fly fishing needs.

The other site that can get you casting off in no time is the name I most commonly associate with fishing supplies, and that is Bass Pro Shops. This website has more fishing items in it than I knew existed. From baits and lures to fisherman-specific eye wear, they have it. They even have a entire category page dedicated completely to that northern wonder, ice fishing. The site has a number of products across a number of outdoorsy categories, but fishing is their specialty; and with a little help from the helpful folks at Bass Pro Shops, fishing can soon be your specialty as well. 

So there you have it, now go down to your fish and game office, get yourself a day or weekend permit, dust off your lucky fishing cap, and go have some fun this weekend!



August 14, 2008

Once every four years something magical happens, and I'm not talking about me having a successful first date. No, dear readers, I'm talking about the Olympics.

By now, you are probably all well aware of all the various story lines that are floating around this year's Olympic Games: will Michael Phelps set the record for most medals won in a single game? Will the US Men's Basketball team finally bring home Gold again? What will be the fate of our Badminton or WaterSki teams?

While nothing but time will answer those questions, there is one lingering question that I can answer right now on behalf of Ebates, and that is "Where can I go to find all the Olympic apparel and sports memorabilia that I could ever hope for?" The answer, dear readers, is go to the source: the NBC Universal Store. NBC's Olympic store is the place to go for all the official gear from the Beijing Olympics. The deals that can be had on some of the newest and best 2008 Olympic apparel are even more surprising than the USA Baseball team's loss to Korea in their Olympics opener. In addition to items that are already 50% off their original price, there is an amazing selection of memorabilia commemorating this year's Olympics. The NBC Universal Store has products exclusive to their site, Olympic collectibles like pins and jewelry, and even Olympics-specific clothing from designers like Nike and Ralph Lauren. However, just like the Olympics themselves, these products and these deals don't come around all that often, so act now or you'll be more "upset" than USA's Men's Beach Volleyball team against Latvia that you missed these deals. 



August 7, 2008

Good morning all, hope everyone slept well, and now that you're awake, have I got some eye-opening deals that popped up literally over night! Call it a domino effect, call it what you'd like, but we've got a bevy of sporting goods sites who have increased their rebate percentages so they can help us put even more money than we have before. Plus, with a little clicking around, I was even able to track down a few coupons to make the deals even that much sweeter.

Hopefully everyone who reads this blog is familiar with Foot Locker. They have been one of the largest names in athletic shoe stores for years now, and their sales associates are the easiest people to spot in the mall food court because of their referee-styled white and black striped shirts. If you're familiar with them, then hopefully you're also familiar with the fact that they're one of our merchants, and have been offering you a 5% rebate for quite some time now. The good news is that they have decided to double their 5% rebate up to 10%. It isn't just Foot Locker either, both of their partner stores, Lady Foot Locker and Kids Foot Locker are offering the same 10% rebate now. To sweeten the deal even more, there are two coupons being offered right now that will save you big money: through August 16th, if you use coupon code LKS18GF9, you will get free shipping on all orders over $99.00. If you don't want to spend that much, you can use code LKS18GLK to get 20% off any orders over $75.00. It doesn't seem like they allow you to combine coupons, so do your math and double check it to see which one will be the better bargain for your needs.

If you can't find what you want at Foot Locker, try Champs Sports. I'd say in general that while they may not necessarily have the shoe selection that Foot Locker does, they certainly have them beat in sports equipment. Not to be out done by their competitors, they bumped their rebate percentage from 2% all the way up to 10%. Take advantage of these savings for all your back to school or athletic needs, and use the coupon code LKS18CHFS for free shipping on any order over $50.

Another pair of sites that have upped their rebates to keep up with the trend are Eastbay and their partner site, Final Score. It's strictly a matter of opinion, but I have long felt that Eastbay has the widest selection of sporting goods I've seen gathered in one place. I remember my days as a high school athlete; you knew the day that Eastbay's catalogs had been shipped out because everyone in the athletic department had a copy crammed into their back pocket. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a wrestling uniform, lacrosse gloves, or something as simple as a new baseball bat - Eastbay has it somewhere in their catalog, along with all the shoes you could ever dream of and an expanding clothing selection as well. Save even more using coupon code LKS18AUP to save 20% on back to school deals or LKS18AUG to get 15% off of any purchase of more than $75. Until recently, I thought that coupons were the only way to save at Eastbay, but that was before I found out about Final Score. This partner site to Eastbay specializes in deals on equipment and apparel nearing the end of the season, so they act almost like a clearing house for products at Eastbay, and they have a ton of brand new equipment at a great built-in discount.

So if your kids are trying out for the team this year, if you want to take up a new sporty hobby, or you just want a great deal on some new tennis shoes, be sure to check out any of these sites and take advantage of their increased rebate rates, and tell them Ebates sent you!


