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February 19, 2013



January 15, 2013

The beginning of the year is a great time to think about your resolutions, and one you can definitely keep - because it doesn't require you to work out every day or cook everything from scratch - is to travel more. Plan to save a set amount of money each month to put into your travel fund and then follow it up by choosing an affordable destination. Deciding where to go may not be as easy as you think, since there are tons of great places to visit that won't cost you a fortune. The top 10 budget destinations for 2013 are:


1. Toronto, Ontario - Canada's largest city offers everything from a rich history to great shopping.
2. Antalya, Turkey - Enjoy the best of Europe and Asia alongside the Mediterranean.
3. Loire Valley, France - You can always take the train into Paris for the day.
4. Palm Springs, California - Pack your sunscreen for all the great outdoor activities you can do there.
5. Ko Phi Phi, Thailand - A true resort island cluster that caters to tourists and it's fun to say!
6. Nashville, Tennessee - The metropolis that brought you both Taylor Swift and Ke$ha has activities that are just as varied.
7. Northern Ireland - One of the poorest economies in the UK is perfect for budget travelers who like rolling hills, cool spectator sports and hiking.
8. Slovakia - This country is taking its cue in tourism from the Czech Republic.
9. Boracay Islands, The Philippines - Voted Best Island in the World, you can vacation in luxury on a shoestring.
10. The Bahamas - A quick jaunt from the U.S. finds you in clear waters that are awesome for diving and viewing from a beach chair over an umbrella drink.

Summer is not the only time to travel. If you have kids, you may feel limited, you can vacation during the school year with a little bit of planning. Many teachers don't have a problem with students being taken out of school if they keep up on their work. Since you'll be traveling in the slow season this way, hours for attractions are usually shorter and they can study in their downtime after sightseeing all day. If you must travel in the summer, the fourth of July can offer you savings, just like flying on other major holidays generally does.

So, where should you go and when? The first half of February is a slow travel time, because Spring Break is right around the corner. It's cheaper to visit Europe in the spring and early fall and you can also take advantage of the mild weather, too. Airfare rates drop before the winter holidays. Enjoy savings the first two weeks of November as well as the few weeks after Thanksgiving.

Still don't think you can afford a real vacation? You can find deals on more than just flights if you do a little research, and don't forget about the promo codes and cash back you can get at many travel merchants with Ebates. Take into consideration the money you would have spent by staying home as well. Add up what you would devote to things like eating out, entertainment and anything else that isn't necessary at home for the time you will be away and deduct that from your estimated vacation cost for a true cost, since you would have spent that money regardless. Above all, know that there is a vacation to fit every budget, so don't resign yourself to another staycation when you can enjoy an affordable - and exotic - trip that will make memories that your family will cherish.

Shereen blogs at Shereen Travels Cheap where she shares her travel adventures, gets overly excited about places she hasn't been yet and lets her readers in on oodles of money-saving tips for vacationing anywhere for less. You can find her best advice and travel deal discoveries on Facebook and Twitter.


November 2, 2012

November has arrived along with some new Amazon categories. Take advantage of great prices and 3.0% Cash Back!



September 20, 2012

Our series on how to save money on the big three of travel needs (air, hotel, and car) is coming to an end. And to wrap it up this week we will focus on car rental tips that are sure to help you nab a deal to brag about.

Whether you're planning a road trip or need to rent a car when you land in your destination, there is no reason to pay outrageous daily rates for your rental. There are plenty of deals to be had this year, and knowing the right tips can help you score the best of the best. Plus, gas prices are pretty unpredictable this year, so it's even more important for travelers try to save as much as they can on the rental to help offset what's happening at the pump.


How to save on car rentals: 

1. Reserve now, and shop opaque later. One of our favorite tips to get the best deal on car rentals is to find a great retail rate now and reserve it. However, as you get closer to your travel date be sure to check sites like Hotwire to see if any last-minute, discounted rates have become available. If there are better options, you can always cancel your original reservation (which is free to do) and book the discounted rate. Like hotels and airlines, car rental agencies often have plenty of cars left unsold and offer them to sites like Hotwire to sell at incredibly low prices - as little as $11.95 a day. 

2. Consider smaller agencies that have more flexibility with pricing. By searching on car aggregator sites like you not only see the prices of the bigger agencies, but you also get results from smaller companies such as Fox, USave and Payless. Sometimes these agencies can net you some big savings because they have to be more competitive with prices to draw business away from the big guys. However, with a smaller fleet of cars, these deals can disappear quickly, especially during high-demand times.

3. Check out off-airport rental locations. Airport fees and taxes in some locations can really drive up the final price of your car rental, so it's best to shop both on and off-airport locations in order to see where the low prices really are after you total up the costs. 

We hope that our advice on how to save on airfare, hotels and car rentals has been useful to you. Remember to check out for great savings on your next vacation.


September 13, 2012

Travel Experts of here again sharing our tips for savvy travelers!

Last week, we covered airfare savings tips. This time around we will focus on how to save the most when booking your hotel. Travelers sometimes don't realize by following a few guidelines they can save big on their hotel stay - often scoring 4- or 5-star hotels at 2-star prices. And considering the rising cost of getting to your destination, scoring some great savings on your hotel can really help you extend your travel budget.


How to save on hotel rooms: 

1. Be flexible. It's possible to get a similar trip experience in so many different ways, but many destinations will cost less than others. Would-be travelers should focus on the type of vacation they want (beach, city, etc.) and then search a variety of locales to find the best deals. For example, you may crave a tropical beach escape in Hawaii, but you can avoid the high prices of this always popular island by choosing a budget-friendly trip to exotic destinations like Mexico or the Caribbean instead.

2. Choose big city markets and travel over weekends. Generally, big city markets such as Chicago and New York have incredible deals available during holidays and throughout the summer months, especially on weekends. This is primarily because business travel slows and is virtually non-existent over the weekends, and would-be travelers often head outside the city for beach/outdoor/drive trips. This leaves big city hotels with plenty of rooms to fill.

3. Shop opaque and act quickly. Prices may be going up with a slowly recovering travel economy, but bookings will always be the cheapest on discount travel sites like No matter how good the economy gets, suppliers will always need help with their unsold inventory, and they turn to opaque sites to sell it at deeply discounted prices. Additionally, if folks see a good deal, they should book it. It is always best to nab a great discount before it is gone.  

We hope these hotel tips help to save you money on your next trip. Stay tuned for tips on car rentals next week!


September 6, 2012

Folks will always have the desire to explore new places and experience new cultures, but with the economy still in flux, travelers will continue to need great deals as well. To help travelers find the best prices and get the most 'bang' for their travel buck, the experts at will be posting a series of can't-miss tips in the coming weeks. To kick things off, this week's list will focus on airfare advice. 

Airfare continues to be a tough subject for many travelers and their wallets, and that's no surprise as fares continue to remain high. But if you follow a few easy, insider tricks, you could potentially net hundreds of dollars in savings. 


How to save on airfare:

1. Travelers should book early. The airlines typically follow a 21-day rule, where prices will start rising 21 days and closer to the departure date. So, try to book 3 weeks or more out. To save even more, try to purchase your tickets on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday, which is when prices tend to be the lowest.  Choosing to fly on those days will save you a bundle as well.

2. To get bigger savings, travelers should look to low-cost cost carriers and track where they are launching new routes. When low-cost carriers like Jet Blue or Southwest enter a new market, it prompts tough pricing competition, which results in great fare sales.

3. Shop discount sites like Hotwire. These sites will get excess inventory from the airlines and will work with suppliers to sell seats at highly discounted rates, sometimes up to 45% off on last-minute airfares.

4. Check alternative airports. Try flying into smaller, nearby airports and then drive to the final destination to save money. For example, Oakland instead of San Francisco.  The money folks can save by flying into alternative airports can easily make up for any extra gas costs, and the ease and convenience might prove valuable as well. 

Now that we've covered airfare savings tips, next week we will provide tips on how to save on hotels.


August 30, 2012

If you're thinking about going camping over Labor Day weekend but are afraid that you'll need to purchase costly gear, guess again. You can keep it simple by buying a few key items - and you can split the responsibilities if you're planning a group vacation. Here are some ideas to get you started on a fun and inexpensive camping trip.


1. Bring a Few Coolers With Food
Unless you're able to catch your own food, bringing it along will save you a lot of money. Keep your meats in one cooler and your drinks and other more frequently needed items in another one. This will prevent the meat cooler from being opened too often and the ice melting as a result. Cabela's offers a variety of affordable coolers and you can earn 2.0% Cash Back when you shop through Ebates

2. Rough It by Staying in a Tent
Many consider renting a cabin or RV after a long road trip as camping, but to get the most bang for your buck and the real experience, set up a tent instead. Although Camping World is known for their RV's, they also offer a wide range of sleeping tents.

3. Cook on a Campfire, Not a Grill
Cook up some hot dogs and s'mores the old-fashioned way, on a campfire, which is a lot cheaper than a camping grill. REI has some fun and inexpensive gadgets, such as fire forks, to make the experience less intimidating. And of course you will be earning 2.5% Cash Back when you shop through Ebates!

Casey Slide is a writer for Money Crashers Personal Finance, a site dedicated to helping readers improve their financial fitness and save money long-term.


August 17, 2012

Everyone knows that travel is one simple way to break your budget. Between flights or gas, fun activities, and a hotel, travel expenses add up incredibly quickly.

Lucky for us the IHG hotel brands are offering TRIPLE Cash Back for the month of August. You read that right: TRIPLE!


