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April 19, 2012


Help create the perfect birthday party for your child with the help of Birthday Express!! To help aide the planning, Birthday Express is giving away $100 one time use coupon codes to three lucky participants.

The contest is simple, to enter just leave a comment about your best birthday party experience! 

Three winners will be chosen at random. This giveaway will be open through Friday April 27th. Entrants must be over 18 years old and reside in the United States.


January 4, 2009

Okay folks, we've had the new format for the blog up for a little while now, and I am wondering what you all think of it? Is it a big improvement? Are there things you would like to see changed? I know I need to swap out the featured blogs in our blogroll, and have that on my "to do" list for Monday. There are a few other bugs and fixes we are working on, but on the whole, this will be what things will look like.

I do have plans for expanding involvement in the blog - we will hopefully have guest bloggers from time to time who will help bring some other voices to augment the quartet of bloggers you usually read here. But basically, as we begin a new year, I am wondering if there are some resolutions that we here at the Ebates blog should be making. I'd love to hear what you folks, as our beloved readers, have to say. Feel free to leave comments here or just shoot me an e-mail (a link to my address is at the top of my profile).



July 30, 2008

In my first few days here at Ebates I've been trying to figure out exactly what the role of the blog is in relation to the site, and after discussing the question with a number of my co-workers, I realize there is no set in stone answer.  So I figured the best thing I could possibly do is to turn to you, the readers of this blog, to find out what you are looking for from this blog.  For all the stats I am able to pull up about web traffic and site referrals, it is your opinion that I want to hear, since that's what I am really here for; to help make your experience both on our site and with this blog as positive as I can. 

So I turn to you, readers and subscribers, to answer any of the following questions that will hopefully better help me to cater the blog to your needs. 

1) How often do you visit the Ebates shopping blog? (daily, weekly?)

2) What are you looking for when you log onto our blog?  (new deals, recommended products, site information?)

3) What sort of products do you look for most? (fashion, electronics, accessories, etc.)

4) Are you more interested in finding out about deals on your favorite sites, or would you prefer to be introduced to new sites and products?

5) Are you aware of our Blogroll?  (If not, scroll down and look to the left of this page)  Have you visited any of the blogs that we provide links to?

Thanks so much, everyone!  Just leave your answers, if you want, as a comment.  I'll be back this afternoon to give you all you ever wanted to know about a merchant site you probably never knew existed.


March 2, 2007

030207blogsocks_1If it were up to me, I would only write about 75% off clearances on Anthropologie clothing or 5 for 1 sales at Old Navy. I realize, however, that some of you may shop for clothes and accessories other than these. Please take a moment to select which of the following types of clothes you like to buy on Ebates. Hey, if you want it, I'll write it...unless that means dozens of posts about socks.:

Online Poll Using WebSurveyor


September 15, 2006

In the spirit of the recent travel bug going around Ebates, I thought we could look at TSA's current security restrictions on carry-on items. Take a look and tell me what you think:

Online Poll Using WebSurveyor


July 31, 2006

After careful analysis and critical examination, our Ebates Science Team has revealed that Ebates blog readers are PC-lovin', reality show hatin', iPod totin' suburban folk that love a medium-well done burger. Let's take a look at the results of our recent "Getting to Know You" survey:

Favorite Reality TV Show: Yikes! The audience has spoken! Apparently reality tv isn't de rigeur for the Ebates set these days. 51.1% of respondents selected "Other". Here is an excerpt of your comments:

  • "I hate reality shows"
  • "None"
  • "The Real World"
  • "They're all stupid!"
  • "I HATE reality tv shows!"
  • "The next food network star"
  • "I detest reality tv shows"      

Cell Phones: Ebates users have mixed feelings about the gadget we love to loathe. Most of you use 'em, but don't exactly love to hear  them ringing off the hook. Here are some of your comments about our  most conflicted convenience, the cell phone:

  • "Always on vibrate, never in restaurants"
  • "Only use it for WAP to check bus arrival
  • "Like mine, don't live for it, though"
  • "I leave it in my car in case I breakdown"
  • "A necessary evil."
  • "Hang up and DRIVE!"
  • pie chart cell phone


    How Do You Get Your Music?: Put  away your eyepatches, we've got hardly a pirate in the bunch! Most of  you like to get your music the old-fashioned way: with the radio, or CDs. I encourage you to check out iTunes if you haven't before used mp3's. It's really easy to organize your music, and you don't have to buy an entire album.

    tunes pie chart

    Mac vs. PC: A whopping 80% of you are PC users! Can't anyone else show a little love for the Mac? Anyone?... Bueller? Well, I suppose the remaining 20% of us can go play by ourselves- with iTunes and iSight and iChat, and, well- you get the idea.

    ben stein ferris bueller


    July 27, 2006

      I'd like to know who reads this thing! Why not take a moment to get better acquainted by filling out this very fun survey? Just click on the image.

    This survey poses only relevant questions, like, "What feelings do you have about cell phones ?" and "Do you like reality tv?".

    Come on, how well do you really know someone if you don't know how they like their burger?



    July 26, 2006

    Going back to your recent merchant recommendations, I know iTunes and Bloomingdale's were suggested by a couple readers- we do in fact have both of those  merchants. Bloomingdale's was just added last week and iTunes has been  here for a while, which is great news for us iPod junkies!

    Stores  such as Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Victoria's Secret,  Anthropologie, Pier1 and Bath and Body Works unfortunately do not have  an affiliate marketing program, so we can't offer Cash Back for these stores. does have such a program, and we'd love to work with them, but for now, they choose not to go through Ebates.

    Our  goal, of course, is to always have as many popular stores on our site  as possible. In fact, I'll let you in on a little secret: In the very  near future, Ebates is adding two new stores: a popular hotel merchant  and a leading apparel store.

    (Hint: Where'd ya get them jeans?)

    Our team is always trying to add new stores that you love. And we've got some great ones! Looking for:
    restoration hardware glider chair

    • POTTERY BARN or CRATE AND BARREL ? Try Restoration Hardware.  If the look you want is sleek, espresso-stained tables or luxe bedding,  Restoration Hardware's got it. It's in a similar price range and even  has some more retro-style items like their popular Walton Lane  collection. Plus if you're a Six Feet Under fan *cough* you'll remember  the time that Keith was talking up Restoration Hardware to the social  worker in Season 5- but I digress. Moving on!target global bazaar vase
    • PIER1? Try Bombay Company or the Global Bazaar at Target.  If you're in the market for affordable furniture with a worldly flavor,  the Global Bazaar is the place to be! You can get pretty darn specific  with what style you're into: India Traditional, Asia Modern, European,  the list goes on!
    • VICTORIA'S SECRET? Try Frederick's of Hollywood or figleaves.  figleaves features many designers, ranging from Bali to LaPerla, so  you're sure to find something that suits your budget for the budoir.  Plus their site is so easy to navigate- it'll make shopping a breeze.
    • ANTHROPOLOGIE? Try Urban Outfitters, Bluefly, CoutureCandy or SmartBargains. The secret here is that the bread and butter of the  Anthropologie collection primarily consists of three brands (among a  few others): Free People, Rebecca Beeson and Ella Moss. Free People is  Anthropologie's wholesale line that you can find easily at Urban  Outfitters and SmartBargains. Rebecca and Ella can be found at  CoutureCandy and BlueFly. You'll likely find several pieces that are  being sold at Anthopologie or that have the 'Anthro' look.
    • BATH AND BODY WORKS? Try The Body Shop, ShopNBC or CosmeticMall.  As a former devotee of Bath and Body Works, I can understand why you'd  be wont to use their familiar lines and scents, but that's just because  you haven't tried Jaqua. Trust me, with body whip in scents like  Buttercream Frosting and Mint Chocolate, you won't be longing for your  old Vanilla Bean moisturizer. It's that good. You can find the Jaqua line at CosmeticMall or ShopNBC. (Really! I know the NBC part sounds weird- but they've got it!)