February 19, 2008

Be there live at the Alamodome in San Antonio on April 5 and April 7, 2008, and experience the March Madness frenzy live! The Florida Gators won it all in 2006 and 2007. What team will win it all in 2008? Don't miss your chance to see the Final Four from the best seats in the house with great Final Four tickets from TicketsNow. Start at Ebates, and you get 6% Cash Back on your entire order!


January 25, 2008

Whether you're a Patriots fan or wear your Giants jersey with pride, you can save big bucks on Super Bowl XLII Tickets at Ebates! Choose from six ticket stores and get up to 7% Cash Back. As of today, remaining Super Bowl tickets start at about $2700. Buy your tickets at Razor Gator  and get an extra $10 off your order by entering code take10off at checkout!


January 4, 2008

It's a new year, so start working on that new body you've always dreamed of! If you invest in a single high-quality cardio machine like an elliptical trainer, you'll save thousands in gym fees. Elliptical trainers are a low-impact alternative to the treadmill, offering the same heart-pounding workout but with less stress on your  joints. Choose from several top-rated models at Sears: Weslo ($379.99, 4.6 Stars), Proform XP 520 Razor ($499.99, 4.4 Stars) or the Horizon Fitness ($599.88, 4.6 Stars). Sears customers are raving about these three, low-cost elliptical trainers and you will too!



August 2, 2007

Nike just launched the most far out trend to hit running shoes this year: Nike Vintage Running. The Nike Daybreak debuted in 1977 and became one of the most influential running shoes in history! Relive running's golden age with the Daybreak, Cortez, Waffle Racer, LD 1000, and other styles you'll definitely dig. Your back-to-school hipster will be the coolest kid in class with these colorful kicks, featuring vintage nylon, old-school waffling and those classic 1970's color combinations. Remember to use Ebates' coupons that will save you up to 20% on your entire order!



January 22, 2007

012207blogsuperbowlshuffleI'll be the first to admit I don't know diddly squat about football. Touchdown, homerun, hole-in-one, it's all the same to me. I was the kid running away from the ball when we played baseball in junior high. And yes, that was me, huffing and puffing my way through the final quarter of a ten-minute mile, dreaming of the Diet Coke and flip flops waiting for me in the locker room.

My boyfriend is from Chicago, and although he's not a huge football fan, he insisted on watching yesterday's Bears game. My interest in the game was, of course, limited, but I kept glancing at the score for one reason, and for one reason only:  The Super Bowl Shuffle.  If making it to the Super Bowl means the Bears will record a souped-up remix of this jock-jam classic, then I'll root for them like no other. Behold the 1985 Shufflin' Crew in all their awkwardly swaying, saxaphone-wailing glory:

Now, I understand that some of you couldn't care less about watching a twenty-two year old video of the Chicago Bears gettin' their shuffle on, so here is something a little more useful. Did you know you can buy Super Bowl tickets through Ebates? Did you know that you can earn 6% Cash Back on those tickets? Considering the cheapest tickets cost $3465, that 6% can really pay off. You have three choices for ticket vendors: PurchaseTix, TicketsNow and WeHaveSeats. A word of advice: These three merchants do not sell tickets at the same price. I picked a seat at random (Section 101, Row 6) and the price varied at $5040, $5375 and $4810, respectively. Since they all give 6% Cash Back, I would first find my seat, then compare prices.

So, who's ready to get their shuffle on?


January 18, 2007

Drmariosmall_1A few weeks ago, I posted about a condition now known  as "Wii Elbow". Gamers more accustomed to lazing on the couch were a little surprised by the exertion (seemingly) required to play a game of Wii Sports. I say seemingly because I find the Wiimote responds better to quick sharp motions of the wrist, rather than broad, sweeping arm movements.

Ebates staffer Jen pointed me toward something called the Wii Sports Experiment. In a rather Super Size Me fashion, blogger Mickey Delorenzo decided to test the fitness benefits of playing Wii. He restricted all forms of exercise from his regimen, played Wii Sports for 30 minutes per day for 6 weeks, and recorded the results. Amazingly, he lost 9 pounds, decreased his body fat percent by 2%, and lost 3.5 inches from his waist. Click here to read his story!

Mickey put together this video of his "training"...get ready to get pumped!


January 12, 2007

011207blogmarilynIt's that time of year again: stores are pushing winter coats to the 50% off clearance section, designers are rolling out their resort collections and of course...swimwear has made its grand debut.

The last few years have brought about stylish options for those of us who love the water (or gazing at it from a safe distance on a blanket) but hate wearing a bikini. Long gone are the days when the only choices were a dowdy one-piece or a bikini more suited for a twenty year old model sprawled on a tricked-out Acura (no offense to the Fast Car readers out there). These days, we have bikinis, tankinis and tanks for every conceivable body type and comfort level.