These wonderful IHG brands are offering 13.5% Cash Back:


April 3, 2012

Hey there budget travelers! It's Shereen from Shereen Travels Cheap. Summer is creeping up on us and before you know it, it'll be sunny and the kids will be out of school and you'll realize you haven't starting planning a summer getaway yet. Don't wait until the last minute: Airfare alone can jump as much as 40% during the summer months, so here are some tips to help keep you in the black this year and have an amazing time:


Shop for airfare on Tuesday and Wednesday and look for flights that depart on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday for the lowest fares. New fares are posted every Tuesday and Wednesday are the perfect time to get the best deals, and when you fly on less popular days, you can pay less and have a better chance of not getting bumped off your flight due to overbooking.

Go early. If your kids get out of school sooner the rest of the country, take advantage of your good fortune and vacation before the second week in June. The middle of June through the middle of August is going to be the most expensive time to travel almost anywhere, and the most crowded.

Go somewhere different. Your kids are always going to want to go to theme parks or the beach during the summer, but by changing up your destination, you can actually save a little or a lot of money. If they insist on going to the beach, look for lakeside resorts near where you live. Most still have a beach and everything that goes along with it, unless surfing is on the agenda. 


Drive. Airfare can become a costly burden if there are many of you traveling. If you can spare the extra travel time, take a good old fashioned road trip to get to your destination. Make sure to plan fun stops along the way, like to see the world's biggest ball of yarn, ghost towns or museums. 

Plan a staycation. If everything just seems too far out of budget this time of year, opt to do things around your own town and take your vacation over holiday break. Prices will be lower, most destinations will be less crowded and you will be able to see and do more than in the summer.

Don't forget your cash back! Help keep a little money in your pocket or stretch the dollars you have by using Ebates to book your flights, hotel rooms and rental cars. You can even get cash back for buying essentials like sunscreen and shorts!

For more ways to plan an affordable trip, check out my blog, Shereen Travels Cheap, or download my Secrets to Summer Savings eBook for money saving tips you can easily incorporate into any travel preparation.



December 22, 2011


If you have a travel buff on your list, gift options about. Keep them entertained with the 1000 Places to See Before You Die Game or The Best American Travel Writing. Pickup a cool Snapfish gift certificate so they can create a fun keepsake album of a recent trip. Or give them something to help with their travels, like a luggage tag, leather passport holder, or nifty GPS.


November 4, 2011

holidaytravel_1Summer has barely ended and you're probably still getting over your last family vacation, but it's never too early to start looking ahead to your next trip, especially if you want to keep costs within a budget. Fall is the perfect time to start thinking about the holidays and planning a trip to visit family or have an excuse for why you can't make it this year. Why not take the kids to Disneyland on Christmas or arrange a low-key Hawaiian holiday? With a few handy tips and the use of participating Ebates Travel Stores, you can save more than you spend. 

Book as soon as possible - When traveling around the holidays, the further out you can book, the better. The closer it gets to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve the higher the prices for everything will creep, even if you aren't flying until February.

Visit Busy Summer Destinations - By doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing, you can get fantastic deals. While most people are visiting relatives, you can fly and stay cheaply in destinations like Cairo, Rome, San Francisco or even the Bahamas.

Go South - It may be cold here in North America, but countries in the Southern Hemisphere are having spring and summer. This makes them ideal locales to get away from it all. Just remember to pack your sunscreen!

Travel on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday - These tend to be the days that are the most affordable to fly on, because fewer people travel mid-week or at the start of the weekend. This means that airfare is lower and the airports (and flights) are usually less crowded. Even flying on a holiday can save you money.

Follow the Shereen Travels Cheap blog for even more great travel tips and product suggestions or join the Facebook page for current travel deals and more.


September 9, 2011

Being a budget traveler doesn't have to mean that you vacation on a shoestring budget and stay with locals in a mud hut. Budget traveling is about having a great time and doing more while spending overall. You can do this by finding discounts on nearly everything and also changing some of the ways you travel. One of the easiest ways to save money is to change the way you pack. By packing everything you need in a carry-on, you can save up to $35 each way, because you won't have to pay steep bag-check fees. Saving on your flight won't make a difference if you have just shelled out $70 for your bag to fly, too. You don't need to bring everything you own to look good. Here are some simple ways to pack less and keep those steep fees from breaking your budget.



Mix and match - Bring enough clothes to last 5-7 days, but make sure it is all within the same color pallet, so that all bottoms coordinate with all tops. This way you can wear a variety of combinations and always have a new outfit you can pull out.

Limit yourself to two pairs of shoes - This is probably one of the rules women struggle with the most, but really, with so many great comfortable shoes on the market, there's no way you can't do it. Bring a wedge sandal for dressing up or going to dinner and a pair of good walking shoes for hiking and sightseeing. Wear the bulkiest ones on the plane and save space.

Accessorize! - Dress up that sundress or plain tank for a night on the town by adding some fun jewelry, a belt or a scarf. It'll turn your (probably-not-so) drab outfit into a fab one!

Bring items that multitask - This is a must. Items like a dress that is also a skirt or a beach cover-up that can be worn as a fun tunic are fantastic double-duty pieces. Even your iPad can be a multitasker. Use it to play games, listen to music, watch movies, answer your emails and as a laptop. One device, many functions.

Pare down your beauty products - How many times have you brought your entire bathroom and not used half of it? Bring the essentials and then toss in a few small things to give yourself a little oomph for a night out. Maybe a metallic eyeliner or a small pallet to give you a gorgeous smoky eye. And if you've got to bring your blow dryer or flat iron, downsize them by purchasing travel-size versions to keep in your bag at all times.


Travel lighter and more affordably. Make your friends jealous that you saved so much on your vacation and also can pack like a pro. If you need some extra help, find everything you need from merchants on Ebates to help you save even more. From carry-on bags to makeup, you can get cash back on it all.


July 5, 2011

With an exciting vacation just around the corner, I must admit I have caught a case of the travel bug. When I go abroad I must admit that I value form just as much as function - I am lucky that there is an abundance of beautiful functional travel accessories available AND I am getting cash back, which is always wonderful since vacations rarely come cheap. From adorable luggage to worldwide adapters, you can get cash back on everything you need for your trip.
Travel Style
Hanging Multi Pocket Cosmetics Bag from The Container Store

Cava Leather Canvas Duffel from Irv's Luggage Warehouse 

Paul & Taylor Embossed Leather Passport Holder and Wallet from

Samsonite Worldwide Power Adapter from Bed Bath and Beyond

PB Traveler Leather Initial Luggage Tag from eBags

Mudd Basketweave Straw Fedora from Kohls

MICHAEL Michael Kors Delancey Aviator Sunglasses from Bloomingdales


June 14, 2011

travelsizedToday's guest blogger is Shereen from Shereen Travels Cheap. We've love her no-nonsense advice on traveling smart while on a budget, and we're thrilled to have her dish out advice on another savvy topic: travel and beauty.

Packing light is a must when traveling and those 3-1-1 bags aren't that big, especially when you're flying during the summer and have to squeeze sunscreen in there, too. While you can buy it once you get there, many resorts, theme parks and grocery stores have outrageous prices on these items. I have ways you can find room in your travel bag for sunscreen and still look great in all your pictures.

Tinted Moisturizer - You may be used to taking your foundation wherever you go, but a tinted moisturizer can do double-duty as a foundation and a moisturizer. Most have built-in SPF, so you don't have to bring a second sunscreen specifically for your face.

Powder Foundation - Avoid taking two products and opt for just one with a powder foundation. Not only does it save space, but a good one, like Philosophy Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas, will be long-lasting and give you a flawless finish over your moisturizer. This can be paired with tinted moisturizer to give you more coverage.

Tinted Lip Gloss - Get a fresh summery look by bringing along a tinted lip gloss that also moisturizes. Leave your heavy lipstick at home and you also won't have to tote around a tube of lip balm. Smashbox O-Gloss brings out the natural hue of your lips, plus it gives you a slight shine and locks in moisture.

Trial Sizes - Those fun trial sizes that you get with makeup purchases are your best friend on vacation. Save those tiny tubes of mascara, lip glosses, and eye shadows, and pack them in your travel bag.

Shampoo bars - Shampoo and conditioner can take up a lot of room and also contribute the most to spillage in your bag. There's nothing worse than getting to your destination and having to wash off everything in your 3-1-1 bag because your shampoo or conditioner exploded. Shampoo bars don't ever have to go in your liquids bag, they never spill and are super easy to use. They work just like a bar of soap and have all the benefits of a great shampoo. You can even get solid conditioners which will leave your hair silky and manageable.

Use Ebates to save even more on your beauty purchases, too. With awesome stores like Sephora, Philosophy, Ulta, and many more, you can find everything you need for your trip, look like a million bucks, and save a few dollars, too!


February 23, 2011

Being that it's Travel Week at Ebates, I can't help but think of taking a vacation for myself. Well, I should say a tropical vacation, since I was able to whisk away to Seattle for a weekend getaway, which as you can imagine is neither sunny or tropical. Although I wasn't basking in the warmth of the sun, I couldn't help but plan my next trip, and more importantly, what to wear. Here's just one of my must have outfits.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses from Shopbop.

Woven Cuff from Tory Burch.

Polka Dot Swimsuit from J.Crew.

Shisheido SPF from Sephora.

Elle Decor from

Jimmy Choo Tote from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Leather Sandals from J.Crew.

Equipment Silk Shirt from Bloomingdales.


February 22, 2011

We're kicking off Travel Week with our favorite travel blogger Shereen from Shereen Travels Cheap. She gives her tips on how to get the vacation you want, without breaking the bank!