    July 24, 2006

    Thanks to everyone who responded to last  Wednesday's blog with their new Ebates store recommendations- you all  made awesome suggestions! This blog is the way for YOU to voice your  opinions about Ebates, make suggestions and dish on your favorite  strategies for getting your money's worth!

    I've  included several of your suggestions below, but left out those that  echo each other too closely; Who knew you were such a Zappos, Pottery  Barn and J.Crew lovin' bunch?

    Come back soon to see what stores on Ebates offer similar merchandise!

    Brianne.M: J.Crew!  J.Crew! J.CREW!  Because I buy a lot of suits, and suit pants from other stores never fit me right!  I know you can do it!anthropologie dress

    rjpersonal: Ebates working with IKEA would be the best! Sooner the better, I say!
    pier1 chairrbragg: L.L. BEAN would be great to have on ebates

    IanSunrise:I would love it if ZAPPOS were a part of Ebates as well as SHOEBUY.COM! love those shoe stores!

    Amanda K.: I would love to see POTTERY BARN --  they participate in UPromise,so there's no good reason that they  shouldn't play nice with eBates! :) Y'all have done a FANTASTIC job of  bringing great stores online -- I almost cried when you added and! :) Other wish list entries?;;; reply: Thanks for your comment, Amanda! We in fact do have iTunes Music Store on Ebates! Great suggestions!-Rebecca

    jat252:, because it has such a great selection of merchandise!

    madpotter: You MUST include BATH & BODY WORKS in your list of merchants! Their fragrances and other products are the  only ones I buy. They are exceptional, as I am sure other Ebates  members will agree with. I make many purchases at Bath & Body Works  online, and would definitely go through Ebates if I could. Please add them soon. Thank you. Judycoach tote

    Stevie: I would love to see ANTHROPOLOGIE, CB2, JCREW, and COACH.  I know that Coach is a long shot, but it would compel me to spend even  more money than I already do at these stores. I love EBATES!

    harry and david pearsKyndlewood: I would love to see HARRY AND DAVID ( I enjoy sending goodies to frineds and family  for occasions. What better way to make people happy then YUMMIE snacks  and treats!

    lisou21: Banana Republic was on my wish list for a long time, and it's here! Thanks for adding it! What about Bloomies? It's wedding season and my friends and I always spend a fortune there buying dresses. Reply: Lucky for you, Bloomingdale's was just added! Have fun!-Rebecca

    DelawareBelle: I think you should add VICTORIA'S SECRET to your line-up. I know several people that shop on their online store  and I believe that buyers would purchase more merchandise if they were  able to access the store through Ebates!

    Note: Some names have been modified for your privacy!


    July 19, 2006

    So the saying goes. (Who said what? Clusters of- huh?!)

    It is your turn, gentle reader (yes, YOU!) to make a wish.  Not for a pet unicorn or a shiny new Schwinn, but for new merchants!

    Ebates has over 800 stores! There are lots of great ones  like American Eagle, iTunes, and Restoration Hardware, but haven’t you  ever longed for Cash Back on Pottery Barn linens or coupons for  mod accent chairs with names like “Snorg Lund” from IKEA? You know you have!


    1. Comment on this entry   

    2. Name a store you'd like to see added to Ebates

    3. Explain WHY it should be added to Ebates

    I will take the most compelling, heart-warming suggestions and post them in a new blog next week. Let's butter up the folks on the Sales team here at Ebates and tell them what stores you yearn for!   

    Personally,  I'm hoping for Anthropologie and Zappos. The way they take those  lovingly multi-faceted shots of a pair of wedges sends chills up myspine.

      red ikea chairjcrew sweaternintendo ds   

    Cash Back from  Ikea? Coupons for JCrew? Discounts at NewEgg? Tell us what you want.  


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