011207bloglandsendtankOne of my favorite swimsuit resources is Land's End. They have broken down their inventory of swimwear into categories based on body type. You can "Shop by Anxiety Zone" and find a suit that enhances your waist, bust, hips or thighs. You can mix and match separates because as we all know, your top half might be a size eight while your bottom half is a size twelve (or vice versa). You can order virtually all tanks in one of two cuts: regular torso or long torso. These suits minimize, maximize, hide or display the parts you prefer without comprimising your style.

Honestly, ladies. When sunning and swimming, wouldn't you rather channel Marilyn Monroe than Brooke Hogan? I know I would.


January 8, 2007

010807blogcarnivalshipMaybe I've been spoiled by California "winter", but it has felt pretty darn cold in the Bay Area (although I'm sure Al Gore would disagree). So cold, in fact, that we have been forced to move the office equipment, television and sofa and hibernate in the smallest room of our four bedroom apartment.  I'm fairly certain the last time our building saw a caulking gun was in 1894, when the caulking gun was invented. At this point, I'm done wasting money on space heaters! Some might say it's time to move, but I say it's time for a vacation!

To me, nothing sounds warmer than a cruise to the Carribean, Bahamas or Mexico. For those of you who still have a little money leftover after heating your home for the winter, here are some of the most discounted cruises available:

  • Expedia's Cruise Getaways Sale: Cruises to the Carribean or Bahamas start at $189 and Mexico starts at $219!
  • Priceline's Cruise Blowout Sale: Get a free iPod Shuffle when you book a seven night cruise. Also, last minute cruises have been heavily marked down! Carribean cruises start at $179, Bahamas at $199 and Mexico at $219.
  • Travelocity's Carnival Cruise Upgrades: What fun is a cruise if you're holed up in a tiny cabin? Travelocity is offering Free Stateroom Upgrades if you book a cruise by February 15th. Carribean cruises start at $229, Bahamas at $239 and Mexico starts at $229.


December 20, 2006

122006blogkellyfight_8Now, I may be jumping the gun here with the exercise bit (mark my words- after New Year's, you'll be eating this stuff up like creamy, delicious sugar-free pudding).

If you're the type who likes to stay fit but can't stand dry exercise blather, then check out Fitness Fixation! It's one of my favorite blogs (this coming from someone who was sore for three days after Wii Boxing).

Fitness Fixation is written by Kelly Mills: a mom, fitness instructor, Ebates member (wink wink) and all-around fierce lady. Kelly will be featuring several products available through Ebates on an upcoming blog.  To get a feel for Fitness Fixation, here's an excerpt from her About section. Enjoy!

Okay, here’s the dirt on me: I’m a big-time exercise fiend, I teach fitness classes, and I  run five times a week. I’ve done races and triathalons. I also write about health for a living.

However, for the majority of my life, I believed I was not an athletic person. I thought this was just how it was: I’m not left-handed, I’m not perky, I’m not athletic. I never played any sports and I thought sweating was something to be avoided. In school I was picked for teams somewhere between the kid on crutches and the kid with the inch-thick glasses who grew up to run a computer company and now owns three small islands. If you threw a ball to me I’d run away from it. I probably caught more balls with the back of my head than I ever did with my hands. I got straight C-minuses in high school P.E., which is basically the best grade you can get if you spend most of the period hiding under the bleachers... I dabbled a little in exercise at various points in my life, mostly at chain gyms, and mostly without enthusiasm...

So now I’m kind of a jock and I think you can be one too, if you are so inclined. Or just get in better shape or whatever. But no matter what you do, you shouldn’t have to feel crappy about yourself. Unless you are into that sort of thing.


Update: Kelly's fitness wish list is up! Check out which gifts she suggests for your beloved fitness fanatics.


October 9, 2006

True, it's been years since I've carved a pumpkin, but when did pumpkin carving kits become so sophisticated? Isn't there a kind of stoic elegance in the 'three triangles and a mouth' model I specialized in as a child?

If you've been looking to add an air of royalty to your jack-o-lantern's visage, check out the Disney Princess Carving Kit. The lowest price can be found at and, who both sell it for $10.99 with 3% Cash Back at Ebates. There's also a Pirates of the Caribbean  Carving Kit. Come on, who wouldn't want Johnny Depp's face glowing on their front porch during the chilly autumn nights? Anyone?

For advanced pumpkin carvers, the Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit is available at or Home Depot for $19.99. If, to you, 3-D pumpkin carving is akin to sculpting the next Sphinx, try the basic carving kit from Spirit. At $5.99 with 7% Cash Back from Ebates, you really can't go wrong.