Planning a vacation doesn't have to be daunting, and saving money doesn't automatically mean you have to go camping or stay in shady hotels. Here are some ways to stretch your travel dollars and get the most for your money.

offseasonTravel In The Off Season. If you aren't restricted to Summer travel, you can save big by vacationing during the rest of the year. Prices on hotels and airfare drop dramatically after summer months and destinations are notably less crowded. Spring can be a great time to travel to beach destinations, if they are on your wish list. You can find big discounts and the weather isn't too hot to enjoy.

packlightPack Light. With airlines charging for everything from a sandwich to Internet access, it's hard to avoid fees if you're not prepared. One of the biggest is checked bag fees. You could pay $25 or more (each way) for your bag to travel under the plane. There are many stylish and versatile travel clothing brands now that people wouldn't even know were made for travel. With breathable and wrinkle-free fabrics, a few key pieces can be mixed and matched to create a whole week of outfits and take up half the space. Wear a pair of shoes on the plane and pack a pair in your bag. Bring jewelry and other accessories to dress up an outfit for a night out.

bookonlineCheck Prices On Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. The new rates for airfare are published on Tuesday/Wednesday and then again on Saturday, for those that wait to book things on the weekend. Tuesday and Wednesday will almost always have the cheapest rates, but if you have some time before you have to book, get up bright and early and check prices on Saturday. Every so often you will find a super cheap rate that was put into the system incorrectly that you can snatch up before the error is caught. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it's a total bargain for you.

citypassBuy A City Pass. Most tourist cities have a card you can buy for attractions they have to offer. You pay one discounted price and then skip the ticket lines everywhere you go on the list of participating attractions. These can include aquariums, museums, theme parks, and more.

publictransportationTake Public Transportation. While it doesn't always seem fun to take the bus or subway, it can be a cheap mode of transportation and a great way to see a city. Taxis and rental cars can really break the bank, so if other reliable options are available, look for them. I find public transit to be much more enjoyable when I don't have to take it to work or be anywhere at a particular time. It gets you out in the fresh air and lets you get some exercise by having to walk more. 

As you can see, saving money can actually allow you to do more on your vacation and see more of the city, while slowing down and being able to enjoy it. Remember to check Ebates for even more savings, because they offer cash back on many of the best Travel Stores online!


December 7, 2010

You've heard of destination weddings. Well, why let the newlyweds have all the fun? You deserve a celebration of your own and that can come in the form of a destination holiday. With the holidays coming up, for many of us, it means travel. Either we travel to visit relatives or we take advantage of Winter break to get a change of scenery. With the travel industry still in a slump, it's easier than ever to get great deals on airfare, lodgings and more. With the money you can save, your gift to your family could be going on a destination holiday this year. Here are just a few ways you can go about making holiday travel affordable.

onlinebookingBook Your Travel In Winter
Fall and Winter is the cheapest time to fly almost anywhere, but it's especially true if you want to visit the UK or Europe. Fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday for even better prices on airfare. Shops, museums and attractions will be open shorter hours than usual, but there will be fewer crowds, making it easier to see everything you want in less time.

hoteldiscountsTake advantage of rewards programs.
 Look for hotel sites that offer incentives for booking through them. At and you can earn free nights and cash off your next stay just by booking with them. With price-matching and no-fee cancellation policies, you're completely protected should you find a lower price elsewhere, or have to put off your vacation for any reason.

vacationrentalRent a house or condo to save money on food.
Make as many meals as you want on your own and your budget will stretch that much further. A fully stocked kitchen will really aid you in keeping dollars in your pocket. You can pop into a local grocer and buy enough food for breakfasts for a week for just about the same cost as going out for breakfast in a restaurant just once. Aside from the convenience of having your own kitchen, you have all the comforts of home, which usually includes cable and WiFi, and you aren't confined to just one room with beds and a bathroom.

travelFly on Christmas Day to avoid crowds.
This is one of the least expensive days to fly all year, because most people traveling for the holidays want to be at their destination before December 25th. Also remember to pack less as baggage fees can cost upwards of $50!

Double your discounts with Ebates!

While you're already saving as much as you can on your trip, clicking through Ebates to participating stores can save you even more. Remember, the more you save, the more you can do when you get there. Save big and happy holiday travels!

I love to travel and find bargains. I want to help my readers to take better vacations and save money by suggesting useful budget travel tips, websites and products. Find me on Facebook or follow my budget travel blog.


August 5, 2010

Our guest blogger Jenny from SouthernSavers gives sage advice on how to save money and make your vacation the best one yet.

Travel and VacationsThe weather is warm, and you are getting the itch to change scenery and just relax. Vacations are wonderful, but how can you truly relax when you know that your hard earned money is being spent so quickly? By starting with general principles and a few savvy planning tips you can really get off on the right foot to save big!

Start Early

A well planned trip takes time. If you try to plan a vacation at the last minute you will most certainly spend more money than you intend. For one thing, you won't have time to follow any of the tips that follow in this article if your vacation is next week. Starting a few months out gives you some time to brainstorm, save money, and do adequate research. Impromptu travel is sometimes necessary, but don't waste money on a haphazard vacation.

Set a Budget

It seems that this one tip is really the essence of frugality. It is a proven fact that if you plan ahead on how your money will be spent, you will spend less overall.

First, decide how much total money with which you have to work. Remember, you can't spend money that you don't have. Commit yourself to not paying for your vacation with credit. Your happy memories will be tainted with the stress of paying off the debt. You may already have a chunk of money saved, or you may have a bonus check or tax refund you are planning to spend. If not, figure out how much money you will be able to save up over a period of time. Have $20 a week (or month) deposited directly into a savings account, cut spending in your regular monthly budget and save the difference (see how low you can get your grocery bill!), do some odd jobs or side jobs to earn extra cash, or even stash away loose change.

Book Your Travel With EbatesPrioritize

Next, break your budget into categories such as lodging, transportation, food, activities, and souvenirs. We will talk about how to save in each of these categories specifically in the weeks to come, but for now simply consider your priorities. For instance, as you think about lodging, do you need a hotel with all of the amenities, or do you really just need a bed (where you can crash after a day of chasing your children all over the beach)? When deciding your daily food allowance consider your priorities and still think practically. You might want to spend a little more to experience authentic French (or Italian, or Thai, etc.) cuisine but the sandwiches you can make yourself are probably just as good as what you'll eat in the restaurant at Disney World. You may be dying to scuba dive in the Caribbean but care less about parasailing, or maybe it is just the opposite. It all depends on what you are looking for in a vacation. Take time to decide what it is you must do to come home happy, spend higher percentages of money on those things, and skimp on the rest. Generally, you want to find ways to save on transportation so you have more money to spend when you actually reach your dream destination.

Be Flexible

If you followed tip #1 and started early this will be much easier to do. Your calendar has less appointments on it, it is easier to clear time off with the boss, and you can take your time researching and comparison shopping.

If you need to fly, you will find that airfare is considerably cheaper when purchased in advance and when you aren't locked into a specific date. Search engines such as Kayak, Priceline, and Hotwire allow you to sign up for deal alerts which are sent to your email allowing you to jump on a deal as soon as it is available. However, these offers usually have a very short window of opportunity, so you have to be ready to jump on them and be willing to shuffle your travel dates around blackout dates, etc.

Shop Travel With EbatesLast, be open to new things. Maybe your family has always gone to the beach, but you might find that you are just as happy staying at a cabin on a lake closer to home. Maybe you have always dreamed of sightseeing in Europe but have never taken the time to explore the historical, interesting, or unique sites in your own state. A cruise might seem like the perfect get away for an anniversary, but a bed and breakfast in a nearby town could be just as romantic. As you plan, keep an open mind. Think more about the experience you are trying to create for yourself and your family. Don't feel locked into the type of vacations typically advertised by the industry. Memories can be made and fun times can be had just about anywhere.


July 6, 2010

Ok so I know the 4th of July just passed and there isn't a soul alive who would want to discuss the holidays just yet, however let's be realistic. The best deals are typically found early, especially when you're talking about traveling during the holidays. As for Summer travel that's a different story. Deals can found up to the last minute at Ebates stores like Priceline, Expedia, and our newest travel member CheapOStay. I'll be doing my search through Qantas.

Adelaide, AU here I come! Ok- here I come in 6 months!

Because my holiday travel is taking me down under in December (I feel a catch phrase was just born) I am forced to do some hard searching for a flight that doesn't break the bank. Right now Qantas is offering round trips for $1500 which is extremely reasonable compared to $2200 offers I've seen. Once my flight is booked I'll earn $7.50 Cash Back and be on my way to a fabulous trip. You too can find great deals on flights, hotels, car rentals, even cruises by doing your search through the Ebates Travel category!

Panama-Hat*As a side note- Summer trips require Summer fashion and this Panama Hat from J.Crew is to die for. Truly an eye catching piece it's just $58 and you'll get 1.0% Cash Back!

Book you vacation with cash back!


June 20, 2010

CheapVacationsTomorrow is the official first day of Summer. For most people this means warm-weather, outdoor festivities and hopefully some vacation time. For people who live in the land of unpredictable, notoriously chilly summers, this means the fog has descended. I thought for a minute that we would get lucky this year with our hot temperature streak but, luck is not the case. And true to form the fog is here. Luckily, it is Summer and that means the hot weather is easy to come by. Also easy to come by are travel deals, through Ebates, where I can search for exclusive deals, coupons and of course get cash back on my airfare, rental car, package vacation and more.

If you have not tried booking your travel though our Travel Search, now is the time to give it a shot. Just simply enter what travel purchase you are looking to make ( airfare, rental car, hotel or vacations) and we will search one of partner sites for the best deal. If you are like me, and just want to get away but don't want to deal with the hassle ( and expense) of planning an entire vacation, shop for prepackaged vacation deals and get the best prices with more cash back!

Happy Summer!

And Happy Father's Day!