Finally, because I find this hilarious, here is a pattern from which you can carve a jack-o-lantern resembling Bob Marley:


Looks like you've got some decisions to make before October 31st. Princess Jasmine? Three triangles and a mouth? A three dimensional representation of the Mona Lisa?

Thanks to for the Bob Marley image!

Want to get Cash Back when you buy pumpking carving supplies? Join Ebates now!



August 25, 2006

So, you'll notice that today is a big day for The Daily Cash Back! Much like the gal in this classic film, the blog received a glamorous makeover. Though instead of a donning a new crop top and highlights, it's now being hosted by Typepad and has a stylish new header, thanks to the graphic design gurus here at Ebates.

ALSO- the 'comments' function is much more easy to use- no more waiting hours and hours to see your comments published. Why not try it out? Tell me what's on your mind!

Now, to the matter at hand: An Ebates staffer sent me a great coupon code yesterday afternoon. Rumor has it that upon making a purchase at or, the following codes will hook you up with an employee discount of 30%.

These merchants aren't affiliated with Ebates, so I can't guarantee that these codes work, but why not give it a shot?

These expire on August 27th, so hurry on over! Unless of course you're looking for a new day job at Foot Action- then you can just use the real employee discount. You know, that might be a good plan. Think about it; you'd be up to your neck in all the discounted Pumas you could possibly want with nary a care about things like coupon codes...or rent. Or your cell phone bill.

Foot Action
*Use promotion code EM34FF68 at checkout (8/24-8/27)


Champs Sports
*Use promotion code EM20FF68 at checkout (8/24-8/27)


August 14, 2006

So what if I spent my entire weekend watching Queer as Folk? This is about poultry, people!

If  you're looking for a new pair of running shoes and you're hoping to do  a little more globe-trotting than marathoning, then why not get your  new kicks from Le discount running shoesCoq Sportif?  They're cooler than similar shoes from Puma or Gola, because no one  will know what brand of shoes you're wearing. Imagine how baffled  people will be when you lift up the leg of your Diesel jeans to reveal a proud and colorful rooster! You can say you picked them up in some quaint little boutique in Montmarte!

The best part is that this is one chicken the masses haven't devoured, so they are often on sale. Eastbay has a Pick Your Price sale right now, and you'll find lots of Le Coq Sportif sneakers for $29.99-$39.99! has an even bigger selection of colors at the same low prices.

discount shoes

Check out the Le Coq Sportif homepage. It's in French, and it's a Flash site (so can't be  translated), but it's still worth checking out the pigs in sunglasses,  chickens wearing sneakers- you know, the kinds of things one looks for  in a good website. Maybe you can woo some cute Frenchman (or  Frenchwoman) to translate it for you over a romantic dinner of brie and  baguette. Or poulet!



June 30, 2006

The moment has finally arrived! Welcome to the premier of The  Daily Cash Back, the official blog of Ebates. My name is Rebecca, and I'll be featuring the top  deals and savviest shopping tips on the web offered through Ebates! Be sure to come back often so you  can stay on top of the latest deals we have to offer!

The hottest thing right now is green. No, not the color of  your aunt’s avocado-hued fridge from the ‘60’s, but being a little more aware  of how your purchases impact workers and the environment. You may be thinking,  “Well, I’d sure love to buy those organic, fair-trade, free-range ,  solar-powered coffee beans from the Chilean mountains, but for $25 a pound? NO  THANKS.” Not so fast! You can still do your part to make Earth-friendly  purchases but keep plenty of green in your wallet.

For  instance, check out They’re having a July 4th Sale and  Clearance on clothing, camping gear, footwear and more with markdowns at 25-30% off. If you haven’t gotten a membership to  REI, I recommend that you do so, pronto! Any Joe Schmo can get discounts during  the seasonal sale, but only REI members get hooked up with a nice fat refund  check at the end of the year. The more you spend, the bigger the refund- gotta  love those Bay Area consumer co-ops (businesses that are co-owned by the  customer). Top this off with 3% Cash Back from Ebates and you’ll have two Big  Fat Checks to look forward to! Be sure to take a look at their Organic Cotton  separates for men and women that’ll come in handy for yoga, summertime hikes  through Yosemite, or even just a walk around the block.

And  that fancy coffee I mentioned earlier? Start at Ebates (to get your Cash Back!)  and check out the shipping special for They’ve got several varieties  of fair trade, organic whole bean coffees by Green Mountain that are delicious!  Their Breakfast Blend has been getting great online reviews and would be  perfect for your first cup of the morning. Pick up some of their green-friendly  Divine Dark or Milk Chocolate as well and enjoy free shipping on the whole  order!


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