June 3, 2010

Club Med is one of the leading all inclusive vacation providers and a pioneer in the industry. No two resorts are the same and there are over 80 to choose from around the world, including Mexico and the Caribbean! What you can expect

from all their resorts are stunning backdrops, attention to detail, delicious food and fine wine, fun and unique activities (scuba diving, tennis or... trapezing, anyone?!)  and a sense of culture that is one of a kind.
Book now and you can save up to 50%* on 7-night all-inclusive getaways! Valid for Family, Couples, and Single bookings at some of Club Med's most popular luxury resorts! For example:

Everything is included in one, truly All Inclusive price:

  • Enhanced accommodations: ocean view, deluxe rooms, suites and family suites - you choose the accommodation that suits your needs best!
  • Gourmet dining throughout the day with full open bar - just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you can't eat well!
  • Land & Water sports including tennis, windsurfing, trapeze and more. Be as active or as laid back as you want to be! There are fun activities for all and children love the options!
  • Baby & Petit Club Med: thoughtful and specialized facilities, programs & care for babies & toddlers

Club Med also has some fantastic Late Deals and Early Booking Discounts. View all of Club Med's Hot Deals!

The best part is, you get 2% Cash Back on your booking when you book your amazing Club Med vacation through Ebates so book your all inclusive vacation now!


April 15, 2010

Hmmm? So, can't decide if you should travel to Australia or New Zealand? Both are so amazing in their own right. Qantas has helped solve this predicament for you by offering a deal that will allow travelers to see both New Zealand AND Australia easily and for a great deal! You can use this steal to sample or further explore both countries (and save some dough at the same time.)

What's great about this offer is you save time by flying into one country and flying out of another without having to backtrack - and in today's time crunched world, that's extremely valuable! If you've been dreaming of a vacation to Australia or New Zealand, there really isn't a better time to plan your trip! Carpe Diem!

Now for the details...

Carrier: Qantas Airways
The Deal: $339* each way based on round trip travel (That's $678* round-trip!)
When you can go: Depart between April 19 - June 8 or July 24 - September 21, 2010 (Qantas has other travel dates available but leaving during these dates gets you the lowest fare.)
Offer ends: Soon! (Fares like these don't last forever...)

Plus, don't forget that you get $7.50 Cash Back from Ebates!

By the way, if you're thinking this fare means you'll be dinged for lots of extras, think again. Qantas is one of the few airlines where you still receive complimentary food (and wine!)** as well as seatback screens with more than 400 audio and video options on demand** in all of their cabins! Come on! Let's go!

* Taxes, fees and restrictions apply.

** Available on Qantas A380, B747-400 and A330-300 aircraft from the mainland U.S., subject to last minute schedule change.

Find more deals and coupons in the Ebates Travel & Vacations category.


April 6, 2010

beach.jpgIt is that time of year again where my desperate need for a vacation comes to the surface. The weather is improving, which has me thinking of sunshine, beaches, cocktails that involve umbrellas and getting away even if it is for a weekend. The main stumbling block for my "vacation dreams" is not when or how I will get away but rather, booking the trip, getting a deal and having my vacation fit into my very limited budget. I want sandy beaches, warm water, a nice hotel, and for all of it ( hotel and airfare) to cost me less than $700 and travel longer than three days. Impossible? Not when you book at Expedia through Ebates where you can now get all-inclusive trips to Mexico for just $500! Search destinations from the hottest spots in Mexico including Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and the Mexican Rivera. Choose from a long list of top-rated hotels with customer reviews to help you pick the right hotel and destination for you.

And of course, shop through Ebates and get even more savings with 1.0% Cash Back on anything you book through Expedia!


March 1, 2010

Cruise-With-EbatesLike most people I tend to associate cruises with giant buffets, bottomless drinks, and Las Vegas style entertainment. To some extent this is true, and was my experience when I sailed the Mexican Riviera on board Princess Cruise Lines, a.k.a. the Loveboat. Since then I haven't considered taking another cruise due to my assumptions (and you know what they say about that), yet with airfare sky high and hotels not exactly cheap, paying a one time fee for an all-inclusive vacation seems rather practical. After reading this article from Travel and Leisure, it also seems enjoyable. If I needed any more persuasion, Travel Week has encouraged me to go ahead and start shopping for the cruise of a lifetime. I'll get double cash back plus huge savings on cruises, hotels, and more. But because this is a cruise blog, let's stay focused!

Today ships sail everywhere from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, yet there's more than just dinner and drinks to be had. Cruises now offer themes (my personal favorite being Pink Floyd) as well as special interests like Nascar, baseball, even scrap booking. For those not into psychedelic rock, Carnival Cruise Line offers a Rick Springfield cruise, and Holland America features a Jazz themed cruise. Oh, and for all you soap opera addicts, Celebrity Cruise Line allows you to rub shoulders with your favorite soap stars from All My Children, Days Of Our Lives, and more. If Austin Peck is there, count me in!
Of course there are other reasons to take a cruise, like the exotic ports, the on board activities, and the whole "basking in the sun" thing. If you're itching to get started booking, be sure to shop Travel Week before you buy, and say hello to the high seas and higher cash back!   

Book your vacation here. Book your cruise here.  


February 26, 2010

travelingmaxI need a vacation. Judging by the looks on the faces of my fellow commuters, the supermarket checkout guy, and even my fellow coworkers, this sentiment is shared perhaps even gone rampant amongst people sick of Winter and in need of a break. Like me, I assume many of these people feel that they cannot afford a vacation because the cost of getting away is pretty low on the priority list. But do not despair! There are many deals to be had on travel, and thankfully you can earn increased cash back at six of our of our best travel merchants during Ebates Travel Week. When you add cash back to exclusive offers from our travel sites and the deals that they already offer, you actually can afford to get away! If you are looking to save on a complete package, check out Hotwire, now offering 3.5% Cash Back with deals galore on flights and hotels at nearly every destination you could desire. If you need airfare, Delta has many flights on sale and offers 2.0% Cash Back for travel week, and if you need a hotel, is paying 4.0% Cash Back and  has the best selection of hotels from five star resorts to motor inns.

Also outfit your getaway with travel books and beach reads from Barnes & Noble, activities and more at, and keep all your travel good conveniently stored with quality luggage for less from eBags all with coupons and increased cash back from Ebates.

Book your travel now and save with increased cash back during Ebates Travel Week.


January 11, 2010

It's Travel Week here at Ebates, which can only mean one thing for a travel enthusiast like myself: it's time to stop daydreaming, and make those plans happen! For years and years, I've longed to hop on a plane and see the world, but roadblocks such as money, planning ahead, and other poor excuses have stopped me. Perhaps my determination is in the spirit of the new year, or maybe it's that I haven't been on vacation (visiting relatives does not count) in nearly three years. Whatever the reason, the chance to visit a friend in Asia has presented itself, and I'm grabbing it by the horns.

Travel with TravelocityOf course flying halfway around the world isn't going to be cheap, but I've found great deals at Travelocity, like round trip fares as low as $697. Of course by using Ebates, I'll also get 2.0% Cash Back on top of great savings. After a few weeks spent in paradise, I'll need the extra cash to soften the blows of reality. Now that I'm on the road to accomplishing my goals, I'm left daydreaming again. This time it's about what to wear!

Catch the travel bug with Ebates!


January 10, 2010

If you are like me and did some holiday traveling only to return home vowing that the next time you take a trip it will be for a "real vacation", then now is your time to seize the day during Ebates Travel Week! Book vacation packages, airfare, or hotels through one of our Travel Week stores and get exclusive offers and increased cash back. It was just the incentive I needed to turn "I must go on a real vacation" to "New York City in the Spring, here I come!" Now that I have my airfare booked and my travel dates on the calendar, I have plenty of time to think about wardrobe options for the exciting getaway.

Soon after booking my trip, I started thinking back on how tedious my holiday travel experience was and realized that I am in desperate need for a good travel satchel for traveling that I could also use for my everyday commute. I want something that looks chic (as opposed to a messy, beat-up carry all) and that is practical to hold snacks, small-sized cosmetics, magazines, and my laptop. Right at the halfway point between practical and Cynthia Vincent Studded Grovery bag From Shopbopfashionable is this Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent Studded Grocery Bag, available at Shopbop with 6.0% Cash Back and free shipping! Made of real leather and roomy enough to hold everything I need while flying the friendly skies, this bag is also sophisticated enough to be used everyday, so I do not need to pack another handbag to use while vacationing. Plus, it is great for lugging what I need to the office and for errands on the weekend. For $230, it's worth every penny. Plus, with all the money I saved and the increased cash back I earned booking travel during Ebates Travel Week, it made the purchase even more justifiable because I didn't tap into my vacation spending money.


November 10, 2009

Working at Ebates, we hear the names for new sales all the time. While saving a little a little extra cash is always a nice bonus, sometimes stores forget the importance of the title of their sale. While a "Semi-Annual" sale or a "Friends and Family" special always turns heads, it doesn't really tell you much about what is on sale or how much you can save. Then there are the really kooky "Super Extra Happy Sale" or "Wonder Deal Money Saving Super Shopper Days" that turn heads, but make you scratch your head just as often.

United AirlinesHearing sale names day in and day out, it is nice when someone like United Airlines comes along and tells you exactly what is going on with a sale. Case in point: the Fly More Save More Sale. It is exactly what it sounds like: the more trips you book through the end of the year, the higher your percentage off coupon will be. If you travel a lot, and if you are a member of United's Mileage Plus frequent flyer program, this is a chance to earn up to 50% off a flight to be booked in early 2010. It's not every day that you get a chance to earn a percentage off on a flight simply by booking another flight. Check out the savings you can get based on the number of flights you book:

Fly More Save MoreThis sale continues through the end of the year, but applies only to flights taken in 2009 as well, so if you're going to do some holiday traveling, this is a perfect chance to earn yourself $2.00 Cash Back and to get an e-certificate for extra money off a flight between February and May of 2010.

Book all your holiday travel needs and earn cash back with deals from our Travel & Vacations category.


November 1, 2009

Don't you hate it when you arrive to the airport for a trip, and the airline charges you an arm and a leg for checked luggage? What happened to the good old days of flying freight free? Well, Mexicana Airlines is taking us back to the golden age of free baggage policies. Anyone who flies with Mexicana can check two bags for free. Considering that most airlines are adding fees to everything from drinks to headphones nowadays, that's a pretty good deal! Make that deal even better with 1.0% Cash Back when you shop through Ebates too!

Mexicana AirlinesDid we mention that Mexicana will also provide an open bar? Not a bad to start a vacation to Cancun, which is currently on sale right now, starting at $196 round trip. Click here to see all of Mexicana's promotional fares.

So, you're probably thinking, two free pieces of checked luggage -- not bad, right?

Passengers departing from California, the home state of Mexicana's US headquarters, are getting an unbelievable deal. Fly through December 10, 2009 and check a third piece of luggage at no cost. That's three, count them; three bags. No need for skimpy packing on this vacation. Bring the surfboard, your Wii, maybe even your favorite couch! (not quite but you get the idea) If you're from California and planning a getaway before Dec 10, 2009, click here to travel in style with Mexicana Airlines' unbeatable offer.


September 19, 2009

Orbitz CouponsThe holidays are more than a time to give and receive gifts or visit relatives near and far. It's a time to get away from the cold and go someplace where the sun actually shines. Like Aruba, Bermuda, Florida, or, of course, Hawaii. Before you brush off paradise because "It's too expensive", check out Orbitz where you'll get 1.0% Cash Back, and find plenty of Orbitz coupons. Instead of listening to someone brag about the great deals, be the one doing the bragging.

Some of the top deals you'll find on Orbitz include saving 60% on Sandals vacations, and Aruba all-inclusive vacations for just $699. That includes flight and hotel! If you want to stay closer to home, you'll find Lake Tahoe hotels starting at $67 and Miami hotels starting at $64. No matter where you choose to spend your holiday vacation, book it through Orbitz for cash back and money saving coupons!

Find more travel deals in our Travel and Vacations category!


September 16, 2009

One of the benefits of being single is that the only family you really need to deal with is your own. And this is especially advantageous during the holiday season; you don't need to split your time nor do you need to spend money on double the holiday travel or to visit a family that is not your own. Lucky for me my holidays are rather simple and streamlined but still require travel, which is why I am booking early to take advantage of big deals now and getting cash back through Ebates, so I can use the money I save for an actual vacation.

Vacation Deals at Expedia
If you are like me and booking your holiday travel early, try the Ebates Travel Search where booking flights, hotels, cars or entire vacation packages is simple and takes mere minutes. Or, if you would rather search by coupons, check out a list of travel coupons from various merchants so you can find the best deal on your destination. If you want to squeeze in a mini-vacation before the holiday season begins, check out deals from Expedia, where if you book early, you can find October vacations (airfare with three night hotel) starting at just $187 with 1.0% Cash Back from Ebates.

Whatever your travel needs, book through Ebates and save!


August 31, 2009

Well folks, this is it. Summer is almost over. The kids are all going back to school, the weather is getting cold (or, here in SF, it's warming up), and pretty soon we'll be into the dog days of Fall. For most, the unofficial mark of the end of summer is Labor Day, which is going to be celebrated in exactly a week. The one up side of bidding your shorts and flip flops a fond farewell is that Labor Day weekend provides many of us one little three-day sendoff party.

Expedia Coupons and Cash BackIf you're looking to get away from home, and sending off Summer in style, start all your travel plans at Expedia. If you shop through Ebates, you'll also have a choice of Expedia coupons to pick where you want to go and how much you want to save on your travel plans. Want to save on cruises? We've got you covered. 40% off car rentals? Hey, why not? Flights for a whole lot less? You'd better believe it.

So no matter what you're looking for, make sure you shop at Expedia, and to save even more, enjoy 1% Cash Back through Ebates plus get your hands on Expedia coupons!


August 17, 2009

Labor Day is fast approaching, and deal savvy Ebates shoppers can find great travel deals for the holiday weekend during the Labor Day Sale. Save up to 40% on top destinations around the country. Save even more when you extend your vacation and take advantage of the rebates. Get $20 back on three nights stay, $30 back on a five night stay, or $50 back on an eight night stay!

Labor Day VacationsLooking for an extra-ordinary road trip?  Check out some of these roadside attractions:

World's Largest Toilet - Columbus, IN, hotels from $60

Explore the giant toilet, which is part of the giant house, in the Kids Commons.  If you climb to the top of the house, you jump in the toilet and slide back down to the bottom.

Sci-Fi Cafe and Museum - Burlington, WI, area hotels from $51

Visit the combined Sci-Fi café, gift shop, museum and research center devoted to all things alien & paranormal. Take a haunted woods tour and find out why Burlington is one of the most haunted cities in the US.

Orange World - Kissimmee, FL, hotels from $40

Eli's Orange World is the world's largest orange (although technically the building is only the top half of an orange). It features a wide variety of citrus-themed products, and has appeared in several movies and documentaries.

Giant Safety Pin - San Francisco, CA, hotels from $34

This 21 foot tall safety pin was created by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, famous for their series of large sculptures of every-day objects. Visitors can walk under it when they visit the De Young Museum sculpture garden.

Book your hotel by September 7th and travel by September 15th to take advantage of these deals. Plus, earn 3% Cash Back on your bookings by shopping at using your Ebates account!


August 15, 2009

Come and experience a unique beach destination in Mexico.

Los Cabos is located at the southernmost tip of the State of Baja California Sur. This area encompasses the two coastal towns of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

Mexicana AirlinesMexicana Airlines takes you to Los Cabos where you can enjoy year-round professional golf courses, spectacular whale watching, striking white sand beaches, and clear sapphire seas that provide an exceptional setting for your next escape to Mexico.

Travel from any Mexicana Airlines gateway in the US, Canada, and Europe on direct flights to San Jose del Cabo - where available - or through convenient connections via Mexico City.

With an open bar, complimentary meals, and two checked bags at no extra charge, Mexicana provides an convenient way to travel to this exotic destination. As a special offer, is offering round trip airfare to Los Cabos starting at just $202 on flights booked this month. Book yours now and have a great trip! Plus, don't forget - you will earn 1% Cash Back on all your travel bookings with Mexicana when you use your Ebates account!


August 5, 2009

United CouponsWith time flying by and the days of Summer marching along, there is no doubt that before we know it, Fall will be here and any chance for a Summer vacation will be lost. But your chances to squeeze in an affordable Summer getaway are not! Book last-minute travel through Ebates and save money with cash back and check out United Coupons for hot deals on airfare for a variety of destinations close to home and far away.

And while there are no current United Coupons, the savings on airfare do not end there. You get cash back from Ebates and competitive rates directly from the airline. Booking straight from United saves you money on third party fees that some sites charge. Also you have access to more flights and the freedom to cancel and change your flight more easily. So don't let Summer pass you by without a vacation. Check out United through Ebates today and save big!

Browse all of our coupons or just our Travel & Vacation Coupons!


August 1, 2009

Vacations make people feel good, reconnect with family, and be more productive. Still, 34% of employed U.S. adults report they don't use their vacation days. Don't let this happen to you! There is still time to take a summer vacation. Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive family resort or a bungalow for two, you can find the perfect trip to suit your budget at these tropical hot spots. They offer nightlife, snorkeling, sailing, white sandy beaches, waterfalls and plenty of relaxation.

Some of the great deals include:

Cancun: Oasis Palm Beach Family Resort & Spa All Inclusive - $89 a night (70% off)
Hawaii: Castle Ocean Resort Hotel Waikiki - $65 a night (50% off)
Barbados: The Palms Resort - $52 a night (60% off)
Jamaica: Legends Beach Resort - $62 of a night (40% off)
Los Cabos: Tesoro Los Cabos - $69 a night (70% off)

Expedia Tropical Beach Sale
Plus, when you book on Expedia, you can get $100 off instantly with exclusive coupon codes for vacation packages. Simply book four nights plus a flight on a participating airline, and enter the code at checkout.

COUPON CODE                 AIRLINE                 REGION FOR TRAVEL
TBMEXICO100                   Aeromexico                      Mexico
TBHAWAII100                      United                            Hawaii
TBCARIBBEAN100              JetBlue                         Caribbean
TBSOUTHAMERICA100       Avianca                     South America
TBCENTRALAMERICA100    TACA                      Central America
TBSOUTHPACIFIC100     Air New Zealand     South Pacific (excl. Australia and N.Z.)

Book your trip to paradise by August 15th to take advantage of these deals. Plus, earn 1% Cash Back on your bookings by shopping at Expedia and using your Ebates account!


July 5, 2009

Priceline Coupons and Savings!Unless you've been living under a rock, you're familiar with the catchy Priceline jingle, and have come to know William Shatner as more than Captain Kirk, but as the Priceline Negotiator. In fact writing this guarantees I'll be singing the commercial until my coworkers politely ask me to put a sock in it. Aside from the hilarity of William Shatner slashing prices with judo chops, Priceline also provides it's users with a chance to save on car rentals, hotels, airfare, and vacation packages. Instead of listing each and every available discount, my advice to you is to check out Priceline coupons for great deals and 2% Cash Back.

Long deterred by sites claiming to be the cheapest place to book a flight, I recently made the switch to Priceline and have begun naming my own price. For those of you who consider yourself a control freak, Priceline coupons are an easy way to get the best price without relinquishing control. Good luck negotiators!

Get cash back when you book with Ebates!


July 4, 2009

Travelocity CouponsIndependence Day, the quintessential Summer holiday, is here and Americans are gearing up for cookouts, fireworks and celebration. Some especially savvy Ebates shoppers are also checking in on good sales, exclusive coupons, and cash back for the weekend. While there are many deals for the weekend to be found, the 4th of July weekend makes me think of deals on Summer travel. And because this weekend I will be spending much more time poolside than at the computer, I need to streamline my search for travel by heading over to Ebates then to Travelocity where I can get 1% Cash Back and access to Travelocity coupons for even more savings. 

Whether you are looking to save on a quick weekend trip to visit family in San Diego, or a European getaway or even a rental car, get money saving Travelocity coupons and cash back when you shop through Ebates.

Make booking your travel deals a breeze with our Travel Search.

Happy Independence Day!


June 25, 2009 CouponsLiving across the country from my family means vacations come in short supply, as any free time is dedicated to visiting with loved ones. Relaxing? No. Cheap? Yes. Between free lodging (courtesy of my parents' couch) and free meals (again-courtesy of my parents), my only true cost comes down to airfare. Determined to actually see somewhere besides Boston in the dead of winter, I've started my search for affordable hotels at where else? Not only will I get 3% Cash Back from Ebates, but I'll also find exclusive coupons.

What kind of coupons? Try Paris from $77, Sydney from $65, and Miami from just $42. Or, if you're not sure where you want to vacation, check out their 4th of July sale where you'll enjoy up to a 40% discount, or free nights on top hotels. With so many ways to save on lodging, I'm convinced that I'll be able to take a "real" vacation. Now all I have to worry about is my meals!

Shop our Travel & Vacations category for more savings!


June 16, 2009

CheapTickets CouponsSummer vacation. Take it or leave it? Despite rising airfare, and everything else, I am still determined to find great deals on the vacation of my dreams. Had I not been a member of Ebates, this may be impossible. However, thanks to CheapTickets coupons, not only will I get 1% Cash Back, but I'll find plenty of sales on car rentals, vacation packages, and even hotels. Now all I need to figure out is where I want to go.

Having narrowed down my choices to Hawaii or a southwestern road trip, I'm able to pick the discount that serves me best. If a tropical paradise is in my sights, I'll be sure to use CheapTickets coupons for savings of 40% at the Marriott Waikiki Beach. If it's a road trip I'll be taking, I'll use CheapTickets to save 50% on weekend car rentals at participating Hertz locations. No matter where I decide to vacation, it's nice to know I'll save big with CheapTickets Coupons, and Ebates!

Shop our Travel & Vacations category for huge savings!


June 1, 2009

Hotwire CouponsWith the official first day of Summer right around the corner (June 21st) and not a Summer vacation plan in sight, I have become increasingly more desperate to put some kind of getaway on the calendar and not let another Summer sneak by without some kind of vacation, even if I am short on funds. So I started my quest for travel at Ebates, using the Ebates Travel Search page and found many options for great destinations on a tight buck. One of my favorite sources for cheap travel is Hotwire because I can get Hotwire Coupons to add to existing great deals with 2% Cash Back. After all of those savings I can get away for less than I ever imagined.

Find this great Hotwire Coupon for rental cars starting at just $13.95 a day with no hidden fees. With this deal, I can take a weekend trip to L.A and make some scenic stops along the way for less than $15 a day and still have plenty of money to drop on the strip!

Find the best travel deals and coupons when you book through Ebates!


May 31, 2009

united vacations couponsHey, it's almost summer, and do you know what that means? It's almost time for summer vacation! But instead of loading the kids up into your dilapidated RV and driving into the Grand Canyon, why not make this summer something special? With 2% Cash Back this week on top of our United Vacations coupons, you can save extra on your perfect vacation sale just by using Ebates!

Did you know that flying can be a cost effective, safe alternative to driving? It's true! Driving across the United States can cost you thousands of dollars in hotel rooms and gas, but with United Vacations, you'll be flying and saving the entire way! With our United Vacations coupons, you'll even get $200 off any destination with code MEXCARGROW!

So, g'head! Save hundreds today with our United Vacations coupons! You'll be cashing Big Fat Checks with your Ebates cash back in no time!


April 17, 2009

If Spring Fever has you itching to get out of town, check out the Last Minute Deals available on Expedia. Find great hotel and vacation package deals for top destinations like Las Vegas, New York, and Orlando. Or, if you want to stay closer to home, there are plenty of hotel options for weekend road trips, from Albany, NY to Yosemite National Park.

Not sure where to go?  Try some of our favorite destinations.

Northeast - Meander the twisting brick streets of Boston, MA and enjoy the neighborhood cafes & shops. Visit Bunker Hill, eat a bowl of clam chowder at the Union Oyster House (Boston's oldest restaurant) and soak in history while walking the Freedom Trail. 

Orlando_240x272.jpgSoutheast- Always a family favorite, Orlando is the theme park capital of the US. From Kennedy Space Center to Disneyworld to Wet N' Wild, there is something to please everyone. Many hotels offer free breakfast for kids and transportation to the closest attractions. Nights start at $29 when you book and travel by April 22nd.

West Coast - Enjoy a weekend in San Francisco. Walk along the waterfront, which includes Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39 and Ghirardelli Square. Take a ferry across the bay to Sausalito and browse the art galleries or have a meal with a view at a local restaurant.

Find flight + three-night packages from $215 when you book by April 30th.

Southwest - Remember the Alamo with a trip to San Antonio. The RiverWalk offers plenty of restaurants and shopping opportunities. Visit between April 16th to 26th, and celebrate at Fiesta San Antonio, with over 107 events. Enjoy carnivals, parades, oyster bakes, art exhibits and much more. And if you book by April 28, you can enjoy free nights or up to 50% off San Antonio hotels.

The best part of all these deals is not only do you save money on a number of in-demand getaway destinations, you will also earn 1% cash back through Ebates when you book with Expedia!


April 16, 2009

A common misconception about hotels is that if you are booking one, you are going on vacation. However, most often hotel rooms are booked for the things in life we don't want to do (weddings, business trips, and family emergencies). So, why not shop through Ebates and get 3% cash back and countless coupons and special offers and save on the hotel rooms you do not want to book? Coupons

In addition to having an unrivaled selection of hotels at rock bottom prices, has a section of deals, where if you need a really good deal on a hotel room at the very last minute, you can easily book with the confidence that you a getting the lowest price with 3% cash back and bountiful coupons to choose from. Current specials include Seattle for $42 and Philadelphia for just $49! So, if you need to visit your sister in Tulsa or attend a wedding in Orlando, first take a trip to Ebates, then to and save big on somewhere to stay wherever life takes you!

Find a complete inventory of travel deals, coupons, and cash back on travel here.


April 15, 2009

logo-mexicana.gifIt's no surprise that Mexico has become a premier spot for getaway travel; they have beautiful sandy beaches, sparkling clear blue water, and a vast array of frozen cocktails with little umbrellas in them. Plus, with the exchange rate and the different economies right now, it's the perfect time to go south of the border and have some fun.

While most of you may know about the great values on trips to Mexico at the moment, I don't know how many of you are aware of Mexicana Airlines. You also might not be aware that Mexicana Airlines is going to be the Ebates Daily Double this coming Saturday, April 18th, which means you'll be getting 2% cash back on all your travel purchases. Take a look around their site - they have killer deals on flights, package deals on hotels and resorts, and even flights to non-Mexican countries. If they've been in business for eighty seven years, they must be doing something right!

Save some money with online deals and rebates on all your travel plans, wherever you go, with Ebates!


April 13, 2009

Expedia CouponsWith summer inching closer, the antsy "I need a vacation" feeling is becoming more and more impossible to quiet. So I have decided to take the plunge and book a vacation despite my limited financial resources. I will do this while I reap the only benefit of the financial crisis: lots and lots Cheap Travel! If I am looking for cheap travel and travel coupons, I always make sure to check out Expedia, where I can book everything from a rental car to a plane ticket and all-inclusive vacations. I will also get 1% cash back from Ebates and an abundance of  Expedia coupons to choose from.

I quickly discovered that with an Expedia coupon, I could fly round trip to Mexico for the amazingly affordable price of just $196! By keeping my airfare under $200, my options are endless when it comes to hotel and exciting activities to occupy my days.

And if I am feeling like I want to leave the trip planning to the experts I can book one of Expedia's package deals and get away to Mexico for $527 with 1% cash back.

Looking to Travel for less? Check out our Travel category and find coupons from Expedia and many more!


April 12, 2009

Cheap_Vacations.jpgIn case you haven't noticed, there's something that's been going around Ebates -- travel fever! This is the kind of fever you want to spread. The kind of fever that has side effects like saving money on hotel reservations, earning cash back on vacation packages, and booking cheap flights. So if you are planning ahead for Summer vacations, want to take a last-minute Spring Break trip, or just want to hit the ol' dusty trail and get away for a while, make sure you head over to Ebates first and make sure you get cash back on all your travel plans.

Also, from now through next Saturday April 18th, enjoy Double Cash Back at a number of our favorite travel merchants! You will be able to earn extra cash back on everything from flights and hotels to luggage and sun screen. Be sure you check back every day - unlike our package deals, each of these offers only lasts one day!


April 11, 2009

Cash Back on Travel Deals.jpgI have a confession to make. I hate, no, make that loathe, planning vacations. Spending my free time browsing countless travel sites, calculating whether the "package" deal will actually save money, and dealing with blackout dates (coincidentally the same dates I have off from work) is enough stress to warrant giving up the idea altogether. Thanks to Ebates and Southwest Vacations, the stress of planning is gone. Not only will I find money saving coupons, but I'll receive double cash back through Ebates.

At Southwest Vacations, you're able to shop by destination, vacation theme, or by which deals save the biggest bucks. Need party time with the hubby? Save up to $75 on Las Vegas packages with code LASSPRG. Looking for a family vacation? Enjoy up to three nights free at the Universal Orlando Resort. For information on activities in your destination, Southwest Vacations provides shows, tours, and other excursions, all at reduced prices. Considering the myriad of ways to save money, I'll never put off planning a trip again.


March 29, 2009

It's officially travel season. Even yours truly, who usually leads a hermetic life within the seven by seven confines of San Francisco proper has booked a trip for Vegas next month. It's time for some Spring Break getaways or to start making graduation travel plans, maybe even get a leg up on summer vacations if you're really on the ball. Regardless of where you end up traveling, one thing is for sure: you don't want to pay full price for a rental car.

enterprise_detail_01.gifWhether you are doing a short weekend getway, taking a road trip, or want to do a more economical "stay-cation" by renting a sports car and tooling around your home town like a wild yahoo, a rental car can be a godsend. However, the price of a car can often be prohibitive. Luckily we have some great Enterprise Coupons at Ebates right now that will save you a ton of money in addition to the 2% cash back you'll earn on all your Enterprise Rent-A-Car transactions.

There are two Enterprise Coupons right now that you can take advantage of: first is 50% off weekend rentals at Enterprise on most cars at most neighborhood locations. That's about as good a deal as you can find if you're renting for weekend getaway that you don't want to use your own car for. But if you're traveling, fret not, we also have a coupon for a free upgrade on your next airport rental at Enterprise.

So there you have it: two great opportunities to put some Enterprise coupons to use for your getaway needs. Now you just have to earn some cash back on flights and hotels as well...


February 15, 2009

I know I know, it may sound too good to be true, but you'll have to trust me on this one. For a limited time, Expedia is offering prepaid $50 MasterCard debit cards to anyone making a qualifying purchase. You can choose from tens of thousands of participating hotels, book a four night stay almost anywhere, and if you want to save even more, book your flight through Expedia as well. Not only will you be getting a $50 gift card, you'll also get 1% cash back just for using your Ebates account. Just make sure that you book by March 1st (that means two weeks, you procrastinators) and travel through March 30th.

090212_ms_MasterCard_125x125.jpg I don't have to tell you folks what a great deal this is - if you are a globe hopper, you already know that Expedia is one of the premier destinations to get the lowest prices on your travel plans. They've literally got everything you could hope for: flights, car rentals, vacation packages, hotels, activities, even cruises! So if you're traveling for business, pleasure, or just to see the family (a mix of both, in my book) you can now do all your traveling for a whole lot less and get $50 to spend on absolutely anything you want.


January 30, 2009

In an act of utter kindness, the calendar has given us a long weekend that happens to encompass one very special day. That day would be Valentine's Day. Typically V-day falls on a Tuesday, Thursday, or the night before the big presentation is due. In the past, Valentine's Day has always consisted of running home from work, throwing on whatever looks "cute", and waiting for a table while seated at the bar. By the time the bf and I are actually able to sit down to a meal, we're both too drunk and too cranky to enjoy ourselves. The evening is a blur, and next thing I know, it's time to get ready for work again.

So much for romance.

This year, though, the stars have aligned, and I intend on making this weekend the best it can be. I'm sure you'll want to do the same. So with that in mind, here are some weekend getaway ideas. These places are sure to put the spark back in your relationship, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Las-VegasFor those looking for a little less conversation, a little more action, Vegas is where it's at. Book by February 28th, and enjoy flight plus two nights hotel accommodations starting at $180. Shopping at Expedia gets you 1% cash back.

Note To Reader: Vegas weddings are in fact legal marriages, so please think twice.

cruise-ship.jpgSailing is the new flying, only the food is way better. Shop CheapTickets and sail for as low as $47 a night, plus enjoy other savings such as free onboard spending. CheapTickets will get you $2 cash back.

Note To Reader: Although the food is delicious and abundant, consuming 10,000 calories a day will have you in the hands of the ship's nurse. Unlike the commercials, she is not a bikini goddess.

Tudor Hotel New York.jpgThe Tudor Dynasty was an English family known for ending the War of The Roses, and for losing their wives. The Tudor Hotel in New York is known for being a historical landmark, and for having rooms as low as $107 a night. Receive $3 cash back.

Note To Reader: Book through Orbitz and say forget about it. The price, not your wife.

cars.jpgWith the airlines needing a kidney just to check your baggage, renting a car is more sensible than ever. The perks include exploring what lays beyond the backyard, and paying as little as $13.95 to do so. Rent your car through Hotwire and receive 2% cash back.

Note To Reader: Make use of comforts such as extended leg room and a guaranteed window seat. There is no in-flight movie, however use of electronics is always acceptable.

Have a Great Trip!


January 24, 2009

Moroccoan-LobbyThe L Mansion Hotel in Marrakesh, Morocco is one of the premier spots for those seeking luxury in one of the world's most exotic locations. The photo to the left shows the opulent lobby, where the colorful mosaics and ornate architecture hint at another time. In other words, this photo represents my idea of the perfect vacation. When planning a vacation, attire goes hand in hand with location, and can set the tone of the trip. A Winter getaway to Aspen requires cozy knit socks, cashmere wraps, and heavy wool cardigans perfect for sipping coffee on the veranda. A trip to St. Tropez requires clothing fit for the beach as well as late night parties. Clothing choices, like vacations, are meant to make a woman feel amazing, and nothing does this better than Cruise/Resort Wear.

DVF Scarf Gown.jpgAttire is everything when on vacation. The right dress can elevate your night from great to unforgettable, the right bathing suit can make going to the pool a pleasure, or a pain. And the right jewelry? Well that goes without saying. Spring trends this year are all about bold, colorful, even neon colors with a strong emphasis on tailoring. Resort/Cruisewear this year follows that trend, but with a touch of luxury. This season I've noticed a return to "smart" dressing, with designers creating pieces that have an air of sophistication, instead of the all-too-common sex appeal. Oscar De La Renta's Resort Collection embodies this look with pieces such as silk shantung pants, and a floral brocade skirt. 

Nothing says "I'm on vacation" like the perfect dress. Something light and airy, yet luxurious. This Scarf Gown by Diane Von Furstenberg is perfect for any warm weather occasion. The magic of this dress is it's versatility. Whether paired with heels, or sandals and a denim jacket, this dress is the perfect feel-good piece. I love how the black and white asymmetrical print with punches of bright yellow has a nautical feel to it. The shoulder straps made of rope add to this playful vibe. Shopping with Saks not only earns you cash back, but their designer videos are a great introduction to Spring's upcoming trends. My favorite is the debut of Oscar De La Renta's Resort Collection, which can be viewed here.

Enjoy and Have a Good Trip!


December 17, 2008

I'll come right out and say it at the top: I am obsessed with messenger bags. It's hard to say exactly why that is, but truer words have never been spoken. It could be the versatility, it could be the reminiscence of those few years of adolescence when all the cool kids wore their backpacks on one shoulder, much to the detriment of their posture and spinal alignment, or it could be the insinuation of a messenger bag that I actually use my bicycle much more than I actually do.

So here's my issue: I already own a messenger bag that I am completely happy with. At this rate, it should last me another ten years since there is hardly a sign of wear on it after three years of ownership and daily use. It has traveled with me to and from work every day. It has gone to Europe and back with me. It stands up to the rain better than I do these days. If nothing else, I suffer from complete and total product satisfaction, which means I don't need to shop for a new messenger bag... forever.

Now, if there is no reason to buy a new bag, or even shop for one, I will have to do the next best thing: I will blog about how great the bag I am interested in is.

Ever since I purchased my new MacBook, I have been seeking out a more intelligent way to transport it. I have a laptop sleeve which is a perfect fit for my much larger and much bulkier Dell laptop, but just doesn't seem like that great of a fit for the MacBook. That's why I have recently been eyeing Timbuk2's line of laptop messenger bags. I'm fond of them for a number of reasons, really. First, they are a San Francisco company. They started here almost twenty years ago, and even to this day, every bag is manufactured right here in the City by the Bay. They also offer both a number of pre-fabricated designs in addition to the option to design most every bag for your very own custom order.

Timbuk2 v1.JPGTimbuk2 v2.JPGThat means I can create something as simple and subdued as this black and grey bag (at left) or something as bold and eye-aching as this "interesting" creation I made (at right). Either way, check out all the great bag-designing options as well as the pre-made bags at Timbuk2, and save 6% on whatever you decide to design when you shop through Ebates.


January 11, 2008

Want to really save on your next family vacation? Travel in the off-season and you'll cash in big time! Expedia is offering an unbelievable package deal to Disneyland Resort in Southern California. Book a minimum 3-day Park Hopper Bonus Ticket between January 7 and April 24, 2008 and get two extra days free! Stay four nights or longer at any Disneyland Resort hotel from January 7 through April 20, 2008, and you'll get a deluxe, $150 Disney Gift Card. This is potentially hundreds of dollars in savings. Book your Disneyland Resort vacation by April 1st to take advantage of this incredible offer!


November 13, 2007

Ski season is almost here, and there's  no better time to find cheap lift tickets! Headed to Big Sky, Montana? Start at Travelocity for lift tickets starting at $23.50 and 1% Cash Back! Priceline offers up to 50% hotel discounts in resort towns like Vail, Salt Lake City, Jackson Hole, Lake Tahoe, and Aspen. Lastly, don't miss out on free lift tickets for Crested Butte when you book through Expedia! You'll love the charming Victorian store fronts and exquisite cuisine that have made this tiny town famous. Tickets are good November 25th through December 15th and of course, you get 1% Cash Back from Ebates.



November 1, 2007

This Thanksgiving, don't surrender your toiletries to airport security! Tuck these convenient kits in a sandwich bag and you'll stroll through without a hitch. Try Juice Organics skincare line (a $45 value) for just $29, Anthony Logistics for Men Grab + Go Portables, or the L'Occitaine Shea To Go for only $20- perfect for dry skin. Remember- orders of $50 or more ship free, and you choose three free gifts with your order at Sephora!



September 4, 2007

090407blogdisneyworld_2Do you remember when a ticket to Disneyland cost $3.50? Yeah, me neither. I was too busy crying and cajoling, begging my parents to loosen the pursestrings just a wee bit more so I could eat another churro and guzzle more Mickey lemonade and stuff another bag of cotton candy down my insatiable five year old gullet. 

These days, a trip to the Magic Kingdom will cost you just slightly more than an arm and a leg. Those churros are $3.50 a piece, a lemonade is at least five dollars (hey, you can't skip the souvenir cup) and, oh- the admission tickets? Forget about slapping down a twenty (or a fifty...or a hundred) and getting the whole family ushered into the park.  These days, tickets to Walt Disney World are $123.54 with the Park Hopper add-on option. Don't think for a second that you can get away with the regular ol' base ticket; once your kids read about Disney's Animal Kingdom, your vacation budget will slowly fade away in the shadow of Kilimanjaro Safaris.

My point? A trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World isn't cheap. Of course, you can always buy your tickets through Ebates and earn Cash Back, but why not try your luck at getting them for free? As featured in Monday's newsletter:

Want to make a little magic this fall? Enter to win four free tickets to Walt Disney World Resort at Southwest Airlines! The winner gets roundtrip air for four via Southwest Airlines, five-night accomodations at Walt Disney World, four Magic Your Way tickets with Park Hopper Option and access to the Disney's Magical Express Service, an exclusive complimentary shuttle and luggage delivery service! You'll make memories to last a lifetime! See Southwest Vacation for complete details. Remember to check out other great Southwest Vacations offers available through Ebates, including offers for San Diego, New Orleans and more!


August 28, 2007

Set off for Sin City without the sinful spending. Book your Las Vegas trip with Southwest Vacations and save up to $100! It's easy: Save $75 per reservation when you arrive Sunday through Wednesday in September or October and save $100 per reservation when you arrive Sunday through Wednesday from November 1 through December 19, 2007. Take off a few extra days, and jet off to the strip for a long Labor Day week!



July 31, 2007

If you're tempted to do some last-minute summer travel or you're planning a Labor Day getaway, don't even think about booking your hotel without this offer from! Valid on travel through October 31, 2007, you can earn up to a $100 rebate when you book your hotel room through by August 31, 2007. The more days you book, the more money you get back! Enjoy big bucks back on your favorite hotels from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to Orlando.



June 22, 2007

What an incredible offer! Simply use your MasterCard for a minimum three night stay and instantly save $50! Choose from hotels in over one thousand destinations worldwide. You'd better hurry- this is peak travel season and hotels are filling up fast!  Book now because this offer expires on June 30th. Imagine relaxing on the white sands of Hawaii or strutting your stuff in Vegas! Simply enter promotional code HOTEL50 at checkout and you'll enjoy rock-bottom rates in some of the most prime vacation spots worldwide.



April 17, 2007

Today only, earn Double Cash Back at Travelocity!

One of the hottest offers at Travelocity is for Sunscape Resorts & Spas. Kids eat, stay, and play for free! Adults can lounge on white beaches while kids explore the exotic surroundings, enjoy beach campouts and more with the Sunscape Explorer's Club! With incredible offers like this, you'll stretch that vacation budget while creating memories that last a lifetime.



March 6, 2007

030607blogjamaicaToday only, earn 2% Cash Back at Expedia! It's the perfect time to book your air travel and accomodations for Spring Break! Expedia has specials on several different vacation destinations, like...

To see all offers for Expedia travel, see our coupons page!  A trip to Jamaica sounds mighty tempting.

How about you? What is your favorite spring break/summer vacation destination?



November 22, 2006


It can be hard to keep up with the constantly changing security guidelines implemented by the TSA. For anyone traveling within the next month or so, keep in mind the new "3-1-1 for Carry-Ons" rule.

From TSA:

  • Liquids, aerosols and gels must be in containers three ounces or less
  • Items must be put in a one quart, clear plastic zip-top bag
  • Only one zip-top bag per passenger

What this means is that you could stock up on oh-so-exciting  travel bottles and Ziplocs, but why not use this as an excuse to buy lots of pint size luxurious beauty products? Sephora and are featuring beauty goods available in 3 oz. or smaller sizes. Try Cargo Daily Lip Gloss, Smith's Rosebud Salve, GoSmile Jet Set Kit or L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream.

Want to earn Cash Back on travel supplies? Click Here to join Ebates!


October 3, 2006

100206blogbeach2We had so many great submissions to our Summer Vacation Photo Contest! Thank you to everyone who voted.

Come check out the winners! They won $700, $500, $400 and $300 travel prizes for Expedia!

Enjoy your prizes and know that your families are cute, your photography is awesome...

and you have the envy of every Ebates staffer involved in this contest.


September 6, 2006

We've got the travel bug here at Ebates! Not only are we running a contest for a cool prize from Viator, but today we launched our  Summer Vacation Photo Contest!

These prizes are big, too- the four best photos win Expedia prizes worth $700, $500, $400, and $300 voter gets a $100 gift card!

Just think of the possiblities: A Vegas vacation, a relaxing's the perfect excuse to take off for a couple days!

Now you're wishing you had been a little more careful about putting your finger in front of the lens back in June, huh? It's ok- Photoshop works miracles. You can just say that flesh-colored blob was an ancient ruin of unknown origin that somehow happened to get in the foreground of your picture.

Choose your photo carefully and good luck!



September 1, 2006

Update: This contest has ended. Check back in a few days to find out if you are the winner of the $500 prize.

090106bloglvballoon Are you the Biggest Ebates Fan? Prove it!

We want you to put on your writing cap and tell us why you love Ebates! Maybe it's the Cash Back, the 800+ popular stores or the great coupons! We want something short and sweet: 300 words or less.

What's in it for you? A $500 gift card to! Only the best entry will win.

Be sure to check out the terms and conditions before entering, but when you're all set to write your entry, go to this page, and get started!

If you haven't heard of, you're missing out! Viator is an easy way to book all kinds of cool activities at worldwide destinations. They've got everything from the Napa Valley Wine Train to a cruise down the Rhine River to a show on Broadway!

If you're not planning on taking a vacation to a far-off locale, you could always book tickets to something fun close to home! You could splurge on a luxe Champagne Brunch at a nearby port, or take the family to the local aquarium!

$500 is a nice chunk of change, so choose your words wisely!


August 14, 2006

So what if I spent my entire weekend watching Queer as Folk? This is about poultry, people!

If  you're looking for a new pair of running shoes and you're hoping to do  a little more globe-trotting than marathoning, then why not get your  new kicks from Le discount running shoesCoq Sportif?  They're cooler than similar shoes from Puma or Gola, because no one  will know what brand of shoes you're wearing. Imagine how baffled  people will be when you lift up the leg of your Diesel jeans to reveal a proud and colorful rooster! You can say you picked them up in some quaint little boutique in Montmarte!

The best part is that this is one chicken the masses haven't devoured, so they are often on sale. Eastbay has a Pick Your Price sale right now, and you'll find lots of Le Coq Sportif sneakers for $29.99-$39.99! has an even bigger selection of colors at the same low prices.

discount shoes

Check out the Le Coq Sportif homepage. It's in French, and it's a Flash site (so can't be  translated), but it's still worth checking out the pigs in sunglasses,  chickens wearing sneakers- you know, the kinds of things one looks for  in a good website. Maybe you can woo some cute Frenchman (or  Frenchwoman) to translate it for you over a romantic dinner of brie and  baguette. Or poulet!



July 18, 2006

If you head over to the Coupons and Specials page on Ebates, you will find tons of great deals on travel from  Mazatlan to Minneapolis. It's hard to know where to begin! Considering  it's mid-July, lots of people already have their summer travel booked,  which makes it hard to use those "BOOK YOUR FLIGHT IN 10 MINUTES AND  IT'S FREE!!" specials.

mexican beach vacation travelocityWell, maybe they're not that extreme, but a lot of them require some, er....last-minute planning. This may work for some, but for the rest of us with certain day-to-day obligations, a little advance notice would be helpful. Travelocity is giving $200 back when you book a vacation..The best part is that you can travel anytime  before January 7th, 2007! That's nearly 6 months to kick back and plan  your trip. How about some winter cliff-diving in La Quebrada? A little gelato di fragola for late August? You can travel to Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean- there's lots of options.

If you want to keep your vacation domestic, assuming you don't have a fear of mice , why not consider a family trip to Orlando? I've heard they have some great theme parks there. I promise you won't have to sit in a 1972 Ford Squire for 1,200 miles.

Just book a vacation to Orlando through Travelocity, and you get $150 back! You can wait until October to take your vacation, or go now! These deals both expire in July, so be sure to book soon.

Have any of you gotten a great vacation deal on Travelocity? They've always got lots of Coupons and Specials- post a comment and let's hear about it!

family vacation travelocity

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July 10, 2006

Ever wonder what other Ebates users do when they log in? Do they plan lavish vacations to Paris for $150 off on the Coupons and Specials page?

paris vacation travelocity

Do they buy a new iPod for those rather languid afternoons in their deeply discounted luxury hotel suite in St.Germain des Pres?

ipod best buy

I'll let you in on a little secret.

They all go to Office Depot.

Yes, you read correctly.  I know it doesn't sound as thrilling as a whirlwind holiday to Berlin for $673 or a browse through the Louvre, but goshdarnit! Ebates users  love some good old-fashioned office supplies! Especially those that get  them a $30 discount when they spend at least $150. It's one of the most  popular coupons on Ebates, and for good reason: Office Depot sells tons of practical items that you probably use every day!

First,  make sure you read the fine print on the $30-off deal, because there  are a few things that you cannot buy at a discount, like computers,  cameras and printers. There are plenty of other cool items, however,  that'll get you big savings.

For instance, everyone needs ink cartridges, right? Those things can get kind of expensive. If you're not planning on leaving the printer/scanner/FAX-using  population any time soon, you might want to consider stocking up. For  some models, getting $30 off is like getting an entire cartridge for  free! And you don't have to do anything but click "Add To Cart" to get  it!

Other smart ways to use the coupon are with things like office furniture and supplies- you could get an ergonomic desk chair or even just the basics.. Hey, thousands of Ebates users can't be wrong!

Remember to start at Ebates to get your Cash Back!


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